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MYM Survivor — Day 4



The group gets spit out of the portal in a completely unfamiliar location. They look around curiously to find themselves in a perfectly normal city. Bowser questions their location first. “Whatever happened to that snowy place we were in before? Why’d he send us here?!?”.

Vaati sighs. “Probably just an accident. He’ll more likely then not come back to pick us up briefly.”.

A brief period of silence occurs before Jafar strokes his beard. “He’d probably of noticed by now. Perhaps he grew tired of the old setting? I certainly know I was. . .”.

Lemmy chuckles slightly. “Should we really be questioning it? It’s not exactly something to complain about.”.

Anne nods in agreement. “. . .I think he might’ve actually just let us off the hook. . .This is far from the deathtrap that the frozen wasteland was, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off.”.

Anne just goes to walk off by herself for Jafar to attempt to open up a portal. “My portals still aren’t working. . .This is still a part of that fool’s game.”.

Popinski goes off after Anne as she continues on her way, causing Silver to sigh and come after them as well. “Did you not hear the old warlock, Madame? The Twilight King must have something planned. It’s not safe to just go off on your own. . .”.

“It’s a perfectly harmless city. I think I can take 5 steps without you holding my hands, thank you very much.”. Anne cuts Popinski a glare as he continues follows after her, then just sighs and rolls her eyes. “If you wanna be my bodyguard, I’m not stopping you.”.

Popinski continues to follow after Anne like a lab dog, but before long he passes a bar causing his eyes to go wide. Before he runs off into the bar, he turns to Silver. “Would you mind watching the woman, Silver? I have. . .Important matters to attend to.”.

Silver sighs as Anne rolls her eyes and turns to him. “If you’re worried about something happening too, go with him. I’ll be fine, thanks. . .”.

“If something happens, you’ll know where to find us. . .”.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Not that it will.”.

Silver shakes his head as he goes off into the bar where Popinski is to find him chugging two kegs of beer at once. Silver cringes slightly at the sight of it. “Shouldn’t you, y’know, pay for that. . .?”.

“It’s on the house! There’s not a soul in the place, so all the good stuff is left for us, my friend!”.

“What if the owner comes back. . .?”.

“This place isn’t exactly lively in case you haven’t noticed. . .Haven’t seen a soul besides the others from the winter wonderland since we got here. I’d be surprised if there even IS an owner of the place anymore.”. Popinski pours some beer from a keg into a mug and hands it to Silver. “Now try some! I insist.”.

“Uhhhh. . .I don’t drink. . .”.

“Nonsense! Have you even tried it before?”.

“Well, no, but-“.

Popinski laughs. “You don’t know what you’ve been missing!”.

Popinski proceeds to force the beer down Silver’s gullet for him to resist strongly at first, but eventually for him to start chugging it down himself. “Heh, better then I thought it’d be. . .Can I have s’more?”.

“But of course! There’s more then enough to go around.”.

The screen fades out and back in for Popinski and Silver to be stupidly drunk, with several shattered bottles thrown carelessly about the room. Silver’s continuing to drink as he stumbles about awkwardly while Popinski flails his bottle around, drunkenly singing the Russian National Anthem. They’re so incredibly drunk that they don’t manage to notice some zombies sneaking up on them. . .


Level 35
Play as: Soda Popinski, Silver

This level is simply a battle against the zombies rather then a platformer, and serves as your first introduction to the enemy you’ll grow to loathe far more then any mere White Wolfos. While Zombies are relatively slow and their only attack is to catch you in a grab to start pummeling away for 5% a pop, if they manage to hold you for 5 seconds it’s an instant KO as they turn you into one of their own. They’re still far from a threat, but their numbers are always ridiculously large, and more then one of them are allowed to grab you at once to make the grab harder to escape. If one grabs you, a good five or ten will be there to follow it up.

This level is fairly generous on the quantity of the zombies, but you have to deal with Popinski and Silver in their drunken states. Popinski can’t use any of his soda and is constantly treated as if he just went into a crash from having used all 6 bottles. Silver is treated as if he’s used his Neutral Special and Bair on himself, meaning your controls will be significantly screwed up.


Popinski smacks a beer bottle over the last of the zombie’s heads, causing it to fall over unconscious. Silver laughs stupidly. “Heh heh, I told ya the owners of the place would come back. . .”.

“Bah. How was I supposed to know? Nobody on the streets when I looked. . .”.

“Uuuuhhhhhhh. . .Should we go get that other chick?”.

“Heh heh, yeah, I’d love to have a drink with her!”.

“Not what I meant. . .Uuuuuhhhh. . . The owners of the place might go after her too, y’know. . .”.

“Not a problem. I sent Silver to watch her.”.

“Oh, yeah, right. . .”.

A brief pause occurs before Popinski takes up yet another bottle. “Another round?”.


Anne is seen going into a building for some big photography company of some sort. She smirks to herself as she looks over her pictures she took in Snowpeak. . .”Let’s see how much these go for. . .”. Anne goes up to the front desk for nobody to be there, causing her to raise an eyebrow. She goes into an elevator and goes to look around on the next floor to still find not but a soul, but then looks out the window to let out a slight shriek as she sees a horde of zombies coming into the building. . .She gets a brief flashback of Silver. “If something happens, you’ll know where to find us. . .”.


Level 36
Play as: Anne

This level is all one screen, but it’s very large vertically. There’s a bunch of stairs you can use to go up and down, but only you are capable of operating the elevator, the zombies too stupid. Your goal is to get down to the bottom of the building to the exit, which is near impossible due to zombies constantly flooding in. The idea is that you have to bait them up the stairs, then use the elevator to go back down to the first floor once it’s cleared. Zombies are still constantly coming out of the entrance, though, so don’t expect a completely clean slate. Furthermore, zombies are capable of coming in the elevator with you, and you’ll be trapped in a box double Bowser’s size with any zombies who got in for 10 seconds before you get to the other floor. Try to clear any zombies away from the elevator before you use it, or else you’ll just constantly get grabbed. While there probably won’t be enough zombies to kill you in the elevator, if one has you already grabbed when you come out on the next floor you’re as good as dead.


We’re now following Bowser’s group as they go through the streets, Morton’s stomach still growling loudly. “Why’d you have to be such an ass to those other guys, dad? Because you took so long to let them stay last time, we didn’t have enough time to eat. . .”.

Bowser folds his arms in annoyance. “How was I supposed to know that he was gonna take us away in the portal?!?”.

Vaati sighs. “Both of you have decent points. . .But that’s just the thing. We can’t know. So. . .We find food, we eat it. No talking, no fighting, we just eat it. Are we getting our priorities clear here?”.

Jafar rolls his eyes. “Is food all you lot can think about?”.

