Posted by: MarthTrinity | January 3, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 22

You have no idea how much porn I found looking for this...

Hello all and welcome to yet another very short MT’s Sunday Recap! I thought for sure that once the holidays were up and done with, the amount of sets would increase a fair bit…but apparently not! Still, we have a solid four movesets to cover this week so thankfully I still have a job/purpose in life. We also had some sets from big name stars this week including none other than MasterWarlord. So…let’s get straight to them okay? Sounds good.

First off we have a much awaited set; Saber by darth meanie. Saber is your basic sword-user…except did I mention that her sword is invisible? Yeah, it is. Plus it has the power of WIND to help properly space her and adds a nice and tasty level of playstyle. Saber’s all about spacing and blowing…wind of course. Overall, Saber was received fairly well with a few positive comments…but not many comments overall which is a shame really.

Up next, Katapultar posted a joke moveset for Don Patch from Boboboboboobobobobobobobobobobobobo that made my brain leak out of my ears it was so random. Yup…

Following THAT…flyinfilipino posted a moveset for Clay from Xiaolin Showdown. Now, I’ll admit that this show was a guilty pleasure for me to watch back in the day (and I watched it quite a bit) so I know the character quite well. Clay makes use of the various Shen Gong-Wu of the series as well as his…general Texas…ness to form a moveset that works quite nicely. Unfortunately, Clay got less comments then Saber even as it seems a few people were in a rush to get to the next page…

Because on that next page was Dante by ChrisLionheart. We haven’t had set for the cocky devil hunter since MYM2 (made by yours truly <3) so it’s nice to see a more up-to-date set for him in MYM7. Dante is true to the DMC games in the sense that he’s a combo character at heart; the main catch of the DMC series are the mind blowing combos you can pull off so it’s nice to see that captured nicely in the character. Overall reception for Dante was fairly positive (except for reaction to the first layout of it…) but he was overall also fairly ignored…

Lastly, we have Kel’Thuzad by MasterWarlord and no, I’m not going to make the Kenan and Kel joke again, promise. Kel is all about summoning his little armies of the damn to gnaw the brains out of your opponent…or not. Kel is just as viable attack wise as any other character, so his little minions are basically the equivalent of giving a grizzly bear a rocket launcher. That being said, he’s got an interesting mana system as well. Overall, his reaction seems to be fairly mixed from what I’ve seen…although he really hasn’t gotten many comments yet.

Rant? You want it? It’s yours my friend!


This thread is -DYING-. This is not even an exaggeration guys, we have had next to no sets for the past four weeks and we’ve had VERY little commenting and just…very little posting in general. This is the most dead I’ve seen MYM in a long time and it’s vaguely concerning. That being said, so long as we keep pumping a few sets into the thread a week we are still going…but we really need to pick it up a bit, I don’t wanna see the thread die this way! Hopefully with ALL of the holidays passed in the winter season (including New Years now) we’ll have some more life…we’re really needing it right now.

Sets aren’t getting the comments they deserve because there aren’t any posts in the thread; people are waiting days at a time for a new page so they can post their set and it’s starting to get eerie…just my two cents on the current condition…

Anyway, that’s all for the Sunday Recap for this week, as always (except for twice) I’m your host MT! Here’s to lots more sets and comments in the weeks to come! Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

But speaking of two cents…


MT’s Two Cents on SABER

First off let me say I’m entirely putting Subaru out of the picture here, nothing in this commentary will be a comparison. Moving onto Saber…we’re entirely done with numbered stats now? I still like to have those, even if it’s just a comparison to other movesets (as most people do them out of ten). For instance, I may say lightweight means Peach’s weight while someone else may say it means Game and Watch’s or something, at least with numbered stats you can compare them to other movesets if not the real Brawl sets. Moving along though…I find the Neutral B may have a bit too good of range, it’s an insane gimping tool for sure. The Side B…hitting with the sword stuns her? That may be more of a complaint against the character than the set but…what kind of swords(wo)man gets stunned when their actual SWORD hits the opponent? Unlike what you say with the Up B, there’s really no reason -NOT- to always use the Up B. Even if it totally nullifies the boost you’d get by using it, you still get the ground/air/attack speed boost which makes it a willing sacrfice. Down Special is a nice take on the basic Counter, but it kinda makes the whole spacing thing really simple. When playing Marth, you need to stay the perfect distance away from your foe, not too far but not so close that you don’t tipper them. With Saber, all you need to do is Down B, back away and punish with your faster moves.

Standard attacks are all nice however…I see a few balance issues but they’re nothing really worth jumping on you for. Throws are fairly ho-hum, only the down throw (which seems more like a forward throw really) is really playstyle relevant but you seem to acknowledge that in your break down of the throws. Overall…it is a good set, I won’t say it’s not, but it’s not the best of your work. I will give you points however for taking the spacing playstyle quite nicely.

