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MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 25

Doing it wrong...?

I’m back again, and about time too. This time, I’m reviewing the moves. I can fly real high with my jetpa-…okay, enough of slaughtering the DK64 theme. Yes, MT returns with yet another shiny, fancy, brand-spanking new Sunday Recap! After nearly a full week with no computer to use, I was kinda going crazy. But with a brand new charger, I’m back to keep making the Recap! I’d like to extend my thanks once again to Junahu for filling in for me when I was unable to fulfil my duty, it’s a great help! Thank you again! Anyway, I’ve yammered on long enough, time for the movesets!

First up we have the one hour experimental Magikarp by Junahu. Taking a different route from most sets, Magikarp is very minimalist, presenting exactly what Magikarp does best; nothing. It’s a set much like Negative Man that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s also quite similar to caterpie in that it uses everything the Pokemon does to its full potential…which isn’t a whole lot really, but it makes for a fun read. Not sure if there was a chat reception to this set, but it wasn’t commented at all in thread except by Katapultar who at the least found it amusing. Oh, and Rool commented him but I missed that because it didn’t have a GIANT COLORED HEADER SIGNIFYING A COMMENT.

Up next we have Kael the Invoker by peeup. We haven’t seen peeup around since Chernabog of MYM6 but he shows us that he’s still alive and kicking. Using his Up, Side and Down Specials as a way to power up his Neutral Special, Kael is an interesting mixture of moves with a variety of uses. Kael’s other attacks however are slightly minimal detail wise leaving much up in the air. That being said, both Rool and Katapultar gave Kael constructive comments on how peeup can improve from here. Funny enough, if you search Kael the Invoker on Google, about six results down is for a website called MYM; entirely unrelated to our MYM obviously. I think we should sue for copyright infringement.

After Kael, Kupa decided to post a moveset for Stanley the Bugman of Donkey Kong 3 “fame.” I use that term lightly as Donkey Kong 3 has about as much to do with the Donkey Kong series as a trout has to do with rocket science. That and the game is about as fun as Super Mario DUI and its even less popular sequel; Mario’s Community Service. Okay, I’ve gotten horribly off track here.

A new paragraph for actual feedback on the set! Yay! Stanley is another case of a character who does next to nothing in game and is thus forced to milk what he actually does for the entire set. Not that that’s a bad thing of course, it’s impressive that Kupa managed to make an intricate playstyle based on hiding in his created mist clouds and using various types of sprays to his advantage. Stanley was received quite well by most, Warlord saying it was one of his favorite Kupa sets. DM however was less impressed, feeling some of the traps were particularly forced.

Speaking of DM, he posted another vagin-…set. This one is for Rider, another character from the Fate/Stay Night series. Rider is right of the bat noticeable for its lack of headers of any kind. Gone are the stats sections, standard attack, aerial attack headers, the lot of it. Instead, Rider is organized by playstyle, a move some really liked and others really hated. Overall, reception for Rider was very good; many said that once you got around the unique organization, it had a lot of great ideas. However, many complained that it was a pretty big challenge getting around the organization and that it made the set very difficult to read.

Anyway, that’s all for this week guys! Sorry about a lack of a rant…I can’t really rant about a week I wasn’t here for. Unless you want to hear me rant about school and all that…but that’d be boring, screw that. Oh! And of course one final note; it’s ChrisLionheart’s birthday today! He turned the big one, eight today so wish him a good one! Thanks for reading as always and here’s to another great week in MYM (our MYM, not that weird site pops up when you Google Kael…seriously, try it!).

Also, I’m posting my Two Cents below EXCLUSIVELY for this weeks sets. As I said before though; I will certainly be commenting last weeks sets in a timely manner. I just wanted to make sure that I have all the comments together. Once I’ve finished ALL of the comments for the sets mentioned last week, I will make a post with them in the thread, thanks for your patience!

Hope you enjoyed ❤

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents


This sums it up quite nicely.


