Posted by: MarthTrinity | December 6, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 18

A fairly accurate representation of my brain at 6:00am

Welcome once again to MT’s Sunday Recap! I’m finally back into the old swing of things by doing this incredibly late at night so EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD AGAIN! Yay! Fortunately, not a whole lot happened this week so it’s like you guys knew I’d be a lazy bastard and hold it off until the last minute and cut me a break. Aww, I ❤ you guys too. Anyway! Let’s get straight to the sets!

First off we have Marina Liteyears by IndigoFenix. Last time we saw Marina was when Shake~ made her way back in MYM4…I still haven’t played the game since they but I assume you both got the main bits for her moveset straight because they have some very similar ideas (Random Fact: You both used the same image for the moveset). Marina’s all about shaking stuff and grabbing projectiles it seems… if there’s one thing I can say about this set, it’s that you certainly have no lack of enthusiasm for the character. Overall, Marina was congratulated as a pretty good first time set.

Next up we have The Predator by Frf. Now all we need is Alien and we’re set. No really, somebody get on that. As a keystone of his playstyle, Predator has his trademarked cloaking which is implemented quite well…I mean, who doesn’t want to be invisible as much as possible? Predator’s got some pretty awesome mindgames here admittedly and I can’t help but wonder if Frf was partially inspired by Lucy’s invisibility or if he had this planned for a while. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool set…any set with Ahnold yelling “GET TO DA CHOPPAH!” is bound to be. Overall, Predator was considered, at least by the two members who commented it, to be Frf’s best. And it’s Wiz and DM who said it so…yeah, they’ve got good heads on their shoulders, so check this one out.

Following Predator we have the newest (as well as oldest) set by UserShadow7989; Revolver Ocelot. Now, I reviewed this guy back in the day and knew right off the bat that US had a lot of potential. So how does Ocelot fair now? Quite well I’d say. While I could go on for hours about how good it is, I’d rather point out again that you got Gannon-Banned because of the Assist Trophy. Alright fine, the cloaking and such is totally cool (like with Predator) and the entirety of the set is very true to character. Fortunately, this set got the respect it deserved; most peopled claim its your best yet (including myself…but I’ll always have a soft spot for Specter…).

So…I got my first set up, yay! Silver the Hedgehog is a pretty cool guy, eh move platforms and doesn’t afraid of anything. All in all, Silver was a, surprisingly (to myself at least), controversial set. Some seem to love it, others seem to think it’s not so hot. To each their own; I respect all of your opinions (hug) Also, I was going to have a hidden message in this segment say “SUPERVOTE SILVER” but my brain at quarter to five in the morning wouldn’t allow it.

Moving right along, TWILT posted a set for Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series. Complete with the menu system from Kingdom Hearts as a special mechanic, Roxas had some pretty cool ideas really and remains totally true to character. Not only this, but the set looks great; easily TWILT’s best looking set. Unfortunately, Roxas was heavily criticized for its lack of defined playstyle, unorthodox special mechanic and lack of balance (Roxas is garbage tier essentially…) aside from that though, people thought it was quite a good set, just a tad overzealous.

Yay! Typing really long names really late at night turns into a massive typofest for me. Sorry Shino, but writing out ShinoandtheBallonFighter at five in the morning made my head bleed. Moving right along, you’ve made a set for Volke from Fire Emblem: Path of Kittens. Or something of the sort. ANOTHER character who turns invisible? Warlord, what trend have you inadvertently started now? Anyway, Volke is a cool and sleek assassin who has some pretty awesome moves (I’m looking at you Up Special) as well as some fairly uninteresting ones unfortunately (the dreaded uair curse)…but interesting concepts like the fair balance that out quite nicely. Overall, a great second effort by you ShinoandtheBallonFighter; Volke got you some fairly good reception!

Next page brought us a weird treat; Caterpie by KingK.Rool. Rool’s obligatory first gen Pokemon came as a surprise to most everyone, especially in the way it’s laid out. Using no capitalization and having the entire playstyle revolve around getting out of its crappy moveset and into a better one, Caterpie is certainly an interesting set to say the very least. Overall, praise was very, very good for Caterpie.

