Posted by: MarthTrinity | December 27, 2009

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 21

Dr. Mario, Omega Pirate, Dr. Strangelove...Jack Sparrow set now?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Well…Christmas will be over by the time you read this and you’ll all be quite sad I’m sure. I know I am…but I got a good haul…er…had…good family moments and such…yeah, let’s go with that. Anyway, hope you all had a good holiday but there are NO holidays when it comes to movesetting! That’s right, even Christmas week we sneaked a few out sets (and a crapload of joke sets) so let’s get straight to them!

To kick the week off, Wizzerd decided he needed to redeem himself after Lucario (which I still don’t think is that bad) and posted a moveset for Dr. Strangelove. Filled with lots and lots of traps (and that deadly doomsday device!), Strangelove was an interesting twist on the standard trap character focusing much more heavily upon more upon chain-reaction traps for a massive explosion. Plus it’s filled with all kinds of humor and various little references to the movie. Strangelove was met with great reception except for a choice few who felt it was overly complex or rather unsmash.

Next up, PPL…er…RainbowRoader…errr…Sixrch Battosai made his return with a Kingdom Hearts OC: Xamlues. Being the FIRST OC in the contest is a pretty big honor so congrats for that one right off the bat man. As far as the set goes, Xamlues controls magma, fusing two already used powers into one. Pretty much everyone agreed that this was RainbowBattosaiLuver’s best set to date but felt he could still improve more from here.

Following that we had lots of joke sets! Some awesome, some just dull. Inadvertently starting this rush of joke sets was yours truly…posting a set for Ultimate Chimera, an attempt at emulating Negative Man’s success whilst also poking fun at certain aspects of MYM. Needless to say people didn’t fall for Negative Man’s concepts again so Ultimate Chimera was ultimately written off as a joke set (even by myself as of now). Shortly after, Cookie Monster, Canon Envy and MasterWarlord (as well as Frosty again) were posted by SkylerOcon, MasterWarlord, SmashDaddy and BKupa666 respectfully.

In the massive storm of joke sets, Jynx by flyinfilipino was posted. Being the first FF set posted in like…forever, it was highly anticipated and an absolute shame that it was lost in a tidal wave of reposts and joke sets. What it brings to the table are several really cool ideas (and some unfortunate move names) but is overall a great effort from a MYMer who hasn’t been posting sets for quite a while. Reception for Jynx was average overall, many thought it was a good effort while still having some complaints…

Safely away from the joke sets we have…ANOTHER JOKE SET? But wait! PPiaP by goldwyvern -ISN’T- a joke set?! Yay! It’s just a set with a wacky concept seen previously in Chernabog by peeup. PPiaP is another unique character idea from goldwyvern with an equally interesting concept; taking an unmoving character and making them work is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it got mostly overlooked due to seeming like a joke set…what with being such an obscure character and all.

Up next is Nara Shikamaru, a Naruto character that I know nothing about because I don’t follow Naruto at all, yay! But it’s by agidius and the agidius always make good stuff. Shikamaru instantly gains cool points for not being Naruto and, as such, is instantly not the worst character in the entire existence of forever. Enough about character bias though, Shikamaru is all about his shadows and interesting stage interaction with them. Reception for Shikamaru was pretty good, most greatly enjoying Agi’s first entry for MYM7.

Next up we have a very unique Christmas gift from K.Rool; The Elves. Written in the style of a creative Christmas story, the Elves are actually a totally complete set…you just have to decipher it a bit. Needless to say, this set is an absolute blast to read and just brimming with creativity and excellent writing style. Most people (except Warlord) adored the set if only for its wonderful presentation!

Kupa also posted Christmas Man (after trying to mindgame us with the threat of ANOTHER Frosty posting). It’s not really a real set I’m assuming but it does a bang-up job of repping pretty much all of the notable Christmas movie classics.

Finally, we have Spiderman by Mr. Universe. A first time poster, this is a fairly standard beginner set. It’s missing color, doesn’t have much of a playstyle and the attacks aren’t particularly creative. It’s not a terrible beginner set so obviously Mr. Universe can improve if he cares to; a good first effort however so good job with that.

