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MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 27 (With Intro And Closing By agidius)

Almost as original as calling Marth, "Martha." Never heard that one before though...EVER.

“Has it really been half a year since MT started the Recap? Now, that’s what I call dedication. Anyways, here I am to hog the spotlight by making MT’s job just that much easier. Not a lot of action this week, even less than last… just the three sets. Would’ve had four if KK would’ve worked on Charge Man, five if I had completed my promised Chill Man… (sry) and six if Ocon had finished his set. But hey, we’re all a bunch of lazy jerks, so here’s your blissfully short recap!” – agidius

Oh Christ it has almost been half a year that I’ve been making these. Dedication or insanity, you decide! That being said since this is my half a year anniversary I guess, I’d like to thank YOU the reader for reading all of these Recaps! Without you, I wouldn’t have anyone to recap this stuff to! And thank YOU agi for writing up my intro and closing, cheers!

First set of the week is Abomasnow Remake by darth meanie, one of those dreaded 4th gen Pokemon we all hat- I MEAN LOVE. Abomasnow is a snow covered tree man, thus, he roots himself into the ground and makes it snow. What else would he do? Shoot lasers out of his eyes and cum gold everywhere? Silly Plorf…of course he wouldn’t! Being DM’s second attempt at Abomasnow, this one has a much more clear cut playstyle that revolves around bogging your foe down with powerful snowstorms and then rolling them to their doom in snowballs or smashing them away with your fierce tree-like appendages. Overall reception for Abomasnow was mostly positive; Katapultar had some qualms about it whereas Warlord said it was DM’s second best this contest. We all agree however that it’s pretty god.

Up next we had a rare occurrence; emergency posted a set! Yay! Yukari, like Cirno, comes from the bullet hell Touhou series, a game for the most hardcore of hardcore. Seriously, watch a video of it if you haven’t seen it, it’s a game I won’t even touch out of fear of it breaking me mentally. That being said, Yukari captures the series quite well by adding unique little twists and features to the standard Brawl formula as well as making life absolute hell for your opponent! Yukari was met with very positive reception and even got a comment from SUNDANCE!

Finally…wow, can’t believe I’m saying that already…Kupa posted Aran Ryan. Ryan shows up to the Punch-Out party a good deal late; the only guest still there is Mr. Dream and he’s quite drunk. Aran Ryan captures the mad Irishman to a T, filled with several zany attacks, he focuses heavily on his crazy Irish rage and cheap battle tactics! It also had PROPS! But that’s okay because props are good when they’re in character and who better to use them than a cheating paddy (that term’s not racist, is it?)? Reception for Aran Ryan was okay, Katapultar felt he didn’t quite live up to his playstyle while HR praised Kupa’s courage to use props in our current oppressive anti-prop world.

Oh, and Khold trolled the shit out of the UserBlog’s section. Caused a massive shitstorm. Successful troll is successful; top notch work droogy.

Also, make sure you are keeping up with THE BOX SET as I am updating it semi-regularly! It’s got a lot of wacky, sleep deprived action so I’m hoping you guys are enjoying it! Chapters 1-9 are up now! GO READ THEM IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY :3

“And that was week number twenty-seven. 27 just happens to be my second-favorite number for reasons I’ve yet to work out, so it was an honor to be your cohost. This week, we had some of MYM’s big names post some sets… including one from emergency, our resident hermit. Who, by the way, is totally awesome. We also had a slight revitalization of the Punch-Out!! movement… or, maybe, Aran Ryan just missed the train that everyone else got on. And finally, (ironically, the first set of the week,) we had MYM’s second Abomasnow moveset, which, as everyone agrees, is pretty god. So, that’s it. What’re you all reading this for? Scroll down and check out those six cents.” – agidius

Hope you enjoyed ❤

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents

MT’s Two Cents on ABOMASNOW

Right off the bat, Abomasnow hits me full out with what I believe to be a reoccurring problem with your sets (that most will just overlook but because I’m picky I will not). Abomasnow comes across as insanely overpowered. His weight, coupled with the snow, coupled with Ingrain make him nearly impossible to budge. His negatives stat-wise are all rendered unimportant as A.) The snow will make the opponent slow enough to hit them. B.) He Ingrains himself rendering his slow speed a non-important factor (and he actually gets FASTER in the snow) and C.) Air speed? Why are you in the air with Abomasnow?! He heals himself via Ingrain, he heals himself via pummel and back aerial…Why does a tank need to heal himself so much? Ingrain yourself, keep them at a distance as you build up your storm and then laugh as characters without projectiles get completely destroyed by this beast.

