Posted by: masterwarlord | September 26, 2009

Envy This! — Specter

Specter by UserShadow7989

Oh hi. Remember me? I’m that one guy who raped your Akira set. I’m back again to make your day. Now that I’ve absolutely terrified you, let me relieve you of the stress: This is a much, much, much better set then Akira (Though that’s not saying much). It seems a lot of changes were done to the moveset before I finally got my meaty hands on it, and based off what the critique was I’m glad I waited to read the “new and improved” version, as I doubt I would’ve enjoyed this set nearly as much in it’s old iteration.

Originality: I wouldn’t say it’s as creative as Akira, but considering how I consider that a terrible moveset that should hardly be a concern. The moveset right off the bat reminds me of Dimentio what with him being an actual small lightweight villain, constantly floating, and having to “crawl” to walk on the ground, though that’s really just more a nostalgia trip for me then anything. Regardless, Specter still has plenty of creative moves. While the minions are honestly rather boring, the interactions with them (Mainly in the throws/neutral A) help with that significantly. There’s hardly any boring attacks and they rarely venture into the range of being absolutely irrelevant to his playstyle. Uair is a favorite of mine, though I hate the random properties of the move. They’re also present in the bair. Don’t you remember when I bashed those in Akira? Bah. Anyway, as you’re well aware by now and as most everybody agrees, this is your strong point. This needs no work.

Playstyle/Balance: I disagree with Wizzerd in that I find that focusing on Specter’s psychic abilities was a much more interesting focus then emphasizing the minions, though I –do- think that the balance is a bit too shifted towards the psychic powers in any case. Hiding with his up special until all the minions are dead was a very interesting concept I was rather fond of. . .If it weren’t for the fact that the minions sucked so much/were so uncontrollable. While giving the monkies a useless taunt and Specter having to micro manage them with neutral A to take away their taunt was a rather brilliant little interaction, much less snatching the bananas from the monkies with dthrow, it’d help if their actual attacks weren’t so lame, and Specter really doesn’t have the time to do so due to how slow he is and how he has to constantly be renewing defenses.

 . . .Speaking of which, I really do rather like how you’ve broken down the playstyle what with constantly creating defenses/stalling for time to do so, then going on the offensive when you can use them to cover up your laggy moves. It’s a pretty simple but well executed concept, and unlike all your other movesets you actually seem to know what you’re talking about this time around in your well written (Thanks to the revised version of this set) playstyle summary. This is easily your strongest moveset in this ever so important category. The minion side of things could use a buff (Mainly in making the monkies remotely useful when left to their own devices) considering they hardly do anything remotely useful and could help to make him flow much better/not be underpowered, but for the most part you’ve got this down.

(No, sandwiching these two sections won’t become regular, it just turned out nicely this time)

Detail: You’ve seem to hit a good balance with this moveset in terms of detail. Your awkward writing style from wily isn’t present, but you also don’t leave any questions in our mind, at least in this “new and improved” version I’m reading. This has never been that much of a bad point for you, hence why nobody ever really mentions it. Your sets have a very nice brevity to them, I hardly see why Wizzerd insisted on you cutting perfectly good (Much less if they’re actually quality, which he admitted to) extras. I find it strange you chose to cut Taunts, the most mandatory of extras, above all those other extras. I’d cut situationals long before extras.

Relevance to Character: So, out of boredom after losing filter time last night and having nothing up but this moveset, I decided to actually get off my slothful ass and read him/do this review. I –did- however still have access to youtube, so I decided for the hell of it I’d look him up a bit. Definitely the standout character in a series with otherwise sickeningly generic characters (Especially with the epic British voice actor), hands down. You seemed to catch his cocky know-it-all style nature here for the most part, and I was pleased to see that he actually, y’know, used the throne like you had him in the moveset. No objections. Next.

Organization: This is the main thing that seemed to be a lot worse in the original, but in the “new and improved” version it’s easily superior to your other movesets. I don’t see what Smady dislikes about the snazzy S headers, certainly better then any generic graphics slapped on to either side of the headers. You seem to of got the idea of the bolding, but just plain bolded text honestly doesn’t stick out to me all that much. Nobody even noticed when I had it on Envy. I’d recommend also coloring it red (Which people actually noticed and praised on Sloth). The musical headers would make more sense organization wise if they were linked on both of the two “S”es on either side of the headers, and the music tracks in general seem to be rather bland, the series lacking much worthwhile music. I’m thinking you should’ve gone with more music just generally fitting to his character, because it’s a pretty broad general stereotype (Remember the Dimentio comparisons at the start?).

Match-Ups: You’ve come a long way with your match-ups, that’s for sure. Like with your playstyle section, for the first time you seem to actually know what you’re talking about with these. The closest thing I can come up with a complaint is you giving too much credit to Snake’s up special and not enough to him being able to KO Specter early with his broken tilts, but that’s pretty damn nitpicky. You actually back up your reasoning and everything actually makes sense for once. It’s really a breath of fresh air, easily some of the better match-ups I’ve read.

Overall: Easily your best, at least in this revised version. I feel much more comfortable actually voting this moveset rather then more of a pity vote for Servbot. You’ve had a very rocky road along the way, but your desire to improve and your willingness, no, how you WELCOME criticism is very apparent and has truly paid off. (clap)

(Oh, and I threw in a match-up for him on Count for more shameless advertising for the moveset. There’s also one for Sandman to balance out the new bad match-up, but who cares about that?)



  1. I admitted myself that my opinion on the psychic balls everywhere can be disregarded because I know absolutely nothing about the series. >_> Fair enough on the extras though.

  2. I’m glad that all the revisions paid off. Now if only I could’ve gotten it all right the first time, I might’ve had a decent reception. Oh well.

    Thank you for the review, MW. I’ll make sure to keep all your comments (and the comments of others) in mind when I work on my next set.

    Thanks for the shameless advertisement in the count, by the way. : )

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