Posted by: masterwarlord | January 16, 2010

Rib Cage of Doom — Hunter J

Hunter J by Katapultar

Been a while since I’ve commented on one of your sets (I didn’t ever technically comment Banette, so I guess this is my first. . .). . . While you might not be taken that seriously with the rather controversial opinions on sets and the rather erratic quality of them, you’ve most definitely earned your place here with the very consistent commenting (You’ve outdone Wizzerd even when he was in his prime of commenting) and Banette. Anyway, seeing I’m actually paying attention to one of your sets, we most probably have another Banette on our hands (Yes, that’s a good thing).

Individual Move Creativity: The core mechanic of the set is indeed very creative. Playing 3 characters (Plus J, though she only has one move to herself) all at once sounds like quite the impossible feat, though when they all share the standard total of button inputs work out surprisingly well/playable. Definitely a new and interesting take on the multiple characters dynamic.

The actual moves. . .Leave a bit to be desired. When you’re openly admitting to generic moves and going “again. . .” and such, it feels rather bleh. Ariados’ moves are certainly highlights though and Drapion’s fthrow/dthrow and the occasional Salamence move are golden. There’s enough in here to skate on by without being too awkward, mainly thanks to that glorious mechanic.

Playstyle Flow: The basic theme of the set you’re trying to flow with seems to be the teamwork of the Pokemon, which is good seeing they’re far from interesting on their own. Mainly Drapion and Salamence are trying to move the foe into the air/chain grab them with dthrow to allow Ariados to set up or to allow J to land her Neutral Special. . .Ariados’ traps combined allow him to slow their movement to allow J to easily said Neural Special (Again) or for Drapion to grab them if they’re downed. Irrelevant moves are sparse and most moves seem to serve some sort of purpose, even if they are just being a generic fast move with decent power. The actual playstyle section is written surprisingly well, doing a good job of removing the sour taste in one’s mouth after reading the standards (The biggest offender in pretty much everything).

Playstyle Uniqueness: . . .I sort of went on about the uniqueness for a while earlier, didn’t I? The actual mechanic itself is great and gives you superb control over all the characters, though the actual interactions between them could do with a bit of an increase. You could ultimately simplify the playstyle down to something like Fat Bastard’s stunners preparing his KO moves, but there’s obviously more to this then that with that great mechanic. All in all the mechanic in itself provides enough playstyle and there’s a good amount of flow between them, I just wish it was more then the standard “gang bang them with numbers and land a KO move”.

Balance: I don’t really care about the balance of the set that much, but once I learned you could charge the Neutral Special indirectly through other moves it was looking pretty bleak. J is more then capable of buying time to charge it, and from there. . .Yeah. Landing it is all too easy with her gang banger Pokemon and it KOs at 50%. . .I was already thinking it was too easy to land without being able to hold the charge with one second of lag, as J’s Pokemon are more then capable of disabling the enemy for that long. A fairly easy thing to nerf. Aside from that it again comes together better then expected.

Writing Style: This is the main thing that makes me constantly go on with me saying it’s “better then I expected”, because the writing style is a massive turn-off. The generic moves aren’t that bad or numerous, but you act so ashamed of them and try pitifully to dress them up to be more then they are. The worst cases are when you insist that these generic moves somehow link to the Neutral Special when they do nothing that would particularly do that and made me raise my eyebrow considerably until the playstyle section straightened things out.

Organization: This is also pretty wonky. The worst offender is how you go out of your way to hide the fact that the neutral special can be charged and that the four characters can move and attack at the same time, only stating it on later in a random move. While I’m hardly one to talk about presenting these sort of facts at the fore-front, I at least tell my move effects the instant they’re relevant and try to flow off of it.

The order of the moves also feels rather random, though the writing style branches off of it a good bit as you talk about Ariados and Drapion in Salamence’s section. It’s not like you can change it now, though it’d probably of been best if you’d written it so that Salamence went first seeing he’s the one you most directly control and because of how offsetting it is to have those awful standards at the end. I do give you props for putting the Final Smash (Which I do like a decent bit, by the way) after the playstyle considering it’s length, though.

The actual BBCode is very bland and the dark purple doesn’t do a good job of standing out. While just generic dancing Pokemon sprites for headers aren’t a good idea on most sets, I could see it actually working here quite well what with each section dedicated to one of the Pokemon exclusively. Putting Drapion over the throws and what not might’ve looked decent.

Overall: I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the hidden gem that is Banette, but it’s pretty damn close. The only real things that hurt this set are the writing style/awkward organization that makes the moveset feels somewhat rushed, and the fact it’s constantly beating itself up without anybody like DM or I to do it for you is rather offsetting. The actual moveset though is top quality stuff, for the most part. Considering Rool and Smady are playing Make your E-Card, though, this probably won’t get as far as it could’ve. Junahu is exempted for his ingenious gameplay experiment in Doppelori.



  1. Before I reply to the review, you put Carine Bloodhoof, not Hunter J (Or is that meant to be a compliment… nah), which confused me for a moment since Carine is your set. I thought “How the hell do you review your own set, but then again MT kind of commented on his Silver set in one of the recaps.” Enough of my thoughts though.

    Many thanks for the review, MasterWarlord. Saying I’ve earned a place in MYM makes me very happy, seeing as I’ve felt a little ignored a few times over the course of my time in MYM. I’ve probably commented on sets in MYM7 the second most to darth meanie, even if what I say can just be nitpicks, I see my commenting to be nowhere as useful as others.

    Playstyle Uniqueness: I love Fat Bastard as well.

    When I first started J, I always had the multiple Pokemon in mind. At first I was going to make the pokemon switching like the Count, but that would not only be ripping off a unique switch mechanic, but also make the set more complicated than needby.

    Back in MYM6, I remember darth meanie saying my writing style was barely cogent, and I tried to improve from that time. You actually make a good point about the me trying to say that the “Standards a great for landing the Neutral Special.” All I could think about with the Standards was simply helping J’s Neutral Special, yet they don’t do too much aside that. When you said I was ashamed of the Standards, it must have been because I kept going on about how generic they were in the set. Guess I should stop doing that from now on.

    The review was very helpful, so thanks again. I don’t get the last part of Rool and Smady playing Make your E-Card and how it will affect this set, but I don’t really care much for this set’s fate in the end. I’d almost call it a somewhat average set since I care more for quality now.

  2. He’s poking a bit of fun at your continued misspelling of CAIRNE Bloodhoof, Katapultar. 😉

    And the last bit really doesn’t have anything to do with anything, it’s just another chance to mention me negatively in his reviews. He LOVES those, you know.

  3. To be fair Rool, you do bend over and ask for it.

  4. You dare question Christmas tales? Infidel! BURN HIM!

  5. awww.. i see. Im alright to spell WoW people all wrong.

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