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MT’s Sunday Recap Season 1 Box Set

In case you’re wondering what this is…it started out as a simple little way to keep the Sunday Recaps organized and quickly ballooned into this. Every character in bold is a character discussed in that Episode of the Recap, pretty much everything that’s -NOT- in bold is just a clever (or not so much) story I made up instead of sleeping and while listening to this endlessly. I hope you guys enjoy my little story; I do plan on continuing it for sure! I also hope that this (in some weird way) actually does help with knowing which sets were where in the ever growing amount of Recaps!


Episode 1: The Beginning

Vaati, Servbot and Daroach awaken on a mysterious island with no idea how they got there! They soon find out that the island is home to a variety of violent Pokemon (Clefable, Kangaskhan, Slugma and Ludicolo just to name a few)! Cornered and trapped, Little Mac appears to save our heroes, only to be interrupted by Duke Oliver who doesn’t want harm to befall his beautiful Pokemon! Meanwhile, M.Bison and Engineer are up to some kind of sinister plot…all that’s know is that Bison doesn’t want Engineer to destroy those tapes he made for him…INTRIGUE. And just WHERE is GBC Link during all of this; Holodrum or Labrynnaa…?

Episode 2: A Meeting of Evil

Somewhere in a dark locale, a group of wicked villians have joined forces. The evil King of Subcon, Wart, the menacing Shadowdeth and the cunning Dr. Wily sit in their Legion of Doom-esque fortress, plotting the downfall of do-gooders everywhere! Main screen turn on! It appears that two warriors are sparring; a ninja in orange named Naruto and a nobel samurai, Takamaru. A miniscule blonde speck is seen in the di-“WHO’RE YOU CALLING SO TINY YOU’D NEED A MAGNIFYING GLASS TO SEE HIM?!” Er..! The powerful state alchemist Edward Elric; clearly walking tall among the commoners. Back on the mysterious island, a wild Primeape bursts from the bushes on Oliver’s command! He charges straight towards Little Mac who raises his fists in defense. Primeape stops short however, a Pokeball hitting him in the back thrown by none other than Generic Character!

Episode 3: The Master Revealed

Slow clapping is heard followed by a slight chuckle. A mysterious man, his body covered in shadows emerges from seemingly nowhere (perhaps he emerges from the shadows?!) In a low voice, the man laughs, “So…you want to be a Pokemon Master?” He holds out his hand as a shadowy Pokeball appears in his grip; “Show them how it’s done, Abomasnow!” A large, tree-like Pokemon emerges from the Shadow Ball and lets out a terrible roar! Generic Character clenches his fists but is instantly frozen solid and subsequently shattered to fragments of ice by the massive Pokemon! Mac, Vaati and Daroach take offensive stances, ready to fight (while both Servbot and Oliver cower). It would seem that Oliver was merely lying about being the master of Pokemon on this island. Abomasnow let’s out another howling blizzard which, fortunately for Mac and Daroach, Vaati deflects to the side. Not so fortunately for Oliver and Servbot, the icy blast is deflected straight into them, freezing Oliver to the bone instantly and deactivating Servbot. Things seem hopeless for the group until a black blur appears; “Chaos Control!” That voice! It’s Shadow the Hedgehog! Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Shadow SOMEHOW manages to rescue the trio from a frosty fate. Meanwhile, back in the Legion of Doom-esque fortress, a pillar of flames jets up from the floor as a flaming (as in on fire, not flamboyant) blue figure steps out. “Name’s Hades, lord of the dead. Here’s my card.” The figure summons up a business card and tucks it into Wily’s pocket. “So whadda we got going on here?!” he asks enthusiastically, draping his arm over Wily’s shoulder who merely frowns in reply and inches away awkwardly. “I would like to know that as well…” asks a large humanoid like figure wielding a shotgun. Shadowdeth floats forward and exams the gun, only for the gun’s owner, Saren, to blow Shadowdeth to pieces. Hades poofs out of sight and appears right next to Saren, getting uncomfortably close as you do when someone blows another person to pieces with a shotgun. “So uh…that thing do more damage up close?”