Vaati shrugs. “Finding food obviously shouldn’t be much of a problem in a place like this. We shouldn’t have to worry.”.

Morton looks around, constantly turning every which way. “So where’s the food then?!? Huh? Huh?”.

Vaati casually places a single hand on Morton’s bald head and spins him around, pointing in the direction of a supermarket. Morton stampedes past Lemmy, running him over and going into the supermarket. Bowser and Vaati go to follow after Morton as Jafar goes to give Lemmy a hand to help him up. “Errr. . .Thanks. . .”.

“Your brother running you over. . .A rather fitting metaphor for what’s to come.”.

Lemmy lets out a depressed sigh. “Did dad really find me that useless?”.

“Indeed, didn’t I tell you? He wants us to vote you off, seeing we’ll still have four to the three of the other group. . .And to tell you the truth, I can’t exactly say he’s entirely wrong, but we don’t want a dumb brute like your brother running around here, now do we?”.

Lemmy sighs. “Well. . .What about Morton? Is he on it?”.

“But of course. He’s the main supporter of it for rather. . .Obvious reasons. . .”.

“He’s. . .Really going to betray me? Wow. . .I thought I knew him better then that. . .Maybe if I talk to him I can knock some sense into him. . .”.

Jafar goes wide eyed very briefly, but hastily forces himself to go back to being casual. “You can’t do that. . .Even if you talked to him in private, he’d just tattle to your father like the overgrown baby he is. I’d really rather your father not know we’re going behind his back with this, as then things wouldn’t go nearly as smoothly.”.

Lemmy sighs. “Fine. . .So. . .You got a name, long beard?”.

“Oh, errr. . .Jafar. And yours? Not that I care. . .”.


“Good to meet you then. . .Moving on, we should probably get back to the others before they notice we’re straggling behind. . .”.

Lemmy chuckles and motions off to Morton and Bowser gorging themselves. “I doubt that’ll be a problem. . .”. Jafar rolls his eyes and goes into the supermarket with Lemmy to eat at a more rational pace, but before much feasting can occur some zombies start swarming in. . .


Level 37
Play as: Bowser, Morton, Lemmy, Jafar, Vaati

This level is a battle, but there’s far more space then you’d ever need for a battle. So. . .Why do you need to progress through the level? Because all your characters start with 300% from hunger and there’s tons of food throughout the supermarket you can use to heal yourself. If you just try to fight without healing, one grab means you’re dead, even if there aren’t any other zombies to follow it up.


Bowser smacks a zombie’s head off, but it continues to just keep coming at him. He breathes fire at it to knock off its’ arm, but the zombie just beats him with it like a club. The arm breaks in two from being knocked over Bowser’s head, but then the arm starts acting on it’s own as it climbs up his body as Bowser awkwardly tries to claw it off of him, getting grabbed. Some other zombies come up to Bowser during this, but Vaati comes over and blows them out the entrance with his wind magic. Bowser lets out a sigh of relief before hastily regaining his posture and looking about warily.

He goes to run out to fight them, but Vaati goes to block him. “No, you fool. Didn’t you see what was happening? You can’t kill these things, and by the time you do there’s several more of them in the last one’s place. Now help me barricade the entrance.”.

Bowser mumbles under his breath as he starts picking up and throwing stuff to block the entrance as Vaati starts hurling objects with his wind powers. They eventually sufficiently block it off for Bowser to laugh. “Let’s see them get past that, heh heh!”.

Suddenly Morton, Lemmy, and Jafar come running from the back, being chased by another horde of zombies. Jafar’s eye twitches as he sees that Vaati and Bowser have blocked off the entrance. “What are you idiots doing?!? Most of them are coming from the back anyway, you’ve blocked off our only escape route!”.

Bowser growls lowly. “Well how were we supposed to know there was a back entrance to this place, huh?”.

Vaati rolls his eyes. “Does it matter who’s fault it is? There’s not much time for pointless debate. Help me get around this.”.


Level 38
Play as: Bowser, Morton, Lemmy, Jafar, Vaati

This level could also be considered somewhat of a battle, but rather then fighting the zombies you have to destroy all of the crap that Vaati and Bowser piled in front of the entrance to clear your escape route, and endless zombies constantly come from the back. The zombies will near inevitably swarm you if you just stay hacking away at the barricade forever, so once they get to you you’ll have to lure them away then run back to the barricade to do more attacking while they’re slowly making their way back. This is easier then it sounds due to you being able to jump up onto shelves and such to get to the back while staying out of the reach of the zombies.


The group runs out of the supermarket hastily for zombies to be swarming the streets absolutely everywhere. Vaati’s eye twitches. “Why did we leave our barricaded building again?”.

Jafar folds his arms. “It was far from a perfect defense, considering there was a giant open spot in the back. . .”.

Lemmy waves his arms about hastily. “Forget about it! Where are we gonna go turtle up in next?”.

Vaati looks about every which way quickly before pointing off to a skyscraper a bit in the distance. “We’re hiding there.”.

Bowser puts his hands on his hips. “Who made you the leader?”.

“Oh, terribly sorry, Bowser. You were just being all leaderly giving out orders every which way back there, you know. I’m more then open to hearing your suggestions.”.

“Uuuhhh. . .”. Bowser points off to another random skyscraper further off in the distance. “We’ll hide there instead!”.

“That one’s further off then mine. . .”.

Bowser growls lowly. “Fine. Whatever.”. Bowser leads the charge forward towards the building as he does a shoulder charge through a good amount of zombies. Morton follows in his father’s footsteps with a similar maneuver while Jafar and Morton make a path to make their way towards the building.

Lemmy tries to follow after them, but trips as the others get far, far, ahead of him. “Hey, wait up!”. Lemmy attempts to catch up to the others as he runs in-between the legs of some zombies. The camera shows his point of view for him to be unable to see any of the others as they’re blocked off by the zombies thanks to his height. He eventually starts running around in circles of sorts due to being unable to see where he’s going thanks to the hordes of zombies, eventually getting entirely surrounded. Lemmy screams for help, but the others all seem to have left him behind. . .Desperate, he dives into a trash can in his very limited vicinity and whimpers. . .But the zombies don’t open up his hiding hole.

Lemmy lets out a slight sigh of relief. ”Seems like they’re too stupid to see me in here. . .Though earlier they came through the back of that market without seeing us. . .I guess they can’t smell me thanks to all this garbage or something? Yeah, probably it. . .Though I obviously can’t stay here forever. No food, and. . .Yeah. . .Not exactly fond of being a piece of trash. . .”.

Lemmy finds a conveniently placed knife in the trash can and chuckles to himself very subtly as he cuts out a couple of small holes in the trash can. The camera cuts outside the trash can to show Lemmy standing up with two slits for his legs and looking out with a pair of eye slits. “Now to find a more permanent hiding place. . .”.


