Posted by: MarthTrinity | October 4, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 12



Hey everyone and welcome to yet another exciting edition of MT’s Sunday Recap! As we all know this week is being called “Junaweek” or “Junoctober” or other similar comical names that involve Junahu becaaaaaaause…it’s Junahu’s one year anniversary in MYM. Yes, this week is in dedication of Junahu who’s put up with us for a year now, congrats man, hope you stick around for another one at least!

Anyway…let’s dive straight into the movesets for this week shall we? Well first off we have Wheel Gator by Hyper_Ridley and goldwyvern; a special joint set made especially for their birthday! Wheel Gator is essentially the spiritual successor of Acid Seaforce but actually included apparent effort from both sides. A great effort from both H_R and GW; it’s apparent that they both had a lot of fun with this one! Wheel Gator received great success and the partnership of H_R and GW seems to have been established as a strong one.

Following that we had Kafei by koppakirby. I won’t really address that one here as he admitted it was his lowest quality set and was done purely for fun. And making sets for fun is exactly what we’re here for! Regardless, it was also considered his worst set since Poppy Bros. Sr. by many.

And then Junaweek went into full swing as we all spammed together to get a new page for Junahu’s mysterious new sets for this week. The first special post of the day was a mysterious grouping of Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem music coupled with a greeting from Junahu himself. This would set the stage for things to come…

Then the first two Junahu sets were posted in quick succession; Hector from Fire Emblem being the first. Sporting Junahu’s impressive organization skills, Hector is a moveset of brute force, much like Hector is in the actual Fire Emblem game. With some clever ideas put in and great character voice, Hector was a success reception wise; the only complaints were the special mechanic and some questionable balance…but besides that, most considered it an awesome way to jumpstart Junaweek.

Immediately afterward, Junahu posted his second of three sets, this one for Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III. Cloud of Darkness was pretty much unanimously chosen as the superior of the two sets combining classic Junahu organization with very creative and unique attacks (that are also practical for the most part). Plus…ya know? It has that awesome Final Fantasy stage. If anyone says they WOULDN’T want that in Brawl, they’re lying. For serious.

Taking a page from Rool’s book, Junahu made a list of his movesets in order of personal preference. Some surprises there really, especially the controversial #1 pick. But controversy is the reason he chose it really…

To keep Junaweek in motion, Junahu posted a list of EVERY Make Your Move 3 moveset complete with links so you can find your favorites and laugh at the movesets you once loved but now hate more than anything ever. Like pretty much every one of my MYM3 sets. Hmm…

To conclude Junaweek, Junahu pulled a rather unexpected card out from his sleeve; a Donna remake, Anne Elmtod. Using an insanely creative organization and diagrams to display the exact statistics of each attack, Junahu made a bold move that would obviously get him a bit of controversy. Reception for Anne was quite good (although some prefer Cloud of Darkness)…so good in fact it earned MT’s Seal of Excellence (which I totally didn’t steal from Rool…)

Next, K.Rool posted a real love/hate set; TAC from the Kirby series. Appearing almost like a joke set, K.Rool is 100% serious about this one which sparked more than a little controversy with the only real serious party being the extensive match ups list. Certainly a controversial set if only because of how silly it is overall…

Finally we have Slowpoke by Wizzerd. A change from Wizzerd’s normal retro sets, Slowpoke is similar in execution to Snorlax or Slaking, much like in the real Pokemon games (as a lazy sloth like Pokemon). Not much reception for him really but this was just a for fun set that was made in a day so if Wizzerd just wanted to give us a fun read, he did it I suppose.

Oh! And Jimny posted Poliwrath again which is just as cool as last time. SO I MADE A TYPO? BIG DEAL (D)

Anyway, that’s it for this week…now it’s time for the…


It’s not time for the Week In One Rant?! What lies is this?! Apparently certain members Wizzerd dislikes the Week In One Rant! So I ask you this Make Your Move community; what new feature should I include in the Recap? Or should I just continue with my random rants and such? If you have any suggestions for a new segment I’d be more than happy to consider them so please, PM me any suggestions you may have (cause I’ve got nothing right now = \)

So that’s the Sunday Recap for this week of great sets and such, it’s been fun as usual to write this!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. *reads Week In One Rant*


  2. Epic cover art. EPIC.

    (and vote Cloud of Darkness or DIE)

  3. *votes Hector* (wary)

    also, drop the week in one rant, it doesn’t really add anything. Just add a little more to the set descriptions :p

  4. I voted Hector in the poll, but I’m voting both ultimately. (h)

  5. Hector, and Love (1st Love Vote!)

    I’d rather see a bit more in the set descriptions, too.

  6. No matter how many match-ups I make, I’ll still get accused of making a joke set. Bah, humbug.

  7. I understand that it’s not a joke set Rool. Its just that, well, there’s seriously nothing to comment about it. It is what it is, and its interesting, but there’s nothing else to add.

    And yes, it really does SEEM like a joke set.

  8. Apparently there’s nothing to COMPLIMENT about it. Everyone’s having a great time nitpicking the matchups, criticizing the concept, mocking the balance, and hating the organization.

    I’d hoped that putting a few hours into match-ups would show that I’m serious about it, but apparently not.

  9. First week with no reviews in between, eh…


  11. That would be Tomahawk Man.

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