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MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 23

Picture unrelated.

With a miraculous wave of life, MYM was revived! Yes it’s true, this set was just brimming with awesome sets, some good posts and lots more I’m sure (as I was gone again for a good chunk of it). That being said, we have a lot of good sets to go through this Sunday and a lot of interesting ideas…so let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns).

First up, we have Zinger by BKupa666. Zinger is your basic (quite often-stationary) bee enemy from the first two Donkey Kong Country games. A similar bee appeared in the third one, but he was more robotic and went by the name of Buzz…but the Zingers came back in DK64 so all was right in the world again. But that tells you nothing of the set; simply put, Zinger is a master of the air. With near unlimited free movement in the air, Zinger comes with what many considered to be the best-written Kupa playstyle yet. While many thought this however…people couldn’t really place where Zinger would go on Kupa’s list of sets; many however said it was NOT his best, but still very good.

Oh, I almost forgot the newcomer set; Maraj by ieyasu tokugawa. A fairly standard beginner set really; I don’t think many actually read him. Or knew the set existed for that matter (as you can tell because I -ALMOST- accidentally forgot him).

Posted IMMEDIATELY afterwards was Mumbo Jumbo by koppakirby (who was, in all fairness, waiting for the page). Mumbo makes the most of his wacky magic from both Banjo Games (and that 360 game with Banjo slapped on the cover) in the forms of various attacks. The most notable part of Mumbo however are probably the little Mumbo quotes between sections that are surprisingly in character. Most people seemed to think that Mumbo wasn’t very good however; an improvement over Mr. Dream for certain, but not KK’s best. Other people however thought that wasn’t true at all and thought it actually IS his best! Yay set controversy!

Following this, we had a long line of people posting various set lists. First off was MasterWarlord’s self-ranking; a list of every moveset ever made by Warlord which he personally ranked in order of personal preference. Notably, Ryuk actually took the top spot. A few posts later, K.Rool posted his list of his eleven favorite MYM sets of which Junahu’s Viola took the top spot. This opened the door for both Warlord and Junahu to post their own top moveset lists; Mach Rider at the top of Warlord’s and…well, Junahu’s didn’t have ranks. Kholdstare also posted his list of favorite sets a few pages later.

Mixed in between all these moveset rankings was Tohru Adachi by tirkaro. Now I personally have never played the Persona series (and I doubt many in MYM actually have either…) but Adachi seems to capture the game’s uniqueness quite well. It’s an interesting take on a character who summons for defense…while combining it with the self-damaging aspects of Pichu…and tossing in a bit of the Ice Climber’s style dual character thing. Overall, Adachi was fairly ignored being posted in the middle of all the chaos of that page…but those who did comment said it was an enjoyable read and another good “serious” entry by tirkaro.

At the very end of this massive page (mind you, everything except Junahu’s moveset list has been on this ONE page), SkylerOcon posted his version of Sho Minamimoto (who was made in the previous contest by Apemasta’). Unlike Adachi, Sho, like Kel, is an offensive based summons character, although he does use his summons for more than just supplies. Anyway, Sho received pretty good reception (including that from Apemasta’ himself) although was slightly criticized for not necessarily needing his summons (despite being presented as a summons character) and the ever controversial chaingrab.

Finally onto a new page…and Junahu posts a moveset for a character called Doppelori. Everyone loved it the end. Okay, Doppelori takes a unique approach to Smash period by FORCING Final Smashes down your throat in a very Sakurai-ish move by Junahu (at least the guy let you turn off items, right?). This obviously screws with the whole tier list as Sonic is now uber and Meta Knight is…well, he’s still uber, but he has to deal with Sonic ramming into him whilst glowing bright gold. Doppelori was received very well by H_R, darth meanie and myself while nit-picked to death by Warlord (but still liked ultimately).