And thus, it brings us to a very Christmas-y…


Omigawd joke sets are -SO- funny! Okay, that’s a bit harsh, some of them can be (Ultimate Chimera, Christmas Man) but reposts are NOT funny. Switching a character image and changing the name does not make you lolhilarious. It means you can use a word processing program efficiently enough to edit a set that you (or someone else) made. Long story short, if you’re gonna post a “joke set,” at least put SOME effort into making it actually funny. What else to rant about…? I have no snow in Nevada! Brown Christmas sucks! Okay, not MYM related but rant-worthy none the less. Anyway, hope to see more sets in the upcoming weeks; we all can’t use Christmas as an excuse to not work. Of course you can still always use the excuse of laziness but…that’s not a very good excuse, now is it? Also, why is the Workshop’s header EXCLUSIVELY Sundance? Us review slaves demand justice dammit!

Also, I tried catfish for the first time today. Terrible.

Anyway! That’s all for this week guys and non-gals! Hope you all had a very good Christmas and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your breaks! Here’s to lots more sets in the weeks to come!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents


So we discussed this one a fair bit in the chat. You know my feelings on it pretty well and, more importantly, you know how I do indeed like it quite a fair bit. I stand by the fact that you -COULD- just be a total asshole and Neutral B/dair the Doomsday Device twice and just screw over everyone, but admittedly it takes a lot more strategy and thought to play Strangelove properly. Enough about the (minor) complaints though, this set is a lot of fun to read (and it helps that it’s for a really funny/fun character) and it’s brimming with interesting attacks and writing style. The heavy reliance on chain-reaction traps is certainly a new concept that we haven’t touched on much (or at all) so that’s another way this set differentiates itself from your (not yours directly) run-of-the-mill trap set which is a VERY good thing. Overall, I like Strangelove lots. I’ve touched on the things I find questionable (especially his high learning curve if you plan on playing him seriously) but overall, any negatives are clearly and obviously overshadowed by the massive amount of positive. Clearly your most creative set and the one I’ve enjoyed the most in a long time. Excellent work Wiz.

MT’s Two Cents on XAMLUES

So we have a new PPL set and this time, it’s for an OC Org. XIII member. Mmkay. So Xamlues controls earth and fire as his whole deal so that’s been blanketed into magma, fair enough. He also doesn’t use a weapon which is…unusual for an Org. member but whatever, it’s an OC. Which brings me to the fact that it’s very vague. You don’t get any feel for the character at all and quite frankly, you don’t really care. Then again, you’re writing a set, not a novel so it’s not a whole big deal…it just makes the writing style very distant and dull. The attacks are all fairly barebones as far as detail goes, making some of them hard to picture or understand. It also doesn’t help that this was posted right after Axel so comparisons are obviously gonna be made. His gimmicks are just…well…I won’t lie, they’re bad. Recovering from explosives makes him cheap against certain characters (and Sudden Death an obvious win for him), the whole not being able to use specials on certain stages is TERRIBLE and the Y-Combos change what Brawl is. I personally don’t like when people add random moves that aren’t already in Brawl, it’s changing the game to suit your set instead of changing your set to suit the game. Overall though, despite my negative commentary, it is your best yet and the organization (layout, not the characters =P) certainly looks impressive. Keep at it though, don’t give up.

MT’s Two Cents on JYNX

First off let me congratulate you on making a set for the first time in…a long time! It’s not easy to get back in the swing of things and keeping up with the current standards certainly isn’t the easiest. Jynx has some interesting concepts for sure, the whole voodoo idea is an interesting one for sure…it just brings me very quickly to my main complaint about Jynx. Jynx is fairly broken. All you really need to do is grab them with Side B and then spam Lovely Kiss/down tilt/other stunning move to your heart’s content on the statue as your opponent really can do nothing but endure it. You have some good ideas here and some good moveset interaction, just adding a bit more detail (lag/range/etc.) would help improve the set greatly and help resolve those nasty little balance bits. Sorry about kinda being picky about this set, I will say that it’s very impressive that you made a set of this quality despite being inactive for quite a while.

MT’s Two Cents on PPiaP

Lemme be the first to say that the organization is a fair bit better than that of Jigglypuff Remix. Second of all…Why on EARTH did you make a set for a random Piranha Plant? I know I’m not one to talk but…wat. Moving right along, you really did do the best you could with your source material. You’re making a set for a plant. A stationary plant. But it’s a Mario character so you’re instantly given some good material to work with (and several version of Piranha Plant to draw from). The Up and Down tilt however remind me of Sukapon and probably could’ve been replaced with a different attack (like the Piranha Plants who jump out of pipes in SMW perhaps?) and the dtilt could’ve been replaced by simply crouching. Also, I tend to disagree with the playstyle section. PPiaP doesn’t seem like an easy character for beginners to use, he sounds like a very, very hard one to use properly. You’re entirely stationary and 100% useless on any stage that moves, you have no way to retreat and no way to really work properly on certain stages (Luigi’s Mansion, Spear Pillar, New Pork, Corneria)…really the only stages he works exceptionally well on are tourney stages which beginners tend to think are boring. So overall it’s a good effort and a good set, I just have a problem with the idea (like I did with Chernabog too)…it just makes everything surprisingly complex despite it seeming more simplistic. Regardless, it’s still leagues better than Chernabog was.


