Posted by: MarthTrinity | September 27, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 11

I'll combo it! I'm comboing it! (...he never does anything like that)

I'll combo it! I'm comboing it! (...he never does anything like that)

Hello and welcome to a much less special than last week but still fairly special edition of MT’s Sunday Recap! What’s so special about this week? Nothing! You just get to sit back and enjoy more of my random blathering about the sets YOU make with your very own hands! Once again it’s like…four in the morning here and I’m dead tired but it’s my OWN fault for being such a lazy so-and-so. So, let’s get the movesets going so I can get to sleep, shall we?

First off this week came a weird concept Combo Heavyweight by Bkupa666. Er…I mean…Kaptain K.Rool, sorry about that. Regardless, that was the main draw of Kupa’s new set. Imagining the Kremling King as a combo oriented heavyweight character, Kupa ran with the use of the blunderbuss used in Donkey Kong Country 2. The result was a widely praised new set from him that many considered one of his better sets this contest. It didn’t come without its fair share of criticism however; many complained about the fact that Kupa made the Kaptain a combo based heavyweight character despite…ya know? K.Rool never comboing anything? Ever?

Next up we have Nanoha by darth meanie; another set showing exactly how meanie keeps improving one step at a time. Nanoha is from some Japanese anime that I still have gotten around to watching but fortunately still makes a good amount of sense for even non-fans of the series (pretty much everyone but Slash and meanie himself it seems). Make use of a power boosting cartridge system, Nanoha leaks creativity everywhere being a deceptively powerful character hiding under the disguise of a nine year old girl. Yes nine; pull your pants back up boys. Overall, Nanoha is considered one of meanie’s strongest sets despite some questioning the overall balance of the set.

Soon after (read as: two posts later) peeup posted his second set since returning; Chernabog from Fantasia. Wait, isn’t the whole Disney thing Kupa’s deal? Oh well, anyway, Chernabog is an interesting character; he can’t move and he doesn’t receive knockback until Bald Mountain beneath him has been destroyed. That was the base of most of the criticism he received. Chernabog was mostly ignored but it’s clearly an improvement over Me. Still hate that CD by the way.

Jimny posted Poliwrath but deleted it so Nanoha could have her spotlight; very respectful on your behalf Jimny. Kudos.

Next, MasterWarlord posted his newest set; The Count, Zondark and Friends from Berserk. Being a disgusting mixture of slime and cannibal based moves, The Count is certainly a weird one. Originally met with some negative feedback from darth meanie and harsh criticism of the writing in the set, reception for The Count turned around radically; people even going as far as to say that it surpassed Sloth (Warlord’s hype tra-…er…the set Warlord had high hopes for). This set also was good enough to earn K.Rool’s Seal of Excellence a rare honor awarded to only a few movesets.

After The Count we had the Velociraptors by JOE! Posted surprisingly shortly after Rival Trainer, the Raptors are a vast improvement over even him (despite taking far less time). Being a fun combination of creativity and being Smash-viable, the Raptors included a clever playstyle and an interesting pack mechanic. Clearly an improvement over his other two sets; JOE! seems the to be a MYMer to watch out for…

Finally, we have Perona by kirbywizard and posted by DarthMaul. Long story short, you don’t wanna know what happened. Anyway…this set got reception. It’s an improvement over both kirbywizard and DarthMaul’s previous sets so…yay, everyone wins. I’m tired. And yay! When I woke up today everything was all resolved and everyone was happy and such. Great effort improving kirbywizard, it shows!

Also, it’s H_R and goldwyvern’s birthdays today! Yay! So congratulate them or I’ll punch you in the throat!



So THIS week boys and boys, children of all ages…we had movesets for Slug Man; Spiderman’s far less impressive cousin, Combo Heavyweight #131, lolicon that made you all feel guilty after you saw she was nine (but I know you all kept going…), a set that THANKFULLY wasn’t “Me,” a pack of hungry, hungry hippos dinos and some ghostly chick who makes Snake have a secret stealth mission away from Chris Hansen.

And thus, another week of the Recap is entirely complete. Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Well…I hope you had more fun then that really…whatever. JUST KIDDING OF COURSE! I’m tired. Gonna go sleep now.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Six sets in one week? Quite a downtime.


  2. I AM a poll? (H)

  3. The week in one rant is always like “LOOOOOL we get random stuff in MYM. Pancakes.” >_>


  5. It’s all good, almost done with my last set anyway!

    Erm, I mean first…

  6. Happy birfday, GW/HR. Cake for everyone! (chew)


    Also, Happy Birthday Goldwyvern / Hyper_Ridley

  8. WAT? Only a month!? CRAPZORZ! Now I have to get Kafei and my secret set done right away. Also, Happy birthday Goldwyvern and HR! May your decent into becoming a grumpy old person be quick and painless.

  9. Happy birthday, guys. Great recap, of course.

    The general feeling is that I have several movesets on the cuff that I just need to work on a little more, so I’m content. In general, though, I failed to get out any of my major sets this MYM, unless I somehow do that in October / next week.

    That’s kind of sad, but I don’t want to rush them. 🙂

  10. I have Leviathan Guardians (Metroid Prime 3) and Vile (Megaman X; joint with Plorf) left in MYM6. Vile happens for sure, guardians I can live with waiting till MYM7 if need be.

    I’m just glad to finally get another set out after Spadefox xD

  11. and I have Great Tiger to finish ._.

    and to those who know what I’m talking about (H_R, Kupa, and Junahu), my only secret set will be out early MYM7 😉

  12. I’m a fan of Nanoha’s series, and have watched the first two (of three) seasons. I’m not sure if I like Nanoha or Bubbleman.exe more, but both are pretty vote-worty if you ask me.

  13. Birthday Happy!

  14. (chew)

  15. […] Episode 11: Massive Plorf Twist […]

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