Episode 4: Hero of All Time

Shadow, Vaati, Little Mac and Daroach find themselves reappearing in yet another unknown destination. “Damn. I don’t have enough Chaos Emerald energy to get us out of here…” Shadow angsts, striking the ground violently. Mac looks around as if to ask, “Where are we?” Shadow senses this and replies with an equally angsty answer; “I don’t know. But we’re not getting out of here unless I find that damn 4th Chaos Emerald!” A horrible screeching is heard followed by the heavy sound of footsteps. The group looks around in a panic, they realize now that they’re in an incredibly inclosed spaced; combat here will be near impossible if push comes to shove. At that very moment that they fear that push will indeed come to shove, a chunk of the ceiling tile comes crushing down. Everyone manages to press A+B fast enough except for Daroach who stupidly presses L+R. It’s never L+R for these kind of things. Dropping from the ceiling is a large spiderlike monster; Kee-Mo-Shi. The trio turn tail and run, Mac knowing that he’s useless against such a beast, Vaati assuming that wind won’t exactly work the best in this situation and Shadow being generally angsty. Soon, the three find themselves back into a corner, the hulking beast approaching fast. Suddenly however, the ceiling above them splits as a green clad figure drops from the ceiling (this time nobody’s crushed though). “I AM THE HERO OF TIME. I WILL SAVE YOU COMPLEX MEAT SACKS. I AM ROBO-LINK.” With a massive swing, Robo-Link dices the beast to pieces! “And I’m his friend!” cries out a much more lame voice, that of Mighty Gazelle. “ERROR. ROBO-LINK CANNOT FIND APPLICATION: FRIEND.” With an equally mighty swing, Mighty Gazelle finds himself in two pieces right beside Kee-Mo-Shi.

Meanwhile, back on the island of Pokemon, a young trainer named Gold roams the landscape with his friends; Sunflora, Typhlosion and Politoed. As he explores, he hears a strange rustle behind him. “So…you want to be a Pokemon Master…?” a mysterious voice asks. Gold turns around and lets out a yelp. The camera pans away as his hat drifts into frame…

A young boy with headphones strolls down the street, his hands crammed in his pockets as he passes by various graffiti of now washed up heroes like Sasuke, that fat old boxer; Bear Hugger and that bratty Koopa Prince, Bowser Jr.. This boy is Neku Sakuraba. As he continues down the barren street, several strange creatures begin to pour out…strange creatures he recognizes oh so well…

M.Bison laughs heartily, “Yes! Yes!” he exclaims, clutching his monitor as he watches on the screen as a young boy is attacked by a group of monsters. “Come, watch these street fighters be pummeled to dust!” he calls out to the Engineer. No reply. Bison seems annoyed, “This is…!” A voice interrupts his own; “Delicious.” Bison turns around to see a black, wolf-like creature. Engineer is lying on the floor, seemingly dead. The wolf-like creature known only as Spadefox walks slowly forward, wiping his mouth. “Don’t be hasty!” Bison pleads, raising his arms in fear for the first time in the history of ever. The screen fades to black and only Bison is heard; “No! No!”

Moments later Spadefox is heard speaking; “Tanookie and his minions have been disposed of…step two of Operation: Sacreligious Chaos will begin shortly…” Spade then laughs wickedly…

Episode 5: Eevilutions

Shadow and crew eye the mysterious robotic stranger carefully; he did just cut his “friend” in half after all. Robo-Link turns to the group. “I AM ROBO-LINK. I WAS ORIGINALLY A FLESHBAG LIKE YOU WHILE VISITING HOLODRUM. I HOWEVER REALIZED I HAD TOO LITTLE POTENTIAL AND TOO MANY WEAKNESS AS A FLESHBAG. THUS, I HAD MY SUPERIOR BRAIN PLACED IN THIS ROBOTIC BODY.” Shadow glares angstily at Robo-Link, “Give me your Chao Emerald dammit! Damn!” he exclaims. Robo-Link replies by stabbing him in the brain with his massive sword, “ERROR.” Mac and Vaati stare in horror as Robo-Link wipes chunks of hedgehog off of his blade. Vaati decides to speak up, “You foolish robot…tell me where I am this instant…” Robo-Link stares at Vaati for a moment before a buzzsaw shoots out of his chest and lodges itself in Mac’s head, killing the boxer instantly. “TARGETING SYSTEM IS ERROR.” Vaati sighs, “Nevermind this, what a waste of time…” Summoning up a mighty wind, Vaati vanishes into thin air. “WHAT IS ALL THIS NOISE?” asks a different robotic voice. A large black robot, E-102 mkII floats out from the nearby doorway followed closely after by a female android; V-13. “SOME MEATSACKS DISCOVERED OUR SPACE STATION.” “WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN…” E-102 replies. “WE MUST REPORT THIS TO GHOR.” The three turn tail and head deep into the space station. Unfortunately for them, a spaceship piloted by Gorea collides with the space station, killing all of the robots instantly in a huge fiery, if not comical, explosion.