MT’s Two Cents on CLAY

A hands down improvement over Jynx already, this set looks much neater and doesn’t have some of the silly attack names that bogged Jynx down a bit. You captured the feel of the character and the series as a whole quite well, especially with the specials. I’d maybe change the Side and Down B around, but that’s a minor nitpick on my part. Some of the attacks feel a bit basic, but if this set were actually in Smash, it’d fit in perfectly (although it’s still not basic like the actual Smash sets are) and would most likely be a very fun set to play as. If there’s one thing you’ve got going for sure, writing style. It’s very personal, almost relaxed…that makes the set very easy to read and it’s very clear that you have a great like for the character. Overall, a very fun set to read and another good set from you FF. Keep it up!

MT’s Two Cents on DANTE

I’m gonna address the bad first of all. Unlike everyone else, the grab to me just feels silly and out of place. I assume with the grab you’re referring to the Alastor scene at the beginning of one…if not, I’m just TOTALLY forgetting something from DMC4. The throws are the real weak point of the set in all honesty, could’ve had more potential here for sure (like riding the opponent like a skateboard, Christ I can’t remember what that move is called now…). The rest of the set is good though so fear not. You’ve got the combo feel of DMC down nicely and you’ve got the essentials in there; Ebony and Ivory, Devil Trigger, lots of Devil Arms…Tricketster feels a bit out of place as a special though. I’m fine with the tilts all being Beowulf (lolI’maDMC3snob) because it contributes nicely to the playstyle. Which is very good…the playstyle I mean. It’s written nicely and gives you a good idea of what you should and shouldn’t do without feeling like it’s making you out to be a three year old and saying “This is the B button! Spam it!”

So overall a VERY nice set from you Chris, especially since you haven’t made one since Flygon. I’m very happy you’re still enjoying set making for fun and also happy you’re enjoying Devil May Cry. Also glad you changed the layout…the first one was very unpleasent, the new one however looks great!

MT’s Two Cents on KEL’THUZAD

First off, I hate typing this dude’s name. Now that that’s out of the way…the order of this set is…er…weird. The first special move starts out like its already halfway into a thought. In fact, the whole Down Special kind of left me with a “Wait, did I miss something?” feel to it. You start talking about Ghouls and Graveyards and animating them, it all starts off so fast and seems so cluttered. Side Special is painfully underdetailed, is there just unlimited range to this? Is it triple their current stamina or just 90 mana instantly to you? Animation? Lag? All these are left out and it’s very uncharacteristic of you. Down Special is kind of unnecessary considering you have a normal shield with the same characteristics (essentially)…it also doesn’t say if you can move around at all during it. Not including the fact that he can float until the Up Special (especially when it should be mentioned higher above considering how vital it is to his playstyle). So he can dash while floating too? Up tilt being MORE powerful than Zelda’s? That move kills Snake at like…80%. I get it’s a pain to land but even so.

As I go through the tilts, I realize that the float is VERY playstyle relevant…why wait so long to mention it? Up Smash is a very Death Note-esque move as Chris mentioned whereas Down Smash seems to imply that Kel can in fact move with his Mana Shield on (as well as do a whopping 80% to whoever it affects). The aerials are better however. That forward throw just…wow. I swear Ocon is gonna hate this set for being so un-smash. The playstyle however sums the set up nicely (as expected from you) but I can honestly say this isn’t your best MYM7 set and would go as far to say that quite a few of your MYM6 works were considerably better. Hate to be so harsh on this, I really do, just not a huge fan of this one and know you can do much better (and have done much better, Morton and Lucy are still fantastic).



  1. You know, if people actually did MORE commenting, then it wouldn’t be too much of a big deal waiting for a new page. I don’t really know what goes on in the chat but if you’re commenting on the set in the chat, it kind of kills the purpose of commenting on it in the thread, so less people will comment in-thread, creating a dead thread.

    So far in the thread, we’ve reached post 430 (States 429 on Smash Workshop for some reason), on page 29 in week 6. There’s about 5 posts left until a new page comes up. People just need to comment on the thread, that’s all, and then we’ll all be good with the thread’s activity if people are so wanting of a new page for their set. Though some times in the thread when a new page was up, no sets were posted even though a fresh batch of reception is up. Of course, to get good reception, the set itself and the user’s reputation must make a impact, otherwise it won’t get too much reception and it will be knocked over by a higher power in MYM.

    Overall, we should just wait a while and perhaps people will get back on their feet. Though perhaps chatting about the sets on Xat kills thread activity, a problem present in MYM6. We just need less Xat commenting and more in-thread commenting.

    I’d better stop now before I spam on this wordpress. Good recap, it’s the first time I’ve been mentioned in one since I haven’t made a proper set because I’ve been sitting around aimlessly in my holidays.

  2. Yeah… the thread’s gotten real slow. But I may be rejoining to some extent as I’ld like to help that a bit. My next planned set is Nero. I figured it would be nice to have both of Devil May Cry’s main characters in the same contest as two rivaling sets. Expect a whole new twist on the DMC style combo goodness, this time taking full advantage of grabs and the Devil Bringer.

    As for your feelings on Dante, know that the grab was a tribute to Dante’s general tendency to get stabbed in the chest and live throughout the series, with the biggest example being the Alastor scene.