Level 39
Play as: Lemmy

Despite zombies ignoring you while you’re in the trash can, your moveset is severely limited to a generic whack, spewing up a banana peel like Diddy’s, and coming out of the trash can. You can go in and out of it at will, but the main problem is that you can’t jump while inside the trash can. You can pick up the trash can to carry over the parts you can’t just casually walk through in it, but these spots are also endangered by zombies and you can’t use any attacks while carrying it, so you might prefer to go through the parts where the trash can is capable of protecting you on foot to avoid being so disabled in the sections that require jumping. Whether you choose to go Rambo or play stealthy, though, it’ll be hell.


Anne is seen making it back to the bar where Popinski and Silver are staying, near entirely out of breath. “Surprised they waited for me. . .”. She then notices how horribly drunk Popinski and Silver are. . .“So that’s why. . .”. Anne rolls her eyes. “Alright, I’m here. Party’s over. We obviously can’t stay here. There were several zombies following me into the place-“.

Popinski throws an arm around Anne drunkenly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Madame. Just drown your sorrows with some ice cold beer!”. Popinski laughs as he offers a beer bottle to Anne for her to throw it against the wall, shattering it. This catches Popinski and Silver’s attention pretty clearly. . .

“If you idiots want to stay here, then stay here, dammit. Drink yourselves to death as the zombies come and eat your flesh off your faces. See if I care.”.

Silver laughs. “Zombies? Please. She’s obviously drunk.”.

Popinski nods in agreement. “Yeah, heh heh! Come have a drink with us, Madame!”.

Anne sighs and shakes her head in disbelief. “I’ve. . .Got some more back at my place. You guys wanna come with? Can’t believe I’m doing this. . .”.

“Sounds like a plan! Lead the way.”.

Anne sighs as she goes to take Popinski and Silver out of the bar. Outside there’s a horde of zombies waiting for them. . .


Level 40
Play as: Anne

While Popinski and Silver aren’t playable, they’re cpu allies that you have to herd along through the level, and if they die it’s a game over. Your own safety shouldn’t be much of a concern seeing you have more then enough stocks, but seeing both your allies are horribly stupid and Popinski’s in his crash state from too much soda (Silver’s stupider then Soda to compensate) they’re going to be the main thing killing you in the level. You’ll constantly have to free them from the grabs of the zombies, and what sucks even more is that your allies seem to have little survival instinct and just tend to mindlessly fight their way through everything. While fighting them off is possible somewhat with 3 characters on-screen, once you get towards the end you’ll want to abandon your allies and just run to the finish to clear the stage.


Anne’s group is cornered up against a building against a group of zombies. Lemmy spies them from his trash can. . .”So much for needing to vote those guys off. . .Can move right on to Morton. . .Though they’re probably my best shot at finding a place to survive here at the moment. We’ll just see how they handle-”.

Suddenly, a gun shot is heard and a zombie’s head is blown off. Several more gunshots are heard and all the other zombie heads start exploding, leaving their bodies spewing blood in mass as they collapse to the floor. The source of the gunshots comes out a window in a building on the other side of a street – a German man. He hastily motions Popinski’s group to come along. “Quickly! They won’t stay down for long!”. The man’s words are true as the zombies slowly begin to get up again despite being headless. . .The camera cuts to the inside of the man’s building as he unbars the door to let the group in, with Lemmy barely managing to subtly sneak in as Kaiser closes the door and hastily puts the barricades back up.

Anne notices Lemmy and becomes visibly annoyed. “What’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be leeching off your father?”.

“. . .I wouldn’t put it like that, but I was separated from him. I’d be with him if I could, alright? Anyway, Jafar and that other magicy guy are voting for my brother, Morton, so if you wanna take a shot at our little alliance, that’s the way to go. There, do you trust me now?”.

“We don’t have any reason to believe you, and I find it more likely that they’re planning on betraying you then your brother and you just came to us to try to get our votes.”.

Lemmy gets a rather worried look as the zombies start banging on the door again, causing the man to visibly tremble as we finally get a good look at him. . .He’s a very unstable Von Kaiser with a wonky eye and insanely skinny – a lot of his bones are quite visible. Lemmy raises an eyebrow at him. “Just how long have you been here. . .?”.

Kaiser’s crazy eye twitches violently. “Longer then you’ve been alive, little one. . .Once they took down the Berlin Wall, all the zombies started pouring in from the other side. . .It seemed the Soviets were using the people on the communist side as test subjects. . .”. Von Kaiser pauses as he goes into a brief coughing fit.

“Have you been in this place all this time. . .? What do you eat?”.

Kaiser chuckles as he rips off a piece of the floor board. “I dine on nothing but the finest!”. Kaiser’s eye twitches some more as he chomps down the floor board. . .

Anne backs away slightly from him, weirded out. “We’ve got to get you out of here. . .”.

Kaiser’s eye twitches all the more as if it’s about to pop out of its’ socket. “Are you INSANE?!? Didn’t you see how many of them they were?!? That’s suicide!”. Kaiser hastily goes to block the door as Anne goes to approach it. “You must stay here. You MUST.”.

Anne glares at Kaiser awkwardly as she backs away from the door. “You’re not helping your own case as far as sanity goes. . . Changing the topic. . .Just when did this start, exactly?”

“I remember the day the wall fell like it was yesterday. . .A pale moon was rising, in the distance a wolf was howling. . .The leader of our side, Romero, was the one to finally knock down the wall, but I could tell just by looking at him. . .What lurked behind his senile smile, that bulbous nose, those oversized glasses?”. Von Kaiser pauses dramatically and looks about the four characters warily. “Pure evil! The armies of the undead didn’t attack him at all and followed his orders. . .He was probably one of the Soviets.”.

Von Kaiser’s gaze stops on Popinski as he says “Soviets”, his eye twitching all the more violently. “You. . .I remember you now! I fought you in the ring all those years ago back when I came to America. . .Vodka Drunkenski.”.

Popinski laughs. “I actually go by Soda Popinski now. Vodka’s a former name of mine. . .The WVBA insisted I change it for all the kiddies watching the fights.”.

Anne rolls her eyes. “The old one sounded more fitting. . .”.

Kaiser holds his head and lets out a slight cry of pain for Lemmy to look weirded out. “What’s wrong, mister?”.

Kaiser shakes his head as he gets up and picks up his rifle, priming it and aiming it at Popinski as his eye continues to twitch. “You’re one of those damn Soviets! You’re the ones who turned the Germans on the other side of the wall into zombies and brought it down to let them loose on us. . .And now you’ve come to finish me! Well I’ll have you know I won’t go down so easy, “Soda Popinski”. . . Ich bin eine Kampfmaschine!”.



