Posted by: MarthTrinity | December 22, 2009

Reznor's Giant Rotating Wheel of Reviews Over A Giant Pit of Lava — Axel

It's what this moveset is. Got it memorized?

Ah, so here we have the long awaited first Kholdstare moveset of MYM7 as well as the owed review for it. Wanted to get this out ASAP especially before the holidays got into full swing so here it is! Here we have Axel, the first (of allegedly many) Organization XIII movesets by Khold for his game Organization XIII ~ Versus. Let’s get right to the review, shall we?

First off, let me address the absolutely beautiful layout. Simply put, this is damn near one of the best presentations I’ve seen for a set in a while. It’s not quite Junahu’s level of awesome layout, but it certainly beats out anything I’ve done and it looks absolutely stunning. The whole font changing at the far right side of the text looks great and the headers are wonderful. You also have a great idea with linking a playlist instead of making each header have music. Simply put, the set looks fantastic.

Let’s take a closer look at the specials as they, appropriately, tend to be the most special moves of a set. Ignite is a very clever concept; the more hits you land, the further your range increases and the more damaging your attacks become. Ignites burning feature seems a bit much personally; Axel’s already a crazy combo character, 10% for free extra is quite a bit…that and they also can’t shield or end up getting combo’d even more. This does however make up pretty much a good chunk of Axel’s gameplay though; be quick and combo or you crash and burn…but…as someone else pointed out, why would you ever NOT use this? The Side Special seems annoyingly spammable; having both incredible range and very fast movement speed and low lag. The Up Special is a bit disappointing, especially since it’ll be the recovery for all of the Organization members; it’s basically just a visually fancy Farore’s Wind without the damage. You at least admit to it being dull however so I can’t really bother you for that; we all have that ONE move that ruins us…(*cough*downtilt*cough*). Down Special is basically a modified PK Fire but hell, I’m a Ness mainer so I approve!

Axel’s standard attacks are all appropriate and seem to focus heavily on his combo oriented gameplay so I have no complaints if they’re not the most shockingly original moves…I would perhaps swap the side tilt for the down tilt, they seem a tad mixed up to me. I like the up tilt lots, captures Axel’s cockiness quite well. For some reason, I can’t quite picture Inferno in my mind; does he stop, turn to face the camera and then attack throw them to his sides? Because that’s how I’m thinking it is but I wanted to verify.

I’m getting a very Aqua Teen Hunger Force-esque feel from the Side Smash…if you’ve never seen it, pretty much anything they throw at the ground explodes for no good reason at all. You have ending lag for that attack listed, but not start up lag or the actual speed of the attack which would be nice details to have. Hmm…Up Smash is a grab? Strange. Personally, now that I’ve looked at the two, I’d swap the up tilt and the Up Smash and tweak them both to fit their new slots a little better (IE: The longer you charge, the more times Axel tosses the chakrams upwards or something). But…that’s just me and it’s obviously a bit late for that, not that it’s a huge complaint or anything. Down Smash is a really cool concept for a move but could use some more detail; it seems to have some crazy range/speed…it’d probably be good for trapping opponents in the circle (which is what I assume you intended) but while you kind of imply that Axel can attack after throwing it, it’s not stated. Down Smash could also use some lag details as well.

Not sure why but the nair melted my mind when I thought about it. It works for the combos and all and makes SENSE…I just had a “What is this I don’t even…” moment whilst reading it. Forward air seems kind of hard to gimp with especially with its high end lag. Backwards aerial is interesting, sounds almost like a mini-tornado. You lied you lied you lied! Axel -DOES- have more than one KO move! I knew it! I’d like a little more detail about the size of the hitbox on this one personally, just a size comparison or something. I assume lag is similar to Lucas Up Smash but knowing just where it hits would help me judge balance a bit better. Dair’s cool, gimping is fun, generic comment here.

