Posted by: MarthTrinity | December 20, 2009

MT's Sunday Recap Episode 20

Oh MT you're so clever......*cough*

Welcome to MT’s Sunday Recap! The end! Well, that’s what I would be saying if you guys hadn’t managed to sneak a few sets in on me! Thank goodness you did; you help me keep my minimum wage job of writing up the Recap (seriously, they pay me in up tilts ;_; ). That being said, we did have a few sets that I have to address this week, so without further ado, here they are!

First off, we have Omega Pirate by Hyper_Ridley. Noticing the thread was dead once again, H_R kicked it into overdrive and whipped up a set for the massive space pirate in just a day! Now that’s a very welcome thread bump! Not only that, but Omega Pirate also has a pretty awesome writing style which represents the Prime series quite well and certainly makes for an interesting and, more importantly, fun read. Reception for Omega Pirate was pretty darn good too, lotsa people loved his writing style and most everyone agreed that he was great for the time it took H_R.

Following the page after was the third Remix character; Lucario Remix by Wizzerd. By request, I won’t comment much about it. Regardless, Wiz put an spin on Lucario, drastically changing his normal Brawl playstyle and replacing it with a more combo oriented one. Reception for Lucario Remix was unfortunately negative.

Moving on we have Axel by Kholdstare! The first Organization XIII set that didn’t blow harder than a five dollar hooker, Axel was presented with absolutely beautiful presentation and some totally cool moves. Not only that but it’s absolutely bursting with Khold’s unique style. A clear improvement over Great Tiger in the presentation department; reception for Axel has been pretty good so far; many noting Khold’s clear improvement while some pointing out that some of the specials (Neutral and Up B) were kind of unnecessary.

Finally, we have a moveset for Mario by tirkaro…….as if Mario were in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I am confronted with a huge moral dilemma of whether or not I can comment appropriately on this moveset…on one hand it’s technically a moveset, although not for the game the forum is about…but on the other…well, I just said the other hand. Regardless it’s a good adaptation of Mario for Capcom’s new crossover fighter and it’s certainly a breath of fresh air from the typical moveset.

And now we dance! No? Rant? Okay.


Another mostly dead week…you know the thread is dead when Hyper_Ridley breaks himself away from his busy schedule to revive the thread. I assume it’s still those nasty pirates you all informed me about that are causing this massive lull in the thread. The chat’s also been fairly dead but at least THAT’S more active than it was the other week. My theory? We’re just building up steam. Once Christmas has passed (and once we’ve all beaten any games we may get as presents), we’ll come roaring back stronger than ever. I have a good feeling that there’s a lot of exciting stuff just waiting to happen in this MYM; alliances will be made, friendships will be pushed to the limits, someone will eat a live bug (my money’s on Plorf for that one) and one MYMer may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice! Of course, those are all just dramatics, I doubt any of that will happen.….(wary)……..

And that’s all really for this week! By the time I write up the next Recap Christmas will have passed so I hope you all have a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/whatever else you may celebrate! And to all the MYM students, enjoy your break!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents on OMEGA PIRATE

Right off the bat I’ll say I prefer Gamma Pirate and Alpha Pirates to this guy…but Omega Pirate’s pretty cool I suppose. I can see quite clearly that you took the “Negative Man” approach to this one; you made a set in a short period of time purely for fun, I can only assume you didn’t really care how well this one did reception wise and instead just wanted to try something new. Of course I could be entirely wrong here but it certainly did pay off. The writing style here is incredibly refreshing from your standard “This is the attack command, this is what it does. This is his playstyle. Do eet,” writing style of normal sets and it helps this one a lot. You have some creative moves here for sure but it’s very clear that you aimed to make him a functioning playstyle oriented character first and foremost. Overall, Omega Pirate was a really fun read for me. It really captured your enthusiasm for the Metroid series (especially the villains you love to support) in an overall refreshing and fun moveset. Kudos to you for making a set so fast with such quality!



MT’s Two Cents on AXEL

I’m reviewing this! No Two Cents for you; you get a whole dollar. (H)

MT’s Two Cents on MARIO

Frank West would own him. Seriously. Frank and Viewtiful Joe…hells yeah.



  1. Funny image = ^_^

    If the recap goes dry for another week, I guess we can expect the same amount of sets in MYM7 as there were in MYM5. Im kinda hoping for that…

  2. Yes, figs.

  3. I hate the Lucario embargo.

  4. Amazing recap, again, MT.

    *awaits dollar* (H)

  5. Gold Lightan would own both of them. (un)

  6. Sorry, Rool. For the record, I told MT in the chat he could comment him in the two cents, though I suppose I should have announced it to everyone else… ;_;

  7. No, Lucario embargo is good! The sooner we forget about Lucario and move on, the sooner Wiz gets back to making epic sets! (h)

    …Zero and Tekkaman Blade FTW!

  8. More of you need to click the link for Lucario Remix : |


  10. How bout dem penises?

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