Posted by: Junahu | November 1, 2009

Saturday Recap #16 dood!

Punch Out, Disco Kid + Sandman

This picture quite handily demonstrates my opinions

What a critical time to require the stand-in recap guy. As the final recap of this MYM, you’ll all be expecting something huge. So let’s not dilly dally any longer and get to it!

First up on the final week roster is BKupa’s Disco Kid. As the last nail in the -ahem- as the final Punch Out set of what has been a successful boxer-centric MYM, there was a lot of pressure on Bkupa’s offering.  Dickso Kid’s crotch grinding eccentricity went down a treat with the secretly gay MYM populous, who simply couldn’t get enough of his flamboyant boxercizing.  Of course, my personal opinion of the set is shown in the recap’s opening picture. The Punch Out crowd is surely a difficult place to make a great moveset, not least because it’s championed by both MasterWarlord and KingK.Rool.  But Destro Kid is surely a good effort all the same.  Don’t count it out, just because Priority comboing doesn’t make any sense.

For the sake of being fair and just, I need to mention the three movesets made by Mars16. Conker the Squirrel, Darth Vador and Peter Griffin are all movesets that meet the minimum technical standards required by MYM. That’s seriously all that can be said in their defense. That, and Mars16 now has three sets, giving him the right to vote.. stop and think about that for a moment.

As the second real set to acknowledge this week, Espeon by _calming_rain_ steps up to the plate. Now, there probably isn’t any division of opinion on this pokeset. After all, it had the unlucky fate of rubbing elbows with KingK Rool’s Espeon moveset, one of the frontrunners to win MYM6 entirely. So let’s be actually fair, and judge it by its own merits. Espeon is easy to read, written in a surprisingly concise manner and presented with no-nonsense organisation. The attacks, while cautiously bland on the whole, actually do come together somewhat. General reception for Espeon (i.e. the one post that acknowledged it) was positive, mainly noting how _calming_rain_ has improved in terms of creativity.

It’s a shame KingK.Rool’s Espeon so heartlessly blows it out of the water. You jerk, Rool! Picking on poor newcomers with your brilliant sets.

..let’s move along.

DancingFrogMan made his big push for MYM fame with not one, but two movesets. And Maximillion Pegasus, the first, was 8 seperate movesets on its own! Pegasus is extremely elaborate and viciously complicated, and I’m certainly not the only one who thinks so. Everyone who commented agreed that its sheer epic scale more than compensated for DFM’s trademark inability to write fully good like proper really. Even one of the minisets within Pegasus, Toon Alligator, recieved a glowing review from the Villain roundtable. In general, Pegasus was a hit, despite (or perhaps because of) DFM’s extreme dislike for his own set.

Which brings us to Votarch, which was DFM’s personally preffered set. It’s certainly easy to see why, his writing style improving vastly on previous efforts while still throwing all manner of ideas into the pot. It’s a shame then, that Votarch ended up playing second banana  to the attention Pegasus was receiving. Of the little attention he got, much of the criticism was focused on the character itself rather than the moveset. The remaining opinion was that a few of the psychic moves felt disjointedly out of place, something that can be hard to avoid in an OC set. Still, even a cursory read shows DFM enjoyed making Votarch. Who wouldn’t enjoy making a moveset for a psychic snake with a knife for a tail? …But I do personally have to admit that Votarch looks a little rediculous.. sorry DFM.

That’s enough about DancingFrogMan for one MYM. So onto…

TOADSWORTH! TOADSWORTH! TOADSWORTH! … Toadsworth, is another of Meadow’s absolutely impossibly endearing movesets. Just like Toadette in MYM5, Toadsworth’s writing style feels so human that you could almost start a conversation with it. Seriously, here, just look;

This move doesn’t really have that much depth into it, but each senior citizen needs some time to recuperate after a while, right? Maybe I should let Toadsworth be able to move with this move and heal only 1% per second…that’ll add a whole other aspect to his gameplay…or maybe not, that’ll just make him more annoying.

I think anyone anywhere who has ever made a moveset can empathise with meadow’s organic and frank writing style. Toadsworth is also a much lighter read than Toadette, which on its own is a massive improvement, as has been noted by those who took the time to comment.

And no time to continue gushing about Toadsworth, because hot on his heels is Arche Mewtwo, a remake of the iconic Pokemon and a joint between DarthMeanie and JOE! These two certainly make a devilishly good team, managing to overcome my strong bias against both remicks and joint movesets. And that’s really strong bias, by-the-way (I hate remixes SOOOOO much!). The organisation is smooth, the writing snappy and the moves perfectly suited to the ultimate pokemon. Mewtwo manages to hold his own in a catagory of moveset populated by the likes of Spadefox and Arche Cloud of Darkness, and that’s an achievement and a half.

And what would a final week be without a final rush? That 24 hours of pure torture where numerous great sets crop up all at once and compete for your attention? There’s no way anyone will have read them all by the time of writing, so we’ll blaze through these quality sets a little faster, ok?

