Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 28, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 34

Lucky Number Seven

Howdy hoes and welcome to the FINAL Sunday Recap of Make Your Move 7! It’s been one helluva ride with a lot of great movesets, some crazy new moveset concepts and enough drama to fill a moderately sized swimming pool. It’s been a rather controversial MYM to say the least but that didn’t stop us from making some great thought provoking sets now did it? All in all, we had a grand total of 112 movesets, each with their own unique aspects, each with their own unique execution! Of course, only 50 of these will place in the highly awaited Top 50! Which ones will make the cut and which ones won’t? Well, that’s up to you now isn’t it?

Anyway, for the final Recap of the contest, we have, of course, the final rush of sets rolling in! While not exactly the biggest final rush ever, there’s certainly a handful of sets to cover this week, so without any further stalling, let’s get straight to it, no?

First off this week, we had a newcomer post a set; Spear Guy by darksamus77. Spear Guy is one of the many variants of Shy Guy found in the classic Yoshi’s Island game. For a first time set, Spear Guy manages to avoid some of the pitfalls of a newcomer set whilst falling into others at the same time. Overall, Spear Guy received a few comments but not that many; most pointed out the beginner mistakes being made.

Following Spear Guy came Shiki by TWILTHERO, yet another moveset from the popular TWENWY series. Shiki makes use of her stuffed animal, Mr. Mew to act as a mobile hitbox, essentially separating the hitbox from the hurtbox. Overall reception for Shiki was somewhat mixed; most praised the concept but felt the execution was too clunky.

Next page brought us another set by darksamus77; Dark Samus. Dark Samus is, according to darksamus77, based upon her Metroid Prime 3 appearance as opposed to her other appearances. Like Spear Guy, Dark Samus fell into several pitfalls of a beginner set (considering they were made about a day apart, this isn’t entirely surprising). Overall reception for Dark Samus was negative; many criticizing the very rushed feel of it, the lack of any obvious playstyle claiming it to be worse than Spear Guy. It did however receive a fairly positive comment from HR.

After Dark Samus came Chill Man; the second Mega Man 10 Robot Master to be made (obviously following Sheep Man by agidius). Chill Man is a self-admitted trap character who uses his icy abilities to freeze the opponents in their tracks (only suiting because in game, he’s strong against Nitro Man!). Overall reception for Chill Man was okay; most felt that being rushed certainly hurt it (especially in the throws department) whereas Plorf felt as though the set didn’t -FEEL- like it was for Chill Man.

Up next was Onix by Plorf. Whereas Chill Man was a self-admitted trap character…Onix is a self-admitted BROKEN character. He’s the size of Valozarg with insane weight, size, anti-grab armor, invulnerability to knockback on his segments as well as insane damage and range. Oh, and he’s not even Valozarg style; he’s a straight up one-on-one character. Anyway, Onix is all about digging around the stage (oh, and he can continue digging so long as he pleases) and…yeah, it’s kinda hard to see a playstyle when he’s broken as all holy hell.. Overall reception for Onix wasn’t much; he really didn’t get any comments and the comments he DID get were either commending the effort or bashing the balance/underdetail.

After Onix was half_silver28’s Top 5 Movesets of MYM5! READ IT.

Next up is King Boo by n88_2004. Fun Fact: I was working on a Boolossus set that I lost interest in. Yay. Anyway, King Boo plays off of the fact of what Boos like to do; play tricks and be annoying! Thus, King Boo teleports all over the place, fading in and out of the visible realm as he pleases. Unfortunately for n88, King Boo was actually a bit of a rush job; having to be finished up last minute for the deadline. Even more unfortunate for n88, King Boo hardly got any comments if any!

With the final darth meanie entry of the contest came Mario and Luigi, the dynamic duo of brothers fused into a team and based on their GBA/DS RPG series. The set takes a unique spin on the two character moveset by having you control both at once; A button for Mario, B button for Luigi and a combination of the two for special moves and Bro moves. Not only is it a unique set, but it’s absolutely loaded with extras. Overall reception for Mario and Luigi was kind of mixed but mostly positive it seemed; nobody really commented in thread except for Warlord who felt the Bro Moves were not really fitting and more there for flash…and then Rool who absolutely loved it.

Next up came Mogenar; aka Obscure Metroid Boss #52 by Hyper_Ridley. Now I actually know the guy (as does Warlord which shows he’s not that obscure!) so I knew roughly what was going on before I read the set. Mogenar has his balls. You want to protect his balls. Protecting Mogenar’s balls is good. That being said, reception for Mogenar was great; Warlord calling it one of HR’s best works while Rool also praised it heavily!

The final set on this massive page was Parasol Lady Madeline by Meadow. Just like all of Meadow’s sets, this one is snuck in at the absolute end of the wire (which is a shame because Meadow sets are usually fun to read, you should make more!). Parasol Lady Madeline is, oddly enough, not an OC/self-insert but rather a random trainer type from a random route with a random Pokemon; Numel. Reception for PLM came with praise from K.Rool and irrational hatred from Warlord most likely attributed to the praise from K.Rool.

And then we had a moveset that didn’t exist since Rocket Grunt was Rool’s last moveset ever, thus, Kamek by KingK.Rool obviously don exits. Oh fine, I’ll go over it. Like in the Yoshi’s Island games, Kamek doesn’t really do much fighting, instead relying on making his minions jumbo-sized. Choosing between Shy Guy, Koopa or Blooper (Blooper being the out of place “Houndour”) of this set, Kamek can power up his cronies as he sees fit…or, ya know? Make the opponent huge too. Or…make your partner in a team battle huge too. Yep! Kamek has a heavy team battle emphasis, being able to power up his teammates to colossal sizes! Kamek didn’t really get much reception; it -WAS- posted at the end of the rush after all!