Play as: Soda Popinski, Silver, Anne, Lemmy


Loose Floorboard: Von Kaiser stomps down, causing a floorboard the size of half a Battlefield platform to shoot up into the air and spin around. The floorboard does 15% and decent knockback, and the portion of the floor that’s opened up also becomes a pit you can be KOd in. Kaiser just walks around any of these by going into the background should he attempt to cross past them.

Fine Dining: Kaiser can only use this attack after using Loose Floorboard, causing him to eat the floorboard whole. This doesn’t randomly heal Kaiser, but he’ll proceed to spit out the four nails from the floorboard after eating it at you. The nails go in arch like arcs and while they only do 5%, they pin you down to the ground with a grab hitbox. The nails can stack to increase the difficulty of escaping. If Kaiser uses Loose Floorboard on a section of ground you’re pinned to and you don’t button mash out of the grab before the floorboard flips back down into the ground, you’ll be face down into the floor and get KOd.

MP-40: Kaiser takes out his rifle, aims, then fires. This attack is automatically targeted wherever you are, so a precise spot dodge is necessary. This deals 26% and extremely high hitstun.

Brink of Insanity: Kaiser’s eye twitches violently. The animation is rather subtle and it happens at complete random for brief periods of time, even while he’s performing other attacks. If you attack Kaiser while his eye’s twitching, he’ll perform a counter of rapid fire punches and won’t take any damage. The series of punches deal 32% with the last one dealing knockback that kills at 65%. Kaiser’s eye twitching increases as he loses health and devours floorboards. Best kill him off before he goes berserk.

Head Pound: Kaiser pounds against his head for as long as you leave him be. This increases his amount of eye twitching the longer you let him do this. The amount of damage you need to deal to Kaiser can be anywhere from 20-40 at random, and after you deal the correct amount of damage Kaiser extends out his arms to both sides and lets out a cry before doing his signature spinning punch for 24% and knockback that kills at 45%. Try to not use any attacks with high end lag to get him out of this. . .

Kaiser Combo: Kaiser comes after you and performs an undodgable grab once he gets there. He’ll then proceed to say a certain amount of words, more if he’s low on health. The words are links, rechts, and cuckoo, and he’ll then proceed to perform uppercuts in those directions (Links/left, rechts/right) or a jab in the case of “cuckoo”. You have to dodges in the opposite direction of the punches or simply spot dodge in the case of the jab, and when Kaiser is low on health he can do up to 8 of these punches in a row. The uppercuts deal 18% and upward knockback that kill at 60% while the jab deals 12% and high hitstun, meaning the next punch in his combo will hit. If you get unlucky and get a imbalance of left/right uppercuts and have to keep rolling in a specific direction, you might have to just take a punch to avoid rolling off the stage. This can be remedied by going to the center of the stage when Kaiser comes to grab you.

Shoe Shine: Kaiser takes out a towel and shines his shoe with it, getting off a bunch of muck with it. He then proceeds to whip the towel forward, causing all the muck he got off his shoe to fly forwards. If the muck hits it does pushback triple Mario’s FLUDD and causes foes’ movement to be cut in half for the remainder of their stock, and the attack is largely lagless. Kaiser likes to use this attack before a Kaiser Combo to try to get you to the edge of the screen.

Unleash Hell: When Kaiser gets down to his last sliver of health, the zombies break in from the barricaded door, causing Kaiser’s rate of eye twitching to double. If you have muck on you from Kaiser’s shoes, the zombies will exclusively target you, though otherwise they’ll also help you finish Kaiser. Kaiser will always counter their attacks whether or not his eye is twitching, but this makes him vulnerable to your own attacks.


Kaiser falls to the ground in defeat with his usual TKO animation, but then the zombies burst in the door and start swarming in. Anne goes over hastily and grabs a-hold of his sniper rifle, handing it to Popinski. “You know how to use this, right?”.

Popinski looks over the gun in puzzlement due to his drunkenness for Anne to just sigh and take it back for herself. After a bit of hesitation as she fumbles around with it, she shoots a couple zombies, then proceeds to rapid fire on them. . .But the gun quickly runs out of ammo. Anne’s eyes twitches as she rapidly pulls the trigger and looks in the ammunition hold. “Bastard used all the ammo. . .”. Rather conveniently for the group a portal appears and sucks them up. . .Though not so much for Kaiser.


The other characters are seen atop a rooftop, having successfully barricaded the zombies to block them from coming up. Bowser grumbles as he turns to Vaati. “So whadda we do now? No food, and we took so long to get up all this way that we have to sleep on the top where it’s cold out.”.

“Is food all you can think about? We’re not going to have food on hand at all times, and we just had plenty back at the market. . .As for the cold, I’d hardly think you’d consider this a problem after Snowpeak.”.

Bowser folds his arms and grumbles in annoyance as he goes off to a corner of the building to pace back and forth. Seeing his opportunity, Jafar approaches Morton subtly. “Been waiting for a chance to talk to you, Morton. . .”.

Morton raises an eyebrow. “You know my name?”.

“I learned it from your father and brother. . .Anyway, that’s unimportant. What –is- important is that they your father and brother want Vaati and I to vote you off. Something about your uselessness and how you’re not a “real” member of the group. . .Your father wants you gone just because you don’t share his bloodline.”.

“. . .How do you know about that, huh?”.

It’s rather obvious, to say the least. . .Your father told me. Needless to say, I find that a rather poor excuse to get rid of you when you’re so much more useful then that scrawny brother of yours. We’ll have to beat them to the punch and eliminate your brother.”.

“. . .Even if that’s true, I don’t wanna kill off my brother. . .Can’t we just get rid of the other three guys who branched off from us instead?”.

Jafar rolls his eyes. “He’s even more sickeningly goody goody then his brother. . .Perhaps we should side with the pint-sized turtle instead. . . It’ll be easiest to get rid of your brother soon, as otherwise the others will get suspicious.”.

Morton shrugs his shoulders. “Does it matter? We’ll outnumber ‘em anyway. . .”.

You’re not supposed to think that far, you spoiled brat. . .Perhaps this one’s smarter then we give him credit for. In any case, we’ll have to side with the more gullible one. . .You’re probably right. Best we keep your brother around while we can, but don’t you feel. . .Betrayed or anything?”.

“Not particularly, cause I don’t really believe you.”. Morton turns to Bowser and calls out to him. “Hey, dad. Who are you voting for?”.

Bowser laughs. “That muscle man who’s standing in-between me and my woman, of course!”.

Morton turns back to Jafar and glares, but Jafar manages to keep his cool. “Do you really think they’re just going to tell you they’re voting you off? Your father is more cunning then that. . .”.

Morton folds his arms and sighs as he starts thinking on Jafar’s words, but then a portal appears and sucks the group into it.



