Posted by: frostare | March 14, 2010

Sunday Recap #32 Kholdstare & GW Limited Edition Platinum Best Hits Agents Are Go

Creepy house is watching you comment

“Soup there Chillinz of MYM. It’s me, that one guy who doesn’t make good sets that you still respect because he placed by making joints and making them in the first place, GW! It’s been an awesome week… well, not exactly for sets. For sets this week was relatively slow as usual and pretty much good overall… BUT it was great for me IRL because I got Mega Man 10, Fallout 3, and Space Invaders Extreme for the price of $30 and 5 GCN tradeins. Anyway, I’ll go let you read the awesomeness that is Ten-, er, I mean The Sunday Recap by Khold AND GW! WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE! FORM OF: A REPLACEMENT FOR MT! SHAPE OF: AN OBSCURE WONDERTWINS REFERENCE!” – goldwyvern

Cool beans, GW. Okay, so first we had Badman by Junahu… Badman was about slimes or something, right?

Badman was some vampire-y guy from a cool sounding game and apparently used summons or something. Could’ve been a Warcraft character for all we know. 

But it has a fucking DRAGON, though, so read it. (H) Oh, and it is a whole ecosystem into a moveset, which was amazing.

Badman reminds me of this gay vampire kid from this Casper cartoon I once saw. That guy was a prick and poorly animated. Plus he looked like a bitch.

I don’t remember ANY vampires, GW. Have you been reading Twilight again?

Badman himself is a vampire, look in the pic at the top.

That’s a chick with evil eyes. 😐

Eh, at least they both suck, right? (smirk2)


Speaking of whores, next we have Spamus Remix by JOE!

Spamus Remix wuz kewl becuz- eh, whatever, I don’t give a shit about JOE! sets anymore. I’m just waiting for Spiderman remake so I can fap to more Marvel characters. It’s like DM sucked out all his win when they made Mewtwo.

Spidergirl (yum)

Anyway it’s made to look like a cool log book sort of thing and you have to click everywhere or something so it’s meh. Haven’t read it so I can’t say much more.

I didn’t either, but I never read sets, unless they’re Junahu’s (H) Speaking of, Juna didn’t rip it limb from limb like the bear from Resistance 2 when she decimated Jigglypuff Remix, so it must be top 50 material.


Next is Monkey D. Luffy by Monkey D. AWESOME, a newcomer.

He’s that guy from One Piece with the stretchy shit.

Everything on him stretches… everything. (smirk)

I once tried to watch that show. At least it has relatively original characters and continuity. Other than that it was pretty shit. Probably because of 4Kids. I hadn’t discovered dub back then. (no)

Hey GW, want a doughnut? *holds out rice balls*

Oh fuck you. Anyway, Monkey isn’t going to read this recap. Let’s just rock out together since we’re TENACIOUS D. (H)


Next was VideoMan.EXE from darth meanie. He films whatever the opponent does and edits it into a film that can combo without you having to do anything but press Play. And yes, you CAN make porn with him. Why WOULDN’T you?

You’re brilliant, GW. Now my Anon set from MYM4’s grab and pummel is even more relevant. (H) Imagine the possibilities! Spadefox’s BThrow + Anon’s grab on film! Wombo combo!

(H) Also, I do declare that his 12:00 quip was quite right. Also, VM.EXE would rape Spy in CTF by making him reverse back into his true form or some other action.

Indeed. Anyway, it got good reception (except from Plorf, which means it got good reception anyway), so go read it you lazy bastards.

 “Well that was this week. Funny, this is the second closing I’ve done. (H) It was a good week for me too, as I got MM10, Scribblenauts, and am making the CSS for MYM7. So, peace out again, bitches.” – Kholdstare


  1. What a weird recap.

  2. …is that a compliment? 😥

  3. ¬_¬ I can sense your piercing glare in my direction. I had nothing to do with this particular recap… other than the fact it’s posted under my name

  4. It’s a shame my mechanics list was so ignored. Next time I’ll be sure to post it under Rool’s, or Junahu’s, or Warlord’s name so it’s existance will be acknowledged. *goes to hack said MYMer’s passwords*

  5. Hey guys, I’m -KINDA- sorta here. My internet is still mostly dead. . .it honestly took about ten minutes for the front page of the Stadium to open…then I had to wait another ten for this one X_x…My internet is soooooooooo slow in fact that I can’t even get into the chat, it crashes on the loading screen. Hopefully the guys will be out tomorrow to fix this shit up (they came out today but just kinda went “DUR HUR, IT WORKS. MONIEZ PWEASE.” when it quite honestly is…well…

    Any of you lot ever had dial-up? Yeah. It’s like that. But slower. Oh God is it slower…

  6. Sorry H_R, I forgot about it when writing the recap. Really, sorry.

  7. and I forgot to sign in.

    @MT D:

  8. I DID read this recap. TAKE THAT!! But, this really was a weird recap.

    And you’re right: the reason One Piece sucked when you watched it was because of 4Kids. Thank God they’re not dubbing the show anymore.

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