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MYM Survivor — Day 3



Popinski, Anne, and Silver are seen getting up from a cold night’s sleep in their little cave. Silver shivers as his stomach growls. “I barely got to eat any of the meat that I brought up the mountain. . .”.

Anne rolls her eyes. “It was right there and nothing was stopping you. You gave your meat to the stupid turtle. . .It’s your own fault.”.

Silver groans in annoyance. “Guh. . .Well that’s in the past. We can’t do anything about it, now can we?”.

Popinski nods. “Silver’s right. Complaining accomplishes nothing.”.

Anne folds her arms. “Then what do you suggest? The blizzard outside is still going. We can’t get anything to eat.”.

Popinski motions off into the distance of the cave. “Come now. Surely there must be SOMETHING in here we can eat. . .Let’s go have a look around.”.


Level 24
Play as: Soda Popinski, Silver, Anne

The enemies here are exclusively twilight ones, so that’s a pretty bad sign right off the bat. There aren’t many platforming gimmicks present here save for some icicles falling from the ceiling making for a fairly run of the mill level. The only real problem is that the stage has a confusing layout with doors leading you back to earlier on in the level and such.


Popinski can be seen swinging about a Shadow Beast as he holds it by the tentacles, bashing it into walls and such until it finally ceases to make any noise. Popinski laughs at this as he carelessly tosses the beast away. “No puny beasts can challenge the might of Soda Popinski!”.

Silver looks at the Shadow Beast lusciously. . .”Do you think we could eat that?”.

Anne shakes her head. “It looks pretty nasty, and I think I saw some of those back at that “twilight king’s” palace. Knowing him I doubt he’s just drop food in our laps.”.

Silver sighs. “You’re probably right. . .”.

The trio continue on a ways to reach a dead end in the cave. Anne looks absolutely disgusted. “So now what do we do now? There’s nothing here.”.

Popinski folds his arms and strikes a thinking pose before eventually noticing a single Ice Keese fly about through the caverns. He dashes after it as Silver screams “FOOD!”, running up alongside him. Anne just stares blankly before casually following after them. . .


Level 25
Play as: Soda Popinski, Silver, Anne

While all the material from the last level is reused here, all those doors that led you back to the start now lead you to new areas. Essentially, this level is a miniature great maze (Emphasis on the mini), complete with the map. You don’t have to explore every nook and cranny and find some obligatory doors, but instead you’re simply tracking the Ice Keese. That’d be nice and simple. . .If it wasn’t constantly moving. It moves a considerable bit faster then you, meaning you’ll probably have to cut it off by looking at where it’s going on the map (It keeps moving when you look at the map – it doesn’t show up on the pause screen).


Popinski tackles the Ice Keese to the ground and laughs, easily KOing it. He picks up the smashed keese in his fist and squeezes to finish it off, then puts it on the ground and gets ready to gut it. Anne sighs as she finally catches up, having uncaringly followed after the others. “What’s the point of gutting that thing? We’ll just get sick and die anyway if we eat it ra-“.

As Anne is speaking, Silver snatches the Keese away from Popinski’s grasp with his levitation powers then just scarves it down his throat whole, his eye twitching violently. Anne cuts off her sentence as she looks at Silver in horror. “What?!? I was hungry, godammit! You made it more then clear enough you didn’t wanna eat it anyway.”.

Even Popinski looks somewhat weirded out at Silver. “You could’ve at least waited for me to gut the thing, Silver. . .”.

Silver looks at the blood dripping from his mouth, beginning to realize how ravenous he’s become. “Good god, did I just do that? Really?”.

Anne’s disgust turns back to her usual spitefulness. “Yeah. You did.”.

Silver sighs as he wipes the blood off and shakes his head violently. “So. . .Uhhhh. . .Change of topic? Eheh heh. . .Who’re we gonna vote off?”.

“Does it matter? There’s five of them, three of us. They’ll all vote together and take one of us out.”.

Popinski strokes his mustache in thought. “Not necessarily, Madame. What if their little alliance falls apart like the government of the puny Americans?”.

“. . .It’s been going stronger then it ever has, for your information. . .”.

“That’s true, but it’s still not saying much, Madame. While I admire the man darker then a Russian night sky and how he’s started spreading the wealth with his goals of working towards communism, those damn conservatives will never let him get away with it.”.

Anne’s eye twitches considerably. “He’s not a communist, you idiot, he’s what America needs.”.

Popinski laughs. “Taking money from the rich who inherited it and won the lottery and giving it to the poor common man struggling to get a job? That would be the wonders of communism, Madame.”.

“You seem to have a. . .Strange definition of the word. . .”.

Popinski stares blankly at Anne. “He’s spreading the wealth evenly, is he not? That is communism at it’s finest. I’m actually a pretty big fan of the your new President.”.

Anne doesn’t reply as a period of silence occurs. “Maybe he’s -not- as dumb as he looks. . .”.

Silver breaks the awkward silence, somewhat removed from the situation seeing he has no idea what they’re talking about. . .”Uuuuhhhhh. . .Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh. . .Back to what I was saying, who should we vote off? Yeah, they’ll probably just all band together and pick one of us off, but Soda brought up something interesting when he said that one of them might betray each other. . .”.

Popinski nods. “Yes, as I was saying. . .If we want to survive, we have to predict who the traitor will attempt to vote off.”.

Anne shrugs. “They probably won’t kill off the turtles since that’d make their alliance fall apart. . .I’d predict that if a betrayal happens it’d be the turtles ganging up on one of the mages. Probably the younger one since the old man and the big turtle seem to be friends.”.

Silver nods. “Sound enough logic. So we’ll all vote for the wind mage then. . .”.


Jafar, Vaati, and Lemmy are seen sleeping around the fire at Bowser’s camp while he and Morton are still keeping up the fire, the blizzard still going strong as ever. Both Koopas look absolutely exhausted. Morton looks as if he’s about to collapse for Bowser to come over to him and hold him up. “C’mon, son! This can’t last forever. . .We’ve gotta keep going. . .”.

“That’s easy for you to say, dad. . .I need more then just sleep. I haven’t eaten anything for 2 days. . .No. . .Energy. . .Left.”. Morton falls asleep in Bowser’s grasp, collapsing into the snow.

Bowser looks around with a hopeless look on his face. “Get up, Morton!”. Bowser goes to shake him up, but nothing happens. “Stop playing around! Get up already!”. Bowser shakes him more violently, but still nothing seems to happen. Knowing that he can’t do this by  himself, he attempts to shake the others up, but they all seem to be frozen stiff. Bowser starts shivering himself from the insane cold. . .”This isn’t good. . .I’m gonna have to find some shelter. . .”. He hurls his two children over his back and goes to leave the two mages behind without much of a thought. . .”I’ll probably need those other two in order to vote off the muscle guy and the hedgehog. . .”. Bowser grumbles under his breath as he hurls them over his back as well and starts trudging through the snow. . .


Level 26
Play as: Bowser

This is a reused level from the previous day where Popinski’s party went through the blizzard. . .But the main difference is that you have four corpses to drag along with you of your frozen comrades. They’re treated like dead characters in stamina mode, and you have to keep pushing them along. If left alone too long they’ll start sinking into the snow. In addition, you have to use a fire attack on each corpse at least every 30 seconds. Thankfully the stock count is fairly generous to account for you having to drag along the others, but that’s not gonna be the way you lose the level anyway.