Alrighty, so Kael has some pretty cool stuff going on with that Neutral Special. Unfortunately, because he needs all of his other specials to power it up…it makes the other specials incredibly boring, reducing them to basic stat enhancers and “ammo” if you will for his Neutral Special. Which brings me to that massive beast of a Neutral Special (I’m one to talk, I made Shanoa’s Neutral Special…[/shamelesswhoring]). It would be an absolutely MASSIVE pain in the ass to memorize what order of Specials activated what special…not that that would really matter of course. The only ones you’d really want to use are Frost Nova, Firestorm, Shroud of Flame, Power Word, Invisibility Aura or Scout. The specials for the Neutral Special range from pathetically weak to near broken.

Soon after that, the normal moves just come up as kind of dull. It’s like you had a really good idea for the specials and then kinda sputtered out and tossed together the normal moves. That being said, the moveset is certainly better than Me (the moveset, not me as in myself) and Chernabog. You’re improving so that’s certainly something to be happy about and of course, as long as you’re having fun with it, that’s all that matters.


God dammit Kupa, you stole Sableye’s whole deal! Nah, just kidding although the hiding yourself thing is strikingly similar. Which means I approve, because I’m making a similar concept. Okay enough whoring of my future set. Yes, I do love the concept of hiding yourself to make your movements more of a wild card kinda thing. As I said in the comment above, I always enjoy how you manage to take a character with next to no potential and make them work. You stick to Stanley’s bug spraying and it works really. The whole freezing of the mist clouds was kind of iffy in my book (so I agree with DM there) and there are some moves that feel forced for sure…the dash attack being one of them. It just feels weird and not much like a dash attack at all. But bah, that’s being too negative. Stuff like the Up Special’s recovery function (especially when used in conjunction with the dair) seem like a whole lot of fun to actually use in game.

All in all, you really did your best with what limited potential you were given. In the end, I think it paid off really. Stanley is an enjoyable set for sure, great job Kupa!


I’d Rider. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…what can I say about Rider that hasn’t been said? The whole nailing your opponent to yourself thing is a fun twist on what Sloth established with chaining himself to the stage…it kinda reminds me of Knuckles Chaotix if anyone remembers that game at all which I’m sure they don’t. That all being said…yes, the set has so very awesome concepts Yes, it is very fun to imagine in game. Yes to all of that…but damn is it hard to read. As Junahu said, the set comes off as a solid brick wall of jumbled text. I know you were disappointed when people were intimidated by the fact that there were no headers…but it’s a very valid complaint. With all the moves tossed together, even if it is for playstyle like this, it’s hard to really decipher where one begins and the other ends. The move descriptions themselves tend to drag on for a while and the set as a whole leaps from move to move in a confusing direction. It was confusing with Doppelori but this is to another degree. I agree one hundred percent with Wizzerd when he said that Rider is a good set, hell, I’d go as far to say that Rider is a GREAT set, but getting there is certainly a challenge.



  1. What a ridiculously slow week. We had a single frenzy of activity, and then… nothing. -_-

  2. Am I really the only person that’s voted cat so far?

  3. I voted cats :3

  4. Junahu, cats, (no), ‘stop being a revolutionary and the last option. (H)

  5. Rider isn’t blind. She wears a blindfold that keeps her from using an incredibly broken ability and keeps her from seeing 99% of the time because she gets a kick out of it.

  6. Yay, I was mentioned in the re-cap twice! (With rool)

    Anyway, it’s been like, a day and a free page for page 39. I’d post a set, but I don’t have anything else ready yet. Getting there though.

    I typed Kael the invoker and saw that MYM website listed there. On that website, Kael the invoker is a member of THAT MYM website (something on the google description called it mymym, and it’s all about random video games). They have, we don’t really have for ourselves, but yeah you’re right, we should kinda sew since we’re so much better.

  7. Why is there no option for “Smady needs to be de-Sandbagged”?

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