Posted by: masterwarlord | September 19, 2009

Envy This! — Bubbles

Bubbles by Wizzerd

. . .Here’s the review that you’ve been craving so badly. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I didn’t actually intend to play you like that, you know? Bah. Anyway, reading and reviewing this moveset certainly isn’t a chore, it’s a pleasure. I haven’t the faintest idea why I interrupted the reading of this moveset (Only finishing the specials) with something such as Tauros (Which is still good), much less why I didn’t read this thing when it was first posted. It’s a shame this excellent moveset got so utterly shafted, and I hate Rool with every fiber of my being for insulting this beautiful moveset with something as lowly as Sukapon.

Originality: . . .Wow. That mechanic is just so incredibly unlike anything we have, but it’s still surprisingly simple at the same time. Constantly moving is definitely something we haven’t explored before. All of the various move interactions for stopping/turning around/getting around the walls when not wanting to turn around/etc. . .That’s the main highlight here for obvious reasons. The Final Smash actually being, y’know, good for once was also a plus (I’ve started coming to dread them and just skipping to playstyle, treating them like extras). Ignoring the various move interactions with the mechanic, they aren’t that original, but really, the mechanic is far more then enough to separate this moveset from anything that exists in Smash Bros. The only real move I detest is the down special, considering it’s useless and occupying a special slot. I’d recommend swapping dsmash and down special, considering how dsmash is practically essential to using her at all while Down Special just seems to be trying to get in more creativity (Which the moveset doesn’t need, already having plenty). I question if the pole attacks were really necessary seeing they’re not that creative and add little to the playstyle outside the excuse of interacting with the poles and am also not fond of the mirrored bair (Even if the effects are slightly different), but eh, whatever.

Playstyle: I already talked about the move interactions a bit, but it’s really startling how you managed to make such a strange quirky mechanic function. You’ve clearly thought this through a lot to allow her to function despite being so awkward to control. The chain grab was also a natural fit into this, being balanced by the mechanic, but that interacts with up special due to it making the stage longer for more chain grabbing and you can use a pummel to slow you down so it goes on longer and so you can finish it off with a uthrow and-yeah. You get the idea, no? It all flows together very well for a extremely unique playstyle, which is becoming harder and harder to find in MYM these days.

Detail: This is the closest the moveset comes to actually having a real problem. Sure, it helps make the set feel more simple by talking about everything so briefly, but I honestly don’t have the faintest clue as to just what the bloody hell that goddamn nair does, which is pretty annoying considering it seems to be a vital move to the playstyle. I think the mechanic could also use some more elaborating on in general as well, although the fact I interrupted the reading of this set with Tauros might’ve had something to do with it (Or it could not, even Rool seems to have trouble deciphering this moveset. You be the judge.). Anyway, a few moves aside from the mechanic/nair, a few moves could benefit from detail buffs, but it’s nothing major. I just question why you insist on being so concise when there’s still fat in the moveset you could cut to trim it down, such as situationals, pole attacks, or god forbid, extras.

Balance: It seems balanced enough from what I can see. After reading the actual moveset I thought she might be underpowered seeing how. . .y’know. You just sit in front of her and pelt her with a quick high priority move (Wario’s fsmash) as she keeps walking into it over and over again, and the playstyle summary essentially pretended that problems like that didn’t exist. Based off your description of her she seems balanced enough on paper, though we’d really have to try her in-game before being able to see if she’d be viable or not. You did the best you could with this mechanic either way, so I’m not really gonna hold the possibility of this being underpowered against you.

Relevance to Character: Again, as Rool (Who needs to give this far superior to Sukapon set a more detailed comment) said, I don’t know anything of the character but I suspect it’s highly true to her. I don’t see how you could come up with such a mechanic unless it was taken directly from the game, and if you didn’t (Which I doubt) it’d be very random. Anyway, based off all your links to stuff in the extras, weird terms in the moveset and the picture in the final smash, I can only assume it’s true to character. Either way, I don’t really care. Bubbles is now a Smash OC to me whom I love simply due to having an epic moveset. Organization: No objections. It’s better then most with little tidbits alongside the headers that DON’T makes my eyes bleed, and isn’t entirely a template, having some unique flavor. And that’s about it. Not a highlight, but certainly not a bad thing. . .But go fix your “side throw” and the BBCode hiccup in the usmash, please (shotho[).

Match-Ups: Now I feel all the more guilty for not reading this earlier, considering you threw in match-ups for Tycoon and Bubbleman.EXE in hopes of Darth Meanie and I reading the moveset. You’re definititely improving a lot with your match-ups, although a few still feel a bit too underdetailed/not enough reasoning given for the numbers (Namely Bubbleman.EXE and Jigglypuff). You also underestimate the power of Snake’s utilt for vertical KOs. . .It’s his best KO move. As for Dedede, well, if you ignore the smashes, he’s actually somewhat agile and not as powerful as one would think. Yes, I’m nitpicking, but if I didn’t critique the match-ups there’d be little point in having a section for them, now would there?

Overall: As I was going on at the start of the review, this is an absolutely fantastic set and I’m heart broken that it’s so underrated and gone so far under the radar, having gotten next to no comments. I’m just glad I randomly decided to claim this review, otherwise I’d of missed this gem and most others probably would’ve too due to a lack of a Warlordian endorsement. Read this now.



  1. 😀

    All is forgiven.

    I’m glad the mechanic works out, as I was very afraid that it would make her impossible to use. Yeah, I love Final Smashes, I’m planning for Tamagon’s to be a reference to Dante’s Inferno. Yeah, the Down Special is dumb, I suppose, but I wanted to put in the ingots somewhat prominently as they were really relevant to the game. The pole attacks… yeah, I didn’t want her completely defenseless on her poles, so I gave her some crappy attacks to use so that she isn’t totally useless offensively on them.

    Detail is for squares. 😡 But yeah, I’ll try to improve on this.

    Balance is also for squares, but I’m happy that it works somewhat here.

    I probably could have not abused the bubble-based attacks so much given that she has no connection to them apart from being a bubble-fish and being named Bubbles, but hey, I did what I could.

    I’m becoming what I hate most with matchups, fudging them, but the ICs matchup should be a dead giveaway. (h)

    Thanks for the review!

  2. About time you came around on Wiz’s sets, Warlord. (SMIRK)

    And I DID say Bubbles will have more mainstream appeal and more blatant creativity than Sukapon.

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