Meanwhile, back on Pokemon Island, a group of cat/dog/feline/canine Pokemon are lying about. They all vaugely resemble one another but they’re all different colours and, as such, are totally different. Totally. A large black shadow approaches them, “So…you want to be a-…” the figure stops. “Nevermind, you can’t reply to that…” Pokemon Master holds out his hand as another shadowy Pokeball appears in it. “Go! Magnezone!” He tosses the ball into an opening between the Pokemon and out emerges a giant UFO-like Pokemon with a single eye. The Pokemon quickly spins in a circle and before any of the others have time to react, it sends out fierce bolts of lightning! Of the group, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon and Leafeon are fried to a crisp instantly…it would appear that Pokemon Master has no need for Eeveelutions in his collection! Pokemon Master grins, somehow apparent through his shadowy form. He summons up three more shadow balls and hurls them at the remaining three Eeveelutions! Instantly (and without any of that damn shaking), Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon are instantly caught! Seems as though Pokemon Master is a bit of a gen snob…randomly, a lone Delibird flies above Pokemon Master and is instantly shot down by Magnezone…

A random transition later and a happy Poppy Bros. Sr. is skipping through a meadow of flowers. How adorable. Too adorable. Out of COMPLETELY nowhere, Poison Zombie lunges at Poppy Bros. Sr. and starts violently tearing out chunks of flesh, blood spraying everywhere with sickening splatters and the sound of ripping sinew. Poppy Bros. Sr. screams as he flails wildly, the Poison Zombie tightening his clutches on the poor squirming, yet still smiling, Kirby character. Almost as if to put him out of his suffering, a massive blast of flame shoots out from off screen and incinerates both Poppy Bros. Sr. and Poison Zombie. “Smoked ’em!” laughs a thick Australian accent; it’s Dingodile

Episode 6: The Episode With Sukapon

Dancing around the boxing ring, Bald Bull squared up against his opponent; a giant mole with a pair of boxing gloves sewn to its hands, Guardian Digger. Bald Bull floated like a moth and stung like a yellow jacket; with the grace of a ballet dancer, or at least a stripper, Bald Bull had landed several powerful punches on his foe. “You are like the baby!” Bald Bull laughed in his broken English. At this, Guardian Digger tackled him to the ground and proceeded to shred the Turkish boxer to ribbons. Lord Crump, who for whatever reason had been sitting in the stands decided to end the match early however. He pulled a larger controller out of his pocket and pushed a giant red button on it, instantly causing the entire arena to explode in yet another fiery but comical explosion. There were no survivors. Not even Prince Reyson who was using the restroom at the time.

Meanwhile, at Titan Tower, Raven was being all angsty but totally not goth whilst listening to her My Chemical Romance collection and staring at a picture of her old friend, Shadow the Hedgehog (who died in the previous Episode mind you, totally plot relevent). From the corner of Raven’s room came a strange rustling noise. Raven ignored this and continued to meditate whilst chanting her mantra of Azarath Metrion Zinthos. The rustling became louder and louder still. Irked, Raven got up and walked over to her clothes hamer where the sound was coming from. Flipping the lid (and much to Raven’s horror) revealed a strange man hiding in her hamper holding a pair of her panties! Raven had become the victim of the Mekuri Master. Of course, even his masterful ways couldn’t save him from a pissed off Raven; approximately ten seconds later his entire body was condensed into a bloody 4x4x4 cube of mangled flesh and bone.

Of course…I’m getting ahead of myself. To truly understand the plot, one must go back several thousand years earlier…to a time of the ultimate battle of good versus evil. Millions of years ago a lone warrior, a knight of the noble Squiggly Warriors, Sukapon, lead the march against the evil Clownbots lead by their leader, Pennywise, the dancing clown. In an intense battle that raged on for dozens of minutes, eventually both were defeated. Yeah, it was kind of anticlimactic admittedly but the fight itself was pretty cool. So everyone ultimately died except for one noble warrior, Thief Khee’bler who fled like a coward on his magical flying Metagross. Needless to say I was entirely lying when I said the was an intense, deep and meaningful backstory and it in fact has nothing at all to do with the current story. Sorry about misleading you like that, I figured you’d find it funny.

Episode 7: A New Dood

Alright, first and foremost I won’t even sugarcoat this one. The Errant dies. It’s funny. The end.

Meanwhile, back at an area that looks very similar to the sports arena where Bald Bull tragically died, a meeting of his friends and family is taking place. King Hippo, Von Kaiser, Bear Hugger and Bald Bull’s third cousin twice removed, Joe Calzaghe. The trio of Punch-Out!! circuit boxers cried deeply for the loss of their friend; each recalling old times of Little Mac beating the everloving snot out of them in both 2D and 3D graphics. Joe however was different, he was fancy and actually real…plus he WON. Needless to say he was savagely beaten to death by the other three boxers whom, moments later, commited mass suicide to rejoin their fallen companion.

Several thousand, miles above Earth, the remains of the floating robot space station…floated about in space. The one survivor of the blast, HK-47 floated about in the void of space. Fortunately I don’t have to flesh his character out any…a mysterious figure snatches him up from behind! A horrible sound of tearing metal and sparks flying followed by deep, robotic laughter. “I AM ROBO-LINK MKII, THE NEWEST AND MOST GREATEREST FORM OF ROBO-LINK.” Rebuilding himself with the bodies of his fellow robot compadres, Robo-Link became Robo-Link MkII. Aiming his sword directly at the big blue planet before him, Robo-Link MkII rockets forward!