Group 2 is seen being dropped out of a portal, now without either Ryuk or Mustang. The group looks around, surprised at their new location, though before anyone can say anything another portal opens up and Zant gets kicked out of it. Ryuk comes out of the portal shortly afterward and cackles.

Hades smirks at Ryuk. “Not bad, Ryuk my man. What you plannin’ to do now that you’ve taken that guy out for the count?”.

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s still alive. . .”.

“. . .Wha? Finish him off while you still can!”.

“. . .That won’t be necessary. I’ve killed his master who he gets all of his power from. He’s harmless now! He’s going to be taking my place in this little game. . .”.

Raven glares at Ryuk. “Don’t tell me you’re still gonna keep this thing going. . .”.

“Oh, but of course, my dear! I never was that much of a participant anyway, if you didn’t notice. I was always just an observer. . .Not much is really changing here, now is it?”.

Hades chuckles. “That’s the way, Ryuk. So let’s leave these idiots behind and-“.

‘Oh come now, that wouldn’t be fair, now would it? What would the others think if I let you come with me?”.

Hades’ fiery hair starts burning slightly more as he clenches a fist, but he calms it down and chuckles slightly. “Heh heh, good joke. Now let’s go.”.

Ryuk smirks. “I’m serious.”.

Hades’ fiery hair erupts as he throws up his arms in rage. He sends a massive fiery blast at Ryuk, and when the dust clears Ryuk is nowhere to be seen. Hades does a fist pump and lets out a “Yes!” for Dingodile to shake his head. “Oi, if you actually burnt him to a crisp, dontcha think there’d be some ashes left over or somethin’, mate? He probably just fled with one of his portals.”.

“. . .Dammit, get back here you coward!”.

Zant chuckles as he weakly gets up, causing Hades to turn to him. “Just what the hell’s so funny, huh?”.

“His friendship with you was nothing more then a feint. Seeing I was watching you all, he needed someone to share his fake plans with so that I wouldn’t realize his true intentions. . .He used you.”.

Hades grumbles to himself and folds his arms as he paces to and fro, then ultimately just sighs. “So. . .Where are we then? Why aren’t we in that snowy place?”.

“Variety is the spice of life, is it not? I’d seen enough of you freezing your tails off. . .”.

Macho Man puts his hands on his hips. “You don’t think we’re pathetic enough to not be able to survive in a place like this, do you?”.

Zant chuckles. “Oh, wait and see, my friend, wait and see. . .They’ll be attracted by our smell soon enough.”.

“. . .Just what are you talking about?”.

“I just told you. Wait and see. . .”.

Macho Man does an overly flashy punch to Zant’s head, but just waves his hand off in pain as he smacks Zant’s helmet.

Raven sighs. “You’re already likely enough to get voted off without being spiteful to us. You’re one of us now, whether you like it or not. Now tell us what’s going to happen.”.

“Pfft. Don’t give me false hope. I know I’ll be the next from this group to die. No need to sugar coat it. I’m the whole cause of this, am I not?”.

“That’s true, but if you actually prove yourself useful we might be willing to put up with you a while.”.

“I’m not going to pretend to have uses I don’t. Nearly all of my power came from my master. Without him I’m useless.”.

Negative Man crawls over weakly. “You can’t be more useless then I am. . .”.

Raven is as emotionless as always. “Then you could at least tell us what’s going to come after us. . .”.

“As if I’d believe you. You’ll just stab me in the back.”.

Dingodile folds his arms. “You’re not exactly a guy with a lot of credibility either, y’know. . .”.

“I don’t expect you to believe me. I expect to be voted off and die a horrible death.”.

Zant mumbles to himself as he walks off into the distance. Negative Man watches as Zant goes off. . .”He’s the only one who understands. . .”.


Hades can be seen walking through the city by himself, grumbling to himself. Before going on for long, he sees Richard come out from a building and folds his arms in annoyance. “There’s nobody in this entire city to kill. . .At least that last place had those wild animals to quench my bloodlust. I’ve been looking around for a good while now. . .Did they all run and hide when they heard we were coming?”.

Hades chuckles. “Heh heh, their loss if they did. Just offering them an invitation to the underworld. No soul, eternal torture, no way to end your existence. . .What’s not to like?”.

“Indubitably! Just a friendly visit to the underworld for some crumpets and tea. Perfectly reasonable, no?”.

Hades attempts to say something as he chuckles some more slightly, but then he loses his train of thought as he sees Zant pacing off in the distance. Hades goes over to him for Richard to follow after him. Zant just glares over in their direction. “And what do you want?”.

Hades puts up his hands and shakes them. “No need to be like that. How’s about a deal?”. Hades quickly throws an arm around Zant. “I’m willing to make an alliance with you. Seeing Richard and I here are pretty much immune to everything here anyway, we don’t really mind you being a deadweight. Sides, the others’ll probably all think everybody else is voting for you anyway or think it’ll be easy to take you out later, so they won’t waste their votes on you. That means if we all vote together. . .”. Hades raises his other hand up skyward. “Bada bing, bada boom! We’ve got somebody else voted off.”.

Zant’s thoughts on this are hidden due to his helmet giving him a perfect poker face, him pausing for a good while. “A rather intriguing offer. . .I suppose with me beating myself up earlier, I’ll probably be underestimated, much like Negative Man. . .I’ll still get some votes of course, but with the two of you on my side, survival is possible.”.

Richard comes up close to Zant. “So then, seeing that we’re friends now, would you care to tell us where those people you hinted to earlier are? It’s been over 30 minutes since I last killed something!”. Richard puts up his hands as if ready to receive a whisper. “I won’t tell, I promise!”.

Zant shrugs his shoulders. “I’m honestly surprised they haven’t come out yet. . .But remembering what you said earlier, I doubt you’ll take that much joy in killing them, seeing they’re already dead.”.

Hades smirks slightly. “So undeads then, huh? We can still have some fun with that.”.

Richard pouts. “Pfft, how? There’s no thrill in beating on a lifeless husk.”.

“We won’t be beating on them. . .We’ll be controlling ‘em. You can do that too, right? Together, we’ll destroy the whole damn town.”.

“. . .Not as good as killing actual living beings, but it’ll do.”.

The zombies finally start pouring in for Hades to chuckles to himself as he and Richard start controlling them. Zant comes along to watch for Hades to glare back at him disdainfully. “Look, twilight king, baby. We’re friends and all, but I’ve got a reputation to keep up, see? I can’t be seen with you. If the others realize we have an alliance, you’ll be seen as more of a threat and be taken out in a snap.”.

Zant just grumbles to himself as he goes off into the distance for Hades to turn back to the zombies under his and Richard’s control for them to be doing the thriller dance. Hades raises an eyebrow as he turns to Richard. “What?”.