This set is just plain awful. It totally lies when it says he can be Ultimate Chimera. Okay, I’m only joking, it isn’t awful in the slightest. Shikamaru has some interesting concepts…working with the actual on stage shadows is a cool concept. Shame it would take a console more powerful than the Wii to actually use it properly but…that’s why these sets aren’t for real, right? I like how you made the Up B a move to help his playstyle instead of forcing a recovery where it could’ve ended up being dull. All the moves to create shadows are done quite well and I’m loving the moveset interaction. My main problem with the set may be the grabs/throws. You mentioned that he doesn’t have a whole lot to work with considering he rarely appears…but he’s a ninja who uses shadows, I’m sure you could’ve come up with something other than tapping the A button as fast as possible. Overall, Shikamaru is a great set from you agi, you’re certainly keeping up with the contest!

MT’s Two Cents on THE ELVES

Now…I feel as though I’m not really qualified to comment this properly. As a story and also an experiment, this “set” is a very interesting, fun read. The story, Santa and the Elves themselves all have a great amount of character making this “set” a breeze to read is very welcome. It’s a totally fresh breath of air from your standard set…but at the same time, it’s really hard to accept as a set. There’s no set in stone button inputs, balance is left out entirely as are other details…but the presentation is so excellent I can’t help but appreciate it and accept those as okay to pass up if only for what an excellent story it is. If I were analyzing this as a set, I’d say it’s missing many, many crucial details…but as an experiment, as a fun new thing it’s top notch. Despite all the praise my writing style gets, I doubt I could pull off something of this calibur unless I really dedicated myself to it.

MT’s Two Cents on SPIDERMAN

Spiderman is your basic beginner set really. I’m not sure what else to say than your basic beginner comments. It obviously needs more detail, could use more focus on playstyle, needs some color (white walls of text are generally frowned upon) and could use more of a Spidey feel to it in general…no Spidey Sense? Basically work on your presentation lots, the way it’s laid out right now makes it really hard to read through and makes it look sloppy overall. Keep working at it though and look at some of the other sets being made, work TOWARDS that (don’t try and emulate, it’ll take some time to get up to that level) and you’ll be making great sets in no time!




  1. I hate catfish as well.

  2. I’ve never eaten catfish, but I do hate cats. Dogs are so much more faithful. :V


  4. I am indeed K.Rool, and I must continue commenting on every recap ever in my limited computer time.

    Don’t really have much to say, though, so just keep up the good work, MT.

  5. And yeah, I changed the header to get in the Christmas spirit. (A)

  6. Catfish taste like an orgasm (WARY).

  7. You didn’t mention Dr. Strangelove getting a seal of excelence. Actually, that would make a lot of people totally go back and read it.

  8. @Kat: People shouldn’t read a set because they heard it was good, the whole deal about the Recap is to say “Oh hey, go back and read -ALL- of these because people put time and effort into it.

    Saying that it got a Seal of Excellence would basically be like saying “This was the best set this week. Ignore all others.” Besides, I hope people aren’t ignoring sets until the Recap…

  9. What do you mean, “WILL we work again?” I’ve been working on a secret set all month, and to keep myself from being bored of it I did Omega Pirate and Tornado as side-ventures! (d)

    Speaking of whom, Tornado Man should be posted by the end of the year, I’ve just been too busy playing my PS3. (h)

  10. Salmon is pretty good.

  11. Fun Fact: 21 out of 22 people voted Team Yoshi.

    One person voted Team Jacob.

    And that person wasn’t me xD

  12. That was me.


  13. Team Edward go go go!

  14. I almost voted for Team Edward because i was thinking about Edward from FMA. (ono)

  15. Sure you were TWILT…we all know you’re a closet Cullen 😉

  16. yeah, everyone here realizes spiderman is a copy/paste of Marvel vs Capcom spidey, right?

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