A few hours later, Robo-Link MkII fell to earth, crushing underfoot a living snowman named Bleak. The snowman with his dying breaths laughed a bit, weakly waving his arms before dying. His creator, a wise wizard named Squishy Wizard watched on in horror. Robo-Link MkII raised his arm, a high powered machinegun coming out of his hand for no real reason at all. “SEARCHING DATABANKS FOR CLEVER LINE…LOADING LINE “GARBAGE DAY.” Robo-Link steadied his aim, “GARBAGE DAY!” Squishy Wizard raised his hands in defense, “Huh! No!!” But it was too late. Squishy Wizard flew backwards a bit, his garbage can (that he summoned via magic) crashing to the ground before him. “HA HA HA HA!” Robo-Link laughed as a fan came from his mouth and blew the smoke away from the gun.

Back at the fight between Naruto and Takamaru about…seven or so episodes ago. Naruto screamed “BELIEVE IT!” in his terrible english voice just as a giant tornado appeared, sucking him up and killing him instantly in a horribly gory fashion. Out of the tornado came Vaati, the wind mage. Vaati glanced around, “Where am I now…?”

Also meanwhile, on Pokemon Island…Pokemon Master pulled out a shadowy Pokedex; “It would seem that I only need one Pokemon to complete my collection…Darkrai. “Oh, and a Machamp too.” As he said this, a Machamp randomly walked past and was instantly caught. “Only Darkrai left…”

The monsters that confronted Neku weren’t your normal Noise…no, they were something much stranger. Four colorful teenage turtles who walked like humans…clearly some kind of mutants. “We’re the Koopa Bros!” they cried out in unison as they prepared to fight the young boy…

And Protoman.EXE.

Episode 8: A Tycoon and His Shroom

Back in the Legion of Doom-esque lair of the random assorted villians from various games and other forms of media, Dr. Wily boots up his computer so the fiends can begin plotting their EVIL PLANS. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Wily laughs as his computer boots up. “Now we’ll be able to destroy those blasted do-good-…hang on. Virus scan.” BubbleMan.EXE appears on Wily’s computer screen causing an annoying screensaver full of bubbles to pop up! “Oh for crying out…” Wily boots up his antivirus software who is, despite not being a Net Navi at all, Doc Robot! “This may take a while…” Wily sighs, “It’s a Battle Network fight…” The rest of the villians groan. After waiting about twenty minutes and with BubbleMan still at around 300+HP, Saren gets bored and shoots Wart in the torso, exploding him for some reason. Hades, feeling the need to quote the movie he’s from laughs and quips in with “My favorite part of the game…sudden death” as a random pair of sunglasses appear on him much like the “(H)” smiley. Wily is irritated by all the noise (and by the fact that he’s been waiting for that damn Program Advance for like fifteen minutes now) and snaps at Saren; “Why don’t you go find something useful to do?!” Saren looks around, it’s only him Hades and Wily left, “Like…?” “I don’t care! Go shoot yourself in the head or something, that’s probably a better use of your time than killing everyone else!” Saren’s face morphs into the awesome face as he slowly raises his pistol to his head. Needless to say Saren dies.

Meanwhile! Back on Pokemon Island, a mysterious man washes up on shore…the man gets to his feet and glances around. “This place…WILL BE BRILLIANT FOR MY NEW THEME PARK!” This man is Roller Coaster Tycoon. Roller Coaster Tycoon smiles…but his smile quickly turns to horror as he suddenly realizes something, “Wait…where are you?!” he screams, frantically looking around the wreckage of his ship, “Where are you?!” Tossing a piece of driftwood aside, Roller Coaster Tycoon lets out a sigh of relief, “There you are Wilson…” Under the piece of driftwood is a Mushroom named Wilson. “I was so worried about you!” Roller Coaster Tycoon hugs the mushroom and glances about. Out of absolutely NOWHERE, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop fly out and start punching, kicking and…kicking Roller Coaster Tycoon respectively. Once the large cartoonish dust cloud is gone, only Roller Coaster Tycoon remains, twitching slightly as he dies.