Level 41
Play as: Hades, Richard

This level is a fairly standard romp through the streets, but your Down Specials are replaced with taking control of a zombie. The problem is you can only take control of one of them at a time and there’s a decent bit of lag on it and the zombies always come at you in swarms, so you’ll have to kill off a decent few yourself before you start taking control of them. Once you have a few zombies, though, you’ll be more easily able to convert more of them to your cause as you use the rest as meat shields. This is far from optional – if you don’t get enough of them by the level’s end, you’ll be overwhelmed by the zombies for sure.


Zant is seen off in an obscure building by himself, messing around with his spells. Some of his various hand motions cause nothing whatsoever to happen, infuriating the twilight king. “Hardly any of my spells still work without master’s power. . .The ones that do are so weak that they’re barely worth using. Was I really this weak before? Really? Never know what you have until it’s gone, I suppose. . .”. Zant sighs. “Not that it matters. I’ll probably be among the first to get killed off. Hades will only be willing to ally with me for so long before risking revealing that he’s an ally of me and exposing himself. . .Could just threaten him to tell the others that he’s with me if he leaves, but why would they believe me? I have no credibility. I’m the cause of all this.”. Zant shakes his head. “. . .That’s the humiliating thing about this. I could care less that I lost all my power and that my death is inevitable. It’s the fact I did it to myself.”. As Zant goes further into self reflection, he fails to notice some zombies coming up to him. . .


Level 42
Play as: Zant

This level is just a battle and the quantity of zombies isn’t anything that startling, but Zant’s button inputs are randomly swapped around to represent him having to get used to his newly downgraded state. The controls are re-randomized every time you retry the level, and considering you haven’t played Zant since the very beginning of the game you’ll have a hell of a time learning him here.


Raven can be seen coming into a gas station. She looks about the place warily before somewhat uncharacteristically attacking the snacks, gorging on them out of hunger. Upon hearing somebody barge in, she hastily tosses away the bag of chips she was eating from and wipes her mouth off, putting on her usual blank expression as she turns around. She rolls her eyes as she sees it’s just some zombies and levitates a shelf at them to knock them over, then looks outside to see a horde of the zombies coming on. ”Oh Please. . .Is this all he was talking about?”.

The zombies come to approach Raven, but she just casually flies up and over them and goes up on top of a roof. She looks around at the sheer quantity of zombies and gets a slightly uneasy look. “The others should be able to handle themselves. . .Right?”. As she looks around, she notices Negative Man in the middle of a zombie infested street, completely surrounded. She sighs and goes to fly down to him for him to look up at her. “Leave me. . .Save yourself. . .”.


Level 43
Play as: Raven

You have infinite jumps to represent Raven’s flight in this level, meaning avoiding the zombies yourself is easy, but Negative Man is on the map and his death grants you a game over. He won’t try to budge from his spot at all, just using his various attacks to try to force approaches on the zombies to try to “save you” by sacrificing himself. You can just fight the zombies yourself to clear the level, though that’s far from easy. Your alternative option is try to lure the zombies to the edge of the map and into some bottomless pits, but when Negative Man is attracting them to himself so much this isn’t exactly easy either. A decent strategy is to make a wall and use your fair to grab Negative Man through it to get him behind your wall away from the zombies, though that’ll only block him off from one side, seeing as the zombies are coming from both directions.


Macho Man and Dingodile are seen eating together in a restaurant. Dingodile can’t get enough of it, though Macho Man seems to be less then thrilled about it. Dingodile eyes Macho Man warily. “What’s wrong, mate? This is some of my best stuff right here. Roast duck’s a delicacy.”.

“It’s. . .Okay I guess, I just prefer the stuff back in Hollywood.”.

Dingodile frowns. “Sorry that my cookin’ isn’t up to your fine standards. I did the best with what I had. This place doesn’t have that many spices.”.

Macho Man attempts to change the topic. “I just wish that everybody didn’t run off like that earlier. . .I told ‘em we should stay together for when whatever those guys the twilight guy was talking about show up that we’d be ready. None of them listened.”.

“Just as well, mate. You don’t wanna come off as some bossy leader giving out orders. . .You do remember what happened to the last guy who tried that, right?”.

“Well yeah, but he only got voted off cause of me. I wanted him out so I could take his spot as the leader.”.

“Even when he was the “leader” he didn’t have that much authority. Those undeads are always gonna be off doing their own thing, and the rest of us generally don’t take kindly to leadership. All you’re doing is painting a gigantic target on your back by claiming that title. If anything, it’s best to try to be in the background.”.

Macho Man sighs. “You’ve got a decent point there. . .Oh, don’t think I ever got your name.”.

“Dingodile’s the name. Yours?”.

Macho Man smirks and strikes a slight pose as he says his name for Dingodile to roll his eyes. “With a name like that, I doubt you’re used to bein’ subtle, are ya?”.

“It’s kind of hard to get sponsorships if you just stay in the background all the time, and I don’t have anything I wanna be subtle about. Everybody should see how great I am!”.

“. . .Errr. . .Yeah. That attitude of yours is really gonna have to go. That’s not your –real- name is it? If you want to be taken remotely seriously here, you should probably go by something more normal. . .”.

Macho Man stares blankly at Dingodile for the halfling to raise an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me that’s your real name. . .?”.

Macho Man smirks. “Yep. Legally got my name changed. All macho all the time, baby!”.

Dingodile facepalms. “Well then, what was your name BEFORE you were “Super Macho Man”, then?”.

Macho Man folds his arms. “And just what’s wrong with Super Macho Man?”.

Dingodile rolls his eyes. “Look, if the others ask your name, you’re. . .Darius. Got it?”.

“. . .Darius? That’s a stupid name.”.

“Certainly better then “Super Macho Man”. . .And it won’t make you stick out so much. While we’re here, why don’t we get you some actual clothes?”.

Macho Man gets a shocked expression. “But then how am I supposed to show off my manliness?!?”.

“. . .The whole point of this conversation went right over your head, didn’t it?”.

Macho Man sighs. “I get the point that I shouldn’t be that bossy or try to be a leader, but I can’t change who I am.”.

Dingodile sighs also. “Fair enough, I suppose. Just make sure you don’t tell them that name of yours unless asked. . .Moving on, who you planning on votin’ for?”.

“That twilight king who started this all in the first place. Don’t have to think about that one twice.”.

“You can’t make your votes based off grudges. May as well just be randomly throwing them out. You have to think strategically about these things. . .”.

Macho Man rolls his eyes. “You voted for Richard last time because he lied about you eating the food. That’s not a grudge?”.

