Posted by: metinahurricane | October 26, 2009

The Gray Area — Great Tiger



Great TigerKholdstare

‘Kay, so we’re here today to talk about Great Tiger. The problem is that he was posted weeks ago and nobody cares anymore. So I guess it’s just you and I, Khold! And you know what that means; I don’t have to make this review 1500 words long just for the sake of length! WOOHOO!

You know, the thing I like so much about this set is how distinct it is from the rest of our boxing sets. Maybe it’s because Great Tiger just has so much more potential, but you just generally squeezed it all out. The duplicate’s used in there, yes indeed, and so is the flashing little gem. Not only are they in there, but they’re cornerstones of his playstyle; they practically define him. This is how playstyle is done.

There’s minimalistic creativity on most of this set, but I love it all the more for that. You seem to have hit a good balance, putting in just enough creative ideas to draw emphasis on one thing in particular; it’s an age old MYMing attacks to have the moveset at war with itself internally, creative attacks fighting for attention over even more creative attacks. You skirt the problem entirely by making every attack simple on its own, but a working part of a greater whole. Well done.

But moving along…

So, you don’t like balance and detail. I can appreciate that; I don’t like balance and detail. But there’s a line, man, and Great Tiger tramples it. It’s cool to keep detail low as long as you communicate the attack well enough for the person to envisage it; your writing style doesn’t help too much here, because it feels very much on-the-spot and lends to the hurried feel of the moveset. Writing style alone decides whether a moveset feels rushed, and Great Tiger’s gives you away. When you introduce major attack twists halfway through the attack with a “You see…”, it doesn’t help your cause. I do like how you didn’t dress up the simple attacks as anything more than what they are; brave move, and it pays off by letting the reader skim through the moveset in the blink of an eye.

And balance? Pah, I loathe it… but there are things here that are so blatant, they can’t help but make me stop in my tracks. When my sets are unbalanced, it tends to be because the ideas behind them are too much. Here, you’ve got ridiculous attacks like an FSmash that deals 47%. Who do you are, Bowser? Great Tiger has too much going for him to get away with this.

More to the point, though, I really should make some mention of that lovely organization – good to see you haven’t lost it, because you always were good at this – and of your music choices, which are everything Kholdstare’s weren’t. By which I mean, not random. I personally prefer to keep the music in the headers all from the source material rather than by simply taking an archetype of music from a variety of games/other sources, but I can’t begrudge you double dipping considering only one piece of Punch Out music would even remotely fit here.

And I like how you focused him around his mindgames, so easily. You make it look natural – you always have. Complain all you want about playstyle movements, Khold; you’ve been making playstyle sets since you arrived in MYM.

I like Great Tiger more than Kholdstare, partially because it feels much more organic, by which I mean very organic. Kholdstare was you testing the waters after your hiatus – with this, you’re growing more comfortable, and starting to exercise your very own style once more. It’s such a simplistic set, but it’s also immensely interesting and would be a lot of fun to play. You’ve captured the spirit of the Punch Out renaissance and placed your very own stamp on it, much as Junahu did. This bodes very, very well for you if you continue making sets; I fully expect both Great Tiger and Kholdstare to place, as well they should.



  1. “Gray” You put this in there just because of my troll comment, didn’t you? (D) (H)

    Thanks for the review, I really am thankful. On to commentary, I’m glad the two things I love the most, creativity and organization, are the set’s strongest points. Mission accomplished?

    As for writing style, I don’t purposely write the way I do- it’s just how I write everything. I don’t even know what my “style” is, even though people compliment it. 😛

    Balance is extremely difficult for me. On one hand, I don’t want to make a character underpowered, and on the other I don’t want them overpowered. Ever since I posted Tiger I’ve been looking more at Brawl to see what an FSmash should ideally dish out, what a DAir should deal to be balanced, ect. I’m sorry for making him so overpowered, that was a bad mistake when I think about it. Hindsight’s 20/20, eh?

    Detail is just something I’m going to have to force myself to put in, but again, I don’t care about lag or priority when I’m reading a moveset. If I did, I’d have no complaints about detail.

    While music is something I like putting in now, I agree Khold’s was random. I got a few ice tunes, threw in some Zelda, then basically went down my favorites list on Youtube and filled the rest up with them. While I will keep to the source material if there’s enough music, I like it when people use other games for music but get good tracks to provide a feel for it; Tauros having the Horse Race music from Ocarina of Time is my favorite example of this.

    Bah, playstyle. Anon had no playstyle, and neither did FDL or Shadow Beast (loosely, it had a bunch of random attacks, the team mechanic only kept it intact). (WARY) At least I’m glad I appealed to the masses with playstyle again.

    Thanks for the review, droogy, and for the praise. This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :3

  2. Don’t feel bad about the length. I’m frightened by your capacity to make this style of review so long, especially since I’m planning on imitating them when I sandbag in MYM7. :S

  3. Why, thank you, Wiz. I don’t feel bad – I feel lazy – but I’m glad someone else appreciates the concise approach.

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