Not to be outdone by a wee bug, Warlord decided to bring out the big guns; Morton Koopa Jr.. So what does Morton bring to the table? Well, enough to make him equal to many other MYM sets without having any glaring weaknesses or advantages. A truly daring attempt indeed; Warlord has attempted to make a set that doesn’t shut down half of MYM’s roster whilst simultaneously getting raped by the other half…and he’s done quite well with it! Morton was met with some great reception; many praising the great move interactions and the great balance. Another strong entry by the master of all warlords.

Finally…we have the long awaited moveset for Fat Bastard by BKupa666. The lovable Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies comes to the Brawl with all of his trademark lines (which, needless to say, make the set hilarious to read) and most if not all of his classic antics. Who -DOESN’T- like a morbidly obese Scotsman pulling off flips via a wire? Unfortunately, Fat Bastard isn’t a combo heavyweight, but he DOES follow the Kupa Kliches of being a super heavyweight with props and vore. Needless to say combining these two has made for the best Kupa set to date; put your character bias aside, Fat Bastard is -THE- Kupa set.



Yay! Originality, I lack it. Anyway, this week was an eerily quiet one…up until about Wednesday, both the chat and the thread were mostly barren (On an unrelated note, Sonic the BARON made his 2,500th post). Yeah, it’s a little eerie having a new MYM stuck at page 9 for about two days straight and requiring semi-frequent thread bumps…I suppose we’re just all hard at work with our movesets? Or school? One of those two I’m sure. This was however a week of “bests.” With Roxas, Silver, Fat Bastard, Predator and Revolver Ocelot, it seems like a lot of MYMers are improving at a great rate, always good to see of course! This week also gave us the return of Agi, yay! Also returning was The Great Panda, a MYM2 vet who placed 3rd with his massive (for the time) Vent moveset. What else happened this week…? Lots of stuff I’m sure, too tired to think of it right now; we laughed, we cried, we photoshopped photos of Plorf, we laughed again. One of those “spend some time with the kids” weeks it seems. Not sure what the hell I mean by that last line…I think I’m getting to the point where my mind stops working properly…so let’s wrap this up ASAP, eh MT?

That’s all for this week, I of course look forward to all the new sets posted this upcoming week as always! Once again I’m your half-asleep host MT and I’ll see you all next week for the exciting continuation of MT’s Sunday Recap!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

Except for…

MT’s Two Cents


So this is your first moveset hmm? Then I’ll be merciless to it. Nah, just kidding…we all have to start somewhere and, admittedly, your start isn’t half bad! You seem to have a good character to work with and you certainly have some ideas here. Your organization could use some work but that’s understandable for a first timer as well. Your normal attacks don’t really flow very well and aren’t particularly interesting (not that they have to be super creative or anything really, just work well with the playstyle). You’ll also want to include some important details (one key detail for example being how much height is gained from the Up B). Aside from that however, it’s a great start. I’m sure you can and will top this with any other upcoming sets you have planned.


Right off the bat I can safely say that you got the character to a T. The whole using stealth to mindgame your foe and finish them off (usually while finally showing yourself) is a really cool concept that fits the character and playstyle quite well. The whole targeting deal is simple but cool (and works well with the attacks its related too…would’ve like to see maybe one or two more though) but what really stands out is the invisibility. The whole concept of it is awesome and I really appreciated the clever usage of it throughout the set. Overall, certainly a great one, perhaps your top? Always preferred Hitmonlee to Hitmonchan and Hitmontop…but that may be partially due to character bias, regardless, Hitmonlee was the one to beat for me and Predator may just have done so.


Haha, an accidental early posting of Silver lead me to editing my post with a comment for Ocelot. It’s right HERE just in case you missed it.

