Posted by: The Stadium | December 12, 2009

Grading Papers — Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard by BKupa666

Random swearing makes everything better! 😀

Bias causing people not to read the set aside, I’ve actually been looking forward to Fat Bastard since you announced him. I’d definitely call myself an Austin Powers fan, having watched all three movies multiple times, and I definitely find them to be pretty damn funny. I’m pleased to say that Fat Bastard isn’t a disappointment by any means, and a rather strong set from you. Let’s take a look-see, hmm?

So a Kupa set, huh? I suppose I can expect a whole load of props, heaviweight comboing, tacked on effects and generic organization… but Fat Bastard has none of these things. You’ve definitely come a long way, Kupa. There are SOME props and the organization isn’t perfect (the headers are a little dark, though that may be because I use Smash Blue), but this is definitely a step up from some of your MYM6 sets in these terms.

The biggest thing I like about this set is how utterly Fat Bastard it feels. That is, it’s entirely true to character. The focus on getting opponents into his belleh is the best direction you could take him in, and there are a lot of moves that scream Fat Bastard as well like the Down Tilt and Forward Aerial. Might as well mention the extras too, which definitely add to his character in the moveset. Those easter eggs are pretty much awesome, though I would admittedly like to see more of them. I don’t think anyone would kill you if you added animations of old at the end.

And as several people have mentioned, Fat Bastard’s playstyle is very well done. Sort of like Tauros, it isn’t the most amazing thing ever but it definitely flows… and unlike Tauros, it’s actually somewhat interesting. Nearly every move is somehow related to grabbing or landing a grab… Still, I’d rather the methods of landing a grab were less straightforward. Instead of be-incapacitated-before-being-grabbed or be-grabbed-automatically, maybe you could do less obvious things like getting higher up to make your Up Throw kill earlier? I’m also surprised at his lack of a chaingrab given that he’s as grab-happy as your average Warlord set. This is really more of a suggestion than criticism. I wish his throws were a little more interesting as well, though they need to be somewhat generic to be able to be so reliable and versatile, so I’ll let it slide.

In fact, since Fat Bastard has so many ways to land that all-important grab and his throws are so powerful, I’d honestly say that he’s a tad overpowered. No, he isn’t the new Meta Knight, but I’d definitely see him in high tier or higher. In addition, his grab also sounds usable enough (ICs grab has really poor range FYI) and Wario’s grab is hardly all that slow (checking his SWF guide, it’s actually rather fast). The throws aren’t all that powerful, but they’re definitely above average and given that the bastard has many means of getting the opponent all nice and grabbed, I’d say he could use a nerf, even if his learning curve isn’t the simplest thing ever.

And to be honest, the random swearing which I said earlier was lulzy (and it still is) is rather excessive. You’re obviously going out of the way to curse, to be honest.

The victim(s) land in a generic sumo arena (spectated by a generic Japanese crowd, no less) half the size of Final Destination, as the fat fuck waddles in from the background in a black diaper.

Was that really necessary? I understand when you have to censor dodge for his name, but this is just a little too much. At least Great Mighty Poo’s use of the word shit was actually relevant… but this is totally unneeded.

Also, there are several things that feel rather off. As meanie mentioned in-thread, the Forward Tilt being a stat booster is rather random for a tilt and while the “D-Air Substitute” definitely adds enough playstyle-wise, the lack of an actual Down Aerial is quite frankly just lazy. I’d also suggest to tone down on the GIFs in the future and only use them for complicated (in animation) attacks, as they distract from the moves. I don’t want to be distracted by such works of art as the Down Tilt, do I? 😉

You don’t think I’m going to continue critiquing forever, do you? Fat Bastard is definitely a good moveset. I don’t think I’ve emphasized what I like about it the most: how utterly Fat Bastard it is. This is the absolute PERFECT translation of the fatass Englishman (Smady =o). Everything is relevant to him and everything he’s known for is in there, including the famous consumption of babehs. He’s also a big step up from your former norm, what with his lack of tacked on effects (save for the jab), heaviweight comboing, clunky descriptions and (largely) props. Also, as MW mentioned, your matchups are a big step up as well, and GMP’s weren’t half bad. While I’m not entirely sure that Fat Bastard meets the level of giants like Hades and Great Mighty Poo, he’s definitely pretty high up there. To say the very least, Fat Bastard is a highly enjoyable read and exactly how I’d love to play as Fat Bastard in Smash, and for this I salute you.




  2. my…my god plorf, how could you?

  3. Wiz dammit put two dashes “–” in the name of your review so it combines into a big dash for the sake of consistency and also because I remember Warlord saying everybody who didn’t do that should be booted out of the leadership automatically

  4. I had no idea I was supposed to do that 9_9

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