Bowser sees a cave up ahead as he carries his group along. . .The same cave Popinski’s group is using. “Finally. . .I can use this place as a shelter. My fire should last in there. . .”. Bowser dumps the bodies of the others down carelessly as he arrives in the cave. He forces himself to muster the energy to breathe a good sized fire, then collapses and falls asleep, having nothing left. The fire revitalizes Jafar, Vaati, and Lemmy after a brief pause, them finally getting up.

The eldest of the three rubs his backside in pain. “Where are we. . .? And why do I have a aching pain in my back?”.

Vaati looks around a bit before noticing Bowser and Morton are both in a deep sleep. “Those two must’ve carried us over here. . .”.

Lemmy looks happy at this. “Heh heh, my dad’s such a hero! He kept the fire going all night long and brought us all the way here. Without him we wouldn’t be here right now.”.

Jafar nods in agreement. “Indeed. Your father has proved himself to be quite useful.”.

“You think there’s anything we can do to repay him? Huh, huh?”.

Jafar strokes his beard. “We could search this cave for some food or something. . .”. Jafar smirks slightly as he gets an idea and strokes his beard more quickly. “But you’d probably be best off doing that yourself to prove your worth to your father. Considering you can’t even breathe fire yet, your brother is probably looking a lot better in his eyes.”.

“You really think so. . .?” asks Lemmy, looking rather worried.

Jafar nods as he fakes an overly serious tone. “Well, quite. Your father was talking to Vaati and I about voting you off. Isn’t that right, Vaati?”.

Jafar glances over at Vaati for him to just nod hesitantly. “Oh, right, right. Heh heh. . .I like where he’s going with this. . .”.

 Of course, I was against it. You stick above many of the others in terms of usefulness.”.

Lemmy chuckles slightly. “I stick above the others? I’m. . .tall?”. He smirks.

“Oh but of course! You’re far more useful then that dimwitted brother of yours. All brawn and no brain. That’s what I think. . .But your father isn’t convinced. You’d best go find some food.”.

Lemmy looks uneasy. “Uhhh. . .Okay, eheh heh. . .”. Lemmy chuckles nervously as he goes to leave.

Jafar waits for a good few seconds after he’s out of sight before bursting into laughter. “All too easy. Children are so GULLIBLE.”.

“Heh heh, that –was- pretty good. . .Though what do you expect to accomplish with that?”

“The immediate benefit is that he gets to explore the cave for us while we have to do absolutely nothing, but I’m also trying to get on his good side and brew up some conflict between him and his brother. Once the other three outside our little group are gone, we’ll be in the minority as the turtles eliminate us. We have to eliminate one of them before then. . .Probably one of the kids. If we eliminate Bowser, then the children won’t be as easy to manipulate and might turn against us. Besides, the children are rather annoying to have around in general, wouldn’t you agree?”.

Vaati chuckles. “You seem to have things well thought out, to say the least. I like your plan, though it’d probably be more preferable to eliminate the bite sized turtle before the bulkier one, seeing that one’s at least somewhat useful.”.

“Oh, I’m well aware of that. With my approach, the smaller one will be the one to bring it up, thus sticking out more as the rebel.”.

“You really –have- thought of everything, haven’t you?”.

“For the most part, yes. I’m still contemplating how to get rid of you.”.

Jafar laughs for Vaati to laugh along with him. “You’ll have your work cut out for you on that one.”.

The screen cuts to Lemmy as he wanders off into the cave in search of food. He peaks his head around a corner to see Popinski’s group, then hastily ducks back before they can see him. “Crap. . .Crap crap crap crap. . .Dad made it pretty clear that we’re enemies with those guys. . .Considering dad booted them out of our old camp, I doubt they’ll let us stay here in theirs, especially seeing they were here first. . .And considering dad and Morton are out cold we probably won’t be able to beat ‘em. . .I’ll have to stall ‘em or something. . .”.


Level 27
Play as: Lemmy

This is the second level Popinski’s group went through where they were chasing the Ice Keese, completely reused, but it plays radically different, as your goal is to stall his party for a set amount of time before they reach your starting location and get to Bowser’s party. They’re actually playable characters on the map working their way towards your end of the level from theirs, and you can see them all on the map. While they’re hostile to you the random enemies will also attack them, and considering there’s three of them and one of you they’re definitely a larger issue for them then you. While you can just try to KO them, a 3 on 1 proves exceedingly difficult and they respawn infinitely.

Your priority should be to lay as many traps as possible throughout the level to hamper their progress, though that won’t clock down nearly enough time. Thankfully Popinski’s group is fairly aggressive against you and will pursue you a decent ways, even through doors. A particularly nice strategy is to set up a warp pipe at the end of a room that’s a dead end and lure the group all the way in with you, then go through the pipe back to the start and re-lay all your traps. Granted, they can just use the same pipe you did, considering how laggy it is to use a pipe and how only one person can use them at a time, you can just destroy the pipe before they’re able to go through it. Unfortunately you can’t do this over and over as if you prevent them from using the pipe they’ll just destroy it, but it should buy you enough time to clear the level.


Lemmy sprints back to the rest of the group in fear. “Wake dad and Morton up, pronto! The others are back there in the cave! They’re coming, they’re coming!”.

Vaati looks far from alarmed. “So? We can take them ourselves easily enough, and those two wouldn’t exactly prove useful in such drowsy states.”.

“Don’t you remember when the chick beat all those twilight beasts when we were all done for? And you know that the muscle head is way stronger then you. . .”.

“You know that was a fluke on the woman’s part, and the other one is all brawn and no brain. A simpleton like him won’t prove much a problem.”.

“A fluke? Heh heh, I still remember that picture she showed us of you runnin’ like a coward.”.

Jafar raises an eyebrow. “Did you really?”.

Vaati squints in annoyance. “If having any form of survival instinct is cowardly, call me a coward, dammit. You lot were fools for sticking around as long as you did, if that bitch hadn’t of showed up you’d of all died. I, on the other hand, would’ve been the sole survivor.”.

Lemmy folds his arms. “Fine, fine, whatever. But the point still stands, she was able to take those beasts out while you couldn’t.”.

“Only because she could see, dammit. Hardly fair. How am I supposed to fight in the dark?!?”.

Lemmy sighs. “Fine. I guess we have a chance against them. . .”.

Jafar chuckles. “There’s no reason to be so worried, young turtle. There’s nothing they can do to force us out. We’re not allowed to kill each other, remember? They’ve nothing to threaten us with, and as Vaati points out we’re more then capable of fighting them should they be stupid enough to try it. . .But that probably won’t be necessary. We’re civilized here, are we not? I’m sure we can have a rational discussion and work something out. Much less considering that I’ll be the main voice of the group rather then that brute Bowser. . .”.

Popinski’s party finally arrives for all three of them to look exceptionally annoyed, Silver the most so. “What the hell?!? You tell us to get lost off your turf and leave us without a fire, shelter, or any food, then you come and steal our new camp?!? Wow. Freaking WOW. You guys really ARE assholes.”.

Lemmy hastily puts his hands up in a “stop” expression and waves them about frantically. “No, no! We didn’t know you were here! You’ve got it all wrong!”.

Jafar nods and speaks in a tone of voice that seeks sympathy. “Indeed. While Bowser and his son over there are capable of producing fire, they can’t keep it up forever in a blizzard that massive.”.

Silver still looks angry. “So? You left us to die, why shouldn’t we do the same to you?”.

