Posted by: Junahu | November 27, 2009

Aedi: MakeOurMove


Now, here’s an idea. Teamwork! ♥

Let’s see if we can accomplish something together… oh sorry, we can’t 



It seems our little friend was Aedi all along. Aedi is a formless construct you see, and can turn into whatever she feels like. And now that the Final Smash has activated, you’ll be playing as her for the next 12 seconds. Doesn’t that make you all giddy inside?   


Size: 3/10
Weight: 4/10
Walking Speed: 3/10
Running Speed: 8/10

Air-Speed: 5/10
Fallspeed: 5/10
Traction: 4/10
1st Jump: 5/10
2nd Jump: 7/10
 //Note, while Aedi has “weight”, she is still invulnerable to both damage and knockback (most of the time)    

The Moveset

Neutral-Special: Transitional Transformation
With a simple tap of the Special button (and that should be the B button, unless you like to play around in the options menu) Aedi will compress into a gelatinous, formless ball. Of course, Aedi hardly likes to stay like this for long, so if you do nothing in 2 seconds, or if she is struck, Aedi will pop back into her default form. Before that happens, if the kind player points his Analogue stick towards an opponent, Aedi will transform into a direct copy of them with a pleasing “Plorf!” sound. Now Aedi can use all of that player’s tasty attacks and delicious strategies for her own purposes. Well… ALMOST every attack, the Neutral Special is still just this one, and using it will revert Aedi back to her loveable self.    

Side-Special: Think Tank:
All of a sudden, Aedi’s legs melt into the shape of tank treads, which immediately begin to rev up. I think you can guess what will happen here. Hold B to get your treads nice and revv’d, then release it and watch Aedi bulldoze her way across the stage. Even uncharged this is quite the nasty surprise, dealing 16% damage and KOing at 110%. But it’s at the peak of charging that his move truly becomes brutal, 38% damage and KOing at 45%. It doesn’t even take that long to charge. But unlike moves such as Jigglypuff’s Rollout, Aedi cannot change direction mid-charge. Nor can she stop until she reaches the end of her run (which changes depending on charge too). Misjudged, this atack can easily lead to self destructs… and during a Final Smash no less!

Down-Special: Busy Buzzy
With no small amount of effort, Aedi shatters herself into 8 tiny flying Aedi clones. For as long as B is held down, each Aedi will fly straight towards a random target onstage. This could be the foe, an item, a destructable part of the stage, a projectile… anything. They aren’t terribly fast, but contact with them causes 4% damage, and multiple hits are very likely if all of the Aedi’s descend upon the same target. An important point to bear in mind, is that these Aedi insects CAN take knockback, and every one that is KO’d, damages Aedi by 40%. If they’re all killed, Aedi herself is KO’d, so call off the attack before things go awry.    

Up-Special: Tornado Transverse: 
Aedi contorts herself to form the shape of a miniature cyclone, then begins blustering in whatever direction you tilt the analogue stick. This lasts up to 4 seconds of recovery, and includes up and down, of course. If an opponent happens to touch Aedi in her windy form, they will be sucked into her temultuous tornado, and dragged around with her. Once the recovery runs out, or Aedi touches ground, she snaps back into her usual form, launching any trapped foes out in the direction you’re holding the analogue stick. This knockback alone can KO at 95% and is an excellent way to throw enemies offstage.    

Neutral A: Blast Barrage
Flinging her arms back and forth in a flurry of pitching motions, Aedi hurls a literal stream of squishy looking daggers straight forewards. Each dagger deals 2% damage, but won’t even flinch the opponent. Still, she throws roughly 5 per second, so she is still miles ahead of Fox’s Blaster in that regard, even if her daggers don’t travel quite as far as his lasers.

Foreward A: Repo Reposition
Mimmicking her favourite beat-em-up character, Aedi throws a punch that stretches  far beyond her usual range (the fist flies 5 stagebuilder blocks). Contact with the flying fist only causes 6% damage, but the foe will be pushed along with it, taking a further 7% for each stagebuilder block the fist travels with the foe stuck onto it. But what if the foe dodges the fist? Well, they’ll still want to get out of way, quickly, because Aedi’s fist is going to have to return to her at some point. When it does snap back, anyone between Aedi and her fist takes 9% damage and vertical knockback that KOs at 140%.

