Posted by: MarthTrinity | September 20, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 10


Hey all and welcome to the very (not so) special 10th episode of MT’s Sunday Recap! Unfoooooortunately I couldn’t think of anything particularly awesome for this special edition so my apologies there. We do however have a slew of good sets though and that’s really what the Recap is about, right? So without further ado, let’s see what we have!

First things first we have Flygon by ChrisLionheart. Originally intended to be part of the massive Wally moveset (that unfortunately fell through), Chris decided that instead of letting his finished efforts go to waste, he’d much rather post Flygon individually to show off his hard work. The finished result turned out to be a fun moveset that unfortunately didn’t get a terrible amount of recognition considering it was posted near the end of a page. Overall though Flygon was received well, getting a positive comment from MasterWarlord.

We then had quite the surprise; a post from our very own SirKibble that he snuck on just to contact us with. Seems our good friend is lonely on his mission trip and missing us quite a bit. So…if it’s not too much, we should really start writing him! If you care to write Kibble a letter, ask Agi for the addresses Kibble has provided that we can reach him at!

After Kibble’s post we had an epic Booster moveset and then a real one; Mario Remix by SkylerOcon. Ocon’s third moveset in the contest (because nobody counts Metagross) turned out to be a huge hit with the kids! Loaded to the brim with delicious Mario-related goodness, Mario seemed far more…Mario with this much-needed Remix (despite me not caring much for remixes admittedly). Overall reception for Mario Remix was great with a few less than stellar reactions to it. Most felt it was a step above Vaati however…

And then MasterWarlord left MYM forever because Kholdstare posted Kholdstare by Kholdstare. Phew. Anyway! Kholdstare finally got around to posting his self-insert moveset to most everyone’s surprise (considering many felt he wasn’t really done and others didn’t think he’d post it until his birthday). Combining various cold related movies with some great organization and a…lulzy (to say the least) Final Smash, Khold was met with varied responses. Many were overjoyed to see Khold make another set while some also thought some of the attacks were impossible for Smash. Overall though, great job for proving the nonbelievers wrong Khold!

Next up we have a moveset for A Random Cow MT Saw On His Trip To Nevada; also known as Tauros by MarthTrinity. As previously mentioned, Tauros was the outcome of me seeing about 200+ cows on my trip from Minnesota to Nevada; Tauros just seemed like a logical choice for a moveset after that. A radical departure from my normal sets, Tauros was an attempt at putting playstyle before moveset originality. The result was one of my most highly praised movesets since Shanoa in MYM4; even MasterWarlord praised this set and he hates my stuff (H) So if you haven’t already, read and comment Tauros [/shamelessadvertising]

Next, we have another UserShadow7989 set, this one for Specter from the Ape Escape series (a series I just so happen to love). From my read through I see that you’ve captured Specter perfectly; a cruel, scheming simian. It’s a little early to judge this sets reception since it’s only gotten a handful of comments, but overall, it seems to be receiving mostly negative reception if only for the poor presentation of it and bad organization.

Finally, we have a returning MYMer posting a moveset; Me by peeup (thank God it’s not actually me…). Me is a weird-ish character from a concept album that basically made me ask “what is this I don’t even.” Maybe I’m just not understanding it or something though…eh. Anyway, Me hasn’t been up for too long but it did get a rather lengthy comment thanks to darth meanie who used the word “ameliorated” in his comment most likely to just make us all feel stupid. Cheers meanie!

Overall, short week is short…but…what’s this? Is it the…gasp! It is!


One very short rant; you guys sure made my 10th Recap an easy one considering there were like…no sets this week. Anyway, the sets we did have were for two Pokemon (to acknowledge the release of HeartGold/SoulSilver perhaps?), Mr. Nintendo himself, Khold’s first moveset since _____, an evil ape who has just escaped and…some guy that peeup made.

Oh! And write Kibble letters! He wants them!

Now…to make this special 10th edition of the Recap something special…random facts! Yay! None of these stats include this Recap however…

Random Recap Facts

-The first set mentioned in any Recap was Vaati by SkylerOcon

-There have been 98 comments across all of the Recaps so far. Episode 1 and 3 are tied for the most with 14 a piece whereas Episode 7 has the least with only 8.

-Only two people have commented every single Recap posted; KingK.Rool and…myself :3

-43 moveset makers have been mentioned in the recap.

-The person with the most movesets mentioned in the Recap is KingK.Rool with nine.

-The next closest is darth meanie with seven.

-The user with the shortest name mentioned in the Recap is Frf.

-The user with the longest name mentioned in the Recap is ShinoandtheBallonFighter.

-Episode 1 of the Recap was the only episode without a poll.

-Episode 7 is the only episode not written by MT. It is also the first Recap with an image and a different title.

-Not counting this episode, there have been 21 polls throughout the Recap’s existance.

-There have been 1007 replies to the polls. Unfortunately this includes Warlord’s mass amount of spam votes…

-Only a handful of MYMers have had more than one set included per Recap; darth meanie, K.Rool, KoppaKirby and Frf are the only ones that come to mind.

-SkylerOcon, UserShadow7989 and myself are the only MYMers to have sets featured in both Episode 1 and Episode 10 of the Recap.

-Most, if not all, of the Recaps are typed up very late at night by myself; I don’t believe there’s ever been a Recap finished before Saturday night/Sunday morning. What can I say? I’m a lazy bastard.

Anyway, that’s enough random facts cause I’m getting tired! And so, with that, Episode 10 of the Sunday Recap draws to a close!

Hope you all enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I’ll have a moveset for next weeks recap.

    Promise (h)

  2. :3 yay i’m in a recap

  3. It’s pretty awesome to hold not one but TWO records. I plan to have about 12 sets by contest’s end. (H)

  4. Hey, I was mentioned several times in this recap. And I didn’t even post a set. Way to keep this awesome feature up, MT.

  5. So instead of 6, you’re precisely doubling it. Nice 😉
    Hopefully I’ll have more sets than last MYM, though it’s looking a bit slim 😦


  7. I’m really the only one to vote for V1-3? >_>

  8. Vaati FTW!

  9. Who the fuck voted Metagross?

  10. I’ll give you one hint: it was for the lulz.

  11. For the lulz, hm. I wonder who that could be.


  12. @Plorf: MAKE MOAR SETS!

    @Kupa: You want K.Rool to be on here with no feedback at all? At least next week it’ll get the big fancy top feature 😉



  14. Great recap. @ the polls, I voted week 7 (D), yes and V-13. Obviously, I just have one moveset out so far.

    Ocon’s latest joint moveset sounds interesting. In all, I didn’t like Mario Remix or Vaati very much, but V-13 was a favourite of mine, despite possibly being more of a ported moveset. I don’t see why this is so terrible and I doubt playing the game would dissuade me much from liking it. Better a port than a combo heavyweight.

  15. Uh-oh. I’m a total asshole, but I like your Smarty-Ass recaps. This is a tough decision.

  16. […] Episode 10: The Storming of Castle Spadefox […]

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