Posted by: MarthTrinity | November 29, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 17

*sent back to entrance* FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU...

Well, well, well…what do we have here? Why…it seems to be Episode 17 of the Sunday Recap! Yes! Your favorite Sunday time waster is back once again with an all new season based on the sets -YOU-, the loyal viewers at home, create and post! I am once again your host MT and…without further hesitation, I bring you Season 2 of MT’s Sunday Recap! Hope you all enjoy!

So right off the bat we have the very first moveset of the contest; Wallmaster by SkylerOcon. Yes, a moveset for that pesky paranormal hand that snatches you up in the Legend of Zelda series. So all he does is grab, right? After all, he is just a hand. But no! Ocon took those damn creative liberties and gave Wallmaster a whole fog mechanic and lots of tentacle attacks. Overall, reception was pretty awesome for Wallmaster; most everyone says it’s Ocon’s best set.

Following Wallmaster was a moveset for Dead Hand by Wizzerd. Apparently they did NOT organize this and it was just a really weird coincidence that not one but two random Zelda enemies would be posted both on the front page. Anyway, Dead Hand was an annoying miniboss who appeared at the bottom of the well in Ocarina of Time where he…did pretty much what he does in this set; grab stuff with his…dead hands. Can’t accuse Nintendo of false advertising. Dead Hand, like Wallmaster, oddly enough revolves around a surefire way for him to score kills. Comparisons between the two were obviously going to be made and, as many enjoyed Wallmaster, they felt Wallmaster was the clear superior one.

A day late and a dollar short for the Punch-Out!! movement, koppakirby brings out a set for Mr. Dream; the replacement for Mike Tyson in the NES Punch-Out!!. Ultimately, nobody really cared about Mr. Dream though; it was a freakin’ achievement to defeat Iron Mike in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!…defeating Mr. Dream in Punch-Out!! wasn’t nearly as satisfying. Borrowing his moves from other boxers, Mr. Dream was unfortunately met with overwhelmingly negative reception, even by koppakirby who acknowledged it as a clear step down to the Kafei level.

Continuing the front page rush, tirkaro posted a moveset for Cirno, from the Touhou games. Wait. This set must be a joke set right?…..After reading it, it’s SERIOUS. Omigawd, serious set what?! Yes. Tirkaro can post serious sets. Despite Mara being a silly looking character, it was also a serious set. Now that this is tirkaro’s second serious set, I’m finally used to it and can read it without bias. Unfortunately…it doesn’t seem like many other people did read it and it seems to have gotten lost in the front page rush.

Next up we have Lucy by…this must be a typo. A FEMALE character by MasterWarlord? Good God, didn’t he learn his lesson from LUST? Well, this’ll be quick at least. Wait, it DOESN’T suck? Le gasp. I think I need to go lay down from the shock. Anyway, Lucy is from one of my favorite anime series ever so I know the character quite well. Warlord certainly does her justice here and it seems like people agree…for the most part. It’s not considered Warlord’s best but it’s certainly a great read.

A fourth gen Pokemon? In my MYM? It’s more likely than you think, especially since Neo Exdeath made his appearance with Dusknoir. Now…I hate Dusknoir (the Pokemon, not the set :P). He takes the awesomeness that is Duskull/Dusclops and makes him totally less cool. Moveset wise however, Dusknoir is heavily based upon his Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 appearance than his actual Pokemon game appearances. This makes for some strange move/playstyle choices for those who haven’t played the Mystery Dungeon games (read as: most everyone). Dusknoir was mostly ignored…most likely due to it being posted by a newcomer and immediately after a MasterWarlord set.

A Kupa set? *scans quickly for vore* None? What madness is this? *scans for combos* No combos?! Kupa, are you okay? Oh! Traps! Okay then, gotcha. Okay, that’s unfair of me. Here we have Klubba by BKupa666 from Donkey Kong Country 2. As a trap character, Klubba relies on building damage to make up for his less than impressive comboability and speed. Klubba was met with much less praise than some of the other sets this contest and was criticized for the blatant traps used, most notably the down tilt.

