Posted by: metinahurricane | October 10, 2009

The Grey Area — Tauros




So two-week review droughts aren’t cool. My fault as much as anyone’s, yeah, but I’ve just been so swamped with real life and all my MYM time seems to be devoted to debating TAC. Anyway, excuses excuses. Time to review MT’s moo cow.

I haven’t read this set until now, so I’m introducing a new feature into my reviews; glaring nitpicks. As I read, if I notice anything that jumps out to me as “WTF” or simply “Huh” but isn’t significant enough to stay in my head by the time I finish reading, I’ll mention it here.

  • Side B is a bit tough to get a handle on at first. Maybe it’d be simpler to just make your next attack deal 1.5x the damage. And actually, it strikes me more as underpowered than overpowered; you’re taking damage to deal slightly less damage back at the cost of added lag? Hmmm.
  • Rage is getting almost overused as a mechanic, or a centerpiece to playstyle. Yeah, everyone handles it differently, but even so. I blame Kangaskhan.
  • I love overusing exclamation marks! It’s especially fun to put them into all my aerials!

Huh, not too many of those this time around. I coulda sworn most movesets have more things to nitpick about…

Anyway, moving right along to the stuff that matters, and as per tradition let’s start with organization. Tauros has this very minimalistic style, accentuated by the pretty little headers, but I still don’t see the appeal of dancing sprites – or any sprites, for that matter, dancing or not. It feels kinda like you’re trying to remind who we’re reading about, gets a bit redundant. The usage of bolding is fairly good, although I think you spend too much time highlighting the attack’s properties instead of the most important thing to take away from them.

So, an actual impression is that this is a very nice implementable set. I think you’ve more or less hit the perfect balance with creativity, especially for a Pokemon set – this never veers into overcreativity, which would feel ridiculous on a generic moo cow. The boldness of some of these attacks, especially those that are tail-based, really impresses me – no stigma here, no sir. And yet there are some real gems. I’m quite fond of Eye to Eye, as well as Bull Gore – good to see you kept the Specials special – and then Dash Attack, a very clever concept that’s pulled off perfectly, Grazin’, which accentuates what this guy actually IS, Bull Rocket, Bull O’ Nine Tails, and so forth.

This moveset has a lot of flow, which is a very good thing. In Brawl he’d be quite fun to play with, superficially. Unfortunately, I don’t equate this with playstyle, and Tauros’s is not all that interesting. He seems to be a rather typical Brawler in that he has damage racking moves, then a way to incapacitate the foe, then some laggy ways to KO. Oh, hi DK. Tauros is more interesting because of his mobility subtheme, accentuated by attacks like Tail Whip; he feels very much like a mad, charging bull. Even so, I can’t get too excited with a relatively plain playstyle.

But really, that’s the only thing I can complain about, and even that only because Hyatt’s was so cohesive. In general, this is a great set, a blast to read, and a worthy addition to your MYM 6 roster. After all, it’s a cow. A random cow MT saw on his way to his new home. And it’s about as interesting as such a character could ever be, and I applaud you for this.

Now, because this is a short review (and hey, short review is better than no review at all, right?), I’m also going to get something off my chest: this nonsense about Little Mac being an awful set is, well, nonsense. It’s not what one would expect a Punch Out set to be, no, but to be frank, it’s considerably more fun to read than those made since. He may be a trap character, but it makes sense for him to use his training equipment throughout – really, how else would Mac stand a chance against all these pillars of muscle he constantly has to face? And employing Doc so directly gives him some added echelons of playstyle, certainly one more interesting than, say, Bald Bull’s. I suspect Warlord goes on about how bad he is because he hates having anyone as an authority who doesn’t lumber after him every time he starts a movement or makes a conclusion as a set.

The fact of the matter is you’re one of the most deserving authorities. You’re active, hard-working, make a recap a week (which is more than the rest of us do combined, judging by the two weeks in a row nobody posted anything else), and comment fairly often. Just because you have yet to make a truly breakthrough set – one that will rise head and shoulders above your other work, like Bubbles for Wiz or Hades for Kupa – doesn’t mean that the rest of your accomplishments fall by the wayside. If it were up to me to keep five Sandbags, I think you’d be one of them.

And, of course, you’re an MYM 2 veteran. Dedication, man. You have it.



  1. About time. (d)

  2. Finally! More defense for Little Mac! Woot woot Rool!

  3. I also agree that Little Mac is a winner through “tehnical knockout.” (smirk)

  4. First review in two weeks. Hopefully more shall follow.

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