Posted by: Smash Daddy | December 1, 2009

An Early Christmas Present From Us All

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  1. oh, wow.

    Merry Early Christmas indeed 9_9

  2. (XD)

  3. lolwat

  4. Que pasa?

  5. Was that PPL? xD

  6. Yes, yes it was.

  7. Win.

  8. That was disturbingly funny.

  9. ……….I’m sorry, but what did I just watch?

  10. Not really sure whether to give this a 6_6 or an XD…

  11. I laughed until I cried.

    And then I kept laughing. My sides hurt now. You owe me a new computer screen too.

  12. x_D

  13. lolchillinz

  14. LMAO.

    Yeah, well, I really wish I could get into the chat, but I’m on a school computer, the only place I have internet, and no one’s in there at 8:10 AM. So… ;_;

    I had a halfway completed moveset but the mechanic is completely unworkable, so I’ve been working on Axel’s moveset.

    Also, I learned how to blend colors in GIMP 😀

    So, I’m missing you guys, I hope I can see you soon.

  15. Why did I miss this? (no)


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