Jafar frowns. “I was right when I thought that the hedgehog would hold the largest grudge against us. . .He –really- needs to go. . .Because we’re capable of providing you with fire, remember? Look at the nice fire we have going right here! Let us stay with you and we’ll let you warm up all nice and cozy next to it as much as you want. . .”.

Silver looks ready to object, but Anne hastily speaks on her group’s behalf. “Fine. We’ll let you stay.”.

Silver twitches as he turns to Anne. “What are you saying?!?”.

“I’m thinking practically, here. We can’t afford to hold any petty grudges. Whether you like it or not, we need them. . .Then again, I suppose you wouldn’t mind seeing you seem fine eating meat raw, much less without even having the animal gutted and cleaned.”.

“. . .You’re never gonna let me forget that, are ya?”.

“Not planning on it.”.

Jafar attempts to change the topic, unaware of what they’re talking about. “So then, I trust since you lot were here first you know if there’s anything edible inside here?”.

Popinski shakes his head. “No, just the monsters of twilight. We’ve cleared most of them out, so if nothing else they won’t kill us in our sleep.”.

Anne sighs. “Fire is all well good, but we still have nothing to do for food.”.

Lemmy points outside and hops up and down eagerly like the brat he is. “Look, look! The blizzard’s starting to die down!”.

The others turn to look for Lemmy’s words to hold truthful. Popinski looks slightly wary. “We should probably go out and hunt while we can.”.

Silver runs out hastily. “Don’t have to tell me twice!”.

“The point is that the blizzard could come back up at any time and that this is just a temporary recluse. We’re probably in the eye of the blizzard.”.

Jafar rolls his eyes. “You do know blizzards don’t work like that, don’t you?”.

“Are you questioning my upbringing? That is what they teach us in the schools of my glorious homeland.”.

“. . .What else did they teach you in these schools?”.

“How to drink and such. You know, the essentials.”

“. . .”.


Level 28
Play as: Soda Popinski, Silver, Anne, Jafar, Vaati, Lemmy

This level doesn’t have a time limit despite what Popinski would have you believe, but Jafar isn’t exactly right either as the blizzard will pick up again shortly after you come into the level and will become stronger and stronger as time passes by. While this has become essentially what you’re used to with slaughtering a set amount of White Wolfos, they’ll get buried in the snow before long and you’ll have to intentionally fall into snow pitfalls to get to them as the snow piles up. The wolves actually perform better in the snow when they’re not getting buried by it and are actually faster, while you become all the slower, so they might actually become a legitimate threat other then in tracking them down. Eventually you’ll even start taking constant damage from the blizzard and be blown back a lot to the point of it blowing you off screen entirely. This means you have to hurry, but the level encourages you so much to take your time by making lots of snow pitfalls with no wolves hidden in them and lots of out of the way goodies, and spread out wolves.


Back in the cave, Bowser and Morton finally wake up. Morton looks around curiously. “Where are we, dad? What happened?”.

Bowser folds his arms. “I had to drag you lot back here since you couldn’t help me keep up the fire any longer.”.

“Heh heh. . .Sorry about that. . .”.

Bowser sighs. “It’s not your fault. . .Not like any of the others were helping. Just slept through it.”.

Morton’s stomach growls loudly. “So you got any food?”.

Bowser’s eye twitches. “I dragged you all the way through the snow in the freezing blizzard and you expect me to find a way to feed you on top of it?!?”.

“Well. . .No. . .”.

“I’m hungry too, dammit. Don’t think you’re alone.”.

“How are you hungry?!? You had that whole huge feast all to yourself! I haven’t eaten in two days. . .”.

“Well, technically I had to share it with that stupid guy in the speedo. . .Of course I don’t have to tell him that time when we all ate and he got left out, heh heh. . .”.

“No, he was over with us watching you gorge yourself. . .”.

“No, that OTHER stupid guy in the speedo. Y’know, on the other team or whatever?”.

“. . .How can there be TWO guys stupid enough to wear speedos in the snow?”.

“How the hell do you expect me to figure that out?!?”.

Bowser sighs as a brief period of silence occurs. Some noise comes from outside the cave as the other six members of the group come in with their haul of White Wolfos. Morton drools at the sight of them, but Bowser is more concerned about the presence of Popinski and Silver. Bowser snorts angrily. “Why are you guys letting them stay with us in OUR base camp?!?”.

Silver squints at Bowser. “We were here first, you big lard.”.

“My ass you were. I walked all the way through the snow with all the others on my back. . .”.

Popinski laughs. “That’s not something to brag about, turtle man. I did that every day to get to school back in Mother Russia!”.

“Guh. . .Whatever. Seeing you were so nice to go out and get some food, I’ll let you stay. . .IF you apologize for not believing me when I was obviously right.”.

Silver’s eye twitches. “You were lying and you freaking know it!”.

Bowser laughs. “Keep saying that, hedgehog. Keep saying that and you can kiss my fire and nice sheltered cave goodbye.”.

“And you can say goodbye to all the meat we just got.”.

“Heh heh, I don’t need your petty food. I’ve already had my fill.”.

Morton instantly turns to look at his father. “You said you were hungry! And what about the rest of us?!? What about ME?!?”.

Bowser grumbles under his breath. “Fine. Whatever. You can stay. . .”.

Silver rolls his eyes. “I should damn well hope so after all that. . .”.

Popinski starts gutting the wolves and they then eventually start cooking them by the fire, Morton drooling all the while. Just as Morton’s about to take a bite into his meat, a twilight portal conveniently appears and sucks the group in.



The death lords can be seen lounging about in the main room at the entry point of the Snowpeak Ruins. Richard is calmly sipping a cup of tea while Ryuk lounges on a couch. Hades seems to be the only one who can’t relax. “How are you two so calm? That army guy might not buy into your lie, Ryuk, and now that the others have found out that you set up the half breed, Richard. . .”.

Ryuk chuckles. “I already told you that worrying about me isn’t necessary, Hades. . .But you have a point with Richard, as there’s five of them and three of us.”.

Hades ponders how to stop Richard from being voted off. “Which of them is the most likely to vote for somebody else? I’d put my money on the big muscly guy. He doesn’t seem too bright, and I doubt he appreciates that army guy taking over as the leader. We’ll have to try and talk him into voting for him. . .”.

“Be my guest if you want, but I doubt you’d be able to change that fool’s mind on the matter anyway. Granted, I see it difficult for the others getting him to vote for Richard. . .He probably doesn’t mind the lack of food so much seeing he got to eat far more then necessary on the first day, and as I said, he seems to be the stubborn type.”.

Hades nods in agreement. “Yeah. Definitely got a point there. . .”. Hades turns to Richard. “You’re the one who’s life is on the line here. . .Aren’t you worried?”.

Richard puts down his tea calmly and lets out a relaxed sigh. “Not at all. This lovely beverage makes everything better. Try some, I insist!”.

Richard hands the cup to Hades for it to be filled with blood. Hades looks at it puzzled. “Where’d you get this?”.

“Oh, that nice fellow outside was kind enough to give me some of his.”.

The camera cuts to Yeto who’s been thrown outside the mansion, dead, then cuts back to Richard who looks overjoyed. Hades smirks slowly then laughs as he gets what Richard’s saying. Richard takes out Yeto’s heart which is still beating and shows it off like it’s a prize. “And now for the main course! These are always best when fresh. . .”.

