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MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 29 (With Intro And Closing By Kholdstare)


“Bienvenidos mi madrefollando amigos, this is Khold speaking for MT today. This week we had the one-day Pokeset movement bursting, including a set for Swalot from my droogy MT (which was probably made at 3 AM after looking up too much vore) which was kick ass, and Sundance and Agi announced a joint set for Empoleon. /lolblatantadvertising. Immediately after droogy Rool went on hiatus, everyone cashed in on the Pokeset potential to fill in for his absence, proving we gotta have Pokesets like a street hooker has to have crack and shit. Anyway… I’m gonna shut up now and let MT take it from here. (CHEW)” – Kholdstare

Alrighty! Thanks for that intro droogy, hope you’re enjoying Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ($49.99 at all local retail stores near you)! Now for the sets!

First off, we had Swa-NO WE DIDN’T. Katapultar snuck in Shedinja. Using his whole Wonder Guard deal, Shedinja is totally invincible. Except to fire attacks. And rock attacks. And aerials. Well it’s still a pretty useful- HE ONLY HAS ONE HP?! WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING?! Okay, I’m calm now. That being said, Kat did a pretty good job of trying to work the power in to the best of his ability and combined it with Shedinja’s Pokedex trait of stealing souls when you look into him and creating clones…I guess that last bit had to do with him being a ghost and just randomly appearing in your party. That being said, Shedinja was met with mostly negative reception, DM and Warlord liked the concept but felt the execution didn’t back it up. Still it was only a one day Pokemon set so that’s understandable. Oh, and HR really liked it.

And then we had Swa-BELLSPROUT? Rawr! Next up we had Bellsprout by koppakirby based mainly on that one totally badass flexible Bellsprout who totally kicked Pikachu’s ass but then Muk smothered him to death or something like that. Also, I never really realized how cool Bellsprout looks. Back on topic, despite not getting many comments, DM claimed that Bellsprout was his favorite set by KK and Katapultar claimed it to be his second favorite of KK’s right behind Bully.

FINALLY! Swa-OH C’MON! That set for Unown by Neherazade was totally edited in! Oh, and it’s not finished so I can’t really comment it. I’ll use this paragraph to whore out Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ($49.99) a bit more and get you hyped for Swalot. Alright, you ready? You ready for the SWALOT?! You think you can handle the SWALOT?! Aight! Let’s go!

I posted Swalot. People hated the utilt.

Up next we had Arbok by HR who totally said he wasn’t making a one day Pokemon set but then totally ended up doing it anyway. Arbok is an OFFENSIVE character? Did I read that correctly? You didn’t mean to type “defensive”, did you? Huh, guess not. Anyway, Arbok is all about his poisoning and his (D)’ing to keep the foes on their feet by getting up in their face and staying there. Arbok was received very well by MasterWarlord and didn’t get many other comments. Oh, and he has a down throw.

Next  koppakirby struck back with a new game mode Smash Tag! It’s right -HERE-!

Warlord then posted his second one day Pokemon entry; Ninetales. Wait…this is a Warlord set? But…it’s an anti-grab character, that can’t possibly be right…well, at least we know that in Super Warlordian Bros. Brawl, Ninetales is Meta Knight tier. Anyway, Ninetales is all about forcing the opponent to grab you so that you can punish them and whatnot. Ninetales got mostly ignored, gaining praise from Kaiser and an “eh” reception from Katapultar.

Following Ninetales came Cloyster; tikaro’s one day Pokemon set. Certainly not lacking in the traditional tirkaro humor, Cloyster has an enjoyable enough mechanic (which seems very, very similar to the “mechanic” seen in Kholdstare) with some fun move ideas here and there in the set. Plus all the headers are Pearl Jam music, that’s pretty nifty. Cloyster was met with fairly lackluster reception; Katapultar only commenting on the humor and Warlord saying how the potential of the mechanic doesn’t really play out.

We’re still not out of the Safari Zone just yet; UserShadow7989 randomly came out to post a set for Houndoom. Houndoom enters the Brawl with his Flash Fire power; an attack booster to his fire based attacks when he’s, what else? On fire. Being UserShadow’s first set in quite a while, Houndoom still shows that he hasn’t lost the touch just yet with a fun, creative read. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of people have looked over this one yet so it hasn’t received many comments…

And we’re STILL going with Pokemon sets…at least this one isn’t really serious. Versatile Pokemon Trainer by Katapultar to celebrate his birthday (Happy belated birthday by the way)! VPT uses ALL of those fancy TM’s/HM’s from the Diamond and Pearl games to fight his foes along with a slew of random Pokemon, providing they know the attacks he has! He can also screw up the opponent’s moveset with various TM’s too. Nobody commented VPT sadly!

