Posted by: MarthTrinity | October 11, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 13

Plorf? Is that totem pole you?

Plorf? Is that totem pole you?

Hey everyone and welcome to this very unlucky thirteenth episode of MT’s Sunday Recap! We had a pretty action packed week filled with a lot of great sets and such so let’s get straight to them instead of unnecessarily stalling for added length! Awesome!

So the first set we had this week was the long awaited sequel to Plorf’s Metal Man set; Tomahawk Man! Now I got to see a considerable amount of Tomahawk Man before he was actually posted (considering I helped with a good deal of the moveset) so seeing it actually finished made me quite happy. Tomahawk Man is basically one giant move interaction and was praised heavily for having a good playstyle (albeit one that was kind of scattered). The most common criticism towards the set was its over use of detail; the down special is a whopping five paragraphs!

The very next page had a very important post by yours truly; the Gentleman’s Rules! Yes, a list of suggested guidelines to help make MYM a more friendly place and to get sets the recognition they deserve before getting lost within a big ol’ pile of Lord Sakurai comments (may he rest in peace). So make sure to give these a read over and try your best to follow them!

Next came another long awaited set; Paper Mario which was actually a joint set between SkylerOcon and Wizzerd; weird pairing I know. Instead of abusing partners like most other Paper Mario sets, this one is much more centric on Paper Mario with the partners themselves on the sidelines. Heck, there’s only four of them used (five if you count the grab but NOBODY counts Super Paper Mario so whatever…). This isn’t a bad thing at all however and actually helps it feel much more like a Paper Mario set than a “Paper Mario and Friends” set. Unfortunately it got mostly ignored due to another set being posted soon after…certainly NOT one to miss though; if you haven’t already read this NOW.

And the previously mentioned moveset that kinda helped Paper Mario get ignored was The Great Mighty Chocolate Ice Cream by Bkupa666. Being hyped by Kupa himself as his best set since Hades and easily top 10 material, GMP was unfortunately widely ignored due to the breaking of the Gentleman’s Rules that we had just posted. Obviously though these rules aren’t in stone so don’t give Kupa too much rage for ignoring them (especially since we all wanted that page 100); after all rule #4. As a set however, GMP certainly is up there with Kupa’s best despite him not playing the game the character is originally from (D).

Moving right along…we go from poo to farts with Katapultar’s Heppokomaru set; what tragic timing. Another Bobobo set and another character I’m fairly unfamiliar with, Heppokomaru fights with farts. Okay then…regardless, this set shows Katapultar’s new writing style in a far better light than Nightmare did and it’s actually quite the interesting set. Clearly the strongest set Katapultar’s made so far, it’s a shame it was massively ignored most likely due to not knowing the character and being turned off by a fart-based moveset.

Finally back to a somewhat sane character…or not. We have Great Tiger by Kholdstare! Yes, the long promised Punch-Out!! set comes to the big screens near you! Great Tiger is, potentially, one of the more off the wall characters in the Punch-Out!! series. Why? He an freakin’ USE MAGIC. Why doesn’t this guy get disqualified for teleporting around the ring, seriously? Anyway! Khold made good use here of Great Tiger’s various magic abilities and also great use of the blinking gem; Great Tiger’s telltale giveaway of what attacks he’ll use next in Punch-Out!! Wii. Great Tiger got quite a few comments, most of which criticized the set’s balance stating it was blatantly overpowered. Hyper_Ridley and MasterWarlord however stepped in to save this set’s reception with some well-deserved praise.

And the last set of the week is for Sho Minamimoto by apemasta’. On an unrelated note, writing your name always makes me smile, so thanks for that. Despite me not having played TWEWY (I’m STILL meaning to pick it up >_>) Sho is the one character I actually know (If only for all of his math related lines)…and I actually really enjoyed this set! Gasp! Despite some criticism about how the attacks are all very situational (and some can’t be done without the proper Noise), Sho gained mostly positive reception and quite a bit of praise considering apemasta’ hasn’t really made that many sets at all. Keep up the good work!

And then comes the part of the week where I say a big ol’ “f  asterisk, asterisk, asterisk you!” to Wizzerd. Yes, the Week In One Rant is back (just kiddin’ ‘bout the f-you Wizzy ;))



No seriously! This week we had all kinds of crazy stuff go down! In fact, you guys revived Mafia apparently without telling me! What gives? This week we also had several famous names in Nintendo drop into the thread, Miyamoto, Iwata, Sakurai! Hell, even Hideo Kojima stopped by to shoot the breeze! Guys! Miyamoto knows we exist! It’s only a matter of time until we’re making our own Smash game! Moveset wise we had two shockers, Plorf and Khold posting a moveset in the same week; never thought I’d live to see the day. We also had two vaguely disgusting movesets; one was shit, the other was Great Mighty Poo. But of course I kid Katapultar, I enjoyed reading Gasser very much and encourage everyone else to as well, I just needed a snappy joke to put in here. We also had Paper Mario, Sho Minamimoto and Great Tiger to round out the week! Overall, pretty good week guys! Oh, and we had a review between Recaps, booyah.

Anyway! That marks the end of this Sunday Recap, join us next time as we’ll discuss global warming and how it affects YOU. Or just more movesets as always, depends on my mood I suppose.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. The only Gentleman’s Rule I have a problem with is 5: “Please, if you read a moveset, post a comment for it. Even “I read it and liked it” is better than no comment at all”

    Saying something like “I read it and liked it” isn’t productive, and it doesn’t help the movesetter improve their sets at all.

  2. I’m actually moderately pleased with the week in one rant, seeing as it goes over general themes instead of lolpancakes, irony aside.

    Oh, and I dislike the gentleman’s rules, specifically the part about the 14 post wait. Comments should be counted instead, and it pretty much would make every new page locked out of movesets. Which is ridiculous. The rest are quality though.

  3. I agree with everything above me. (wary)


    Yay! I finally got my second set out, and was in a recap. (H)

    I’ll be replying to my comments… eventually.

  5. Where is “Using Geass on the Smash Bros Cameraman?” for best attack name?!?

    I like “I read and liked it” comments. Such comments are reassuring, y’know? Not everything has to be about improvement; light praise is good too.

    As to the 14-post limit, it’s up for debate, but ideally it would lead to people actually discussing things more often in the thread. In practice, it usually leads to spam sessions to bring up a new page.

  6. Usually the whole 1 set per page leads to spam of some sort, and for people who don’t have access to the chat, like me, they won’t know when someone else is planning to put a set, as was the case with Poliwrath.

  7. Umm am I really the only one who doesn’t want to comment sets? <.<

  8. More like you’re the only HONEST one. 😉

    But in all seriousness, it’s probably because you’re not an MYMer. (FLIP)

  9. Kirbywizard wins with “Money for The Poor: Oliver’s Got The Bling Bling *rap music plays*


    I think…

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