Meanwhile! Back at the villians’ hideout, Dr. Wily is playing Clu Clu Land on his computer while Hades sits nearby playing paddleball. Upon hitting Unira, Bubbles pops and Dr. Wily LOSES THE GAME. “Agh! I hate Clu Clu Land!” he cries, throwing the computer to the ground, effectively causing it to explode. “Where is that hunk of junk with the other villians?!” Wily cries. At this Hornet Man walks through the door. “Your nastiness. I have brought you more villians as you asked.” Behind him, a massive figure walks through the door in a black suit of armor. “I am the Black Knight…” the figure says in a rather Darth Vader-esque voice, “I have come to fight for the forces of ev-…hang on.” The Black Knight reaches up and pulls off his helmet, revealing himself to be none other than Mr. 2 Bon Kurie! “That’s much better, so hard to talk in that thing and taaaaalk about hot!” Wily stares in horror, “Who is this baffoon?!” Hornet Man sighs, “And this was the other person I found…his name is Volde-” A pale snake like man comes into the room and stares at Hornet Man, “Don’t say it!” Dr. Wily looks from Hornet Man to the stranger…then at Bon Kurie and shudders. “Who is this now?!” “He is the dark lord Vold-” “Noooooo! Don’t say it!” Hornet Man sighs again, walks up to Wily’s desk and writes down the name on a piece of paper. “Oh. So you’re Vold-” “STOP IIIIIIIIIIT!”

And then Suzu gets generically written in at the end as I have no idea of her character at all! Spooky!

“Good…good…Spadefox will be most pleased…even though he has no desire to become a Pokemon Master like myself, Pokemon Master, with the Mushroom of Time in his possession, nothing can stop him! Mwuahahahaha!”

Episode 9: Super Happy Anime Fighting Clash of Angsty Teenage Characters WITH ROBOTS!

Last time (or in reality several times ago), Vaati had just reached the random waterfall where Naruto and Takmaru were fighting. He had also just killed Naruto (very plot crucial) with one of his giant tornados. Takamaru draws his blade, “Who are you strange blue one?!” he asks, demanding answers. “I am Vaati, the wind mage…not that it concerns a commoner like yourself.” Vaati replies. Out of nowhere, Yae randomly appears to support her good friend Takamaru. “I brought backup!” she cries, pointing at Akira standing a few feet behind them who waves awkwardly, deathly afraid of another Warlordian lashing. “I don’t have time to deal with you fools…” Vaati sighs as he turns around. Directly behind him is someone equally brooding and angsty; Itachi Uchiha. And then randomly, Master Chief crashes his Banshee into the ground, instantly killing Vaati, Itachi, Akira, Takamaru and Yae…Master Chief however survives…

MEANWHILE. Dr. Wily is still clearly upset by his lack of reliable minions. Calling in Hornet Man once more, Dr. Wily demands answers…”Where are my new minions?!” he cries, pounding his desk with such Wily-esque rage. Hornet Man sighs, “You weren’t happy with the other ones?” “Happy?!” Wily asks in shock, “Happy?! That one won’t even let me say his name and that other one…he keeps dancing around and…touching me places…” Moments later, two crocodilian figures burst into the room, sending Hornet Man hurtling into a poorly placed woodchipper, “Klump and Krusha, reporting for duty your nastiness!” Wily laughs, “You two look very reliable! Most certainly not comic relief vilians! Fwee hee hee! Excellent! I have a most important mission for you two…”

“We need a minority!”

MEANWHILE, at the local Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits; Klump and Krusha have disguised themselves as a garbage can and a Mexican farmer respectively. “You sure we’re gonna find him here?” Klump asks. “Sí. El hará más ciertamente es encontrado alrededor del tiempo de la convención de rayo de manta. Sería insensato de él rechazar las esponjas libres.” Klump looks at Krusha in confusion before replying; “Por supuesto.” Suddenly, the front door opens and in walks Mr. Sandman. Klump and Krusha both instantly tackle the boxer but Sandman is too fast! He shanks Krusha in the blink of an eye. “What the hell did you do that for?!” Klump cries as Krusha bleeds on the floor. Sandman looks down at the two, “Bitch be wearin’ blue in Bloods’ turf.” Krusha then bleeds out, dies and goes to hell for being a bad guy. There he meets MT who is there for being a racist fuck.

Meanwhile! Sandman and Klump return to Wily’s base only to see a giant floating blue monster…floating…inside! “Ah! You thre-…two have returned! Excellent! Gentlemen, meet Nightmare!” Nightmare sheepishly waves and gives a halfhearted, “Hey guys…” before looking away quickly. “I also found this guy in a dumpster…” Next to Nightmare is a small black cannon; Blaster. “Good evening gents’. The name is Sir Blastenguarde Esquire the Third, charmed to meet you.” Sandman leans over to Klump and whispers, “I think he hittin’ on you son.”

Let’s go back to Pokemon Island! It’s been almost an entire episode without it being mentioned! Back on Pokemon Island, a strange trainer who appears to be some kind of Rival is seen snooping around. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just name him Rival Trainer. “Oh golly gee wilikers!” Rival Trainer calls out, “A wild Slaking!” Slaking yawns and scratches himself before randomly using CRUSH CLAW and instantly killing Rival Trainer. Pokemon Master then comes out of seemingly nowhere, takes Rival Trainers balls and uses the monsters inside for his own gain…

“Lord Spadefox.”

“Uh…uh! Wait just a minute! Wait! I’m busy right now! Can you come back later?!”