Following VPT came Warlord’s third and potentially final entry in the Pokeset Movement; Golem. Viewed by some as an update to the Cairne formula, Golem expands on the concept, trapping foes underground and caving them in with explosions and landslides and such. Golem was met with mostly praise; many people saying it was the best of Warlord’s three Pokemon sets while also saying that it was a tad over complicated.

Kaiser6012, our resident strangah who randomly showed up one day posted his first set; Joe Musashi, the protagonist from Shinobi, the hard as nails ninja game that isn’t Ninja Gaiden; Ninja Gaiden is hard as LASER NAILS. Using his ninjitsu and kunai to his advantage, Joe comes across as a very impressive set, especially for a newcomer. It seems that Kaiser has been paying attention in movesetting class, taking notes even! All joking aside, Joe is a highly entertaining set, avoiding many of the typical pitfalls that often are found in first timers’ sets. Reception for Joe was positive, almost everyone praising how exceptional it looked for a first timer! Here’s hoping to see more from Kaiser!

So close…yet so far…God this week never ends. Up next is Harbinger by darth meanie; a miniboss from Mass Erect 2. No that is not a typo. Harbinger joins the fight with his silly name and Collector Drones; whenever the main Harbinger is destroyed, he has a chance (providing your opponent doesn’t destroy your drones…) to revive back on stage. Harbinger also comes with his Husks, weird little zombie guys who aid him in battle as well as a slew of other weapons and gizmos. Overall reception for Harbinger was fairly limited; he really hasn’t gotten any comments yet!

Finally, koppakirby decided to post two back to back Kirby sets, one for Noddy, the other for Bomber. At this point, we all know how I feel about generic enemies. On topic, Noddy takes advantage of his sleeping/nightmare inducing powers whereas Bomber takes advantage of his exploding/exploding powers. Both sets are fun reads and good examples of KK’s increasing skill at setmaking; DM praised both sets for their concepts but said their execution fell a tad short.

Oh, and King Iwata got banned.

“That was MT’s Sunday Recap 29. You better have read the whole thing and the sets too, and not just skipped to the polls, or I will stalk you. Seriously, I know how to hide a body and destroy DNA evidence. If you missed it in the chat, I also had a blast trolling the shit outta Kit’s sister. Lulz were had by all. That’s all from me, peace out my niggahs.” – Kholdstare

MT’s Two Cents

MT’s Two Cents on SHEDINJA

So we have Katapultar’s “entry” in the whole One Day Pokeset deal and it’s for an interesting choice of Pokemon with an interesting yet suiting mechanic. As others have said, you pretty much managed to do the best you could possibly do with Wonder Guard without making it broken or anything. So you gain points for making it in character. The main drawback with Shedinja is that it’s painfully clear you really didn’t care about this set at all…I mean heck, you even flat out say that in the post subject and the playstyle/closing comments. It’s really hard to judge a set that at one point you say you don’t take seriously…but at another say it’s not a joke set. It’s that fine line that Negative Man drew between serious and joke set…but with Shedinja it seems much more like you wanted to make a set to kind of mock the “movement” and thought you’d say it was serious at the end. Regardless, it’s a unique concept for sure but the execution is fairly disappointing even for a three hour set. With some more fleshing out and a more positive take on the set, it could probably be much better but I believe you said you had no real desire to flesh it out any so I suppose this comment is kind of null…

MT’s Two Cents on BELLSPROUT

Right off the bat I notice that Ingrain is marked as a Special Mechanic/Ability when in reality it’s more just a move. Not a big deal of course, just kind of unnecessary to call it a mechanic when it’s just move interactions. That being said, Root completely shuts down characters as is; characters like Marth, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Wolf and Jigglypuff just to name a few lack any means at all of knocking Bellsprout out of it considering they lack explosions/fire/throwable projectiles and Final Smashes in traditional tourney play. Hell, even Meta Knight loses out to this. Sure it’s just a balance complaint but it’s a character who instantly shuts down 100% several characters so I think it’s certainly a valid one. That being said, I do like the interaction in Ingrain that actually reduces the size of the stage…I personally thought that idea was pretty cool.

