Posted by: The Stadium | December 6, 2009

Grading Papers – Roxas


So… Roxas. I don’t know anything about Kingdom Hearts let alone who Roxas is as a character… but I do know a little about Final Fantasy which Kingdom Hearts seems to draw from… bleh. Let’s get to the review, shall we?

Let’s start with the good. Roxas is definitely your best-looking set to date. That is, your best organized. It verges on a template and the Impact font doesn’t feel all that fitting to Roxas (and nor do the <‘s and >’s, for that matter), but it’s definitely a large step up from some of your earlier sets. It’s nice to see that there is no underlining outside of the links too.

That said, there are a bunch of little errors in the organization… Something I’ve noticed that seems to haunt you is how many capitals you’re missing. When you say things like “Neutral A attack” and “Side tilt” (which should be Forward Tilt, by the way), it just looks… off. In addition, you’re missing a space in the header and you often capitalize articles and prepositions, which is a big no-no. This probably sounds like nitpicking and that’s because it is. It just looks sloppy and rushed.

Now that we’re done with that, let’s take a look at the moveset itself. It seems like Roxas’s main appeal is originality. There are some cool effects in the moves and not too many tacked on effects (though there certainly are some), and it makes reading through Roxas a rather fun experience.

Still, those tacked on effects I mentioned are definitely there, and there are many things that feel rather off. The most off thing in the moveset is the mechanic with the menu. It sounds like a direct translation of the game into the moveset… and that’s not what Smash is really about. It’s supposed to be about fitting the characters into a new system. I also find it rather strange that you talk so much about it in the playstyle despite it having no bearing on it, as the moves really don’t sound all that useful. Although it’s hard to tell due to their one-sentence brevity: how fast does the fireball travel? How high are the lightning bolts? How big is the ice tornado and how long is the freeze effect? In addition, you don’t mention lag in ANY of them, which is one of the most if not THE most important bit of information about an attack. Then there’s the items, which sound wholly unnecessary. It’s like adding PP to all the Pokemon characters’ moves. To be perfectly honest, I’d cut the mechanic altogether.

And as several people have mentioned already, Roxas is <b>blatantly</b> underpowered. A red light went off when you said that Roxas has 3/10 weight and he can survive big hits up to 80%… As a Jigglypuff main, I can attest to how she can survive far beyond that despite her 1/10 weight, especially considering her beastly recovery… Roxas’s recovery is very predictable and would be edgehogged in a second. Roxas wouldn’t survive very long at all against any competent opponent, and seeing as he can’t damage rack nor KO all that quickly, I’d say he’s bottom tier.

There are a bunch of times when you make formerly decent or borderline bad moves useless by their tacked on effects as well… As several people already pointed out, the Neutral Special really isn’t all that great and yet there are so many conditions on it that it sounds impossible to find the time to actually use it in an actual match. However, I’m absolutely AMAZED that nobody mentioned that horrible Side Special. A full second to cancel the attack means that Roxas would never be able to land the move on any competent opponent, and once his Keyblade goes away, he’s pretty much asking to be thrown or Smashed off the stage seeing as he’s limited to his awkward-to-perform spells from his equally awkward mechanic. There are many other moves that are rendered useless as well. The Down Special feels easy to cancel for the opponent and it doesn’t sound all that useful either, the Smashes are all avoidable in some way (lag/airdodge/jumping), the Down Aerial is crap and asking to be juggled or even Up Smashed, and all of the throws save for Down Throw are shieldgrab bait. Oh, and the Final Smash feels rather underpowered as well. Being able to use magic as much as he wants is useless since the spells were so crappy, the dual hits could be done normally by doing an attack twice in a row and only buffs by cancelling ending lag (which he does have a lot of, admittedly), Side Special is useless as ever, and Neutral Special and Down Special could be turned into regular attacks in the moveset with a little more lag. Oh, and he’s fully vulnerable to being killed. The Final Smash sort of feels like what Roxas’s regular moveset should have been, but as a Final Smash, it’s useless.

Finally, my most substantial criticism: Roxas has no playstyle. There are echoes of a situational comboer and the conditions for using moves could have gone somewhere, but as of now, Roxas is wholly undefined. This is proven by how much you talk about the mechanic which adds nothing and how you’re talking about the uses of individual moves more than how they fit together (which they don’t), and you don’t even talk about the uses of every move, just specials… and then there’s this:

Now the main focus for Roxas is that he needs to rack up as much damage as he can to the opponent.

…Doesn’t every character in the game?

I really am sorry for bashing this set so much, and Roxas certainly has some good ideas. He has fun moves and feels rather relevant to character without being a direct translation (outside of the mechanic). The execution just falls flat on its face.



  1. lol, Grading papers.

    But seriously though Wiz, thanks for the review still. I just wanted to see how i could incorporate the KH menu in there, and i wanted to make Roxas fun to play as, but hey, i regonize my mistakes (which i learn from) and my next moveset will probably be better than Roxas. I just think i kinda need a short break from MYM for a while..

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