Silver made his first moveset post in MYM7 with Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, or in English…I have no idea what the hell that is in English. Anyway! Rena’s insane, yay for insanity! The overall character and playstyle heavily revolve around the whole sanity/insanity deal and the moveset itself changes depending on your current state of mind (Rena’s, not yours obviously); sane to build up damage, insane to slaughter your foes mercilessly with your increased knockback. Rena got a few comments, most feeling it was a fairly average/good set overall (nothing really negative however).

Shortly after Rena we had the experimental Dodongo by Kholdstare. Dodongo has simple writing style. Makes easy to read. Move easy understand with simple writing. Most like moveset for what is; fun, easy read. Dodongo still dislikes smoke…

Next we have Nero by ChrisLionheart. A follow up to last week’s Dante set, Nero (who was apparently made in a very short time frame?) brings more combo-y goodness to MYM complete with his crazy Devil Bringer arm that has always reminded me vaguely of Stretch Armstrong (you kids remember Stretch Armstrong, right?) and considerably less weapons than Dante. Nero was mostly ignored, caught up in comments for other sets and the comments he did get were fairly negative.

Last but not least we have Seth by ieyasu tokugawa (Pain typing out that name!). General reception for Seth was fairly standard for a newcomer set. While his stealing attacks from existing characters was rather frowned upon, he was above the general standard for newcomer sets.

You no hungry for Hot Pocket! You hungry for…


Oh thank God! A weekly rant that isn’t mind numbingly depressing, we seriously needed one of those. It is however a fairly short rant; what do you expect? I was MIA for most of the week, I can’t very well rant about something I wasn’t a part of. That being said however…the thread’s been a fair bit more lively this week; we got quite a few new sets and people are commenting more regularly which is always a good thing! So yeah, short rant but that needless to say is a good thing (because it means I have less to bitch about). So give yourself a big pat on the back MYM, you’ll pulled us out of a scary nosedive. Now let’s –NEVER- get back there again. Ever. Or else.

Anyway, that’s about it for this week guys so let’s wrap this up with another cliché and overused, “I’m done now, thank God. Now I can sleep!” closing. Think we can make this upcoming week even better…?

Hope you all enjoyed~<3

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents

Excluding Zinger and Maraj, all moveset comments for this week are right HERE. Zinger gets to be fancy and have his own post as I wanted to make a spam post into something with more substance. Maraj gets his own post because I like to make newcomers feel welcome and not instantly hated for not being up to the standards!

MT’s Two Cents on RENA

Okay, I STILL haven’t watched the series, I’m sorry. I keep getting distracted by IRL stuff but mostly videogames. That being said, I’ll take a look over Rena. The set I mean. Rena really has…no potential. She’s kind of on the level of Hyatt in that aspect; you take the insane concept and run with it, much like I ran with vomiting blood everywhere (Mardi Gras 2009, I ran while vomiting blood everywhere, for instance). That being said, you ran with the insanity deal quite well, reminds me of Tira from SCIV where her whole deal was her bipolar nature; she did less damage and was slower in “Cheerful” mode and did more damage (to both her and her opponent) and attacked faster while in “Gloomy” mode. Another random tangent, my apologies….anyway, I will agree with the others that Insane Rena doesn’t really have that many problems racking up damage whereas Sanea (see what I did thar?) seems to have a good deal of problems KO’ing. I will ignore any “dull” moves you may have (like how you said the nair was dull) simply because you’re making a character with very little potential. Overall, Rena’s not bad at all, a good effort with a limited potential character and a fun read for sure; great job!




  2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni means “when they cry” in english. AND WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO WATCH HIGURASHI OR COMMENT RENA? (D)

  3. Crap, my bad Silver (ono) It was really late and I forgot I had Rena’s comment in a different document than the others. I’ll make a post of it later, would do it now but I have to go out :S

    Also: Really guys? This is the least commented Recap ever : |

  4. I also like how someone edited this to include Seth as well. . .afraid we’d lose the header for this week? (smirk)

  5. What a wonderfully busy week. It’s… it’s so beautiful. 😥


  7. Hate’s a strong word. I’m dreadfully impartial on most breakfast cereals, and Fruit Loops are no exception. Happy now, Maximus?

  8. Yes. I’d say I am.

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