Raven comes into the room and stares blankly as Richard devours the heart (God knows how, the camera doesn’t show it.). Her presence causes an awkward silence among the three death lords. “No, no, don’t mind me. Continue. I want to hear what other sorts of fascinating things you three talk about.”.

Hades reflects Raven’s stare. “This isn’t a place for little girls.”.

Raven attempts to retort Hades, but is interrupted by Ryuk, who cackles. “She’s not an ordinary girl, if you haven’t noticed. She wasn’t phased in the slightest when Richard feasted upon that yeti’s flesh.”.

“Don’t insult me with something like that. I’ve seen worse. Much.”.

Ryuk laughs. “Just what have you seen that’s –so- terrible? Were you traumatized as a child from your parents being shot? Raped? Or perhaps a combination of the two? Stop pitying yourself and acting like you’re so special. I see these sorts of things all the time.”.

“. . .It’s a lot more complicated then that. . .Just forget it. I’m obviously not gonna tell you.”.

“Oh come now, you’ve intrigued me. . .Tell me what it is or I’ll just find out on my own.”.

Raven’s expressionless face finally changes as she squints very slightly. “You couldn’t if you tried.”.

“Believe me, I have my ways, girl. . .”.

“Only one of us is going to get out of here alive, so if you plan on using some sort of powers after this stupid little game either you or I will already be dead. Probably both.”.

You’ll see soon enough, girl. . .”.

Another period of awkward silence occurs before Richard stabs his fork of truth into a rat that comes out from underneath the chair he’s sitting on. He extends it out to Raven,  the rat still alive. “Hungry?”.

Raven doesn’t respond to Richard, but Dingodile enters the room and hastily runs over to Richard, grabbing the rat off of Richard’s fork and holds it in one hand. He primes his bazooka with the other hand and points it at the rat. “Gonna make toast!”. Before he can fry the rat, though, it manages to go through his fingers, causing Dingodile to just fry his hand. He frantically chases after the rat, but it just runs into it’s hole in the wall, leaving Dingo stumped. All three death lords laugh at Dingodile for him to get up in annoyance and dust himself off as his stomach growls.

Richard notices Dingodile’s hunger and beckons him over. “Here, have some tea. Courtesy of the owner of this fine establishment.”. Richard hands Dingodile his cup of blood for him to look grossed out and to casually throw it on the ground, causing the cup to shatter and the blood to splash all over the ground. Richard frantically puts the pieces of the cup back together and goes to scoop up the blood off the floor, but the cup just falls apart again causing Dingodile to burst out into laughter. “Beginnin’ to understand how I felt when you incinerated all the meat, mate?”. Richard just looks heartbroken, but says nothing. “Now then, take into account how much more food you destroyed and how I actually needa eat. . .And yeah. And I didn’t even do that on purpose.”.

Richard just continues to sulk for Hades to come over to his side. “C’mon, Richard! I’m sure that friend of yours has got some more if you really want it.”.

Richard’s face lights up as he giddily runs out the front door, then Negative Man, Macho Man and Mustang come in. Mustang folds his arms. “Having fun lounging around? There isn’t anything left in the yeti’s kitchen. We’re gonna have to scavenge the place for food, seeing there’s a blizzard going outside.”.

Dingodile rolls his eyes. “Like it matters. Richard would just burn all our food again.”.

Negative Man sighs. “He’s right. . .We’ll all die of starvation. . .”.

Mustang looks around slightly. “Well he’s not here right now, now is he?”. Mustang smirks slightly. . .

Richard comes back into the room from the front door with a fresh cup of blood. “You called?”.

Dingodile’s eye twitches briefly. “Uhhh. . .Actually, changed my mind on the blood, mate. Care to go fetch me a cup?”

“Oh? That’s wonderful! I’ll go off and get you some!”.

Richard goes to leave for Dingodile to start heading further into the mansion hastily. “C’mon, let’s go before he gets back.”.

Mustang nods, then he, Negative Man, Macho Man, and Raven go along with Dingodile. Hades looks at Ryuk briefly for the death god to not at him subtly, then Hades sighs and gets up to go along with them. Mustang turns his head back to look at Ryuk continuing to lounge on the couch. “You too. Get off your ass and help.”.

“Don’t you remember our deal? I’m already going out of my comfort zone for you. Don’t expect any more favors.”.

Mustang just clenches a fist and continues on. Macho Man follows after the others from a distance and glares at Mustang from behind. . .”Just gotta keep this up a little longer. . .Once this guy gets voted off, I won’t have to deal with taking orders. Without him, there’ll be nobody else to step up to the plate and be the leader. . .Not like that Richard guy’s a problem anyway. If he tries to pull off shit like that again, he can get acquainted with my fists.”.


Level 29
Play as: Roy Mustang, Super Macho Man, Dingodile, Raven, Negative Man, Hades

You’ve got most of the cast at your disposal for the level. There’s no content reused here as you go to explore parts of the mansion that haven’t yet been touched on. It’s an upward climb as you go up through some attic-y sections of the Snowpeak Ruins. Rather then pits that simply lead to your death, though, you’ll fall down all the way through the level, potentially to the bottom if you don’t DI properly to land on a platform. You might notice that at the bottom floor there are some vulnerable spots in the ground. . .If you fall on these spots from high elevations, you can get hidden goodies. One of them requires you to fall from the very top of the level, but there’s an absolute cache of goodies. While you might be unconcerned about them, when you inevitably make some falls try to aim for them so you don’t have to come back for them later.


Ryuk is seen still lying on the couch. . .”Well. . .This is boring.”. Ryuk sighs as he gets up. “I suppose I could take a look around the mansion too. . .Not that I’ll be helping those fools, of course. Heh heh, if I find anything edible I’ll just destroy it. It’ll be fun to watch when those idiots get so hungry that they just eat each other.”. Ryuk cackles as he sprouts wings and starts ghosting through walls, looking around the mansion at his own leisure.

The screen fades out and fades in for Ryuk to enter a peculiar room – Yeto’s massive bedroom. Inside is a piece of the Twilight Mirror, causing Ryuk to cackle. “So this is what was making the barrier around the house. . .I thought it rather odd for the twilight king to just randomly block off the place.”. Ryuk inspects the mirror a bit before he hears the others fiddling with the door on the other side. “There’s no way I can let these fools get their hands on this. . .It might give them a fraction of his power.”.


Level 30
Play as: Ryuk

This level takes place on the same terrain as the last one, but is a stealth level. Get spotted once and you lose. That’s it. Five of the six characters are hovering about the map rather randomly, and you can see their locations on the map. Thankfully Ryuk’s ability to go through walls is kept in-tact in this level, giving you much easier escapes then you’d normally have. While it’s not that difficult to get to the end, Dingodile is at the entrance and is blocking off the point you need to get to, trying to lure out the mouse that got away from him in the previous cutscene. You have to lure him away by using the death note on him to make him wander around like the others out of fear/curiosity, and you can’t just casually use it at the start, as it targets only the nearest enemy. This means you have to wait a good 40 seconds for Dingodile to have his heart attack, during which time one of the others will inevitably come down to your level and force you to run around a good bit awkwardly before you can make it back to the start.


Ryuk ghosts through the floor of a room Mustang is in , but as he comes down into the next room he ducks back through a wall as he falls into a room with Macho Man, getting away just before he turns his head. He passes a couple of the others on his way back to the entrance where he lets out a sigh of relief, but then hastily flies out as he notices Dingodile at the mouse hole from earlier, shoving his bazooka up the hole and firing rapidly. Richard, who is still cutting away at Yeto (At an angle we can’t see) is the one who finally manages to see Ryuk as he comes out of the mansion. “Whatcha got there, Ryuk?”.

