Posted by: masterwarlord | October 13, 2009

Envy This! — Zant

Zant by KingK.Rool

Thank god I held back on that little campaign of mine. If I had to pass on this moveset, it really would’ve been a tremendous shame. When were you originally intending to do this guy again? MYM 4?  Made roughly six months ago the set probably wouldn’t of been nearly as good, but it still would’ve been enough to beat out that goddamn chef.

Originality: Every move is enjoyable to read in some way in that it’s either original or has an interesting side effect that contributes heavily to the playstyle, even the Final S-uper Attack is a work of art! In hindsight, I actually find Junahu’s complaint about the Down Special legitimate, but bah. Considering all of the guy’s magic syndrome and the mechanic you had to work with, I’m not surprised, but what’s more surprising is that you managed to still keep his alternate set interesting enough to keep reading through. F/Usmash, uair (Ironically), and dthrow (Only enhanced by the lulzy Ekans throwback) are all particularly creative highlights that outshine a lot of the moves in the main moveset. Of course, there still are generic attacks in the extra set, but as stated Zant already has enough levels to his game already. Doing more to that moveset would just make him unplayable.

Playstyle: Alright, let’s get the closest thing to a legitimate complaint out of the way right off the bat: Zant’s playstyle is setting up a zone of twilight and then playing around it. Trap character 101. The good, though, is that this “trap” affects Zant himself and does nothing to hurt foes, like Sloth, meaning he’s far from the textbook definition. I’m just more opposed to how long the setting-up phase is and how much his game revolves around it. That’s more of what reeks of trap character. . .But it doesn’t really matter. He just flows so incredibly and the move interactions just roll of the tongue. It’s just all so very intuitive – no shortage of ways to create and manipulate twilight and the stage in general or to reflect back your own reflected fsmash projectiles. Here I disagree with Junahu about you pulling off shenanigans with swapping between the two movesets, as he’s already plenty deep enough as is without further complications. Why would you want to use the original set when you have the overpowered combo heavyweight of doom anyway?

Balance: Much better balanced then your other sets for sure, even if it’s not intentional. It’s clearly a sign. He leans towards underpowered due to his secondary moveset not being all that overpowered after you’ve done all that work to be able to play around with it, but it’s but a minor trifle in comparison to your previous sets. I’m more concerned with Zant’s secondary set not seeming like it’d be able to combo (Heavyweight combo character that can’t combo! (shock)) all that amazingly (Though he still can, certainly no Kaptain K. Rool) and I’d perhaps like a playstyle section for it also to help elaborate, though that’s more a matter of detail. Yes, balance is a very insignificant thing seeing how easily it can be fixed, but in the quest for the perfect set it’s just yet another thing that can make a set better.

Detail: Your level of detail never ceases to get the job done while still keeping Zant so incredibly inviting. Granted, I did have to re-read a decent few moves to truly grasp them while reading through the set due to the low detail due to the complex nature of the moveset, but smeh. There’s not much to say other then the fact I’d like a short playstyle description on how to combo at the end of the second set, but I already said that.

Relevance to Character: I don’t need to tell you how delightfully in character this moveset is, particularly when Zant goes insane in the alternate moveset. Manipulation of the Twilight Realm is a very surprisingly fitting mechanic that doesn’t feel at all forced on the character to turn him into an intriguing trap character, being completely natural. Then again, there’s little point in the existence for this section anymore, seeing it’s hard to find OOC sets now-a-days. Anyway, it passed Junahu’s inspection in this regard, the best critic of it, so I guess I’m not overlooking anything this time.

Organization: The purple font is absolutely disgusting. It’s not visually appealing or fitting (Unlike Umbreon’s organization), which is shocking when I remind myself that you made this moveset, not HR (This moveset feels more in his style then yours, IMHO). That said, the music more then makes up for it. I’m surprised just how much creepily fitting music there is for Zant ripped straight from the game, even enough to fill up the alternate moveset. I don’t find the organization of the alternate moveset particularly appealing, although I do find the random jokes of the bthrow and dthrow to fit his nature quite well. I also like how you made the alternate moveset intentionally generic and linked it an alternate post to emphasize the fact it wasn’t necessary to read – I hadn’t read it at all before I gave you my initial overwhelmingly positive commentary.

Match-Ups: 2 match-ups from the king? Bah. Slothfulness. Regardless, they’re plenty enough well done. I find it rather daring that you used a number on the match-up that didn’t end in 0 or 5, much like HR’s Edward Elric used very, very specific KO percentages. Unlike something so insignificant, though, you seem to be very sure of the match-up and actually know what you’re talking about, so yeah. I’d love to see you go back and add more match-ups to this, of course, but meh.

Overall: You already know what I think of this moveset. It’s certainly not perfect and isn’t without flaws, but so are the three movesets I formerly dubbed “the holy trinity”. It’s an absolutely spectacular set and most seem to be in agreeance that it blows the likes of Hippo, Espeon and Umbreon out of the water, save the occasional heretic who questions its deity status. We shall burn them all at the stake.



  1. Isn’t Holy Trinity Hades/Spadefox/BUBBLES????? If so, (HUG)

  2. Thanks very much for the review. Glad he turned out to be the frontrunner I was hoping for. And this MYM isn’t over yet… (SMIRK)

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