CRUNCH TIME! Finally the long awaited “Lost H_R set” is posted; Super Macho Man! Originally planned to be released with the rest of the Punch-Out!! crew, H_R didn’t really have the drive to finish him and left him on the back burners for a while. He did however bring himself to finish him (with a little…motivation…from Warlord) and it’s probably a good thing he did. Anyway, release any bogus you may have now and settle down for a great read. One out of one MasterWarlord’s agree that this is really a great set.

Finally, we have Subaru; the anime chick that MasterWarlord doesn’t hate. Wat. Anyway, Subaru comes from the same series as Nanoha and apparently rides around on rollerskates. Wat. Needless to say this means that she is more often than not in a constant state of forward movement. Think Bubbles but with more control…or less if she gets her gears up a bit. Reception for Subaru was great.

Other points of interest are the massive amount of new games being conceptualized by various MYMers! These can all be found on the side bar under “Blogroll.” Check them out for sure! Also of interest is Aedi; a character made by Junahu as a massive joint project. Our lovable little pseudo-mascot will be made by viewers like you into a totally 100% complete moveset in the end! Make sure you put in some ideas!

And FINALLY…we have what you’ve all been waiting for…except Wizzerd…the…


Yep! This week’s too short to give it a proper rant so I’ll just cover the time we weren’t in session. Well first of all…game fever struck Make Your Move as Hyper_Ridley’s Koopaling Khaos game concept motivated quite a few of us to start making games of our own! Yay for lots of Smash clones! *shot* In other news, MasterWarlord got banned for five days which provided lulz for some and lots of “WHY DID HE GET BANNED?! ;_;” from others. We also all got addicted to Bejeweled and the chat was introduced to new emotes like (rolling) and (no) as well as a new background. All in all, we kept each other busy, until SmashDaddy posted the opening and we all ran into the thread like kids in a candy store. The Leaders and the Review Slaves fondly remember the time period between the two as “that time when we spent hours debating a theme to such an extent that our final theme was actually just ‘themes.’” Good times…good times…

Anyway! That’s it for this week’s Recap, it’s great to be back guys ❤

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

Or not! Yes! We have a new feature of the Sunday Recap; MT’s Two Cents. This is where I make my personal commentary about your movesets! This way, you don’t have to hunt through the thread for comments you may have missed and it’s good for me because I’m a lazy bastard! This way I have to comment -ALL- of the sets -YOU- post; nothing gets forgotten!

MT’s Two Cents on WALLMASTER: You’d really think that I’d hate this set considering how much Ocon rammed it down my throat before it was finally posted. I swear I must’ve had about a dozen “Hey MT, wanna preview this? (smirk)” comments so damn was I happy when it was finally posted. At first one is lead to believe that you were just lazy with the organization…but then you realize that the headers are actually just really faint which fits it perfectly. I also notice you have no music…which is alright and understandable…but I ideally would’ve like if you had had say…a really quiet or just generally eerie song linked to the picture. I think that could’ve helped with the mood too (if you could find a video of just breathing or near silence that would’ve been awesome). My only concerns here are the situational grab and that the back throw is kind of a copout. Aside from that, I certainly agree that this is the best Ocon set to date and a great way to start the contest.

MT’s Two Cents on DEAD HAND: Poor Dead Hand, overshadowed so quickly by the set before it. Truly that was a bad time to post it Wiz; I know it’s easy to get caught up in the first page excitement but picking your fights and holding off is often times best. That being said, you’ve got some good ideas here…especially considering what you’re working with…most of the negative reception however is most likely due to the unfortunate coincidences between Dead Hand and Wallmaster. Aside from comparisons, the Side B and Side Tilts are essentially the same in their projectile eating properties and some of the other moves aren’t so great (namely the Down Tilt and the Up Smash). Complaints aside, I did enjoy this set much more than say…Slowpoke and Eggplant Wizard.

MT’s Two Cents on MR. DREAM: I don’t really have much to say here about Mr. Dream that hasn’t been said before by other people. Bashing on it anymore would just be cruel and unproductive; you know what not to do now from this set and that’s all that needs to be said. Just get right back up there and recover from this one.