“Lord Spadefox, this is urgent…”

“Oh fine!” the door opens up and Spadefox steps out, tossing a magazine with some suggestive images of Soma Cruz to the side. “This better be important you fool or your fate is sealed, I won’t tollerate any more messing up!”

The hooded figure extends his hand, a pulsating mushroom in his palm (totally not gay). “The Mushroom of Time my lord…”

“You…how did you obtain this?!”

“Pokemon Master handed it off to me, I figured it should be delivered to you without delay…”

“So it seems you aren’t so useless after all…very well then…as much as it pains me to say this…good work…Sixrch Battosai…

Episode 10: The Storming of Castle Spadefox

Returning quite a few episodes back to Neku and the Koopa Bros. who were in a heated confrontation…but suddenly (cocks) the confrontation stops! Neku points up at the massive tower sticking out of the ground behind the Koopa Bros, causing them to nod in understanding; it would appear that the Koopa Bros. and Neku have discovered a common enemy. A massive sound of wings beating is heard as Flygon flies down beside Neku with Mario (Remix) on his back. Mario and the Koopa Bros. stare at each other for a while before realizing they have to put their differenes aside. A massive roar is heard from behind the group as they all turn around to see a huge ice monster walking towards the group! They all take up their fighting stances but the one-eyed monster simply shakes his hand and points at the castle; “TROLL SPADEFOX!” he bellows as he walks forwar to the front gate, tearing the gate off of its hinges. The group then began their climb of Castle Spadefox lead by Kholdstare

“Lord Spadefox; a group of intruders have entered your castle…! Shall I take care of them your evilness?” Sixrch asks, studying a computer screen before him. Spadefox simply laughs, “These fools really think they can stop me? That they can really reclaim the Mushroom of Time?…Idiots, the lot of them!” Spade floats over to another computer and presses several buttons on the control panel; “Go get them…Me!”

Kholdstare and rest of the group have reached the tenth floor by now and enter a large opening. Before them stands a man known only as Me. The whole group takes up a fighting stance as Me simply stands there. Eventually, the unpleasant looking man speaks; “I am Me.” The group looks on in confusion as Me summons a large CD player from seemingly nowhere. The CD player comes to life, blasting shitty music causing the whole group to cover their ears in agony. Mario quickly recalls Flygon, clutching his ears as he does so. It does little to save him however; his eyes melt out like that one Nazi at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Koopa Bros. suffer a similar fate; their heads exploding one by one from the terrible music being played. Fortunately, for the team of heroes, Kholdstare has no ears and Neku’s headphones provided more than enough GOOD music to counteract Me’s terrible tunes. Blasting him with an arctic blast; Kholdstare shattered Me to pieces, ending his reign of horrible music.

Spadefox watched on in semi-amazement; “They managed to beat Me?!” he snapped in pure rage; “How can they beat Me so easily?! Well…no matter. They may have beaten Me but they’ll never beat ME! Come you fools; dance with the furmaster! Mwuahahahaha!”

Only a few moments later, a faint rumbling is heard outside of Spadefox’s top floor. “So they’ve come…so be it, this will be our fight to the death!” The rumbling dies down, leaving Spadefox and Sixrch in vague confusion. “Did they lea-?” Suddenly, Kholdstare and Neku BURST through the door to Spade’s top floor abode riding a Tauros! Khold and Neku leap off the Tauros and Neku tosses out the Pokeball containing Flygon! Neku and Flygon try and blitz Spadefox from both sides but the clever wolf is too quick, inflicting them both with random status effects before smacking them away with his tentacles! Kholdstare launches an icy barrage against Spade only to have him stop it mid-flight and launch it straight back at Khold who takes the hit hard. Neku attempts once again to attack Spadefox but is grabbed midair by one of Spade’s tentacles! Pulled in close Neku is -INSERT HARDCORE YAOI SCENE HERE- Neku hits the ground hard; blood, lipstick and other fluids staining the nurse outfit he’s now wearing. Seriously, you should’ve seen that missing scene. I edited it out for your safety. His soul drained, Neku moves no longer. Upon seeing this, Kholdstare let’s out a roar of pure rage, “TROLL SPADEFOX!” Picking up Tauros, Kholdstare HURLS the cow at Spadefox who, not expecting to have a COW thrown at him, takes the hit and flies backwards, crushed up against the window behind him. Spade clutches his head with a claw as he tries to regain his senses…he glances up to see Kholdstare rushing directly at him! With no time to react, Khold rams Spadefox straight through the window! Spade begins to fall, his body being weighed down by the heavy amount of cow on him! “No…I won’t die like this! NO!” Spade throws Tauros off of him to the ground below and focuses, growing his wings out, “I will not die to YOU!” he screams.