But enough about balance, after all, I’m the only one who ever seems to pick at it. You’ve got good ideas here with the whole building a storm, locking yourself in and waiting. Reminds me very much of Cradily, what with his not being a tank so much as a turret, forcing approaches via set up and all that. Overall, I feel this is a decent set from you…not your best, that’d probably go to Rider (all presentation issues aside). It’s probably on the level of Saber, maybe a tad above or a slight bit below, can’t really decide at the moment.

MT’s Two Cents on YUKARI

Erase that post title right now! Yukari is -NOT- a bad set! That being said, you’ve got a lot of unique ideas here…partners, style changes, spell cards, grazing…you did a really great job of bringing the Touhou atmosphere into Smash. The organization of this set is just great to look at (although the font used for the attacks and such was a bit hard on the eyes occasionally) and the whole set comes together quite nicely. You also include some stuff I really haven’t seen in ages…animations? Goodness I remember the fun of making animations…Little Mac was my last set to use them if I remember correctly. Overall, you really captured the whole feel of Touhou very nicely here; very hectic, very dangerous (for your opponents at least!) and very off the wall. I’d certainly say this is your very best work to date my good friend, better than Plenair and better than the painfully underrated Hero Prinny; this is your “once a contest moveset” that I’ve been looking and waiting for! Excellent work! Oh, and if that Final Smash really makes the game like Touhou, it’s incredibly broken 😉

MT’s Two Cents on ARAN RYAN

I see you stole Mac’s signature uppercut since I stole Ryan’s signature move. Touché my good sir. That being said, we all know that the aerials are the worst part of Mac (aside from that dair). But enough about Mac Attack, Ryan’s the set here so let’s take a looksie. Now, I can’t jump on you for using props since Mac is the king of Punch-Out prop users (and Ryan’s Neutral B is very in character) but the Side Special just strikes me as incredibly strange to actually picture in game. I very much like the way that Ryan is about bringing the foe to him…but also has some options to keep him from being “lol I’m gonna hide behind my created wall of defense and several platforms I made using my Up Special” that’s seen in so many sets. See? I can make fun of myself too. I do have problems with some of the moves however…forward throw is another one of those moves that has a different effect depending on the character’s gender (that actually change mechanic wise depending on the gender and not just for the lulz). Down throw is just kind of silly really, not a fan. Down Smash is also kind of weird, not seeming like a smash as much as an extension of the down special. That all being said…the set is certainly fun to read. It’s got that familiar Kupa friendliness to it that I’ve grown quite fond of reading and it has some fun ideas. Not your best work (Stanley for example is much better) but an enjoyable enough read.

MT’s Two Cents on CAIRNE

I see, so this is your MT tribute set? Aww, you shouldn’t have Warlord! I didn’t know you were making Tauros Remix! All joking aside, lemme say something right off the bat. I like Cairne lots more than Kel, thumbs up there and good signs all around! First of all, I thank God that this is a Warcraft set without an arbitrary constructathon mechanic or harvesting mechanic like Kel and the previous Warcraft sets. Instead, the Reincarnation mechanic is a delightfully pleasant mechanic that’s balanced quite well surprisingly. Call me a crazy TvC freak but the Neutral B limiting his moveset reminds me lots of Tekkaman’s spear shenanigans. One thing I’m fairly surprised about is the lack of a matchup against Silver considering Cairne’s pit making is essentially Silver’s Down Special except more playstyle focused instead of just as added protection from projectile campers. My only real complaint with the set is the seemingly tacked on “Special Pummel” which is one of the cliché “who can mash the button faster” deals. That’s easily looked past however, Cairne was a very enjoyable set to read, certainly better than Kel in my eyes, better than Morton, more Smash than Lunge by a long shot and probably on equal grounds to Lucy. Although that may just be character bias speaking; I really should reread Lucy…




  1. I’m too much of a douchebag to realize how awesome Gold Lightan is (no)

  2. What the hell is Gold Lightan? 9_9

    I got all excited, thinking I was finally going to get that Abra comment… then… computer crash (ONO). The gods are conspiring against me. Maybe I shouldn’t have voted “lolno”.

  3. Yes, thank you, Plorf, I am quite capable of Wiki’ing it, and had already done so.

    More to the point, what is the nature of Gold Lightan in relation to MYM?!? (crs)


    *KOed Gold Lightan just before logging on*

  5. Three days later. @_@ I shall not take off that title. 😐

    I’ve been stacked with several essays and tests and takehome tests and college stuff. @_@ I can’t get much done!

    Keep them Sunday Recaps rolling!

  6. Agi calculated wrong, MT put in eight cents!

  7. It’s all good, Agi didn’t know I was tossing in that extra comment 😉

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