Upward A: Spike Skull
Again taking cues from someone else’s work, Aedi molds her skull to form a spiked hitbox above her. This spike, with the exact same properties of ordinary stagebuilder spikes, stays atop Aedi’s head for the next 4 seconds, while she does whatever else she wants to do. Do note however, that attacks involving her head
 will cause the spike to retract earlier than this  

 Downward A: Knot Gnoll
Aedi loves to lay traps, and she loves to use her Down-Tilt to lay them! Sacrificing a token 5% of her health, Aedi leaves a slither of herself on the ground. When stepped upon by the opponent, that slither erupts into an entangling bramble, holding them in place for up to 4 seconds (or until the foe is hit by an attack that deals knockback). If Aedi is the one stepping on the bramble however, it again erupts into a bramble, but this time a benevolent one that gives Aedi a helpful boost up into the air. Yay!

Foreward Smash: Divine Assault
Nibelung-Something-or-other! Aedi swings madly with her arm, molded into the shape of a sword, in a slightly haphazard combo that would be pointless to describe. This deals between 12 and 34% and leaves the foe slightly stunned in front of Aedi. But she isn’t finished yet. She arcs her arm back, contorting it into the form of a dragon shaped lance, and throws it in the direction the player tilts the analogue stick. The lance can travel quite far, if thrown with an upward arc it can easily clear the stage entirely. Which is good, because if the foe is struck by the flying lance, they will be impaled and stuck to it, until the lance lands. They also take 9% damage, but that isn’t as important  

Upward Smash: Bungee Bunny
Aedi remembers the look of this attack from Zero Suit Samus :D. She whips a ribbon upwards out of her own stomach, hoping to snag the feet of an opponent high above her. If she succeeds, the ribbon tightly binds the foe in mid-air, holding them in place and symultaneously connecting them to Aedi, who is free to move around and use her Specials. After 2 seconds (4 if the smash was fully charged), the Ribbon contracts back into Aedi, launching the foe directly at her in the process. The further away Aedi is, the farther the foe will be launched. But they will always be launched in a way that will leave the foe right next to Aedi at the end.  

Downward Smash: KO Klimax
Her Down-tilt was a trap, so let the Smash be a trap too! Sound logic. Aedi leaves a strange puddle of her own white gooeyness on the ground, barely wider than Aedi herself (the act also damages her 12-23%, depending on charge). When sprung, this nasty trap explodes upwards as if it were a depth charge bursting the surface of the water, dealing up to 36% damage and KOing at as little as 38%. The problem however, is that simply touching the trap does not trigger it. There are three ways to trigger this useful puddle. 1) the foe is launched onto the ground where the puddle is with sufficient force (ie. hit them so hard they slam into the floor). 2) the foe attacks the puddle directly. 3) the foe stands on the puddle for more than 2 seconds. All three methods are rather tricky to set up, but try try try anyway.

Dash Attack: Nasty Ninja
Aedi performs the oldest trick in the ninja book, ninja teleport! She vanishes into a puff of smoke, reappearing a short distance ahead of herself, facing the opposite way. If she wants to, she can teleport back to where she started, if you tap A again during the brief endlag. And when you teleport back, you can teleport back AGAIN, by tapping A again. Aedi can teleport back and forth like this for as long as she wishes, so long as the player keeps tapping A. Wait for the foe to lose their cool, then strike!   

 Neutral Aerial: Sinuous Stopper
With a sickening “Plorf!”, wet lashings of Aedi’s flesh explodes outwards, forming the rough shape of an orb around her. Contact with this gorey sphere, knocks foes directly into Aedi, who then spikes them downwards as her flesh retracts back to her. Both hits deal 5% damage each, and the spike (well… Meteor Smash really) can KO offstage from 80%. Once this attack is used in midair, Aedi can only use her specials until she lands.

Foreward Aerial: Cannon Cracker
Aedi turns her peachy little face, into a cannon, which then launches a white cannonball (ZOMG Really!?). The ball travels on a very heavy arc, never travelling further forewards than 2 stagebuilder blocks. Naturally, being hit by a cannonball is painful, it deals 14% damage and severe set knockback in the direction it was currently travelling. Aedi’s cannonball vanishes on contact with the ground, and she must wait for this to happen before she can fire another one.

Backward Aerial: Canon Cracker
Same attack but backwards? Aedi thinks she can get away with it (Well, the ball is fired out at a slightly upwards trajectory this time, so it is technically different). Neither this nor Foreward Aerial can be used if one of her cannonballs is still around, so you cannot combine the differing trajectories of this and the previous attack to overwhelm your foe. Sorry 😦

Downward Aerial: Pogo Party!
Slopping her legs together into the shape of a pogo, Aedi continues to fall as if nothing was different. Indeed, she can even use her other aerials… but she cannot jump. But that’s because she has a Pogostick for legs, duh. Hit the ground, or an opponent’s head, and Aedi will immediately bounce up off of them (slightly higher than her first jump, and cancelling her current action), dealing a meager 9% damage in the process. The force of bouncing back up, turns her legs back the way they were, so she can use midair jumps again! Yay!