Ryuk sighs at finally being caught, but then cackles after a brief pause, getting an idea. “Why, it’s for you, Richard! Consider it a gift. . .A gift of destruction.”.

“Destruction? Oooh! Let me see!”.

Ryuk chuckles as he hands the shard of the twilight mirror to Richard. “Be careful with it now. . .It’s delicate. Anyway, what say we pull a little. . .Prank?”.

“A prank? Elaborate.”.

“Suppose there’s no need to sugar coat it with you. . .We’re going to burn the mansion down with this shard’s power and watch them struggle to make their way out.”.

“So we’re going to kill them all? While I’m all for it, I do remember you saying it wasn’t exactly the brightest of ideas to kill them seeing that’d lure out the twilight guy out to kill us. . .”.

Ryuk cackles. “We’re not killing them. Like I said, it’s just a prank. A harmless little prank. . .They’ll survive. After all, they have Hades with them. I imagine the Twilight King would agree with us in finding this entertaining, if anything.”.

“And if I get voted off. . .?”.

“Relax. I’ll take the blame. They need me. I can do anything and get away with it, and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.”. Ryuk cackles as the screen fades out. . .


Level 31
Play as: Ryuk, Richard

This is the level on the roof of the mansion from the previous day, though the game is kind enough to put you on the roof right off the bat rather then making you go up it. There’s also some extra content, as the game lets you go beyond the chimney. Your goal here is to just spam your fire attacks (Including Ryuk’s famous dtilt) to start making the mansion burn up, simple enough, but if you just do it mindlessly you’ll be sitting in the level for a good 20 minutes. Your Down Specials are replaced with taking out the Twilight Mirror, and if you use this next to fire it’ll ricochet all about in the four cardinal directions and amplifying the fire in that location. There are some rather obvious points where you’ll want to do this to cause a chain reaction of fire to start building up pretty quickly, the most obvious of which is the chimney.

Once you’ve got that whole place burning, you’ll have to go back to the start and go down the part you went up the previous day, and considering the fire is capable of hurting you you’ll have your work cut out for you as you make your way back. The smart thing to do is not use any fire as you go along and just get to end of the level and work your way back as you light the Snowpeak Ruins ablaze, but who has the patience for that?


The group is seen all together in a room save Macho Man, who enters the room after a brief pause. Mustang asks “Find anything?” without even turning to look at him for him to shake his head. Mustang squints at him. “Then look again.”.

“Dude! We must’ve searched the whole place like 3 times by now. Stop telling us to find stuff that isn’t there.”.

“What’s your brilliant alternative plan, then?”.

“Well, like half of you guys can make fire anyway, so why don’t we go hunt through the blizzard for some food? This obviously isn’t working.”.

Hades nods in agreement. “The guy’s got a point. Hell, I’m an undead. I don’t feel the cold at all. If you really want me to, I could just go fetch you lot something myself.”.

Mustang’s eye twitches. “. . .And why didn’t you tell us this earlier?”.

Hades chuckles slightly. “You never asked.”.

Suddenly, the roof lights on fire and starts falling apart, causing Negative Man to burst into tears. “We’re all going to die. . .I know it. . .”.

Mustang looks about the others warily. “Which one of you did that?!?”.

Dingodile rolls his eyes. “It wasn’t any of us. Probably that idiot Richard. He’s the only one stupid enough to try and kill anybody despite the Twilight King’s warnings.”.

Raven’s already running out, turning back her head at the others. “While you’re busy talking about who did it, I’m going to get out of here.”. This causes the others to stop their yapping and go to sprint out of the Snowpeak Ruins. . .


Level 32
Play as: Roy Mustang, Super Macho Man, Dingodile, Raven, Negative Man, Hades

This level reuses parts from all of the various Snowpeak Ruins levels with several new parts of it’s own. You’re unable to use the regular routes you normally transverse the level with due to the fire having caused stuff to fall down and block the ways off, though several holes burned into the walls make for the new content and transitions to the various parts of the Snowpeak Ruins. There’s a time limit on the level, and all of the stuff constantly falling from the ceiling is obviously also a big issue.


Ryuk ghosts through the wall and into the mansion, cackling madly as he watches the others flee through the collapsing Snowpeak Ruins. Upon their finally getting out, Mustang hastily turns to glare at him. “Did you do this?!?”.

“What do you think? Yes, I caused it, and you know what? There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. If any of you have any intention of getting out of here alive, you need me to kill the Twilight King.”.

Mustang clenches his fists. “Fine then! We’ll attack him when he brings us to his palace tonight, godammit. I’m not gonna put up with your shit any longer. This ends NOW.”.

Raven stares blankly at Mustang, completely unphased. “You do realize you just told him your plan, right?”.

“I really don’t care anymore. We’ll die soon enough anyway if we have to keep hanging around this guy, so we may as well do it sooner rather then later.”.

Suddenly, a twilight portal appears and sucks up the group. Richard comes from around the corner curiously to be sucked up in addition to the others.



Both groups get dumped out at the immunity challenge for an awkward silence to occur. Zant interrupts the silence by laughing. It’s but a subtle chuckle at first, but it slowly grows into thunderous laughter. “What’s the matter, Mustang? Come at me!”. There’s just a longer period of silence as Mustang just shakes in place, too conflicted as to what to do. “Oh come now, Mustang! I thought you said you’d end it all right now! Give it all you’ve got. With Ganon’s power, nothing can kill me. Nothing. Especially not some fool like you.”. After a bit longer of a pause, Mustang snaps his fingers, causing a fiery blast to appear over Zant. Zant teleports to avoid the blast, then cackles madly.



Play as: Roy Mustang


Twilight Portals: Zant levitates up into the center of the arena and claps, causing two portals the size of Bowser to appear in random locations. This is lagless and Zant uses it right at the start of the fight and uses it again for every 10% of his health you knock off. Stepping into one of these portals causes you to be shot out of in the direction of the other portal that was summoned at the same time as the first with 10% and decent knockback. At high damage levels, this can very easily infinite you.

Blood Darts: A horribly generic projectile the size of a uncharged Aura Sphere that deals 5% and flinching, though also incredibly fast moving. Nothing special here, but the move is lagless and Zant tends to use it completely at random, though he uses it very often. If it goes into a portal, it’ll be shot in the direction of another other portal that was summoned at the same time as the first, meaning the projectiles will never go off a blast zone/hit the ground to expire due to constantly being shot into other portals. Considering there’s so little warning to the attack, you’ll more likely then not be at an angle for Zant to throw it into a portal.

Portal Suction: All of the portals get a suction effect with thrice the range of Dedede’s inhale, though no more powerful. A nice way to avoid this is to stand in the middle of two portals so that they cancel each out, though your positioning has to be pretty precise and standing in-between two portals is just begging for you to get hit by some a Shadow Ball being shot between the portals.

Portal Swap: Zant claps twice, causing four portals to vanish and reappear. The four portals are always two sets (As in, ones that shoot stuff that goes into them at each other). As they reappear, two of the portals reappear more quickly then two of the others. The first two that reappear are one of the sets while the second two that reappear are another set. This is another very very fast attack and serves solely to confuse you, as the projectiles will now be shot between two different points.