MT’s Two Cents on CIRNO: Joking aside, I’m glad to see tirkaro making serious sets now even if they do still have his traditional humorous writing style still included. Cirno is a superlight projectile spammer with lots of ice attacks. Unfortunately, ice seems to be widely hated now and most of the attacks come off as kinda cliché. I would however place Cirno as your best set to date; it’s obvious your trying to stray away from your joke sets now and take things more seriously. I hope that people see that too; you’ve got some good ideas here and you seem to be going in the right direction.

MT’s Two Cents on LUCY: Love the character a lot so I had high hopes for this one. Despite me suggesting the invisible headers, it seems kind of unfortunate that it got posted after Wallmaster who did the same thing right before it. I personally prefer the idea that I had for the Neutral Aerial but I see why you didn’t use it considering the Up Special is very similar. I still feel as though the one throw is kind of a copout considering…well…the character is pretty much built for them. Those complaints however are minor; a blatant destroying of your last female set, I can’t however say this is your best.

MT’s Two Cents on DUSKNOIR: This set actually looks surprisingly good for a newcomer set…unfortunately, there’s some flaws that I’ll cover here. First of all, there’s lots of random little X’d out images around the set. Not sure why those are there but you should probably remove them to make the set look better overall. The overall organization is also a little bland to be entirely honest but I won’t harp on those details…all I’ll say is that a lot of gray makes a set dreary to read. I’m not sure how much I like attacks that do more damage to certain types of enemies…for example, Pikachu doesn’t do more damage against Squirtle in Smash, so it’s kind of weird that Dusknoir suddenly has an advantage over ice users. Overall, it looks decent for a first set. Keep at it and you’ll keep improving.

MT’s Two Cents on KLUBBA: So he has no vore, has no combos…I’m scared. Okay, joking aside again I wasn’t particularly impressed with Klubba. This set strikes me as one of your “entirely for fun” sets where you just do whatever you want because YOU want to. Which is totally fair enough and I totally respect that. I share the same problems that DM did; the traps, especially the down tilt, are very blatant and he has some balance problems (the Up Smash jumps out at me especially). Aside from those however, it was an enjoyable enough read…I’d certainly say it’s better than the Kaptain.

MT’s Two Cents on SUPER MACHO MAN: What a strange playstyle…focus on breaking shields…would’ve never thought about it personally but hell, you proved that it works. You’ve captured the cocky attitude of SMM perfectly in this set and it really shows, especially the specials and smash attacks. Of the few complaints that I have…the back throw would certainly be one of them. While it’s an interesting concept, it doesn’t really seem to fit Macho Man and seems included just to have more unique throws. Would I say this is your best set? Not really, no…would I say it’s up there? Certainly. I’d say your best set is probably Seaforce, Gator or Vile, leaning towards the latter two.

MT’s Two Cents on SUBARU: So…I’ve been a fan of darth meanie’s stuff since Magnezone…I still love Magnezone by the way…and today we get Subaru. I’ve already expressed my displeasure at calling this set “Sloth 2.0” as I doubt that DM can’t improve upon even this. That being said, Subaru is certainly a great set…I’d just hate for his other future sets to be bogged down by being constantly compared to her much like how Spadefox was compared to all of H_R’s later sets. As Warlord mentioned, a flaw of this set is the shield breaker; while Macho Man spends his whole playstyle breaking them, Subaru grabs once and shatters it; it almost seems tacked on despite it being suiting canon-wise. That all aside, I still had quite a bit of fun reading Subaru and it’s obvious you put quite a bit of effort into her. Calling her an early winner however is unfair both to DM and to everyone else.



  1. (ROLLING) (NO)

  2. They see me (ROLLING)
    They :@ing

    EDIT: I don’t think it’s quite fair to ask me to post Dead Hand on a new page so it wouldn’t compete with Wallmaster… it’s the first page rush and I got just as many comments anyway… and I’ve heard plenty of people say that they prefer Dead Hand to Wallmaster… >.>

  3. I voted for Dusknoir on the second poll. And, MT, you nearly gave me a heart attack when you siad, “I hate Dusknoir. The pokemon, not the set.”