Upward Aerial: Axe Assist
Aedi very simply swings upwards with both arms formed into a large axe. This hits below, in front, and above Aedi too, though the upward knockback is relatively weak (as is the damage, weighing in at 8%). A very simple tool for getting the foe airborne, though the landing lag forbids you from following up

Grab: Tidal Tedium
Holy carp! Aedi’s corporeal form gives way entirely, reducing her to liquid. But even a liquid Aedi should be feared. Aedi whips herself up into a tidal wave, which crashes in the direction the player taps the analogue stick (she’ll leap upwards if up is tapped, and she’ll crash down equally left and right if down is tapped). If the foe is caught by Aedi’s surprising long reaching attack, they will be carried away with her as she sloshes  forth towards the edge of the stage. So unless the foe can escape in time, Aedi will whisk them right off the edge of the stage in a last ditch suicide attempt. If the foe does escape, Aedi has the common sense to revert back to her normal self. No sense suiciding without a victim, right?







Cool Tips;

  1. Run over your Down-tilt trap with your Side Special. Flying Tank!
  2. Equip pogolegs, then use up-aerial to get the foe airborne. You’ll bounce off the ground, stopping the landing lag!
  3. Tether the foe with Up-Smash, then have the ribbon slam the foe into your Down-Smash trap!
  4. Similarly, use Up-Special and throw the foe into that same trap!
  5. Push foes into your Down-Tilt trap with Foreward-Tilt!
  6. Use Neutral A to pile on damage while your foe is caught in that trap!
  7. Combine the Down-tilt trap with the Down-Smash trap. Easy peasey!
  8. Do it quickly. You only have 12 seconds… but Aedi’s traps stay even after the Final Smash!


  1. So…it’s the ultimate joint set.


  2. He seems to be randomly changing to Bear Hugger and back. Interesting.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a total mess after the first few weeks, but then comes all together later. I mean, I doubt our ideas are going to be organized for the first bit of this things creation.

    Then again, not being a member of the Social Group or Smashboards I can’t do much besides vote on polls. So technically, it’s your moveset.

  3. I aprove of this.

  4. Yes. I like.

  5. I like this idea a lot.

  6. Just voted on the polls. (h)

  7. Ditto

  8. Voted on the polls.

    Go versatile Aedi. Though I’d like some focused playstyle in there.

  9. We need to decide if we’re making a moveset for a versatile, vague idea or just making our own character from scratch. I still am for my idea I mentioned on the user group.

  10. Could I get a quick clarification on the Transformation poll? None of the options specify that both Aedi’s stats AND attacks are altered, which is what I was hoping she (since that seems to be the winning choice on the Gender poll :P) could do.

  11. Um, on the last poll, about Duplication, I accidently voted for no, I meant Yes. Just letting you know.

  12. @Koopa:


    Duplication is fail.

  13. I wanted her to duplicate >:C

  14. Why would anyone vote against duplication? 9_9

  15. Aedi has enough potential with the ability to change form. We don’t want to overload her with a number of unnecessary gimmicks.

  16. Well, there is one thing we could do with a duplication ability….

    “Though Aedi does have the abilty to duplicate herself, she will not be doing it in the moveset (though exceptions may be made in certain circumstances, such as the Final Smash, or as a Tether Recovery or victory pose etc)”

    (Quoted from Junahu in the Social Group)

    A tether recovery that utilizes the ability to duplicate…. That would be interesting.

  17. Apparently people don’t want Tank form to do anything – it has only 14 votes total to Swarm and Tornado’s 22 and 23, respectively. 9_9

  18. I only realised that you could vote for more than one thing on the tornado form.

  19. Awesome, I’m part of the development team

  20. So am I, but it was sorta foolish to put my avatar up there, as everyone knows I change it spastically.


  22. We are NOT failing, Junahu. We’re just… uh… stalling. (wary)

    I’ll get right to organization and introduction once I regain regular computer access on Friday.

  23. ¬_¬ whoops, I forgot to tag the multiple choice poll as multiple choice

  24. I’m not sure how to answer the Music poll. It seems that, since each form has a completely different feel to it, that each form should also have a completely different music style.

    (Yes, I’m contributing (wary))

  25. *cricket*

  26. I guess Khold and I will be doing Tank moves.

  27. Ah, well done.

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