THROWS. And grabs by assocation I suppose. Pummel is pretty nifty, do you gamble toe lag or do you play it safe and torch ‘em? Forward throw is pretty cool, seems like you unintentionally(?) took a bit from Silver and had this throw be just as effective if not moreso against people outside of the grabee. Backwards throw is a cool concept but ONLY 20 seconds? Twenty seconds is a long, long time; Super Sonic lasts 15 seconds and can be the longest 15 seconds of your Brawling life. Up throw is a very cool move, loving the move interaction with the Neutral B. Down throw reminds me a tad bit of PK Inferno (Ness dthrow) but if it’s good for combo starting then it’s fine by me!

Final Smash is nifty too, glad it’s a little extra other than a Neutral Special booster.

Playstyle! Ah, so the playstyle actually sorts out some of the complaints I had about the dsmash, good, good. What I ideally would’ve liked would have been as small list of potential combos Axel could use, like sort of the bread and butter ones an Axel mainer would want to use. Those in place of, or in addition to, the move by move break down would’ve been much appreciated. The move by move breakdown isn’t bad, but it’s kind of information that would’ve been better off shown before and expanded on in the playstyle.

Matchups are alright, seems Axel either blows them up or fizzles out…except this one. “His Dash Attack single handedly destroys any of Axel’s chakram approaches and he is powerful enough to send Axel to the grave easily. The Predator has the upper hand here.” Axel VS The Predator as a 70/30 match up sounds kind of off to me. Simple mixup I’m sure, I just wanted to point it out =P

SO OVERALL…what’s up with Axel? Axel’s a pretty cool guy, eh throws flaming chakrams and doesn’t afraid of anyone. But in all seriousness, Axel is certainly a really fun set to read and an absolutely great set to look at. It has clever ideas, fun and simple writing style and a pretty good playstyle. Better than Great Tiger? Vastly. Better than Kholdstare? Hells yeah it is. Axel’s probably, if not clearly, your best yet droogy, my only complaints are some balance problems (Rool: Balance? Bah!)  and a somewhat mechanical playstyle write up…aside from that though it looks great! I look forward to the remaining members…especially since your making my favorite one next 😉





  2. Lol @ complaining about move by move playstyle when this review is move by move. *snigger*

  3. Thanks MT for the review =D

    I love both the review title and the “cover art”, they’re amazing, seriously xD

    I’m glad the presentation payed out as much as I hoped. I’m going to try to keep going uphill with it and trying new creative liberties. Playlist-style music was something I thought would be cool and a compromise between Rool and the others who love background music and Wiz and Plorf who hate headers being underlined, so I’m glad you and everyone else liked it.

    As for the specials, on a whole, I’m glad you like most of them, but I’ll come out and say it: specials, mostly USpecs, are the hardest moves for me to make. Yes, even more than the dreaded throws. Hell, I made this moveset backwards, with the throws first. Hopefully I can get over this.

    I made DTilt the DTilt because he covers both sides of him, as opposed to the FTilt that only hits his front. You’ve got the Dash Attack right.

    (XD) @ ATHF; yeah, I’ve seen it, and you’re right. USmash does seem better as a tilt, now that you mention it. Axel can attack during his DSmash, yes.

    xD @ NAir melting your mind. I got the idea from an aerial combo he uses in 358/2 Days. I meant the FAir to gimp by dealing high downward knockback, that’s what gimping is? Or maybe I’m mistaken. UAir hits right above Axel’s head but away as far as if his arm was fully reaching above his head; does that make sense?

    Pummel was inspired by Axel executing Vexen (lol) and also the first move I made. Yes, the FThrow was unintentional, but still serves the same purpose as Silver’s, by what you said. I made the BThrow effect 20 seconds because I thought it would be hard to try to get around to the back of the foe… yeah, that is broken.

    I didn’t mean for the playstyle to be so mechanical, but… what else do you really need to know besides combo? xD

    I realized that the MU number on Predator should be 30/70 after I posted this (ono) so that was a typo.

    So I’m glad you liked it, and I’m glad this turned out as good as I hoped. Thanks for the review, droogy. *brofist*

  4. @Rool: You can thank 5:00am for that one 😉

    @Wiz: See above 😛

    @Khold: *brofist*

  5. Well, that’s a given. Everything you do is in the middle of the night. 😉

  6. I am the Phantom.


  7. *tastes frost*

  8. No me.

  9. GTFO Plorf.

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