Posted by: masterwarlord | September 14, 2009

Envy This!! — Akira

Akira by UserShadow7989

Yep, it’s unquestionable. I’ve added you to the limited pool of people whom I actually read everything they produce. So with this moveset, you stop making movesets for a series I am completely ignorant of (Megaman), and go to a series that not even the others know. Hrm. That said, I’m a good deal more intrigued by the game based off the backstory and such you’ve given, so that at least counts for something, right?

Originality: Definitively this set’s strongest category, the main thing it has going for it. There are all sorts of various crazy status effects on here to the point of rivaling Spadefox, Umbreon and company, but there’s still plenty of other variety involved. I’m particularly fond of the ftilt, though I feel it should’ve been a special, or at the very least a less awkward button input (Neutral A, anyone?). The only thing that I don’t really like here is the randomness of that blasted down special. From what you tell me, I assume it could place people under the stage for all I know, so it could potentially KO foes or you. It’s plenty creative enough, but. . .We’ll just get to that later. Blah. There’s really not much to complain about here. This would make a great MYM 4 set. The Final Smash is the only part that feels like a real let down. You go so crazy and impractical with some of the main set’s moves that it seems awkward that you makes the moves of the transformation so generic and basic. Final Smashes never see any use in competitive play and such, and thus are not only allowed to be flashy and what-not, they’re encouraged to be. Only casualfags will be playing with them, so may as well appeal to them, no?

Playstyle: Alright. Now begins the real critique. I love how you give so much emphasis to the down special when it can potentially KO you as well as the victim entirely at random, and you can only hope for it to give the spacing you need. It could just as well spawn you in the enemy’s face. It’s extremely unreliable. For what you were going, wouldn’t it be much simpler to just have, say, both combatants go backwards a set distance or something? You could make it unusable on foes offstage to prevent gimping if that’s worrysome. Moving on, some of the moves that could really be great tools for a playstyle, such as the neutral special, are rather downplayed in the playstyle section, never ever really mentioned again. Reading the stats, I figure he’d be yet another generic camper, but you don’t seem to want foes that far away, and you have so many crazy effects on your moves and such a disjointed playstyle section that does little to help that I have trouble seeing much anything here. It’s an incredibly disjointed moveset. The playstyle’s all over the place.

Detail: The final smash is a very big chore for me to read through, considering it has so many button inputs and all of them are so boring. As a small side note, as if I haven’t bashed the final smash enough, I find it rather stupid that it has 150 stamina but only stays out for 10 seconds. It’s near impossible if not impossible entirely for most characters to do that much damage in so little time, so what’s the point of even giving it stamina in the first place? Just make it invulnerable. Chop off a good couple sentences off the very redundant final smash filled with boring moves. I had to force myself to read through that Final Smash. Aside from the Final Smash, it’s fine. Your writing style is improved and is less awkward with the properties. Despite me ranting for this entire section, this is actually a good point for the set, it’s just the final smash is in general fail.

Balance: The moveset seems to be trying to do ten thousand things at once. He has status effects, but they have ridiculously short timers that he can’t follow up due to his lag, much like Spadefox was initially. You also imply he’s a camper early on in the stats section, but then contradict yourself in the playstyle description/moves and say that he’s not one of those either. Seeing you made out his only advantage to be range then crossed it off the list later and how pretty much all his other stats are terrible (Power and attack speed, by far the most important), or average at best (Recovery, priority), you’re looking at a garbage tier character easily. The ridiculous amount of contradictions really don’t help the moveset’s playstyle.

Relevance to Character: I wouldn’t know, but considering you went out of your way to make a moveset for such a incredibly obscure game that you seem to love I assume you would. That said, regardless of whether he uses the spells in-game, I find that the heavenly angel/mother spells heavily contrast with all of the hellish fire and skulls of doom going on. Sounds like a pretty bad case of Pokemon syndrome right there, but if he actually does learn those all without branching off into some separate classes or something or other, I’ll shut up.

Organization: Alright, so I’m gonna try my hand at more seriously critiquing organization here, because this moveset in particular deserves it. I find the choice to only use colors outside gray to determine what kind of magic something is rather awkward and only a treat for people who are familiar with the game, which is. . .Nobody besides you. A more uniform/colorful organization would be appreciated, as the generic grayness that goes on for most of the set is both very unappealing and unfitting. I’d also increase the size of the headers a bit, they rather fail to stick out and only are noticed at all due to their color. The brackets on the side feel rather generic for decorations for the headers and aren’t fitting either, which makes this feel all the more like a tempplate.

Match-Ups: Extras? What Extras? Match-Ups are the only thing that matter to me anymore. I –will- say though the fact that you linked to a userblog for your extras was a terrible choice, considering how insanely laggy they are and how the bright white background contrasts with your bright yellow font to make it unreadable without highlighting it. On to the match-ups, it makes me feel almost guilty for bashing this set so much considering there’s so few of them and yet you have two for my movesets. I’d say they’re fairly well written and would be accurate if Akira weren’t so underpowered, but considering I don’t have the slightest clue as to what Akira’s playstyle even is (I pretty much don’t think he has any to speak of), it’s rather difficult for me to picture any of these match-ups, save perhaps the one where he shuts down/is shut down by options of other MYM characters. It’s not really the fault of the match up section, in any case, that only a few of these make sense. Anyway, I like your approach for stating the advantages of the two characters rather then constantly going back and forth between them, it makes them a good deal easier to understand and causes less confusion, as well as making them more inviting. On the downside, it makes them look incredibly short and rushed. . .Either way, being unique is always nice, and that’s the only remotely unique thing about the otherwise very generic organization in this moveset.

Overall: Alright. So Servbot was a good set, Wily was worse due to contradicting himself, an awkward writing style, and his playstyle doing little to stick out from the legions of other characters in his stereotype, while Akira is just an outright flop. It seems you’re on a decline, although I severely doubt your next moveset could be worse then this, seeing I’d place some of your MYM 5 sets (Agent J in a heartbeat) above this. You have to be pretty far on the creativity side of the spectrum to find this moveset appealing. God was giving you a sign by having everybody take your pages with this moveset for so long. I trust that after this ridiculously negative review you won’t fall into the same trap again. Think of this moveset as a learning experience. Speaking of which, why is a screenshot from this moveset on the recap again, MT? THIS was the biggest highlight of this week? (ONO)



  1. The first moveset mentioned in the Recap per week is the one that gets the “cover art” regardless of how good it is or how good the reception for it is.

  2. An admirable gesture, but now that I think of it, maybe it WOULD be better to have the cover art belong to the acknowledged “highlight of the week”.

    Oooh, maybe we could even have a poll about what moveset that is, then put it on the cover art for the week AFTER that. That might be cool/enlightening, provided Warlord doesn’t do his stupid cookie-cheating.

  3. I s’pose so…I kinda like it this way because then it’s more randomly generated, totally unbias and only determined by luck of the draw (or luck of when they posted rather).

    Obviously some not so hot sets are gonna end up there (I more just made the cover art thing to make it look a bit more flashy really) but I figured “randomly selected” > Same person getting free set whoring out every where…cause theoretically, Warlord could simply get out a set a week and snag the cover art every time because he’d savagely beat those who didn’t vote for him =)

  4. Regardless, this week is the 10th episode of the Recap so I’ll probably throw something special together (or force Agi to (H)) so we’ll have some time to discuss it before the next “normal” week.

    Don’t worry though Chris, I’ll find some way to whore out Flygon since he’s supposed to be the next in line this week 😉

    Also, sorry for the double post (wary)

  5. “or force Agi to…”

    …sigh. What do you want now? (crying#)

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