Another “complaint” I have about Bellsprout is that, like Sparky and Pidgit, the playstyle is quite literally a flowchart detailing exactly what to do in what order in order to win. Most playstyles are rather what you can do in what situation in order to stop a foe. With Bellsprout’s playstyle, it’s literally a step by step play through of how to win with Bellsprout. It has a bit more variety than Sparky and Pidgit but it still feels very linear. That being said, your grasp on playstyle certainly is evolving and Bellsprout’s, despite being rather cut and paste, is probably one of your best thought out ones to date. Overall, a fun set to read and probably your best yet despite my complaints…they’re not really complaints as much as they are ways that I’d like to see the set improved. In my eyes you’ve come a long way from the guy who made Poppy Bros. Senior all that time ago. Keep it up man!

MT’s Two Cents on UNOWN

I thought I’d just briefly address this one as long as I’m here. Unown is…strange. Instead of controlling the whole alphabet, you’re controlling the ! and the ? which is a tad weird right off the bat. I personally find it kind of odd that they each have different stats…I really wouldn’t imagine a ? recovering any better than a ! but maybe that’s just me. The organization is unique but kind of cluttered, especially with the whole ! moves on one side and the ? on the other. The several types of Hidden Power attacks come off as kind of randomly strewn together.

But it’s not really fair of me to judge a set that’s not finished…when you get your new computer, I highly suggest using a program such as Word or Notepad to save your process to you computer. That way you don’t have to make a post and link it. From experience, if you post a set that’s unfinished and then eventually finish it and post a link later…people tend to skip over it, even if it’s a good set. I’d really hate to see a newcomer’s set skipped over because people don’t click the link…but it’s understandable if they do miss it, a link is just a link; easy enough to skip over if you’re just skimming a page. A moveset posted on a new page is near impossible to miss…unless they’re trying of course. You do however seem to be a promising newcomer which is always good to see; you have the spirit and you seem to have the motivation and ideas, here’s hoping to see some awesome stuff from you!

MT’s Two Cents on SWALOT

Commenting my own sets again huh? I must be losing it. Or perhaps I’d like you all to know how -I- feel about the big purple tub of goo. Swalot, like Negative Man is the brainchild of myself and 4:00am…thus, it’s kind of…weird. Originally, I was going to be a smartass about the whole Pokeset Movement and make a set for Gabumon, asking if I did it right afterwards. I then realized I actually had some good concepts for Gabumon and decided I’d flesh him out as a “full” set instead of a one day set. Thus, Swalot came to fruition and mostly out of nowhere. I figured the concept of digesting his foes would fit Swalot to a T so I went with it as a “pummel” KO’er…I mean, it’d be fairly OoC to have Swalot be a random powerhouse Poke so I played to his strengths. His gimping game was also implemented to help him out against those pesky Anti-Grab Armor characters that everyone and their uncle keeps making.

So my main goals with Swalot were to play up his whole swallowing everything and his poisonous abilities to his advantage. Thus, a lot of his slime based moves and swallowing moves came quite naturally, especially the specials. Yes, I know the utilt is out of character, it came about after listening to Ryu’s Street Fighter IV theme almost non-stop while making the set. Utilt was my last button input so I figured, “Why the hell not make it a Shoryuken? If Probopass can use Hidden Power, if Venusaur can use Rest, if Skarmory can use TOXIC…why the hell can’t Swalot use SHORYUKEN?!”

Overall, I actually had a lot of fun with Swalot and feel he’s a fairly strong entry by myself, especially considering the time it took to make him. Glad I actually made a serious entry for this…even more glad that I actually motivated myself enough to make a moveset period!

MT’s Two Cents on NINETALES

Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy. Yeah, Ninetales is without a doubt my least favorite of your One Day Pokesets by a long shot. Gonna come right out and say something you probably already know…Ninetales is crazy overpowered. So she can only grab if she herself is grabbed by her tails…why would the opponent grab you anyway?! Oh, because you gain super armor via Down B. Well…what if you just wait for it to wear off and then go for a KO? Nope, utilt forces you to grab (very predictably too). Captivate, Imprison, Spite, Swift…they all come across as painfully overpowered moves, even if the first three are somewhat hard to land. In fact, Captivate combined with Rest and Swift is an easy 20% recovery any time you want…heck, you’d probably be safe to do it without Captivate. The set as a whole just feels like your most rushed Pokeset. I know they’re only one day Pokesets, but it hits like a brick wall with Ninetales…hell, the dair doesn’t even make sense to me…maybe I’m just misreading it but it seems like you go off on a random tangent about stall then falls combined with the uair. I really can’t say I’m a fan of Ninetales here which is a shame because it’s actually a pleasant departure from your traditional grab based character.

