Posted by: MarthTrinity | October 25, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 15


Good afternoon fellow MYMer’s and welcome to the fifteenth episode of the MT’s Sunday Recap. My laziness shows no bounds as I’ve managed to set a record for putting the Recap off; it is currently 6:39am. But! I have a service to provide my good friends at MYM with and I will not disappoint! A Recap has not been late yet (thanks in part to Junahu filling in for me) and will not be missed period. With that, I’ll get to work so I can get this out for you all. And don’t worry about me, I have messed up sleep patterns anyway!

Our first moveset of the week is Banette by Katapultar. Being regarded as (apparently) one of the most disliked ghost Pokemon, Banette is a weird little puppet…monster…demon…sock monkey. Yeah, let’s go with that last one. Anyway, Banette hurts it self, which in turn is used to hurt opponents…interesting. Banette was mostly ignored due to Gluttony being posted IMMEDIATELY after (although in Warlord’s defense he did dibs the page)…but after a while some people went back and read it. Warlord and darth meanie are both strong, strong supporters of Banette.

And as previously mentioned, Gluttony by MasterWarlord was posted immediately after Banette. Being a remake of Warlord’s MYM5 Gluttony set, this one shares some concepts with it but is heavily based upon his manga appearance instead of his anime one. And guess what? It received controversial reception! Yay vote split! Junahu, Khold and myself view it as one of the best, if not the best, MasterWarlord set in recent memory. Others such as K.Rool, Plorf and darth meanie view it as a disappointing set with Count as the clear superior. Hmm…

Moving right along! We have a penis. I’m not gonna dick around (HA!) with this commentary. It’s a cock. We all know it. We’re all gonna get it out of our system now, okay? Alright. Mara by tirkaro is an interesting moveset for a penis in a chariot and is, quite possibly, the best moveset for a penis in a chariot I’ve ever seen. It boasts some unique ideas really but, in my mind, didn’t play off of the fact that it’s…a penis in a chariot…enough. Okay. I’m gonna move on now.

Plorf posted two solo sets in the same contest. And the world ended too. Okay not really…but he did post two sets all by himself; Maha Ganeshariff being the second of which. Being a giant elephant robot, Maha has all of your typical giant elephant robot attacks suck as a trunk tether and bombs(?) as well as the ability to roll into a ball and move at super speed. Obviously. Overall reception for Maha was very ho-hum; many thought it had some good ideas but didn’t quite tie itself together properly and many preferred Tomahawk Man to Maha. Some were also put off by the fact that Maha contains almost no personal voice at all to which Plorf admitted not caring about the character at all.

A bit after Maha, a newcomer named _calming rain_ posted a moveset for Mia from Golden Sun. Not a terrible amount to say here, it’s a newcomer set that isn’t bad. So therefore it’s good. Which means you should read it and give constructive comments so this newcomer continues to enjoy MYM. That is all.

A One Piece character? Oh kirbywizard, you’re at it again, aren’t you? This time it’s Kalifa, another One Piece character I’ve never heard of. Ever. Yay. But really, Kalifa uses her various bubbles and such to hurt her enemies. Not sure how bubbles would hurt anyone but that’s probably just my seven in the morning logic speaking. How silly of me. Anyway, most people consider Kalifa to be kirbywizard’s greatest set. Which I believe I also said about Perona. So that means kirbywizard is improving; the system is working! Yes! Just make sure you keep it up.

Soon after, PK-ow! posted his long awaited set; Will & Freedan. What can I say about this mammoth that hasn’t been said before? This set is absolutely beastly; easily one of the longest in recent MYM memory. And people teased Kupa about giving names for the victory theme: PK-ow! gave his set sound effects! Overall, Will and Freedan got next to no reception…in all honesty, I think it scared a lot of people off with its presentation which pretty much screams “tl;dr.” It received some praise from Junahu who managed to read a good chunk of it; he claims there’s some good ideas there but the presentation and such is truly not user friendly at all.

Being essentially the polar opposite of Will & Freedan we have the very short, very blue Lolo by Soulless9922. Not sure what to say about this one really, it’s your average beginner set with some unique ideas in it. I also dislike the game Lolo is from. Call me bias. Lolo only got one comment and was lost to the new page.

Finally, Katapultar’s is up again getting both the first AND last set of the week. Weird. Anyway, this one is a remix of Samus allegedly based more off of Metroid Prime than the Brawl Samus is. Samus Remix is a ranged fighter with lots and lots of beam weapons from the Metroid games and a heavier emphasis on the Morph Ball. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot to say in terms of reception; as of the time of me writing this, Samus Remix has only received one fairly negative comment.

And with that…it’s now time for the…


Yay. I’m tired. There’s my rant. Not enough? Fine. So, what happened this week huh? Surprisingly little thread activity for one of the last weeks in the contest…I expected a ton more sets to be entirely honest but what can ya do? Less sets means more sleep for me so that’s not too bad. Community-wise…nothin really jumps out at me as important that happened this week. But as we all know, next week is IT. Come October 31st; that’s the point of no return. The end. So…if you still have a set to get out (which judging from last week’s poll is quite a few of you)…hurry it up! Seriously, you don’t want your set you worked ages on to be ignored in the massive flood that’s bound to happen. You have a set you’ve been working on? Get it out. Fast. Or you could always get front page in MYM7…

Anywaaaaaaay….that’s it for this week! Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of MYM6. Oh, and I’m going out of town Tuesday until the Tuesday after so I’ll be writing up my voting list early. I will have limited computer access while there so I will get to see sets posted after Tuesday so anything’s likely to be voted by me. Anyway, good luck to everyone and congrats; this is the home stretch!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!


  1. Sorry about the rush job guys, majorly slept in and I’m going out in a minute to get a haircut.

    Links to sets and polls will be up later, promise!


  3. The lack of polls are disappointing.

  4. Lack is singular. 😐


  6. Write-In Poll Vote:

    I want MYM6 to end, but I’m going to fail miserably at placing.

    (h) (h) (h)

  7. Grammar nazism is the best thing in the world. Except for Super Attacks. (SMIRK)

  8. (H)

  9. “the ability to roll into a ball and move at super speed.”

    Needs moar reposting as Donphan.

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