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MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 26 (With Intro And Closing By SkylerOcon)


“Sup bitches. It’s Ocon here with the intro to the 26th Recap. I’m not filling MT or anything, but this time around, it’s a joint effort. Though, it’d be better if it was just Ocon’s Sunday Recap, IMO. And goddamn is it hard to type right when you’re high. I’ve corrected like 20 errors already and there’s probably another 30 I haven’t noticed. But yeah you all probably want to read actual MYM shit so lata playas.” –SkylerOcon

So I had Ocon write my intro today so that I could get straight on to the movesets. The first moveset this week is Sableye by Zook. Apparently it took a mod to beat myself, Plorf and Sundance to a moveset for this weird little purple gremlin but…all in all, we were all beaten quite soundly to the punch (shame too since I was -JUST- working on him last week, so yes Katapultar, it was a weird coincidence). Overall, Sableye was received fairly well, especially considering Zook hadn’t made a set in quite a while with the most common complaint being a lack of a solid playstyle.

Following Sableye we had a small argument about chat stuff and Silver posted his “Top Five Favorite Sets of MYM3.” Headless Horseman reigned supreme on this list with Dracula and Cervantes as a close second and third respectively.

After Sableye came Inspector Lunge by MasterWarlord. As Warlord’s obligatory “Divide MYM Up Between ‘OMIGAWD I WORSHIP THIS SET’ and ‘It’s Pretty Awesome’” set of MYM7, Lunge comes out of the box as a very blatantly unsmash (even self admitted by Warlord) character with a wacky special mechanic. Lunge is all about crime and punishment…and proving the crime happened…and a lot more complex stuff really. Fun read though so read it if you haven’t. Overall, Lunge’s reception was kinda mixed but mostly positive; Kupa claims it to be Warlord’s best whereas Rool isn’t a big fan.

As a quick mention; Neo Exdeath posted the prologue for his story mode; Order’s End in thread. Check it out, it’s not terribly long so it shouldn’t take long to give a quick read.

Finally we have Sheep Man by agidius, the first Robot Master revealed for the soon to (eventually) be released Mega Man 10 (coming soon/eventually to WiiWare/PSN/Xbox Live Marketplace). Sheep Man, like any other sheep, plays off of his magical electricity powers. Wait…sheep do that? Mareep does I guess but…anyway, Sheep Man is all about making clouds and building up his static electricity. Overall, Agi did a pretty good job considering Mega Man 10 isn’t even released yet (although it IS coming soon/eventually to WiiWare/PSN/Xbox Live Marketplace)…despite not having much reception yet, it has been received well by the two people who have commented it.

But before I go…I thought I’d throw in a substitute for the WEEK IN ONE RANT. As of right now, I’m doped up on Nyquil being sick, I just woke up and it’s currently…4:00 in the morning so yes, I actually woke up just to get this Recap up I love y’all that much. So take -THIS- as your…

 WEEK IN ON KINDA FUNNY STORY (2010) — Strike Man, one of the new Robot Master characters in the upcoming game “Mega Man 10”, has been called out by Hard Man for steroid use.

“He came to me,” Hard said in an SI-exclusive interview recently. “He asked what he could do to get better; he wanted to be like all the other players out there. So I administered the juice for him, but I don’t think he was aware of the consequences.”

Hard Man also said that after the injections, no one could beat Strike Man, which came with controversy from his fellow Robot Masters and even Mega Man himself. They ushered him to come clean. He refused, which prompted his brother to come out for him.

“I’m just doing this for the safety of everyone. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

When asked Dr. Albert Wily, a consultant of Strike Man, if he had noticed anything different about Strike and if he knew anything about the ordeal.

“I don’t have any comment on the issue,” he said adamantly. But he did seem to acknowledge the use of the enhancers. His last comments were “All I know is that his Rebound Strikers started getting smaller all of a sudden. But that’s it. I don’t know much about the guy, I’ve never played with him, it’s not my fault!! You won’t get any more information from me!!” before waggling his eyebrows and flying away in his saucer.

Capcom has preliminarily fined Strike Man $50,000 Zenny for cheating the system. They had no comment on the issue, but said they had enough evidence to prosecute Strike Man for even more charges and fines.