Portal Feed: Zant shoots a projectile with triple the size and power of a Blood Dart into a random portal. He’ll shoot 4-6 of these before going back to performing other attacks. While this attack has some actual lag, Zant will sometimes perform Portal Swap after he shoots one of these projectiles into one of his portals. The projectile will wait to be shot out of the portal until Zant swaps the portals. While this might not sound like much of an issue, you have to keep in mind how fast Portal Swap is – you’ll have trouble figuring out where the projectile’s going to come at you from.

Shadow Beasts: Zant summons three Shadow Beasts, of which you’ve fought plenty by now. When two of them fall, the third revives the other two with a howl. While in previous levels you could interrupt the third’s howl, here the beast becomes invulnerable as he howls. How do you kill them. . .? If you hit/lure them into portals, they won’t be able to use any attacks as they’re shot out of the portals at other portals like Blood Darts, though they’re a lot larger and deal 18% and hefty knockback on contact. Your attacks will outprioritze their hitbox as they fly through the portals so this is a reliable way to kill them, but this forces you to add all the more to Zant’s portal bullet hell. . .

Shadow Ball: This attack has some actual notable lag on it and Zant won’t perform it until he has 25% health. He’ll keep charging this move until you deal 50 damage to him, making the projectile become bigger and bigger. By default it’s as powerful as Mewtwo’s fully charged Shadow Ball, and it becomes 10% bigger and more powerful every second he charges it. Once you deal the damage to him, Zant’s helmet gets knocked off, causing him to go insane with mad laughter. This also causes him to launch the shadow ball at a random portal, and rather then it being launched with it’s sister portal it can be launched towards any other portal at random. Furthermore, the shadow ball will devour any other projectiles it comes in tact with, adding their size and power to it’s own. The Shadow Ball won’t disappear after hitting you like other projectiles, either, so don’t think this will just eat all the other projectiles away and you can finish off Zant on your next stock.

Portal Hopper: Zant only uses this attack when he has 10% stamina left, running into a random portal. He sticks his upper half out of the portal and cackles madly as he spams Blood Darts, firing them towards the shadow ball, you, or his portals at random. He fires them so insanely quickly that things can quickly become a bullet hell of sorts, 5 a second or so. Should you approach Zant, he’ll just duck into the portal and appear in another one. To actually damage him, you need to wait a good 6-8 seconds before Zant ducks into his portal and shows up in the sister portal of the one he’s in. Zant can and will use Portal Swap from this stance, so he’ll be sure to confuse you with where he’s going to appear.

If you’re waiting by this portal there’ll be enough of a window for you to attack him, which will cause him to be shot out of the portal as a living projectile, dealing 12% and above average knockback on contact. Zant will be shot in the direction of a portal and will then proceed to be shot at other random portals, much like his shadow ball. This makes attacking him difficult due to him out-prioritizing your attacks and him constantly being a hitbox, the only way you can hit him being disjointed attacks (Which thankfully Mustang has no shortage of).


Mustang knocks Zant’s helmet off with a fiery blast. The camera instantly cuts to Ryuk as his eyes go wide, then shows things from his point of view as he finds out Zant’s name with his Shinigami eyes. Zants becomes outraged at Mustang and goes berserk, taking out his dual swords and flailing about wildly, moving at incredible speeds. He pins Mustang against a wall with his twin swords and laughs maniacally before smacking him across the face and throwing him to the ground. Mustang turns back to the others. “Thanks for all the goddamn help!”.

Vaati folds his arms and shakes his head. “It’s called a survival instinct, you fool. You’re lucky that you’re still alive after that.”.

Zant nods in agreement with Vaati and laughs. “Indeed you are. . .”. He turns to Mustang’s group. “Now then, I suppose that will count for an immunity challenge, yes? If it wasn’t obvious enough, you lost.”. Zant turns back to Bowser’s group. “The rest of you, begone!”. Zant summons a portal to suck the other group up, then turns back to Mustang’s group. “Alright, let’s hear your votes. . .Who’s going to be the first to die?”.

Mustang turns to Ryuk. “His helmet is off, isn’t it? End this! Kill him already!”.

Ryuk just cackles. “Why would I want to end this fascinating game? I’ve already told you that I’m happy to be here.”.

“What about our deal?!?”

“You should know better then to make a deal with the devil.”.

“Damn you. . .Then you’ll be the first to die. I’m voting for this bastard right here.”.
”And I’m voting for the gullible fool who voted for me.”.

Dingodile crosses his arms and glares at Richard. “I’ve had my vote ready since the first day. I want Richard dead.”.

Richard points to himself questioningly. “Me? What have I ever done to you?!? Fine then, I’m voting for the male of indeterminable race.”.

Ryuk and Hades glare at Richard for him to shrug questioningly. “What?”.

Hades just rolls his eyes at Richard. “I’m voting for that Mustang guy or whatever his name is too.”.

Ryuk glares at Zant. “This voting system is idiotic. If the votes aren’t confidential, we’ll just get stupid responsive votes from idiots like Richard.”.

Zant chuckles. “That’s your problem, not mine.”.

Richard puts his hands on his hips. “Idiot?!? That’s it, I’m changing my vote to Ryuk!”.

Zant shakes his head. “All votes are final, you fool.”.

Seeing his chance to go with the majority, Macho Man speaks up. “I’m also gonna have to vote for Mustang. He’s just a gigantic show off and is really bossy.”.

Mustang rolls his eyes. “You just described yourself.”. He turns to Raven and Negative Man. “Just vote for Richard or that death god to tie it up.”.

Raven sighs. “Fine, whatever. I guess I’ll vote for Ryuk. . .”.

“So you’re going to vote for me over the guy who incinerated all your food? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”.

“Considering you burned down the mansion and tried to kill us, yeah, I’d say it is.”

“You do know that Richard also played a part in that, right?”.

Richard glares at Ryuk. “I thought you said you’d take the blame!”.

Ryuk cackles. “You just revealed that you played a part in it, fool.”.

Zant turns to Negative Man. “You’re the only one that has yet to vote, and you’ve been awfully quiet. Are you going to comply with Mustang’s request and tie the vote, or are you going to sentence him to eternal damnation? Their fates rest in your hands. . .”.

Negative Man nods. “I understand what I have to do. . .I’ve thought over my vote well. . .And I’ve decided to vote for myself. I don’t want any of the rest of you to die. . .And I’m so useless anyway. . .There’s just no way I can-“

Mustang hastily interrupts Negative Man. “What are you saying?!? You’re sentencing me to death!”.

Ryuk cackles while Zant joins him in his laughter. “Too late, Mustang. Negative Man has spoken. You’re the first one voted off. Congratulations!”. Before Mustang can even respond, Zant runs up to him with his dual blades. Mustang fires blasts at Zant wildly, but Zant just deflects them with his blades and teleports around them at incredibly fast speeds before pinning him to the ground with one sword and stomping down on his throat. He plunges his other blade through Mustang’s forehead as the camera pans away and cackles madly before turning back to the others and summoning another portal to suck them all in.

Zant goes to pick up his helmet and puts it back on on, then wipes the blood off his blades. He claps to summon some Shadow Beasts. “Take care of the mess, would you?”. Zant points off in the direction of Mustang’s corpse nonchalantly for them to start feeding on it, much to Zant’s delight. Zant laughs. . .and laughs. . .and laughs. . .Until suddenly, he holds his heart in pain. He starts gasping for air as he falls over in pain, holding his heart. “No! Impossible!”.

”Hardly.”. Zant turns to see Ryuk coming out of a portal of his own.