“Yeah, but he was destroying all our food too, so we didn’t have much choice. This time I’m thinking we should vote for that other undead. Without him and that death “god”, Richard’s clueless. He just follows after ‘em like a lost puppy. Seeing one of em’s already out of the game, there’s just one more left to strand Richard by himself.”.

“If you want to get rid of Richard, you could always just vote for Richard instead of voting for the people who control him. . .”.

“Richard isn’t capable of doing anything meaningful on his own. As things stand, though, he essentially makes the other undead’s vote count for double, making them a competent threat. As for the Twilight King. . .Do you really think anybody’s gonna make an alliance with him? EVERYBODY hates him. Sides, it won’t be hard to get the others to vote with us to get rid of him later on.”.

“Fine, fine, you’ve made your point. I’ll vote with you for that other undead.”. Macho Man finishes the last of his roast duck. “You got any more?”. Dingodile, having already finished his own duck a good while earlier, gets up and goes to go back into the kitchen. Before he gets there, though, he notices zombies approaching the restaurant. Macho Man questions why Dingodile stopped in place, facing away from the zombies. “What is it?”.

“No more duck left. Gonna make toast.”. Dingodile primes his bazooka and chuckles.


Level 44
Play as: Dingodile, Super Macho Man

For some reason or other, Dingodile’s crystals are unavailable in this battle. As a plus, though, Macho Man is a cpu ally active on the map (Or Dingodile if you’re playing Macho). Both characters here have pretty obvious roles – Macho tanks while Dingo snipes down the zombies. Macho Man is essentially Dingodile’s replacement for his crystals here. Your cpu ally dying isn’t a game over, but they won’t respawn and without them things become significantly harder.


Macho Man and Dingodile are seen struggling to defend themselves against the zombies. Macho Man’s doing his best to bottle-neck them in the door to prevent them from swarming while Dingodile blasts the ones outside through a window, but they eventually start making their way past Macho Man and pushing him back from the door, causing them to start swarming in. The screen cuts to Raven flying over head and spying the two of them down below and shaking her head, sighing slightly. She levitates some chunks of the ground up and hurls them at the zombies to get their attention, flying down significantly lower to get them to start coming in her direction, just barely staying out of their range. Dingodile and Macho Man peek out from the resturaunt to see what’s happening for Raven to look over at him. “I’ll lure the zombies away for awhile. Get to somewhere more safe in the mean time, alright?”.

Macho Man nods. “Sure thing. . .But what about you?”.

“. . .Look at me. I can fly. These things can’t touch me.”.

Macho Man goes to say something more, but Dingodile grabs him by the arm and pulls him away. “Don’t question a good thing, mate.”.


Level 45
Play as: Raven

While Dingodile and Macho Man aren’t constantly attracting attention to themselves like Negative Man was, your goal here is to lure the zombies through a whole level’s worth of terrain. You still have infinite jumps for “flight”, but if you abuse them to make that much distance they’ll just head back after Macho and Dingo. You have to also constantly poke the zombies with attacks to encourage them to keep coming after you, as if you just run their attention will be drawn to Dingodile and Macho Man due to them actually defending themselves with attacks due to being unable to run.


Raven flies on top of the building from earlier where she dropped off Negative Man. “Why did you bring even more of the zombies here. . .? Have you finally realized what’s going to happen to us and trying to hasten our fates?”.

“No. . .I was luring them away from some of the others. They would’ve probably been eaten alive if I hadn’t come along.”.

“Then you should’ve let them be eaten. . .No point in delaying the inevitable. . .”.

“If you’re so eager to see us all die, you don’t have long to wait. This game is going to inevitably kill off most of us.”.

“True. . .But are the lives we’re leading in this game really worth living? We have to struggle to even survive. . .”.

Raven squints slightly. “Will you stop it?”.

“I thought if anyone would understand, it’d be you. . .You said that even before this game happened that you knew you were going to die soon. . .”.

“. . .I have an actual reason for that, though. I –know- I’m going to die on a specific date. . .”.

“How do you know?”.

“I’d really rather not go into the details. . .”.

“Go figure. . .It’s always the same. . .”.

With that, a portal appears and sucks up Raven and Negative Man. . .



The two groups gets spit out of portals, appearing in the palace of Twilight. Ryuk is seated on Zant’s old throne, causing much confusion for Group 1 as Zant is seen over with the other participants. Ryuk cackles as he stands up and comes before the first group. “Greetings! I am Ryuk. I’ll be your new host for this little game of survival. If  you’ll recall, I was a participant in the second group, but things wouldn’t be fair if they just lost one of their players, now would it? Hence why my good friend Zant here has taken my place in the game.”.

Ryuk turns to Zant. “I thank you for making a decent enough host before I could take the mantle. Also have to thank you for the use this superb palace. Hell, you’re even the one who started this all in the first place! Can’t thank you enough, Zant.”. Ryuk slaps Zant mockingly on the back for him to just stand there, unable to think up much of a comeback and in no position to threaten him.

Ryuk cackles as he goes back to his throne. “Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to establish what this new management is going to mean for you all. . .There isn’t so much going to be a reward to the winners here so much as a punishment for the losers.”. Ryuk brings a zombie through a portal. “The losers. . .”. Ryuk snaps his fingers, causing the zombie to grow wings. “Are going to have to deal with these. Let’s see you hide on the rooftops and fly away from them now, huh? Heh heh. . .”.

“The actual challenge is far from a pleasurable one either. . .You remember those Shadow Beasts we all had so much fun with in Snowpeak? You’ll send out one member of your team. . .To be torn to shreds by them. To “win” the challenge, you have to be knocked out by the beasts first. I bet you’ll all leap at the chance to participate in my challenge, unlike Zant’s, yes? This should also make a large statement about who you pick. . .Whoever you send out to be devoured by the Shadow Beasts should be the weakest of your group.”.

Group 2 near instantly all turn to Negative Man. “Don’t look at me. . .I can’t win anything. . .”.

Raven speaks up first, knowing Negative Man best. “You’re the one who’s always so eager to get beaten up. . .”.

“But getting beaten up here is a good thing, and I can’t do that. . .”.

Hades gets an idea as rubs his hands together eagerly, coming down to Negative Man’s level. “You must’ve misheard him. See, the goal is to survive as long as possible. That’s why we want you to play for us, see?”.

Negative Man looks weirded out. “What makes you think I can do that. . .?”.

“. . .Nevermind that. In any case, we’ve decided on you. Make sure to survive as long as possible.”.

Hades boots Negative Man out among them for him to burst into tears as usual. Hades laughs and talks to the other members of his group subtly. “With his negative mentality, he’ll do his best to get killed off since he thinks he’s supposed to survive now.”.

Raven glares at Hades. “I can’t believe you’re just manipulating him like that. . .”.

“Called sadism, baby. It’s what I do.”.