MT’s Two Cents on GOLEM

Now to leave my negativity at the door for Golem who deserves praise far more than Brokentales. Golem is like a full fleshing out of the concept you came up with for Cairne…without all that reincarnation stuff in there…although Golem reincarnating would be kind of badass…okay, I’m off topic, sorry. Golem is a FUN set! Yay! You took the whole digging a hole thing with Cairne and translated it to digging a holes with Golem and using them as tombs for your opponents which is cool in my book. The set pretty much captures Golem to a T what with his whole being a rock and exploding and such deal. It’s not a very good comment but I feel I need to be more lighthearted after the Ninetales one, so basically take this as straight praise (or mostly straight praise. I could nitpick a few things but I’d rather not at the moment) and say that this is certainly the best of your three Pokesets. it’s certainly different enough from Cairne that it’s okay if it uses a few modified things from him.

MT’s Two Cents on CLOYSTER

Cloyster is…interesting to say the least. It’s a set that unfortunately shows quite clearly how you got kinda fed up with it near the end. It starts out strong, especially with the mechanic and the specials…but by the time you get to the aerials and throws, it seems as though you were regretting joining the movement and just wanted to be done. That being said, the set does begin to portray your signature humor style near the end of the set which is always a pleasure to read…it’s just kind of strange how the first part comes across as very serious and then kind of morphs into humorous references and such. That doesn’t make it -BAD- so to say, personal voice and humor are certainly strengths of your as your sets are always enjoyable reads…but it just comes across as boredom/frustration near the end. That all being said, Cloyster has an interesting mechanic and some good specials, but after that it’s not very impressive unfortunately. Regardless, I think it’s best to keep doing sets the way you do them normally; Cirno and Adachi especially are both very enjoyable sets (especially Adachi in my book). With that kind of work/dedication, you really do make awesome stuff; having to rush your sets for the sake of the movement to the point that you’re not even having fun with it isn’t very good to do. Also, no. Ultimate Chimera cannot be beaten. Seriously (flip).

MT’s Two Cents on VPT

Alright, not sure if this is a joke set or not but…it’s an interesting concept if not a really confusing one. Can’t really say much else to be honest, it’s mostly a “Imagine if…” kind of set.

MT’s Two Cents on NODDY

Another KK set to comment on this week, surprisingly (despite such little time between the two) it seems just as good quality wise as Bellsprout does. Now Noddy is another one of those sets where I have to congratulate the user for making a set off of a potential-less blob who doesn’t really do anything in their game…I mean really, all he does in game is sleep and wake up. And walk slowly. That being said, you’ve got some good concepts here and it’s certainly a fun set to read. I’ll say here that I do enjoy your writing style…it comes up a bit skewed or broken at parts but overall it has quite a bit of personal voice which shines through and makes it seem like you’re actually interested in the character. That being said, I can’t really judge how in character Noddy is as I avoided the “Right Back At Ya!” cartoon like it was a plague rat soaked in gasoline in a house fire. I can figure though that the props weren’t really necessary…pillow, maybe…warm milk? Not so much. I will say however that the concept here is really good; the idea of working against a sleeping foe is a fun one. Heck, this is an improvement over Bellsprout in my book.

MT’s Two Cents on BOMBER

I -PERSONALLY- find Bomber to be the weaker of the two sets in my honest opinion but once again, you’re working with a character who does little more than walk slowly forward, fall and then explode, more often than not without that first step. That being said, that’s just my opinion. Bomber seems to either be incredibly broken or incredibly weak…not a balance of it, just one or the other. Against someone with a fast projectile, they can destroy him at the start of the match (Fox’s lasers would ruin him instantly) against someone else, they’ll have a tough time destroying his factory and, even if they do, he can rebuild one nearly laglessly. Once again though, the concept of the set is very original…it’s a character who is optimized for suicide KO’s. He explodes and attempts to take the foe with him. So like I said, Bomber lacks the charm and, in my opinion, the real focus that Noddy does…he’s not bad, certainly another fun set coming from you…just in my book, he’s the weaker of the two.