Strike Man is due in court on January 22nd. Depending on the verdict, he may or may not be removed from Mega Man 10. will report more on the scandal as more information becomes available.

And for added enjoyment, here’s a picture of a sofa.


“And that was MT’s motha fuckin Recap numero veinte-seis. If you have a problem you can shove it, because this is Ocon again telling you that MT is the ultimate pimp master and he will pimp slap your bitch ass if you’ve got a problem. Shit was mad legit this week with Agi making a set for GODDAMN SHEEP which is probably super vote material even though I haven’t read it yet. Go go MYM Rangers! Shit’s gay, and I’m done. See you next week <333333333333333” –SkylerOcon

^What he said. Hope you enjoyed ❤

MT out!


MT’s Two Cents on SABLEYE

Well you beat me to the punch fair and square really…as Wiz said, there’s no way you could’ve known I was making this guy. That being said, you had some ideas that were similar (we both had Shadow Claw as the Side B) but we had many, many that were different. I’m not here to judge how -I- would make the set however, I’m here to comment how YOU did make the set. Something that jumps out at me is that there’s really not that much emphasis on Sableye being the darkness Pokemon (which was a huge aspect of my ideas for him). Considering he IS the Darkness Pokemon, I would’ve thought there’d be more Shadow Sneak and/or Night Shade in there. Portals were also a concept I was toying around with…not so much for a recovery but it assisted with the throws and such.

That all being said, it’s certainly not a BAD set, in fact, it’s quite good, especially considering you haven’t made one in God knows how long. Ignore most of my negatives here; it’s probably just jealousy/Nyquil speaking!


Thank GOD you openly admitted that this set was potentially more unsmash than Roller Coaster Tycoon. It really helped me enjoy it lots more than as if you were pretending that it was so super plausible/smash viable. Once you admitted that it was unsmash, I was able to enjoy it lots more and realize you had some very good ideas here. Sure it’s unsmash but it’s FUN to read. It admittedly wouldn’t be my cup of tea to play, as Rool put it, I’d be one of those players who says “to hell with this guy!” and then goes to main Marth. Oh wait, I do already. That being said, Inspector Lunge has some great concepts here like I said earlier…the reenacting of the crime while totally ludicrous in a Smash setting is quite a fun idea here. Overall, a very enjoyable read. Not your best this contest and not your best by far but I still enjoyed it greatly none the less.

MT’s Two Cents on SHEEP MAN

Just couldn’t wait for the game to come out, could you Agi? That being said, I think I’ll prefer your take on MM10’s Sheep Man to the actual in game Sheep Man (who I still find to be the most ridiculous RM since…well, since Spring Man). That being said, Sheep Man takes the basic “trap character” concept and mixes it up quite nicely by making his set up not that time consuming but requires a good deal of maintenance to keep him running properly; it’s kind of like a real sheep herder having to keep a watchful eye on his sheep. Or something. I dunno, Nyquil’s speaking up again. I must say that the writing style, as with all of your sets Agi, is incredibly friendly and easily approachable. It’s like you’re actually talking to the reader, casually walking them through the set. In all honesty, it makes the set very enjoyable and, most importantly, very easy to read. I’d easily put this above Shikamaru (who was no slouch either mind you). Great work as always Agi! Oh, and needless to say the set it self physically looks amazing!


I have -NOT- forgotten about them! They -WILL- be commented! As you can see from my above comments, you do not want an MT+Nyquil comment. Well…maybe you do as I was overwhelmingly impressed by all three of the sets above…well, Lunge and Sheep Man at least.



  1. Ha, typical Ocon. Whattaguy.

  2. (CLAP) for Ocon. And agi needs to make Giant Running P***s Man first (WARY).

  3. No, Agi needs to make ASS MAN.

  4. I indeed do still read the Recaps. I just feel stupid writing something that has no meaning whatsoever. (ono)

  5. ^ That was me.

  6. Writing something that has no meaning whatsoever -DOES- have meaning. It means I know people actually took the time to read it which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and remember how my lost hours of sleep actually -DO- matter 😉

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