Posted by: The Stadium | December 17, 2009

Grading Papers — Jiggerlypuff

Jiggerlypuff by goldwyvern

Ah, Jiggerlypuff… one of my favorite Pokemon, along with Chansey, Clefable, Dragonair, Altaria… I’m straight as a rainbow, aren’t I? Jiggerlypuff is surely an improvement over Sakurai’s asinine and uncreative attempt at the original Balloon Pokemon, and easily your best set yet, but it’s not like your previous solo sets have provided much competition. In any case, Jiggerly is around the level of your joints with HR.

Jiggerlypuff’s organization is rather simplistic, but it’s still nicely done. The little hearts add plenty of character to the headers, and the pink is definitely the best color you could use, though I wish you could have used a couple of color codes, not to mention different fonts- may I suggest a nice Georgia? Still, you told me that your computer poops on you when you try to use BBCode, so I can hardly blame you. That said, I find it rather awkward that you don’t always make all the necessary capitalization in move names, similarly to Roxas. The way you say move names isn’t that consistent either- you say the full names for specials and Down Tilt, and then you abbreviate them. I sound like I’m nitpicking and I am, but again, this is a little thing that just looks off.

Unlike Clefable Brawl Jiggerlypuff, it seems like you’ve squeezed every relevant Pokemon move that Jiggerlypuff possesses. Sing, Rollout, Rest, Pound, Doubleslap, it’s all there. I also found it rather bold of you to use so many original moves like the dash attack and forward throw, which aren’t directly relevant but definitely capture the spirit of her and imagine her as a little girl. Pokemon Syndrome is thinly spread, but I see a couple of instances across the set, most notably Disable… it doesn’t feel relevant to Jiggerlypuff, it doesn’t feel relevant to playstyle and its effect is entirely predictable. It’s just… there. Speaking of predictable effects, there are a couple more instances across the set in the Pokemoves… Wake-Up Slap is more powerful on a sleeping opponent? Defense Curl makes Jiggerlypuff smaller? I never would have guessed! In the end though, I have to salute you for how utterly Jiggerlypuff this is.

In addition, some moves seem awkward, mainly in the names. Lulzy at the phrase “Even More Flatter” is, it feels a little off. On a more relevant note, the values on certain moves feel rather off. Sing leaves the opponent stunned for FIVE SECONDS? Sounds like a free Forward Smash to me. .8 seconds (in Down Tilt) is brief? 95% size for Up Aerial is useful? Only 4% for Back Aerial? Sometimes these values veer towards overpowered, but more often they veer towards uselessness. The easiest way to fix this is to buff all damage percentages by 1%-5%, as right now a bunch feel off. I’ve never been fond of the sort of theoretical percentage-based nitpicking since we all know you can go back and fix these things very easily, but it’s an easy fix and it just doesn’t work all too well.

I’m starting to talk about balance now, which everyone hates, so I’ll keep it brief. As many people have already said, Jiggerlypuff is, unlike what you said in the playstyle, grabage tier. The main culprit of this is her extraordinarily weak air game. Jiggers just doesn’t have enough aerial firepower. The concepts behind the aerials are interesting (I love the “stall then float”, interesting twist on the archetype), but they have too much of a focus on defense and are too situational for somebody who’s supposed to be an aerial-based character, even though you had more of an emphasis on spacing than aerial prowess. I think it would be better to make up some imputs for her air game, like Buggzy’s throws in MYM4, or just make them simpler and more generic so they can be more usable- sacrificing originality for playstyle.

In addition, Jiggerly is a little underdetailed in places. While you do mention lag, you don’t mention the duration of moves, and priority and range are very rare. Sometimes you miss even the key details on moves, like the distance of the Back Aerial flip. Yeah, readability movement and all, but while this makes Jiggerly inviting, it leaves too many questions unanswered.

However, all of this could be seen as a sacrifice for one thing: the playstyle. Save for that blasted Forward Tilt, every move in the set at least doesn’t directly contradict the playstyle, and many add new levels to it. The concept is rather basic- space while the opponent is away, pressure them when they’re asleep- but it flows beautifully. The interactions and ways Jiggerlypuff can interact with a sleeping opponent make it really more interesting than I said- I really love the ways she can interact with them with her throws, adds a nice layer to it. The section is nicely written and concise, and I found your matchups to be rather well-written. Good job.

Overall, this is quite easily your best solo set, but that should be rather obvious. A better thing to say would be, unlike Junahu said, Jiggerlypuff is definitely a massive improvement over Brawl Jiggerlypuff, much more creative and has so much more playstyle, as well as being a much better interpretation of the character. Buff some damage percentages, add a little more detail here and there, and I could see Jiggerly being a serious contender (and she’s already good). If nothing else, Jiggerlypuff is a reminder that you’re more than just a partner in crime to HR- you’re an MYMer all your own. Given how big of a step up this is from Doc Robot, I look forward to whatever else you have planned.



  1. “I’m starting to talk about balance now, which everyone hates”

    I am now everyone. (H)

  2. (WARY)

  3. Jiggerlypuff is one of the few Pokemon that actually learns Disable naturally.

  4. Your review is all wrong, Jigglypuff sucks. End of discussion.

  5. Well yeah, Jigglypuff sucks, but this is Jiggerlypuff we’re talking about. :V

  6. Melee Jigglypuff laughs at any other version of Jigglypuff.

    “Ha ha ha!”


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