Posted by: bkupa666 | December 5, 2009

All Hell Breaks Loose – Lightweight Female Protagonist

Kupa upon realizing Lucy's author.

Yeah, if it weren’t clear enough from that picture, I damn near spat out my beverage and ruined my laptop when I looked over to see the user of Lucy and saw none other than MasterWarlord himself.  Definitely a change from the likes of fat bastards such as the Count and Gluttony…Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one to not know anything about the Elfen Lied series (although I will never stoop so low as to be biased against any set, no matter what it contains).  Her background looks enticing enough (yeah, I thought they were cat ears too), so let’s dive right into a newly-formatted review that doesn’t take up thousands of character expressing useless opinions on every single fucking move!

Invisibility is an aspect of Smash that seems largely forgotten nowadays, left behind in Melee along with the Cloaking Device.  There is definitely a lot of ground to work with it among today’s limited moveset genres.  Wait…she’s a mindgames character that controls the stage?  The mix of three lesser-known genres seems to make for an yearning for an appealing playstyle; let’s see how well it is pulled off.

Well, with a lightweight female protagonist, you’re sure not going to find Warlordian KO moves mixed in every few moves.  Lucy’s stats definitely confirmed these suspicions of mine (it’s good to see them back, too; concise stats are better than none).  Upon the first glance at the Specials, I had trouble visualizing the attacks.  In the background, you write that the vectors are extended from her back.  …Does this mean the vectors come out behind her?  Or do they simply come out in front of her to form their wall?  Your concise writing style makes the moveset supremely easy to read in one sitting, but I don’t think one sentence of slight clarification would make MYMers throw up their hands in despair and skip the set.

Looking at the bulk of the set, Lucy’s possibilities for creating an invisible nightmare are incredible.  I think it takes a lot more time and imagination than users are giving the set right now to incorporate all of the options for a personal fortress.  In particular, I enjoyed seeing the little intricacies in the formations of the vectors’ walls, especially in moves such as F-Smash.  I was a little surprised to see you throw in a casual way of playing Lucy with Down Special, rather than dismissing their demographic with a simple ‘suck it’.  It’s definitely another first in this set, although I will chop my balls off if casual friendliness becomes the next failed movement. 

Now, it’s on to actual damage-building for this crazy mindgaming lightweight (sounds familiar?).  Speaking of familiar, that grab she relies on for damage-racking…(SMIRK).  Anyways, while I’m not the fan of omitting throws (although it fits better here than on certain previous sets), the ability to stack damage by throwing into a vector really adds a new dimension to Lucy’s stage-setting.  Do you send out vectors with establishing a defensive structure in mind, or set them up to provide easy locations to trap foes for damage.  It would depend so much on the matchup and stage, making Lucy a rather fascinating character.  This moveset has depth hidden in it that will hopefully be realized over time.

Now, playstyle time!  I would have maybe liked to see some stage strategies in there, as Lucy’s structures, and therefore playstyle, would be altered so drastially depending on the stage.  Now, success with Lucy is best achieved by using sly defense to lead into offense.  Set up a good fortress, trap your foe while flying under the radar, then build that damage right on up.  Erecting a plethora of walls to chain your foe against would seem broken…except for the fact that Lucy’s matches would take at least a year and a half to finish.  If her normal moves KO at 175% or higher (I’ll assume this is on a middleweight), imagine how long our favorite Penguin Eagle King would take to be killed off, with his weight and DI and all.  I don’t see the ease with which she can score the first KO needed to be a bit more reckless once she has the stock numbers, which makes me a little wary.  I’d maybe lower the KO percentage by about 10%; Lucy’s got enough going against her as it is that this would not be broken.

Match-ups, match-ups…I’m not gonna write out a response for every one of the 14 matches, for fear of another tl;dr review, and that something might be missed at this time of night.  Either way, I have read the majority of them.  From the man who brought match-ups into the spotlight, I wouldn’t expect anything less.  Some characters, e.g. Sonic, were nice, albeit uncommon, additions as match-ups, due to being an interesting match-up.  Although I must say Gluttony had a few gem match-ups that outshine Lucy’s, these are still cream of the crop.  The new ‘best to worst’ order, along with the coloring, is quite visually pleasing.  I still stand by what I said earlier, though; maybe the omission of a few match-ups in place of stage strategies would be nice?  (Not as a regular section, of course, but just because they are so relevant to Lucy).

To close things up, I can’t say Lucy is your best set ever, and most definitely will not be your most successful.   That said, the seemingly biased response against it, whether it comes from change of genres, dislike of the series, or that her horns are not cat ears, is shameful.  I really hope this trait of the MYM community changes, because Lucy is not a fucked-up clown, piece of shit, or ravenous Scottish fatass.    Lucy’s movement toward the relatively untouched genre of invisibility is something that will no doubt become more popular in the future, beyond Subaru.  If anything, this solidifies that MW is still here to play hardball.  I eagerly await (hopefully) better in the next few weeks (if not just so I can report it for racism, sexism, slavery, or any combination of the three).

Uh, guys…Olympus would be that way. 


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