Posted by: Junahu | January 17, 2010

Sunday Recap #24 dood!

There's a special layer of hell reserved for those who don't comment on what they read, dood.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? With MT’s laptop out of commission, here comes his eternal understudy to save the day… or recap some movesets, whichever comes first.

As usual, let’s just skim past any semblence of an introduction and just get on with this recrap recap.
Leading the charge this week is the ever popular Masterwarlord and his new candidate for 1st place, Cairne Bloodhoof. Cairne wears his reincarnation ability quite brazenly on his shoulder, granting him theoretical immortality, provided he lasts at least two minutes between deaths. Oddly enough for such a daring concept, his reincarnation ended up second banana next to Cairne’s ability to stamp the stage down to form a huge pit. The sheer depth of his pit playstyle managed to explore some hitherto ignored aspects of Brawl, while also spinning a new dynamic on traps.
Compared to his last moveset, Kel, some people preferred Cairne, while some thought higher of Kel. It’s nonetheless a very solid entry into MasterWarlord’s ever expanding roster.

And that’s enough of MasterWarlord for one week.

Two days later, and following up on his well earned title of worst FMA not reader person ever, the ever popular KingK.Rool posts a picture of Abra with the text “Wild Abra used teleport” written underneath it. Oh that wacky Rool, what antics will you get up to next?

And that’s enough of KingK.Rool for one week.

…alright, I guess one more paragraph about him wouldn’t hurt.. 9_9
So, Rool took Abra’s one and only claim to fame – not reading FMA – and tweaked every last bit of potential from the concept. Leaving fakes in his wake, sending fakes on ahead of him, Rool crafted a moveset that is uniquely “Abra’s”, extending his limited potential in every direction at once.
There’s no argueing it, Rool knows pokemon… that collossal anti manga noob

Trying to escape from the daemons of MYM6’s Top10, Hyper Ridley makes a shot of proving once and for all that his previous incarnation of Spadefox didn’t deserve its place. So, if you want to make Hyper Ridley happy, make sure that the NEW Spadefox places even higher in MYM7. Of course, if you’d rather keep hearing him talk trash of his own work, then feel free to ignore Spadefox Remicks.
Other than lacking the visual polish exuded by its predecessor, everyone who took the time to read it found Spadefox remicks to be a significant cut above the original. That includes me, who begrudgenly accepts it as superior, even though the act of remaking a Top10 OC is physically repulsive (¬_¬ let’s just glaze over the fact that I did it too)

ieyasu tokugawa tenaciously makes two more movesets this week, Kisame Hoshigaki and Hambrabi. Now, instead of giving him a nice, fake, pat on the back, I’m going to play the villain here and simply state that I couldn’t emmotionally invest myself in either of these movesets. And more than anything, this stems from a very common problem with anime movesets; A PLOT SYNOPSIS IS A TERRIBLE WAY TO INTRODUCE A CLUELESS READER TO A CHARACTER. Rambing off a series of character names and plot events does nothing other than confuse, and dropping names midset simply compounds the problem. It might sound mean yes, but first impressions can really make or break a moveset.

Humbly sitting between ieyasu’s two efforts, is Katapultar’s Hunter J, a surprising gem of a set. Hunter J genuinely interacts with her three pokemon on a meaningful level, setting up traps and ambush tactics to overwhelm the foe with terrifying efficiency. Even with the slight untidiness of the writing style, the pacing of the set comes across as very natural. Poor Hunter J was mostly ignored, in the face of MYM becoming an official stickied thread, and various Top5/10/banana lists that crop up overnight like mushrooms. It’s a real shame too, because Hunter J‘s  Final Smash is one of the most epic and fun we’ve had in ages

And then there was Gobjob

And finally, KoppaKirby appears to cap off the week with Bully. Taking a leaf or two out of Dodongo’s big book of grammar, Bully manages to be KoppaKirby’s most entertaining moveset yet. And it shows, because people actually read this one (for reals!). The concept of Bully pushing the foe around is obvious and brilliant in equal measure, though the set quickly tries to innovate in other, more intrusive and less successful ways. Still, it’s very easy to see that this is a set, not only read by Bully, but designed and made by Bully too (a truely rare kind of in character moveset we haven’t had since Cat Clancer)

That’s all the (completed) movesets this week. Be proud people, such a varied lot of creativity doesn’t just sit on our laps every single week.
Outside of movesets, MYM managed to finally secure itself a place as a stickied thread on the Smash Workshop forum. Of course it’s a cause for celebration, but now the chances of us moving back to the General Forums have been reduced to zero. Make sure to thank Bionic Sonic anyway, because our humble contest is sure to get a boost from its sticky status.
Top10 lists are still in style this week. Top 10 PokesetsTop 5 Funny SetsTop 5 Writing Style… excessive isn’t the word for it… You know what would be cool though? If we could put all these Top10’s here on the Workshop. If nothing else, they’d help newcomers find some relevant sets to bone up on.
On the other side of MYM (the side you can’t see), Smash Daddy is actually being a good leader, planning all sorts of sweeping changes, and giving the rest of the leadership a good ‘ol kick up the behind. And it’s always nice to see some activity from the leaders, even if it’s just their decaying corpses twitching

And that’s your lot this week. Mission complete, dood.

Now back to Gobjob, the unfinished MW set…
Gobjob as a character sounds absolutely awesome. Despite being evil and wholly oportunistic, Gobjob manages to be endearing all the same. The set itself, other than being unfinished, simply feels unneccesarily overcomplicated. I’m not sure why so many sets from this series feel required to include “summon building” as a special and “accumulate resource” as a submechanic, but I think we’ve got enough of these kinds of sets for now. And layering this on top of an already arcane mechanic is taking it too far. I’ll lament not having a finished moveset for little Gobjob, but it was a good decision
on your part to stop.



  1. Yuuuuuuuuup.

    I read this so I’m commenting. Prinny hell doesn’t look fun.

  2. Yay, Bully is loved. I’m going to drink unhealthy amounts of chocolate milk to celebrate.

  3. As lovable as ever, Junahu. And it’s spelled “colossal”, just one L between the Os. 😉

  4. The whole black market/money thing isn’t really that much of something from WC3 (Or WOW, Katapultar) – it’s my own creation and I was trying to change the standard Goblin Alchemist into more of a Goblin Slaver in order to be able to better call it an OC (Lol run-on sentence).

    I could go back to it and simplify it considerably, though. The damn Goblin Shredder is the reason it didn’t get done. Remove it and the money mechanic while just focusing on shifting between defense/offense with Chemical Rage?

    The building would still be there for the whole forcing the foe to stay in front of it thing. Perhaps I’d keep the Night Elves but just severely limit their use on a timer (The Down Special already has an important use) as well as some other limited use thing he can get from it to make the options on the Black Market feel less barren.

  5. When Wizzerd put Hitmonlee as a top 10 Pokemon set he obviously meant mine (smirk2).

  6. Thank you sososososo much for doing this again Junahu, luvs ya! Great work as always!

    And for everyone I owe comments, YES, I will comment them ASAP. My charger just came in the mail so I’m ready to roll :3

  7. Doood! Prinnies!

  8. Veebly veebly veebly WHAT ABOUT AEDI

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