Posted by: MarthTrinity | October 18, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 14



Hello everyone and welcome once again to MT’s Sunday Recap: Episode 14. Yes we’ve made it all the way to Episode 14; I’m just as surprised as you are really. Anyway! The timer is ticking down still on MYM; less than two full weeks remain as we come down to the wire here! Hope you’ve got your best stuff up…or at least are able to relatively soon. Speaking of sets…we’ve got some. You made them. They’re cool. Let’s read em ‘kay? Sounds awesome.

First out of the starting gate for us this week is the long awaited (and thought to previously have been a dead idea) Zant by KingK.Rool. Considering we’ve been waiting a considerable amount of time for this guy, Rool does not disappoint here making a wonderful combination of the calm and collected Zant…and the absolute batshit insane Zant from later in the game. Zant was met with overwhelmingly positive reception (aside from the organization which is criticized as somewhat hard to read) as is widely considered to be one of K.Rool’s frontrunners this contest.

Immediately after Zant (and I mean IMMEDIATELY) we had a moveset for Infernape by Dido. It’s unfinished (and it probably never will be) so I’m not gonna go over it really. Also “Getting build…”

Following Infernape and Zant, JOE! posted another set…albeit not a serious one, but rather a jokeset for Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. With numerous little pokes at what makes DBZ just so lulzy, Vegeta was a fun read for fans of the series and certainly not the worst joke set of all time…the only problem with Vegeta was that many people didn’t know if he was a jokeset or not!

Koppakirby then posted his Space Invaders set; a set he’d been dropping hints for for the past few weeks in the chat. Space Invaders…well…it’s a set for Space Invaders. They don’t do anything except drop down, speed up and reverse direction so it’s amazing that KK even managed to make up this set in the first place. Space Invaders got very little recognition though, mostly ignored because it was posted halfway down a page with a jokeset (and one to follow shortly after).

And then we had the questionable Pikachu Remix by tirkaro. I’m still not sure if this is a real set or not but it has all the aspects of one so I have to discuss it regardless. Either way, this set is basically leaking humor everywhere…it’s so incredibly random you just can’t help but smile while reading it…until you get to the Final Smash…then it just turns horrifying…


Me too Speedwagon…me too…

Next up we have…oh…this guy. Negative Man by MarthTrinity. Negative Man’s an obscure Mother 3 boss…not like I’d expect you to know him…or want you to for that matter…it’s not a very good set really, wouldn’t be surprised at the least if you skipped it…for whatever reason, Negative Man received great reception, being praised by Hyper_Ridley, Junahu, MasterWarlord and K.Rool among others. Needless to say this makes me ecstatic. I mean…eh…

Finally, we have a moveset for an obscure Kid Icarus enemy! Wait! Don’t leave now! It’s good and it’s by Wizzerd! Eggplant Wizard is a weird set that revolves heavily around…eggplants! And turning people into eggplants! Wat. Anyway, Eggplant Wizard has a crazy, over-the-top mechanic that the kids these days love as well as some unique ideas for a character whose basic attack pattern in game boils down to, “shuffle and toss eggplants.” I still hate Kid Icarus but I like this set, so I’d suggest reading it maybe.

Anyway, now it’s time for everyone’s favorite (lolno) section!


SO…what exactly happened this week? Not a whole lot honestly, this week was really, really slow. We had a grand total of seven movesets (one/two of which were jokesets, still on the fence about PikaMix) and really nothing else; heck, even the chat seemed mostly dead! But that’s most likely due to everyone finishing their final sets before the home stretch comes up; I expect next week to be a really busy one…jeez, you guys didn’t even give me enough to rant about!

And that brings us to the exciting conclusion of yet another episode of MT’s Sunday Recap. Join us next week as we have the -FINAL- Sunday Recap to take place DURING MYM6 (because obviously the contest will be over by Episode 16).

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Thanks, MT. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but the fact that Negative Man, a self-acknowledged pseudo-joke set, got 9 comments and Eggplant Wizard got 2 is highly discouraging to me.

  2. Myeh, ya Wizzerd! Imma reading it now. Gee, you’re still on the top page for crying out loud!



  4. *(wary)

  5. Speedwagon is too afraid to read your set

  6. Yeah, commenting is getting slower and slower. Guess that’s the result of the end-of-MYM wind-down.

    And it’s kind of scary that so many people have sets ready – or rather, almost ready – for this final rush here.

  7. you missed a great oppertunity for an over 9000 joke in the rant…

    for shame…

  8. Don’t worry, even I have no idea whether or not PikaRemix was a joke set or not. I think Speedwagon was too afraid to remind me.

  9. Khold is slowly getting build of his MYM Empire…..

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