MT’s Two Cents on SILVER

Commenting my own set? Am I a madman? Yes. But that’s beside the point. A little running commentary on my own set won’t cause any harm, plus I’m sure it’d be nice to see a little insight on my own creation. How I view Silver…well as I was making him, the bits of the playstyle just fell together for me. I blew through the set as a whole in about three days and was feeling absolutely wonderful about it; had move interactions, good playstyle, true to character, some untouched concepts…this was the most confident I felt about a set since Shanoa way back in MYM4. To top it all off, Silver is probably the most un-Smash character I’ve ever made as well as the one with the most unique playstyle. So I accidentally posted him and DM kinda picked him apart…which I’m actually very grateful for; what ultimately turned out to be the finished product I like a lot more than my “first draft” if you will, so thank you darth meanie for your honest and truly helpful words. Overall, I’m very happy with how Silver turned out; fun moveset to make, some good ideas (in my mind) and, oh yeah, I HAD FUN MAKING HIM. Take -THAT- Tauros!

MT’s Two Cents on ROXAS

Another set I commented in thread! The link to that comment is HERE.

MT’s Two Cents on VOLKE

Damn, I was on a commenting role; Volke’s comment was posted in thread HERE.

MT’s Two Cents on CATERPIE

Oh dear, oh my, oh dear, oh my…I feel like such a hypocrite for not loving this set considering I’m the creator of Negative Man…but there’s something that just doesn’t click with Caterpie for me. It’s another one of those semi-serious, semi-joking sets like Negative Man but it feels to me that it’s missing a good bit of the serious. Admittedly it has an interesting playstyle; stall your foe long enough to become something that doesn’t suck, but it seems weird without the detail. I know that’s what you were going for with this, the whole simplistic thing and I also managed to see your little blurb at the bottom of the set before it was erased but for some reason, I can’t really agree. I can’t quite place why I don’t like Caterpie much…as far as sets go, it’s fairly good playstyle wise…it just needs that more detail as Warlord said in order to be a “good” moveset. Bwah, I am a hypocrite ;_;

MT’s Two Cents on MORTON KOOPA JR.

Oh hay, another in thread comment. Joy of joys, less writing for me ❤ Comment is HERE.

MT’s Two Cents on FAT BASTARD

Getting the chance to write FAT BASTARD in all caps doesn’t come around too often so I’m gonna savor it a little more. FAT BASTARD. Okay, I’m good now. Considering the set that was widely considered to be one of your best last time around had his reception in part destroyed by character bias, I’m really hoping that FAT BASTARD isn’t taken the same way. In all honesty, this is a VERY enjoyable read. It’s absolutely brimming with character and humor and, despite some seemingly disgusting moves, it’s an overall fun read from beginning to end. You do an excellent job making sure that the reader is perfectly accepting of FAT BASTARD’s “dead sexehness” and you ultimately come up with a very creative set with some very interesting ideas. Overall, I sincerely believe this is -THE- Kupa set without a doubt and I really hope that everyone, at the very least, gives this one a quick read over.



  1. I haven’t even started making a set yet (cry)

    Still, great recap.

    Oh, and if anyone wants to do Snake remix this contest, feel free. I’m still gonna make him, but I’ll probably only have it done next contest, or like the last day XD.

  2. I’ve been considering the Alien for a while now…


    EDIT: Also, I’m actually happy with the Week in One Rants now ;D

  3. Great as always. Loving your “cents” and rants especially.

    The fact two options are “Pirates” and “MasterWarlord” makes this one of my favourite recaps. (H)

  4. Ah, yes. Moar detail seems to be the general response. If that’s the only thing to really complain about, I think I succeeded. =D

  5. xD @ last poll’s results

  6. @Jimny: Sorry to hear that =(

    @Wiz: Great to hear you’re liking the rants more, tried to improve them just for you 😉 Also yes, read Predator.

    @SD: Thank you as always. The poll options were the product of my sleep deprived mind and the “Two Cents” segment keeps me commenting on sets so I don’t slack off.

    @K.Rool: MOAR DETAIL.

    @H_R: (H)

  7. ^The above comment was indeed written by myself; I didn’t realize that WordPress had logged me out =.=;

  8. For future reference, just typing Shino is fine with me.

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