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MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 28 (With Intro And Closing By half_silver28)


“Hey guys, this is half_silver28 here, who some of you may know better as SilverStrike. I’ll be helping out MT with the 28th ep of the Sunday Recap. There wasn’t much activity in the thread this week: only two real movesets were posted, aside from a joke set from Kris121. There was also set self-ranking from Agi. I’m betting that most of us were busy playing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, since half of MYM owns the **** game by now (peer pressure is fun!). Either that or it’s somehow Plorf’s fault (wary). Anyway, enough rambling from me, here’s MT!” – half_silver28

Indeed we all have been playing TvC (well, the cool people at least!) and if you haven’t pick it up at your local GameStop/Retail store TODAY for the low, low price of $49.99. Looking for that extra special reason to dust off that Wii (God knows I was (no)) then pick up TvC today! Now that I’ve whored out an awesome game enough, set time!

First set of the week comes from koppakirby; Sparky and Pidgit, two seemingly random enemies plucked straight from the “black sheep” of the Super Mario universe; SMB2. This dynamic duo takes the concept of giving obscure enemies with next to no potential and capitalizes on that, making each of the two characters specialize in what they do best. For Sparky, that’s endlessly circle the stage. For Pidgit, that’s fly around and be annoying. Reception for the duo was kinda…well…it seemed like most people didn’t give a straight answer on what they thought to be honest.

Following koppakirby’s set, Agi posted his ranked list of his own sets with his brand shiny new Sheep Man at top place and with LOLcat at the bottom. Pretty good read (y)

Next up we have One Man Band by Kris121. It’s seemingly a joke set used as a creative way for Kris to share his taste in music.

And then Warlord posted Valozarg, a giant Warcraft OC who plays in a very unique way; 3vs1. Valozarg takes all those people saying Ridley is too big and kicks them square in the teeth saying “YOU THINK THAT’S BIG? THIS IS BIG!” That being said, the guy is massive and takes three people to take him down properly. He’s also got lots and lots of blood, moreso than Hyatt maybe. Eh, who knows? Anyway, Valozarg received alright reception except from n88 who found it exceptional.

Following the big guy, we had a movement that apparently got started when I wasn’t looking; a Pokemon set in one day movement! The first set of this was Probopass by darth meanie. Probopass is the big mustachioed evolution of Nosepass. He’s also one of those scary 4th gen Pokemon. That being said, meanie used the fact that he’s always facing north to his advantage in the form of a clever mechanic. With the inability to move or turn around, Probopass relies on his magnetic abilities to get from place to place. Probopass got no reception! Nobody’s commented him as of now.

Next up on this one-day extravaganza; Venusaur by MasterWarlord. Focusing heavily on the mighty Grass type’s Solar Beam attack, Venusaur is all about sucking up sunlight and poisoning the foe with your various poison type attacks! As a random note, this is Warlord’s first four hour set since Capsule J2; hopefully he likes this one a bit more than that one though! Like Probopass, Venusaur has gotten no reception yet due to being posted fairly recently!

“And that was the 28 edition of the Sunday Recap! I would make a plea for you guys to step up thread activity for next week, but then I’d be a giant hypocrite, since I never comment on anything myself . But seriously, the thread’s been much less active since we’ve gotten stickied. We’ve got to get more people in the thread posting sets, and it should start with all us MYM oldies. Most thread activity typically correlates to more newcomers, who we should try to embrace instead of ignoring them in the spirit of MYM elitism. Now that my semi-plea is complete, enjoy MT’s Two Cents! [Frank West]I’m outta here![/Frank West]” – half_silver28

Like he said, play Tatsunoko vs. Capcom!

Hope you enjoyed ❤

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents


As many others have said, the first thing that sends up huge red warning flags for me is the fact that they are in fact the ultimate stallers. Sparky just needs to stay under the stage really. Any opponent who tries to get him will simply fall to their doom as Sparky can just move away as they go to attack…the only real opponents with a chance against him are Jigglypuff or Kirby and maybe ROB. Pidgit is likewise the same; infinite flight means he can just float out of reach after getting a percent lead. As for the moveset itself, it has its creative quirks to it that I found amusing to read. That being said, the playstyle doesn’t really come together as much as it’s kind of squeezed together in a pure flowchart of “do this to win.” It’s not -BAD- so to say but I wasn’t quite as good as Bully. Probably your second best though, keep up the good work

MT’s Two Cents on VALOZARG

I can see you already pointing out Gold Lightan and PTX if I comment on how giant characters are so unSmash…but there’s a key difference between those guys and Valozarg. Those guys are 2v1 fights with one player controlling the two person team. Valozarg would be one guy playing Valozarg and three separate players playing the other team. This assumes one very big thing; you have two other friends who are willing to play; Christ knows I wouldn’t want to fight this behemoth with CPU partners. So he’s a novelty character, for fun only, okay, I’ll take him as that. Bloodlust reminds me lots of that one move in Kel that increased their attack power but damaged them, not a big deal to modify it for Valozarg but eh, what can you do. Reincarnation however I find to be a rather cheap steal from Cairne…that and it’s not like this guy NEEDS any more help. Overall, an enjoyable enough read if only for something fresh and new, which I obvious commend you for, but nowhere near your best this contest. Also, gonna be 100% honest when I say that these match up percents are getting ridiculous. 67.5/32.5 really couldn’t have just been 70/30? Or 65/35? Or even 67/32 if you -REALLY- wanted those numbers. There’s really no need for decimals in these match ups especially when the numbers are pretty much pulled from nowhere (or at least rough guesses) anyway.

MT’s Two Cents on PROBOPASS

Yay for random movements that I have no idea were started! While that may sound very sarcastic, I mean it. Probopass was a fun read (as is Venusaur but I’ll get to that in a bit). It’s kinda like what I liked about Magnezone but better. I realize now that my feelings for the weirdly shaped UFO guy were a bit overblown, I still like the set but, eh…guess that’s just me. That being said, levitating around with Probopass coupled with the unique mechanic make him sound rather fun to play as and rather interesting. I also enjoyed the fact that he has both grounded and aerial Specials to switch up his playstyle a bit more. That being said, call me crazy but, I enjoyed this guy more than Abomasnow Remake. Still not up to the standards of Rider or Subaru, but those standards are pretty high. Overall, a very fun read, great job, great movement…EXCEPT…for doing those damn decimal match ups (D)

MT’s Two Cents on VENUSAUR

Really creepin me out with all these Pokemon Stadium animations. I don’t care if he totally does it in game, creepy as shit to see Venusaur constantly licking like he’s a plant version of Gene Simmons. That being said, like Probopass, Vensaur is a fun read with some fun concepts especially considering how short of a time frame it was made in. I must ask what made you make Venusaur of all Pokemon though? Didn’t really see you as a Venusaur fan but…eh, what can I say. I enjoyed him more than Ludicolo to be honest, fun, brief read with some fun ideas here that isn’t over the top in execution, good job here too.


  1. Pokeset in one day… movement? That’s so… cool. Uuuuuuurgh.

  2. ¬_¬ well, it’s either that or we get no movesets at all.

    Weird, according to the poll, I’m the only fucker here who has TvC

  3. I believe you meant to write “Single’s Awareness Day.”

  4. “only two real movesets were posted, aside from a joke set from Kris121”

    How’d I -know- you would include Probopass & Venasaur in the recap? (wary)

  5. I voted “yes” to making a pokemon, but only because of Salamence for Lance

  6. There’s no “eh” option for the Valentine’s day question. I vote for that one.

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