From the top of the tower, Kholdstare quickly reloads, grabbing Flygon and hurling him downwards at Spadefox! Spade swats the Pokemon aside sending it hurling into a building where it explodes! “I will end you!” he cries out, rocketing upwards towards Khold at an alarming rate. Khold glances around to see if he has anything else to throw; nothing. With that, Khold leaps out of the window, plummeting towards Spadefox with incredible speed! “Wh-..what is he doing?! What?! No!” As he falls, Kholdstare grabs Spadefox out of the air and holds him out before him! “KHOLD CRAAAAAAAASH!” he screams as the two rocket towards the ground! Momements later, the two hit the earth, a massive cloud of dust obscuring all vision. No movement. No sound.


“So Spadefox has fallen…surprising. All of you! We will need to step up our game if we want to defeat these new opponents…the age of Specter is upon us!”

Episode 11: Massive Plorf Twist

Sixrch Battosai watched as his master plummeted to the ground, crushed to death thanks to Kholdstare. “Master..!” Sixrch cried for about fifteen, twenty minutes or so before hopping into his UFO along with the Mushroom of Time. “I must get the Mushroom of Time to Dr. Wily!” With that, he took off

Meanwhile, back on Pokemon Island; two young girls find themselves washed up on shore; Perona and Nanoha. Now the plot twist; Pokemon Island…IS ACTUALLY ALSO JURASSIC PARK. Out of NOWHERE, a group of Velociraptors swarm and devour the two. The raptors then spread out, hunting down the various Pokemon on the island (Clefable, Kangaskhan, Slugma and Ludicolo just to name a few)! This however OUTRAGES Pokemon Master who appears from nowhere and summons Abomasnow and the Hitmons! It’s a close fight but the Pokemon are easily defeated and eaten. So it really wasn’t that close of a fight. Sorry. Irritated at having his Pokemon eaten; Pokemon Master calls out Magnezone who vaporizes the group of raptors.

Back at the base of evil vilains, Sixrch Battosai has just arrived, Mushroom of Time in hand. “Dr. Wily…! Spadefox is dead!” Dr. Wily bangs on his desk in outrage, “Curse that MT for writing out a valuable vilain! It’s a good thing we have dozens more to replace him though.” As he says that, a giant spiked ball shoots through the door, striking Mr. 2 Bon Kurie in the head, decapitating him in the process. “Oh for crying out-…can’t any of you have NORMAL entrances?!” Wily snaps as Kaptain K.Rool enters the room. “I am Kaptain K.Rool and THIS…is my new weapon.” He fires it again causing yet another spiked ball to hit Bon Kurie’s corpse in the genitials. Klump, upon seeing his master runs up to him and clings to his arm, “Your nastiness! Krusha is dead!” Rool seems instantly displeased with Klump’s strange clinginess and shakes him off. Sandman shakes his head, “Nigga, you gay.” Rool approaches Wily’s desk and looks at the Mushroom of Time; “Oh, by the way Wily…there was some big guy out in the parking lot, couldn’t get in the door. The camera cuts to Chernabog who is outside waiting in the parking lot. “Hello…? Guys…? Can I come in…?” It then starts to rain causing Chernabog to sign and slouch over; “Oh man…this day sucks…” Another spiked ball then soars into the parking lot and lodges itself in Chernabog’s brain.

Count and Zondark casually stroll past; “Sucks to be him” and enter the base.




  2. what is this i dont even

  3. (YUM)

  4. I lol’d

    (h) for using Spadefox as a major villian.

  5. This is totally awesome. Hopefully you’ll get the others up and update it in time because I want to see my characters. lol generic character.

    “So uh…that thing do more damage up close?”
    This is funny.

    “I find that damn 4th Chaos Emerald!”
    A reference to Shadow the Hedgehog in the game where he says “Where’s that damn 4th Chaos Emerald!” at the start of the Circus Park level.

    I reckon the 8th and 16th recaps will be the most exciting. Lots of characters. Oh, and Gorea will appear twice, as well as Bear Hugger and Espeon. Looking forward to Pennywise as well. And Vegeta. I reckon The Count and George should be made major villains. And Mario, Pikachu and Samus are Brawl characters.

    You should have Neku battle against Sho later on, heroes and villains. Gold VS Rival Trainer, Itachi VS Sasuke, Darkrai VS Mewtwo, Robo Link VS MK2, Mario VS various mario villains, Mario VS Paper Mario (Otherwise Mario could just get turned into Paper Mario), and so on.

    It seems a bit sad some characters are instantly killed off. Us MYMers should kind of have a desicion on that. You could make a vote like MYM survivor. Please don’t kill Suzu or Heppokomaru off (they could be on the heroes team) but you can kill the non humans off aimlessly if you want to.

  6. *hand appears from drain*

    Hiya, MT! I just wanted to say hell-o!

    This is a little inconvenient, MT. Just hold on while I make a few…adjustments!