  3. I am very angery you didn’t wait for me to post Mumbo. Of course, I don’t know your time zone and I don’t know if I have the oppertunity to post him now. Regardless, Good but depressing recap.

  4. I dropped the ball on commenting a bit before I left, and it seems a bit tricky to get back into the groove of things. That’s MY only excuse. How slow the thread is is indeed unsettling; it’s like it’s in its waning days.

    Things will pick up, though. We’re going to be fine.

  5. Pah, you’ll get a new set as soon as I can get up comments for Dante/Kel.

  6. So. . .I can’t have attacks that hit the foe regardless of location? That’s the only thing fsmash (Not usmash) shares in common with the Death Note. Also mixed up dsmash/nair.

    And yes, the other moves I thought made it quite clear that he could move and attack while shielding, as otherwise the entire move would be quite pointless. Side Special I thought went without saying that it had infinite range. Nearest Undead. No catch.

    . . .You seem to be complaining about detail the whole time and that’s about it. And is Fthrow really the most unsmash thing in the set? If that’s so, I reckon I’m fine. Not as unsmash as Dingo’s crystals by a long shot, which Ocon was okay with.

    Worse then Morton? Pfft. Better then him easily, and equal to Lucy.

  7. Hah. Funny one, MW. Dingo’s crystals are far more smash-worthy than Kel.

    I highly doubt Kel is better than Morton or Lucy or whatever, because you’ve had MYM6 works (hell maybe even MYM5 works) that do a better job of creating an intriguing smash-worthy playstyle than Kel.

  8. NOBODY is better than or equal to Lucy. >=(

  9. @Kat: No worries about spamming the WordPress, quite a good post you made there so it’s all good 😉

    @Chris: Don’t take Vergil! I may finally get around to making him considering I’ve been planning it since MYM3, kept putting him off and then eventually allowed Phatcat to make him since it didn’t seem like I would…now that Phatty’s gone however, I may pick it up again if that’s not a problem with you 😛


    @Rool: I don’t doubt that it’ll pick up, it’s just eerie that it hasn’t. Also you’re excused since you DO comment most everything.

    @Kupa: DO IT, ENGLAND! [/Hamlet]

    @Warlord: Just my opinion. My thoughts have changed on sets as I’ve read them again, perhaps Kel will be no different. Also you have the support of Khold and H_R so my opinion really means next to nothing. Just seems like an oddly bare-bone set (no pun intended) coming from you with more of the Warcraft “build stuff and summon minions” deal we’ve seen before with Arthas and Thrall. However I was a tad overcritical, it’s not a bad set by any means, just not as fresh as Lucy or as fine-tuned as Morton.

  10. “Hah. Funny one, MW. Dingo’s crystals are far more smash-worthy than Kel.”

    By “Smash-Worthy” I mean feasible to implement into Smash.

    “NOBODY is better than or equal to Lucy. >=(”

    Lucy has a brilliant mechanic. That’s it. She was put on the shelf forever towards the end of her production. Her mechanic comes as a rather no brainer for the character and the playstyle really is rather telegraphed like Bear Hugger and OOC (She hardly seems the type to be so ridiculously defensive).

    I still very much like the set, but it’s far from unbeatable and it’d easily place Kel on the same pedestal, tyvm.

    “@Warlord: Just my opinion.”

    Those are prohibited here in MYM.

    “Just seems like an oddly bare-bone set (no pun intended) coming from you with more of the Warcraft “build stuff and summon minions” deal we’ve seen before with Arthas and Thrall.”

    Kel has one building which he makes laglessly rather then spending forever building more and more buildings, and he doesn’t hide behind his minions. They hide behind him. He’s also actually perfectly capable of fighting on his own – his Ghouls are just his ammo and he has to break his back to keep them alive.

    “However I was a tad overcritical, it’s not a bad set by any means, just not as fresh as Lucy or as fine-tuned as Morton.”

    Since offensive summon character has been done before and ridiculously defensive characters are so rare. Morton’s claw attacks are also so very fine tuned and polished, yes? People can’t get enough of them.

  11. Thanks for your two cents, MT! (Although I’m confused as to how Clay looks neater than Jynx since I used the exact same layout; must be the colors?) (Also, I guess you’re not one of the ones that thinks alliterated attack names are silly :P)

    And yeah, the plan was to originally have the Golden Finger as Side B and Fist of Tebigong as Down B, but for some reason I switched it around. Glad to see another Xiaolin Showdown fan!

    In addition! Thanks for the writing style compliments; that seems to be something I’m getting right according to most people. I just kind of write the way I think, so if it works, cool!

    And lastly, I do feel like the chat is a thread killer (always have, too), though I’m totally guilty of spending plenty of time in there spouting nonsense instead of being productive myself. And I’m being pretty hypocritical here, but waiting for a new page when the thread’s as slow as it is definitely puts a damper on things. It really shouldn’t matter anyway, right?

    Anyway, that’s my $0.02.

  12. Right after I finish Larry’s moveset for Koopaling Khaos I’ll finish my secret set, and then maybe Toranado Man soon after that.


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