Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 7, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 31 (With Intro And Closing By Plorf)

"Gentlemen!" What's this?! An appropriate time to use a meme?!

“So, what happened this week? I was too busy raving over Mega Man 10.

Nothing, you say? That’s good. God, I suck at writing these. Anyway, yeah, with two movesets this week, we’ve hit another low with the recap, and since those movesets are apparently Shuckle and Spy, we all know which one people will remember. In other news, Rool decided to return from his hiatus, announcing his final moveset for a while! 😮 All in all, nothing happened this wekk. At all. I don’t really know what to say from now on, other than the usual “buy TvC” slogan, so I’ll hand it over to MT.” – Plorf

Thanks Plorf for that really lackluster intro (no)….JUST KIDDING[/Xianghua]

First off this week is Shuckle by Kris121. Making use of Shuckle’s whole berry fermenting thing, Shuckle is quite clearly Kris’ strongest entry this contest just beating out One Man Band for that spot.

Moving right along, MasterWarlord posted his moveset for Spy from Team Fortress 2. Now despite the fact that he’s never played the game, Warlord did a considerable amount of research for this set, studying for countless hours the ins and outs of Team Fortress 2 and strategies for the Spy. Blowing Smash to the wind, Warlord created his own mode, the multi-screen Capture the Flag mode with which he could best show off the Spy’s true potential. What resulted was incredible amounts of praise and controversy about what the contest should actually be about; after all, we did disqualify Mega Man 9 Mega Man for being non-smash…

Oh, and then we had a set for Luf-

One more thing, everyone vote on Kaiser’s Story Mode poll so we can get a good representation of characters out there!

“Before MT painstakingly comments all the sets this week, you have to read through another really boring and pointless Plorf segment. You know, I find it funny how after all the abuse I go through, people still don’t really hold a bad opinion of me, but it’s weird that I get to write this kind of stuff. Granted, it’s not much, but it’s a little reminder showing you guys care. (hug) Aside from cheesiNESS, I have had enough talk. Have at you and whatnot.


you are all suspended” – Plorf

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!

MT’s Two Cents on SPY

Oh boy. Here’s a tough call for me. On one hand, the set itself is amazing; you’re blatantly aware of this however as you know many others feel the same way. That being said…it also is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s so blatantly UnSmash, what with creating an entirely new game mode just for this set, that it’s really bending the CURRENT point of the contest to its absolute snapping point. The mode itself and the set itself are both great, but it’s that weird little fuzzy area that it’s almost like…”Is this okay…? Can we get away with this?” Sure it has the Smash inputs and all that, but the Spy is pretty much unplayable (or at least absolute garbage) in traditional Smash which is the CURRENT point of the contest; to make movesets that would be in Smash. Yeah we have had sets that have bent that, your very own Valozarg for one and countless others including my stage manipulating Silver. . .but this one’s like a whole other ball game. It’s taken the concept of Smash, crumbled it up and said “Fuck you I’m making my own shit!” It’s a really ballsy move for sure and one that rides the absolute line of “Can we count this or can we not?”

And I know I just spent the entire two cents ranting about whether or not Spy can/should/will be counted…but I really don’t have any complaints about the set itself. You know how I feel about it (that I like it a lot) and you know I think it’s one of your frontrunners. That being said, don’t take this comment as me saying it should or shouldn’t be banned; if anything, you’ve managed to make a set that, despite most agreeing is not a “real” Smash set, still has massive amounts of support in favor of actually counting it. It’s really a shame that this support couldn’t have come out sooner for MM9MM but eh, our loss I suppose.

MT’s Two Cents on Shuckle

Forgive me for not being more in depth with this comment but I assume you won’t be reading it since you said you’d vanish after posting Shuckle (although that may have been a tongue-in-cheek remark about how you never post/appear). That being said, Shuckle is very awkward. He  seems to have a basic concept to his, but his moves come off as incredibly weird. Many are just out of character such as Shuckle levitating or using “jet boosters” and especially the Up Smash come off as incredibly out of place. Not only that but, in the end, the playstyle doesn’t really come together at all for me, it just seems like a random conglomeration of moves. Overall, it’s not a very good set. Still, it’s good to see you still hanging around Kris.

Also, this poor Shuckle seems to be gender confused; it’s a he sometimes and a she others.



  1. Yes, this ARE better polls, although I’m bitter that I don’t get to see the results of the first one.

    And I don’t know where Plorf got that I returned from my hiatus. The set I was referring to is that one I started a month or two ago, and have cryptically referenced a whole bunch of times.

    And no mention of Kibble’s return? REALLY?

  2. Well I did that on purpose, not to screw with you of course, just didn’t want people checking the most popular answer and then voting.

    You know of course know that you can use your editor powers to check it out though, just takes a bit of searching 😉

    And Kibble returned? I honestly didn’t know, seems nobody tells me these things D:

  3. MYM7 can’t end until I get Trainer HR finished. (d)

    Then if I have time I’ll churn out Wilfre, though he’ll more likely be my fist MYM8 set.

  4. tounge in cheek remark about me never posting

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