MT’s Two Cents on Bully

Well I think you may have officially gotten the most comments of any one person in a single Recap so congrats! Bully is the set I missed a while ago so I’m going back to pass a comment on him. The writing style right off the bat reminds me of Dodongo who, if I’m not mistaken, was posted just a bit before this. I can only assume though that that had anything to do with this set’s production; would I be correct in assuming that you saw that and wanted to try something similar though? Anyway, the writing style is amusing and suiting regardless…portraying Bully as the meatheaded minion he is…I mean, who else would run head-long into lava? As for mechanics, the first one is very creative; I really like the concept of a character building up speed/momentum in order to physically shove the foes around. The second mechanic however just seems like a generic rage mechanic seen in such previous sets as Bald Bull and even my very own Tauros to a degree (although it wasn’t a full blown mechanic there). That’s probably my biggest complaint with Bully; you have the awesome first mechanic and the lackluster second one…and all of the attacks seem to focus around managing his rage/doing various altered things with rage…I may be missing it because it’s late, but his first mechanic isn’t even mentioned in the playstyle. That aside though, the set has a certain charm to it and I really do love that first mechanic, it’s certainly a vast improvement over your previous sets but, as mentioned above, I think Bully himself has been surpassed by both Bellsprout and Noddy for sure.


Well I do owe you a comment on three different sets really…Seth, Kisame and Hambrabi…but in all honesty, they all seem to have very similar problems. A lot of them (especially Seth’s moves) suffer from the not so common anymore but somewhat common “It’s ___’s move but better.” Side Special is Samus’ missiles…but better. Down Special is Pikachu’s Thunder…but better. Kisame’s Up Special is Marth’s…but better. That really makes for a rather dull moveset in all honesty and doesn’t add much to the overall playstyle (which your sets are missing…well, they’re missing a clear-cut playstyle at the very least). A problem on Kisame is also see with the images; they MAJORLY need a resize; otherwise they stretch and skew the page and text, making it a chore to read it. Also on the note of organization, colors are a good thing! Having the entire set be blue or not colored at all can be a real pain on the eyes; it could really use some logical variation. Anyway, I’m not even sure if you’re ever coming back, but if you do, I’d love to see some more set ideas from you. You were leaning in the right direction with Kisame and then Hambrabi kinda scrambled that. Remember, in MYM you can be as creative as you please; the sky’s the limit!

MT’s Two Cents on ARBOK

I have to admire that you didn’t just take the easy route of having Arbok be a passive/defensive character who just kinda slops on poison damage and spends the rest of the match running away. To actually go out of your way to make him a flat out offense character is certainly an impressive feat that, in my opinion, turned out quite nicely. The organization is basic but it’s a one day set, not use harping on that especially when it gets the job done just fine and the attacks themselves are practical and for the most part, fairly creative. Exceeept…that back throw. Not every snake ever needs to reference Kaa. I don’t care how suiting it is. Just no. SEE WHAT YOU STARTED KUPA?! *shakes fist* Really my only gripe with the set is that the uair move interaction just seems a tad silly but really, when you go for moves seeming “lolwut-worthy” as the main gripe, you know you’ve got a pretty good set on your hands. Arbok’s fun to read plus he’s a breath of fresh air from the other defensive based Pokesets posted (including my own). Excellent work.

MT’s Two Cents on JOE MUSASHI

Man…I remember playing Shinobi back in the day…no! I’m not old! I refuse to believe so! D: Anyway, on to the set. First off, it looks physically good for a beginner set. The blue font is a bit iffy admittedly but heck, it beats a white wall of text with no pictures and no color. Secondly, it really shows that you did in fact put a lot of effort into this set. You have details I really wouldn’t expect from a newcomer (lag time, knockback angle, kill percents, etc.) and you make them fit into the flow of the set without being a spread sheet of random numbers and factoids. The little quotes before each attack are also fairly interesting little character snippets and made the set feel a lot more personal. Some of the attack descriptions do feel a tad drawn out admittedly but I attribute that to you probably wanting to make sure that you had all of the detail you’d need for the attack to be understandable easy to picture. My only other major concern is that his playstyle isn’t really that fleshed out. It’s still good for a newcomer’s playstyle, don’t get me wrong…I didn’t get it on my first shot either…but his playstyle doesn’t seem to evolve much past the fact that he’s a pressure character who can projectile spam and wants to finish you off with laggier moves. All concerns aside though, Musashi is, needless to say, a very impressive first set. I highly await your future projects Kaiser!




  1. Sweet, Im getting more and more known. We don’t really need any more Pokesets.

    Im trying to get my remake of Suzu done. There’s going to be a fairly big page of extras for it.

    VPT is not a joke set by the way. It’s a serious set.

  2. I answered the first poll truthfully!

  3. I’ve always read the recap. Why not, right? Although I always tense myself for that Abra comment, at long last… and then it doesn’t come. -_- Oldest set you still haven’t commented, woohoo.

  4. Jynx from last year was a one-day Pokeset. Woohoo!

  5. My sister still has nightmares from you!!! I don’t really for that though. (skips to polls)

  6. Nice recap, droogy. Real horrorshow.

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