The camera cuts to group 1 for Bowser to laugh heartily. “I can take the most hits, I’ll survive the longest easily. Let me do it!”.

Vaati facepalms. “The goal of the challenge is to be the first to die, you fool.”.

“. . .What? That’s stupid. Why would he do that?”.

“Probably just wants to see us suffer. Sadistic bastard.”.

Bowser sighs. “Then who do we send out to get the crap beaten out of them?”.

Vaati hastily points to Anne. “Send out the whore. Women are the most frai-“. Vaati hastily dodges a smack from Anne before he finishes his sentence.

Bowser laughs. “Couldn’t agree with you more, but I wouldn’t want her sexy body bruised up that much. . .Uhhh. . .Why don’t you go? You’re real small and stuff. You can get beaten up fast.”.

Vaati’s eye twitches as he motions off to Lemmy. “I’m not as small as that little runt over there.”.

Lemmy chuckles. “Yeah, but I’ve got my shell and scales. Natural armor. You expect those robes to protect ya?”.

“I hardly see how that’s relevant when you’re so small that I can’t see you when I squint.”.


Lemmy charges up at Vaati, but he casually holds him back with one hand, causing him to run in place. “He’s proving my point here. . .”.

Bowser grumbles. “Fine. Send him out.”.

Vaati smirks as Lemmy hastily turns to his father. “Dad, no!”.

Bowser glares at Lemmy and points off to Ryuk. “You heard me! Go!”.

Lemmy scowls at his father as he goes up alongside Negative Man. Ryuk chuckles. “That was a heart warming family experience if I ever saw one. Now let’s begin the slaughter.”. Ryuk snaps his fingers, causing a door to open up and Shadow Beasts to start pouring out of it. . .


Lemmy Vs. Negative Man

A “Brawl” is hardly an accurate term to describe this, seeing your goal is to die to the Shadow Beasts. The stage is completely walled in and you have stamina rather then damage so you can’t just casually walk off-screen to kill yourself, meaning you have to compete with Negative Man to attract the attention of the Shadow Beasts. Negative Man is much more suited to attracting the attention of the Shadow Beasts with his moves to encourage approaches, while your traps are rather irrelevant. Your only real advantage of Negative Man is movement speed, meaning you can run off to any straggling Shadow Beasts while he’s pretty much bolted in place. You’re best off trying to leech off of Negative Man’s baiting of the Shadow Beasts though by staying next to him and attacking the beasts once they get close to get them to attack you instead of him. . .Not easy, but it’s hard to be more emo then Negative Man himself.


Negative Man is seen getting scratched up horribly by the Shadow Beasts, crying. ”I can’t die. . .I can’t. . .Those guys need me to survive to win this challenge. . .”. Negative Man gets up forcefully, flinging the Shadow Beasts off him, then does a headbutt on a Shadow Beast to scare it away. Lemmy gets knocked out by the Shadow Beast cleanly for Ryuk to laugh and snap his fingers, causing the Shadow Beasts to run back off into the door from whence they came for it to close. “We have a loser!”.

Hades’ eye twitches as he stares at the “triumphant” Negative Man. Raven smirks slightly at Hades. “That’s what you get with your “approach””.

Hades ignores Raven, going straight past her, his anger boiling. His hair eventually outright erupts into flame. “You were supposed to die, you idiot! Isn’t that what you love to do?!? How could you POSSIBLY mess something like this up?!?”.

Negative Man bursts into tears for Dingodile to roll his eyes. “It’s what you told him to do, mate. . .”.

Hades just grumbles to himself as Ryuk cackles and summons two portals, each of which suck up the two groups to send them back to the zombie infested ghost town. . .



  1. George A Romero? Cool.

    Vodka is funny. Kids don’t watch boxing.

    Dawn of the Dead?


    Resident Evil.

    Im not a fan of Zombies, but a funky story non the less. It’s actually getting very exciting.

    Are you going to put George as a boss in the next chapter? That would be tons of fun.

    I don’t really know how to answer the poll.

  2. Negativeman was absolutely brillianjt in this chapter. But…Not quite as much as Hades, who really shined the brightest. I almost admit I liked it more when Zant was the host instead of Ryuk, but the Zant and Hades reactions were the best. Also, Von Kaiser is win. We needed a funny part bad after all the zombies.

  3. Good job, Warlord. I love the survival horror of this chapter.

  4. What’s this, zombie chapter? Detailed read and detailed comment, here we go.

    Hahaha, I love the zombies’ introduction, it’s so out-of-left-field. “They’re so busy drinking that they don’t notice the ZOMBIES!” In fact, every zombie entrance seems somewhat like this.

    Anne’s elevator level is uncanny, it’s practically ripped straight from Dawn of the Dead – bait them upstairs and then go out the main door. And you say you’ve never seen it. Great job on that one.

    Kaiser’s appearance is fantastic, although I would’ve liked to see a few more of the characters who survived in a zombie-infested Berlin.

    Ah, I was wondering when Romero would be mentioned. (H)

    Love Jafar in this, although I’m afraid you’re setting him up to be outwitted by Vaati or somebody at a crucial moment.

    You should’ve emphasized all the zombies dancing under Richard’s control a bit more. Just envisaging that brings a big smile to my face.

    Dingodile seems much smarter than he has any right to, but I kinda like him as a character all the same. There’s an emphasis on his bush smarts and wisdom that makes him a nice contrast to the intelligence of, say, Hades.

    I like Negative Man, too. Who doesn’t?

    Don’t like Zant, though. I hope he’s got a Once and Future King thing going there, because he’s become something of a punching bag for just about everyone.

    Nice culmination, and I look forward to seeing more zombies in the next chapter. More gore, I say! And maybe even a zombified character or two, just to amp up the stakes!

    Have you already decided at this point who’s going to win, or is it going to happen organically?

    EDIT: And most of the characters are actually spot on. Anne is still fairly generic, but actually likable, Silver had a most amusing little part that justifies him for now, and Macho Man’s bluster is starting to be scaled back to more realistic levels. There’s some character development going on there, I think. I only didn’t vote for Ryuk – hardly any screentime, after all.

  5. Excellent chapter. Von Kaiser’s inclusion was, as expected, based off of that stupid gun idea I remember hearing when I was creating the moveset, gah.

    The character development really is coming along strongly. Hades and Negative Man really shone this chapter, although I still really do not like Ryuk at all. I have to agree with liking Zant more as a host, but again, I hope it does circulate again, because I can’t imagine a good ending where Ryuk goes back to being a shinigami and another character just survives.

    On a final note, this chapter includes one of my most -HATED- grammatical mistakes ever – “I could care less.” It’s I -couldn’t- care less, -could- care less is the opposite.

    Good work per usual, MW.

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