Posted by: masterwarlord | January 25, 2010

MYM 5 Polls



  1. Hmmm, there must be a glitch in these polls…Mewthree and Alphonse have less than 100% “epic” ratings. (smirk)

  2. 5 epics to 3 horribles! HA!

  3. *sees 8 votes for epic on Jumpluff*


  4. Not surprising at all.

    As for Raiden, it got as many “decent” or “epic” votes as “meh” and barely any below that, so there. No one hates Raiden like you do, except Plorf – but no one cares about him. (no)

  5. I’d hardly say 7 “meh”s are supporting the fact that it’s a worthy MYM 5 “winner”. It did the worst out of nearly all the movesets on the poll.

  6. Yeah, all those horrible movesets – mostly those that placed in the top ten.

    Besides which, now it’s about being a worthy winner, rather than it being bad. Twist, twist, twist.

  7. *dislikes Raiden* 9_9

  8. *hasn’t voted on any of the polls*

    It’s unfair to judge a set in retrospective; a set you liked at the time you may hate now, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good set at the time, it just means your tastes and the standards have changed since then.

    Raiden placed highly. Whether it deserved it or not isn’t here nor there now, it’s in the past and there’s nothing anyone can do about it…polls like these are just personal attacks now.

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not defending or attacking anyone here, just stating my opinion.

  9. Alphonse for MYM8 Win! (h)

  10. This IS a personal attack. A testament to Raiden’s fail.

  11. Aaaand we wind down at 8 for epic, 3 for horrible. Guess the negative minority is just more vocal than everyone else, hmmm? Fufufufufufu…

  12. I don’t see how 4-4-7-2-1 is so terrible in this poll. The reigning majority consider it at least average, but the majority consider it better than average. Hardly eye-popping, painful polling.

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