    *opens up shower floor*

    Here I am, MT! Hey, you’re gonna like it down here!

    MT: (SHOCK)

    Won’t do you any good to run, girly boy! *waves* See you in your dreams! Oh, come back anytime! Bring your friends! *shows fangs and cackles*

    Oh, and I love how Hades has a business card in all his MYM appearances now. (Y)

  7. enthusasiastically?

  8. @Everyone before Kat: (H)

    @Kat: There’s lots of little references thrown in there really. Engineer being Balrog is one. Pokemon Master’s line of “So you want to be a Pokemon Master?” is taken from the Pokemon CD song “2BA Master” in which the same line is spoken by a strange, evil-sounding voice.

    As far as killing some characters off…while I’d love to keep everyone around, it just becomes far too cluttered. As you can tell, I’ve already forgotten the whole Naruto/Takamaru/Ed Elric thing. Also, aside from M.Bison, I simply don’t know enough about the characters I killed off in order to properly write them in. Considering this little “story” will have to cover -EVERY- moveset mentioned in -EVERY- Recap (unlike Warlord’s where he hand-picked who he wanted to use), a lot of the characters here wouldn’t get fair representation (or would be painfully out of character) if I did put them in. That, and the roster would be absolutely massive. Glad you enjoyed what you read though!

    @Kupa: Wat.

    @FF: This was written by me at about….7:00am in the morning after not having slept. I didn’t actually sleep until 3:00pm yesterday so that was probably about…hour 19 of being awake for me. That and I wrote it directly onto the Stadium so I didn’t have spell check. Reading it again shows lots of little mistakes, yeah @_@;

  9. that’s OK, MT, as long as you’re enthusasiastic about it. 😀

  10. (D)…..

  11. This is fantastic. Abomasnow and Saren are just owning some guys.

    And I just realized, Abomasnow didn’t have a single move that froze the opponent. xD

  12. Ahahahahaha. Love what you did to my first 2 sets![/Sakurai]

    But seriously, I’ve been laughing so much at this. I want someone to animate all the episodes. It’d be so random and awesome.

  13. “A random transition later and a happy Poppy Bros. Sr. is skipping through a meadow of flowers. How adorable. Too adorable. Out of COMPLETELY nowhere, Poison Zombie lunges at Poppy Bros. Sr. and starts violently tearing out chunks of flesh, blood spraying everywhere with sickening splatters and the sound of ripping sinew.”

    No need for transition, eh?

  14. “Generic Character clenches his fists but is instantly frozen solid and subsequently shattered to fragments of ice by the massive Pokemon!”


  15. Btw, I realize I’m a little late commenting 9_9 Haven’t been around here lately. (chew)

  16. (CHEW)

  17. Oh god, that’s what, 6! taken down by Magnezone? Dakrai a main target of the Pokemon Master?

    God I love you MT.

    P.S. Saren must die the same way he does in Mass Effect. Being convinced to shoot himself in the head.

    In the game he does it with a pistol, but I’d certainly understand if you thought a shotgun more appropriate…

  18. This is so epic. ON SO MANY LEVELS.

  19. *Taps foot and waits impatiently, holds Plorf hostage until episode 8 is released*

  20. Im alright with Suzu’s role, as she didn’t die or anything. Im not fond of Nightmare as a character (to be honest, I never played Metroid Fusion, just saw him on Wikitroid and thought he was cool), but I love his role. Im also glad he’s not dead yet, but working with Dr. Wily. And he talks: pimp as.

    Wonderful job.

  21. Lol. Nightmare doesn’t have much of a character in Fusion; he’s just a mindless scrapyard monster who gets its arse kicked by Samus. I just figured making him randomly super shy would provide for a laugh…at least that’s how my logic works so early in the morning 😉

  22. […] make sure you are keeping up with THE BOX SET as I am updating it semi-regularly! It’s got a lot of wacky, sleep deprived action so […]

  23. “Pokemon Master then comes out of seemingly nowhere, takes Rival Trainers balls and uses the monsters inside for his own gain…”

    … (smirk)

  24. Extra post: I’d suggest placing a link to this box set in “MYM History”. With all the re-caps going on, it’s gonna be a pain to search for it, and eventually it won’t be possible to click on “MarthTrinity” and find “Box Set” there.

    As a matter of fact, History hasn’t been updated for a long time. Somebody’s got to do something about that.

  25. randomly, a lone Delibird flies above Pokemon Master and is instantly shot down by Magnezone…


  26. So, this gonna continue?

  27. “They may have beaten Me but they’ll never beat ME!”

    I saw that line coming, but that didn’t make it any less epic when I read it (h)

  28. “nigga u gay”

  29. lol, “pokemon island is ALSO JURASSIC PARK!”

  30. Is this continuing?

    Guess we all lost our hype for the Box set. But it would be cool to see some more, or at least complete the last 5 episodes.

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