“Why? Why?!? You made it more then clear enough you didn’t want to kill me!”.

“It was all an act, you fool. Get over it.”.

“I thought you wanted to watch this all take place. . .?”.

“Oh, I do, but, see, you’re the front row seat. MY seat.”.

“How did you make a portal to get back here?!?”.

“Please. You were never strong enough to stop me from doing something so simple, even with your master’s power. It was just an act before. Everything was an act. I knew you were constantly watching me, so that’s why I buddied up with Hades and Richard. When I told them, my “friends”, that I wasn’t interested in killing you, I knew for sure that you’d buy it.”.

Zant laughs. “Quite the show you’ve managed to put on, but it all doesn’t matter. You can’t kill me. So long as Ganon lives, so shall I.”.

“Which is precisely why I’m here. . .”. Ryuk picks up Zant by the neck and holds him off the ground. “Tell me where he is. I’m going to kill him, then I’m coming back to finish you off for good.”.

Zant cackles insanely. “And what makes you think I’d do that, hmm? What can you do to me?”.

“I can do worse then just kill you, fool. I can give you endless heart attacks – one after the other. Would you care for another demonstration?”. Ryuk throws Zant’s helmet off his head and tightens his grip on his neck. “Tell me where he is.”.


Ryuk drops Zant from his grasp as he gasps for air, then Ryuk cackles and leaves the Palace of Twilight through another portal. He reappears outside Hyrule Castle and chuckles to himself. “Ganon, huh? Let’s see just how powerful this master of yours is, Zant. . .”.


Level 33
Play as: Ryuk

This level takes place outside the castle in the castle grounds surrounding it. It’s heavily based on the Twilight Princess version and you’ll go through the graveyard portion of the castle grounds and even a mini-boss fight with King Bulbin. There’s also a parody of the section of the courtyard from OOT with you having to play stealthy to avoid detection from the guards, who are now undeads due to Ganon ruling over the castle. While you don’t have to play stealthy, if you do you can manage to snag a key off one of the guards (It’s displayed clearly on his belt, nice and shiny) by killing him with the Death Note. If you kill the guard with him detecting you, you won’t get the key.

If you don’t get the key from the guard, you’ll have to dig through the many graves to try and find another. Most of the graves contain undeads which you’ll just be freeing by digging them up and the location of the key is random, so fun times can be had. You need a key to get past a door at the end of the level and enter the castle. You can –try- to just walk through it, but you’ll get zapped by a magic barrier and be pushed back.


Level 34
Play as: Ryuk

Another lengthy level to follow up the last lengthy level. This level takes place inside of the castle and is exclusively based off Twilight Princess. Due to Ryuk’s ability to fly most of the level takes place in the later parts of the castle. Most notably there’s a section with a bunch of pitfall style floor panels which are randomly placed, and stepping on one will leave you with next to no time to jump off to safety. The tiles are placed completely randomly, but you do have one way of figuring out which ones are safe and which are faulty. Using your fsmash causes spirits to become visible as you see them with your Shinigani eyes, and said spirits point at the safe tiles.

After this section, you’ll find that the stairs have been destroyed and you’ll have to use your glide to get to clear the pits. Several floating obstacles that spike you to your death are across these gaps and gliding to the end requires a large amount of precision due to how much you have to go down to go up due to the awkward mechanics of gliding. If you manage to survive all that, at the end there’s a trio of Darknuts waiting to challenge you.


Ryuk reaches the throne room for things to resemble OOT rather then TP as Ganondorf sits at his pipe organ, playing it. He finishes a solo on it and turns around as Ryuk enters the room. “I wasn’t expecting guests so soon. . .Just who might you be?”.

Ryuk cackles. “I’m the consequence you get for giving a fool like Zant all that power, Ganon. What made you think he would make a good follower?”.

“I intentionally picked a fool to give the power to. He’s easy to manipulate and control. . .I didn’t think it’d be necessary to take full control of him yet. Not until the twilight princess and the hero of courage arrived. . .Now then, I’ve answered your question, you answer mine. Who are you?”.

“My name is Ryuk, god of death. It’s the last one you’ll ever hear. With you out of the way, I’ll be able to do whatever I want and make all the puppets dance.”.

“You think you can kill me? Fool! It is written that only the hero of courage can defeat me, and with the Master Sword no less.”.

Ryuk claps in a mocking fashion. “Congratulations on revealing your weakness. That’s how most tyrants of your kind fall. I’ve seen it many a time.”.

Ganondorf scowls. “I’m not just an ordinary tyrant, you know. I’m already on the level of a god myself.”.

Ryuk bursts out into laughter. “On the LEVEL of a god? Didn’t I just tell you? I AM a god. A death god at that.”.

Ganondorf levitates up into the air and generates two energy balls in his hands, then hurls them both at Ryuk. “Silence! I’m not a god, nor do I have any intention to be. I’m above the gods, I’m above death itself!”.



Play as: Ryuk

Ganondorf has a set amount of stamina, but depleting it (Which isn’t that hard) won’t finish him off. The final blow has to be with the Death Note, and if you just leave him alone he’ll dodge the attack like a playable character. There are only a few specific ways you can manage to occupy him to get hit by the heart attack. . .


Energy Ball: A rather run of the mill projectile the size of Wario that deals 8% and decent knockback, but travels very very slowly and is highly predictable. You can reflect it back at Ganon with any attack (Yes,, this is his signature tennis style projectile), but he’ll always reflect it right back at you, and at double the speed and power no less. There’s no limit to the amount of times Ganon can reflect the ball back at you making this rather pointless, but this is a way to occupy Ganon so he can’t dodge your Death Note. Granted, it’s pretty difficult to keep this up for that long and you can’t pick and choose when he uses it. If you juggle the projectile around for a long time waiting for the death note to get off and mess up the energy ball will probably be an insta KO due to how many times its’ power has doubled.

Sword Clash: Ganondorf performs a generic slash with his sword forward for 25% and hefty knockback. Any of your attacks can clank against the slash, though, and if you do so you’ll get in a clash with him, having to button mash against each other. If he overpowers you the game will act as if he hit you, but all hitting Ganon out of this does is free you from the attack, doing no damage to him. Granted, it’s pretty easy to win the button mashing contest as in Twilight Princess, but it’s a good bit easier to dodge anyway. . .

But if Ganon’s trying to overpower you with this attack, he can’t dodge the Death Note. This means you’ll want to keep button mashing enough to not lose the contest but not win either to keep him trapped here. Unfortunately you can’t just infinite Ganon in this as he gets stronger and stronger as time passes to the point of it being impossible to resist him.

Summon: Ganondorf opens a portal and starts bringing minions out of it for a good 5-7 seconds if you leave him to his own devices. The minions flood out at an alarming pace, though any attack interrupts him out of it. This is quite possibly the easiest way to get him hit by the Death Note seeing you don’t have to do anything, but dealing with the swarm of minions afterwards if you fail is far from pleasant.

Shockwaves: Ganon smacks his fist into the ground, causing several shockwaves bigger and bigger to come up from the ground. He’ll keep doing this forever if left alone, but Ganon actually CAN dodge the Death Note from this stance. You should be interested in leaving him alone because the shockwaves also hit all those monsters he summoned, and after a failed attempt to kill Ganon as he was summoning monsters. . .You’re gonna be praying he kills them off for you. Of course, it’s not like this is a walk in the park to leave Ganon alone either as the shockwaves eventually follow each other up very quickly and get quite powerful.

