Posted by: hyperridley | October 29, 2009

Log Entry 10.51 – Hornet Man

Hornet Man

by Agidus

Instead of making you wait even more for me to find the time to make a massive review, I’m just gonna give you a list of the things that jump out at me, either positivley or negativley.  Sound good?  Maybe if this turns out well I’ll keep it.
+ for positive things
for negative things
= for neutral/question things

more marks means I feel more strongly about that thing.  Note that it’s not really a point system per-se, but of course more good marks is preferable.

+Ohhh, he takes more damage from fire effects just like in the game.

++So he has a unique status effect throught his entire moveset that is incredably creative.  It makes a great use of his bee theme and seems to have an interesting effect onto his moveset.  You even give me some forshadowing of an Nair interaction, yay previews that leave me hooked!
+On that note, really good idea introducing it in its own section.

++Netural Special.  Oh my God, that move is so epic!
++++++ Hornet Ai.  Wow.  Just wow.  You made you’re own little “sim-bee” out of it and transferred it into a fightnig game format beautifully.

++Down Special.  Another clever manipulation of the hornet AI.
= lol @ the flowers having no stamina but can’t actually be hurt.  I understand why you did it, I just found it funny.

-Jab is a prop
+But that’s okay since it’s fitting and has a purpose with the down special…
-…that you only make a passing refference to.  Yeah, it’s best to explicitly state that it takes away the flowers, not just mention it at the end like it was thrown in last moment (was it?)

-Utilt amd fsmshas are kinda generic…
+…But they have a cool has a cool function for the playstyle

—But Fair is just really bland, doesn’t really seem to have a focus in the playstyle, and you didn’t even let it interact with the netural aerial mechanic YOU JUST INTRODUCED!

+++Okay, seriously, just in general, all the various sub-systems for having Hornet Man interact with his hornets are epic.  Nair system, grab system (love the UThrow), Dash Attack, DSmash, all are plenty of fun and give Hornet Man more playstyle.

+++And what a playstyle!  Seriously, there’s so much depth in this thing that I doubt you even touched on.  The horntes and all their interactions with Hornet Man and each otehr lend themselves naturally to a variety of offensive and defensive strategies.  I’d consider maining him.

-I’m not so sure if the Raven matchup is that one-sided.  Considering you talk about going offensive and approaching in the playstyle section as a viable tactic, why would it be a bad thing for Hornet Man to approach?  If anything I’d say it’s Hornet Man’s favor since he’s free to build up his hive and set-up an approach while Raven tries to make some walls that the Hornets could just fly over anyways.

+As usual, your organization is awesome
+As are your trademark alt colors.  I particularly love black Hornet Man.
+Ohh, a sneek peek at an outline for him!  Cool!

=I lol’d when I saw all the notes you added in the set for Plorf’s comments.
So Overall, this is an awesome moveset.  I thougharley enjoyed it, and I look fowards to your next, whenever that may be.  I’m extremley sorry I never got around to reviewing it sooner.



  1. About time. (SMIRK)

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