  4. Ah, that interim period. You hit the nail on the head, MT – after all that talk, our theme is THEMES? REALLY? Everyone got so sick of arguing that we went with something that made nobody happy. XD

  5. You’re just not going to mention how much you all hate me? 😎

  6. Subaru was the best set of the week, but no love for Lucy? She was Warlord’s best set as far as I’m concerned, and I like how he went out of his comfort zone in terms of moveset making. Not to mention probably the most focused playstyle we’ve seen in a Warlord set yet?

    I think we’re all blinded by the Count’s hype.

  7. Wallmaster and Super Macho Man are my favourites of this “week”, but it’s been a great start, better than the last two contests.

  8. @Wiz: All I said was that it was unfortunate that you posted Dead Hand -IMMEDIATELY- after Wallmaster given their similarities. I’m against the first page rush period because the sets there hardly get remembered anyway.

    @Neo Exdeath: Then I did my job properly 😉

    @Rool: Indeed we did. An unhappy leadership is a focused leadership 😉

    @Plorf: You’re lacking your fancy avatar, thus I don’t believe it’s you (D)

    @Anon: I stand by my opinion that Lucy is not Warlord’s best. It was an experiment for him I’m sure. Blinded by Count’s hype? Count was terrible; Sloth and Gluttony ftw. Regardless, I’m sure Warlord has much, much better sets in store for the rest of this MYM.

    @Jimny: Well, quite

  9. Great recap, MT. You are really Godly at these, very much a treat every Sunday. Finally, something holy to attribute to that day of the week. (H)

    You indeed sum up that period between the six and seven very well. But, I don’t remember anyone complaining about the concession we made with ‘the conglomerate’ – in fact, there was no complaining from any leaders or ‘slaves,’ so stop whining. It’s a good theme. =P

    Good work, MT.

  10. Like we ever needed a theme anyway.

    Smady and Hyper Ridley “made up” themes that would let them keep their Ganondorf and Ridley characters. Their themes were literally “Hyper Ridley” and “MYM6” respectively.

  11. MT, you summed up my thoughts about Subaru better than I had!

    She’s not Bubbles+, she’s not Count 2.0, and she’s certainly not the best I have to offer.

    She’s just Subaru.

  12. Well, yeah, but I got last dibs and it makes a lot of sense. Unless you wanted me to be Brock or Misty, but I’m not the current US president or a ginger girl.

  13. @SD: Hah, thanks for the compliments, I still enjoy doing these so it’s all totally worth it! And don’t worry, I’m only poking light fun at the theme of themes; most of what I say in the Recap is supposed to be for comical effect so if I say anything critical, I’m usually just joking around 😉

    @DM: I’m -SO- glad you agree with what I said! With my Subaru commentary, I didn’t want to come across as an ass saying it wasn’t good because honestly, it’s a great set and you should be very proud! My hope is just to see more great stuff made by you and…from your current track record, that doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem 😉

    @SD…again: “or a ginger girl”……..or -ARE- you? (smirk)

  14. Forgot to mention the fact that the recap was awesome as always, and Aedi is the best thing ever.

  15. You work so damn hard to make the re-cap, and now you’re going 2 cents. Well done.

    Me likey Super Macho Man. He’s a serious set with humour.

  16. @Anon: Thanku! And yeah, Aedi is the best around. Nothing’s gonna ever keep Aedi down.

    @Kat: Thank you as well! The two cents feature is more of a way for me to keep track of the sets I comment on…had a nasty habit last MYM of not commenting enough so I plan on righting that wrong this time around 😉

  17. I love Lucy.

  18. @Rool: Rooly…you got some s’plainin’ to doooooo!

  19. “Comparisons between the two were obviously going to be made and, while many enjoyed Wallmaster, they felt Dead Hand was the clear superior one.”

    Interesting that this was changed. I don’t think anybody besides Smaddy preferred Dead Hand to Wallmaster.

    Grow up, Wiz.

  20. That was 100% a joke.

  21. Mr. Dream got a vote. XD

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