Murder Choke: Ripped straight from Brawl, pretty much, though Ganon goes across the whole stage at triple speed to try to catch you. Should he catch you in his clutches the actual damage isn’t buffed at all from Brawl, but Ganon always perfectly tech chases this. If you roll, he’ll just do another murder choke on you, while if you sit in place he’ll use his brawl Dtilt (Which is buffed to 15% and KOing off the top at 75%.). If you’re foolish enough to go for a rising attack, he uses his Brawl dair which now does 25% and KOs off the top at 50%. If you get hit by Ganon’s initial sweeping of the stage you can either take a dtilt to get out of this or just keep rolling until you get to the end of the stage if said dtilt would KO you. Ganon can’t dodge the Death Note while he’s tech chasing you, but if you try to “infinite” him with this he’ll just use his dair on you after 5-8 Murder Chokes. Dare you try to gamble with him?

 Triforce Prison: Ganondorf strikes a charging pose for massive lag as he massively telegraphs the move, but he’s invulnerable as he charges. After he releases the attack, a triforce appears over where you were when Ganon starts charging, meaning this is laughably easy to dodge. If you don’t get caught in the prison the attack instantly ends, but if you do Ganon will come over to you and essentially perform Link’s Final Smash on you. Ganon slashes at you for 4X as long as Link does before bursting you out of the prison for the instant KO. . .And during this time he’s vulnerable to the Death Note. This is incredibly risky, but you have to keep in mind you can’t exactly pick and choose what attacks you’re going to occupy Ganon with in the vital moment when he’s about to have a heart attack unless you want to wait another painstaking 40 seconds.

Sword Hurl: Ganondorf spins around rapidly, dealing multiple hits of up to 50% over two seconds, then hurls his sword at you which does 30% and kills at 60%. From here, Ganondorf fights you with his Melee moveset for 12 seconds, acting like a normal playable character. If you try to knock him out of the arena he’ll just bounce against invisible walls, meaning you can’t kill him like this, and he’s always treated as if he has 40% damage, meaning he never takes that much knockback but isn’t easy combo fodder either. Ganon’s AI is still easily smart enough to perform dodges to avoid the Death Note, though you can use your regular playstyle on him to disable him and prevent him from doing so, and if he’s grabbed or in hitstun he won’t be able to go back to his boss form until he gets out of it. Once the time’s up, he resummons his sword back in his hand and the battle continues.

Flight of the Damned: Upon reaching 50% health (Which is actually pretty early on in the fight), Ganondorf levitates out the window, shattering it, and the boss fight scrolls to follow after him. You gain infinite use of your glide, though no extra jumps, meaning you’ll have to glide after him as he hurls his Energy Balls at you. Halfway through two decent sized flying lizards with swords and shields will start attacking you. Eventually Ganon lands on the Twilight Princess arena and the fight continues as normal, though the two lizard warriors will still stick around to give you hell. They shield all of your attacks save the Death Note, meaning you’ll probably only be able to kill one of them before getting Ganon down to no health at which point you’ll want to use the Death Note on him. Get used to that other lizard guy, he’s around to stay. Even if you try to get Ganon to kill him with his shockwaves, he’ll just fly over them.



  1. -“. . .How can there be TWO guys stupid enough to wear speedos in the snow?”.

    “How the hell do you expect me to figure that out?!?”.-

    That is quite possibly the best line in any Story Mode ever. Bar none.

    At any rate, that was an absolutely amazing chapter. Period. The whole thing was handled incredibly and a massive improvement over the previous 2.

    Well, first off I loved the way the plot is taking shape. How bonds and hatreds are being formed among the groups, the feel of desperation, and how the general message of only one surviving is handled very well. As are the characters, I feel considering how few you have it’s nice to see some genuine development here and there. Also, you made me love Ryuk despite not even knowing the character at all. I’m VERY happy to see him taking Zant’s spot, as far as I’m concerned he’s a far more interesting character.

    As for the gameplay, the level designs continue to improve. From the setting the house on fire to the new ways you make the hunt for meat more challenging and interesting, the level designs have gotten a lot more entertaining. You seem to have a love of using the character abilities to the fullest, and considering the small roster your plenty able to do so. You really have convinced me it might be better to work with a small group of characters as a general rule, as it makes each feel more useful and get more interesting levels around themselves.

    And considering I’ve stated my love of boss fights, I can’t go without stating I really enjoyed this chapter in that respect. It would’ve been fine on it’s own, but I was thoroughly impressed by how well you pulled off the Zant battle. However, the real deal here, and my favorite part of the chapter, was Ganondorf. The way you did the attacks so you could bait him into getting hit by the death note in such interesting ways really sealed the deal for me. I can safely say that while it wasn’t as epic as the last few Playing God bosses, this is possibly the only boss fight in a Story Mode I have ever desperately wanted to play against myself. It was that awesome.

    And I’m sorry but I really can’t nitpick this much, aside from the fact that I felt you underdetailed Zant’s attacks some(oh come on, you’re the detail nazi here). All in all, if you top this I’m going to have trouble getting my jaw off the floor.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Negative Man’s vote. Just as I started wondering what he could say to throw us all for a loop, he says the most in-character thing imaginable.

    Shame about Zant’s imminent downfall, though. All Ryuk’s fault, I HATE that guy!

  3. Indeed – that Negative Man vote was very well done, my favourite moment in the story mode so far. Although I’m not sure if I’m as excited about this chapter as the first guy here.

    For one thing, group one seemed almost redundant this chapter and their bit went on for far too long. Also, I really don’t like Ryuk… but I suppose, I didn’t like Mustang much either. Ryuk’s plan certainly made some logic jumps as well.

    Aside from those things, though, this was a solid chapter.

  4. Personally, i prefer Group 1’s part Smady. I really like how the team is split in 2 major groups of uneven amounts, how the bigger one has a smaller group of 2 plotting secretly against the other 3. The aspect of desperation and thinking about the moment instead of Zant being preminent throughout their sequences really makes it more realistic. Whenever Group 2 continually mentions Zant and how to kill him really drags down the story for me. Glad that Macho got some character from Mustang, who ended up being really whiny and saying a lot of generic shit that makes him seem like a dead weight. Good work with how you killed him off.

    How you killed Zant off, though, while ingenious, seemed pretty obvious after a while and it makes it look like this couldve all been avoided if Zant and Ryuk’s roles were swapped in the begining or if zant wasnt part of the equasion at all. It felt as if Ryuk was there solely to pull off this plot twist to follow it up with being a host. Youve told me he will occasionally appear to the characters (which I hope you dont do too often since that would disrpt the flow of the story), but even that kind of puts me off a little. Then again, his character isnt too different then that of Zant’s except with a little more confidence.

    All in all, any and all liberties taken with each character are beautifully interwoven into their actual character, with any progression necessary done. Silver eating the Keese raw was a moment that I absolutely loved since you got him so off character, but only for a brief moment due to a series of events prior to it. Popinski eventually using the Silver’s name as he became accustomed to his company was a good call, and Lemmy’s constant wish to prove his worth is a nice running plot point.

    All in all, brilliant series and I hope for more of the same writing. just make Group 2 more interesting :p

  5. Another great chapter, the start of LV28 contradicting Jafar and Soda Pop was funny in my eyes. I don’t really know what to say, Im just showing that I’ve read through the chapter.

  6. For Final 3 with Bowser, plz.

  7. Gotta love the Mafia references.

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