Gorea is a pretty unique one. Unique in that this is the second moveset of him this MYM, both by Katapultar. This is certainly a great way to show everyone how far you’ve come, simply lining the two sets up side by side shows the stark improvement. Gorea absorbs elements of attacks, projectiles, minions.. everything, and then uses them in his own attacks. The sheer adaptabilty of Gorea is significant, as his strength almost literally mirrors his opponent’s.

Hyper Ridley seems determined to prove how good joint sets can really be, as he and Plorf team up to create Vile, the maverick hunter turned maverick of the Megaman X series. HR and Plorf make one of the odder teams to come about this MYM, and it shows in this surprisingly quirky moveset. It’s a slow burner, with plenty of nuance coming out of his comboable projectiles and mindgames. Certainly a set that’ll suffer for coming at a time when everyone just wants to skim everything.

Koppakirby makes a last effort to make a real mark in MYM with Weldar, the visually-impaired-welding-torch. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a lighter, breezier set in the final week of MYM. Weldar is indeed trademark Koppakirby in execution (whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll leave up to you) though its faithfulness to its inspiration may catch some readers off guard. The pictures are annoyingly large and irrelevant though, which may cause a lot of people to skim past the set.

Hobs recieves the honours of having the last Pokemon moveset in the contest (though by his admission, the set was made a fair while ago). Scyther is simple minded, which is actually very suitable for this bug type pokemon. But the attacks also build on eachother and come together very neatly, lending the set some very pleasant surprises. There’s pokemon syndrome in Scyther though, so be forwarned on that.

and finally.. the last set of MYM6 (drum roll)

George A. Romero, the creative mind behind many a zombie flick, brings you a moveset of KingK. Rool..

…wait, that’s the wrong way round. Let me try again. KingK.Rool, who everyone knows and loves/tolerates, caps off this recap, and MYM6 as a whole, with George A. Romero. Happy Halloween!

Rool depicts Romero as a puppeteer, setting zombies off against his opponents and spectating the outcome. He has really caught the idea behind the man, even at the expense of some plausability and coherance. George wants the zombies to win, and the foe obviously wants them to lose, simple enough in concept. But with the way he can bait his foes with a brief glimmer of the chance to turn the tables, only to snatch it away again, his true colours as a sadistic storyteller are revealed. Rool’s trademark understanding of the character behind the moveset is in full force here.

MYM6 in one rant:

well, hot damn! This was one hell of a MYM. Starting off like most MYMs, we all awakened to the playstyle movement and its almost limitless possibilities. Numerous boxing movesets showed us just how any generic punching can be made into a stellar moveset. We got to suffer through Junoctober, or whatever it was called. And we got more quality heavyweights from MasterWarlord than you can shake a stick at. And I’m just scratching the surface. This MYM blows MYM5 out of the water. Pound for pound, MYM6 is the best thing since cake.. actually, scratch that. MYM6 is BETTER than cake!

~Mission accomplished, dood!


  1. Creativity is coming back. MYM6 perfected playstyle, so now most setters are working on incorporating creativity into cohesive playstyles.

  2. Hilarious polls. Very nice. Kinda scary that Warlord’s set have collectively almost twice as many votes as anyone else’s.

    And I do NOT like Disco Kid. I haven’t READ Disco Kid. (WARY)

    And thank you once again for stepping in to fill MT’s shoes, Junahu. Poor lil MT… (cry2)

  3. Toadsworth support! Woot woot!

  4. Great recap, the sarcastic humour was crass, but very funny. I mainly gave up on the polls, though. This MYM was one of the best, simply put. Lots of quality movesets, we gained some good members [many of which used to be -bad- ones] and the leadership was there too. Yes, we were there. (D)

    Looking forward to MYM7, as well as the advertising period. Loving it so far.

  5. I’m so scared of how the vote split is going to destroy me.

  6. vote Bon Kurie on that M poll guys 😛

  7. can has maha ganeshariff support?

  8. I’m gonna tentatively agree with Ocon. Creative Playstyle is more important than strong playstyle.

  9. “Creativity is coming back. MYM6 perfected playstyle, so now most setters are working on incorporating creativity into cohesive playstyles.”

    And we weren’t doing this already?

  10. Actually, with the number of playstyles nowadays that can be reduced to “camper”, “comboer” or “trap character”, yeah, I think there’s room for improvement.

  11. Playstyles are also very confused much of the time – people claim they are what they aren’t as they have little idea how to make them, but we seem to be coming to grips with them at last. So now we can develop some advanced playstyles.

    But then, I’d rather a typical, but strong playstyle over a fragmented one that makes no sense. The latter is simply as a result of newcomers to playstyle, though, not those attempting new playstyles who just rattle out the same old thing – we’ll see good creative playstyles in MYM7.

  12. Om nom nom nom…

    Already thanked Juno a whole lot for this but thank you again! Awesome Recap :3

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