Finally, our last set of MYM7 is a truly appropriate one; Gambit by half_silver28 and SmashDaddy. A joint that had been in the works since late MYM6 if I’m not mistaken, Gambit decided to close off lucky MYM7 with a bang! Using his kinetically charged playing cards to his advantage, Gambit has a suit of cards to suit any situation. Overall, reception for Gambit was okay; Rool felt as though there weren’t enough mindgames/interactions with the different suits as well as feeling that the strains of a really prolonged joint set were apparent.

And that my friends was the very end of MYM7! It’s been a long one but there have been a lot of fun sets throughout the process! We all tried a lot of new things, Capture The Flag was created, playstyle concepts were expanded on and lots of experiments took place…with sexy results.

That being said, we’re still not done with this thing! This week is the very awesome ADVERTISING WEEK! If you’ve looked in the thread at all as of late, you’ve no doubt seen the advertisements. Remember if you WANT TO VOTE, you have to advertise three sets! Not that hard; if you haven’t read at least three sets to advertise then…why would you want to vote in the first place? As always though, take the advertisements into considerations; tastes change, a set you may have disliked earlier may have grown on you considerably! Take this time to reread the efforts put forth by your fellow MYMers; you never know what you may have missed!

With that, the final Recap of MYM7 is complete! I’d like to give a special thanks to Junahu, agidius, goldwyvern and Kholdstare for filling in for me on the times that I was unable to make the Recap myself; you guys did an excellent job! As always (except for the aforementioned times), I’m your host MT! It’s been another great MYM for the Recap!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

See y’all next MYM! MT out!



  1. -_-

    FUN AND EDUCATIONAL “is” my line, which I used to describe some of the sets I ad’d. Clearly nobody else knows what those 2 special words mean. When a set has colorful pretty pictures, it is fun. When a set informs you about the actual character by any means, it is educational. And providing it all stays true to character you have an awesome set.

    MYM6 is the bestest MYM so far. MYM7 was alright. I don’t think I’ll get a place this time round, but I suppose that’s alright.

    MYM8 should rock since Kaiser’s going to post his SM. I’ll possibly try to make FUN AND EDUCATIONAL sets without tearing away from the playstyle too much. Shouldn’t promise anything this time round.

    Finally, now that I do have your attention, the Box Set hasn’t been updated (neither have the recaps in MYM History for that matter). It’s alright if you in a block. Maybe people can help you with some ideas. But then again it would be a very special chapter, for it has Junaday. And some random pokemon to kill off.

  2. MYM6 was crap IMO. It’s when creativity was practically a bad thing, and the fact that everyone was still only looking at my sets for their creativity at the time only makes me all the more bitter.

    MYM7 was a big improvement towards making deeper playstyles (and since I’m nice I’ll actually read Alucard to see if he falls into being “deep” or being “unfocused”), and creativity was revered again on top of it!

    Extras are fun if you can pull them off, but most of the time I don’t find them worth making.

    MYM8 lost Rool, will probably lose me unless my massive project is succesful, and…yeah, that’s 2 veterans leaving, big loss of course. Still, as long as we have Warlord and his 9834830 alts, we’ll be fine (h)

  3. Yeah, I think most people would say this MYM has been a rough ride, but turned out better than expected. The moveset list is actually fairly strong, but started off way down there. We all had to really start pushing ourselves to come up with innovative creations.

    My favourite MYM is probably not 7, though, mostly due to my own movesets. I mean, I get that your poll on I is trolling for the lulz and all, but the proposals and all of that was actually really enjoyable with all the discussion of ‘the future’ and understanding just how much people care about this.

    No, it was that I had a horrible time of things, due to pretty complex reasons and couldn’t really get anything done that was worthwhile. Bummer. That said, MYM5 is up there with Raiden placing tops and so is MYM4 for just the immense size and transition that was going on back there. I can’t say about MYM3 and beyond, really.

    Extras are comfy and easy to wear. Interest in MYM7 was high. Future is, as always, uncertain. I’d say Junahu or DM are the winners of this one. (Y)

  4. MYM 4, my clear favourite. Ah, when we had leaders who worked together and worked well. Ah, for a time when you could refresh the page and expect to see new posts, and when you’d post a set and then hover over your computer for the next ten minutes waiting for that elusive first comment.

    Good job keeping these going, MT, although I DO miss your two cents. I find it mildly amusing that the only reason Kamek got the least commentary of the last-day sets is because I can’t comment on my own moveset. >.>

  5. MYM4 was my absolute favorite. I got there too late to enter, but the friendly and laid back atmosphere was what convinced me to join by MYM5. I think what I miss most was the fun. Nowadays, sets are ‘SERIOUS BUSINESS’, and if I don’t spend several weeks on each set nobody will like it. Back in MYM4, it was about what was most fun rather then refined. That crazy and over the top styling is what makes the Smash series so fun and unique in the first place. I really miss that part of it. MYM is a fun competition, not something people do to put bread on the table.

    MYM5 was caught in a phase. It was a complete mess with no real direction and trying to do everything. Not really bad, but not good either. It saw the most sets of my career and at the very least I had a blast with it.

    MYM6 is a disaster in my eyes. Everyone stopped having fun for the sake of refining ‘playstyles’ that amounted to “hit them lots, lololol” and a select few “quantum physics degree required” spruced in. With few exceptions, the sets weren’t creative OR refined. They were dull, a total pain to work on AND to read, and sapped everyone’s will to work. I think the massive decline in sets that came in MYM7 had it’s start here.

    MYM7. The focus on strategies is here to stay, but unlike MYM6 creativity flourished. People start to have fun again, having gotten used to working with a playstyle and even learning how to use that to improve their sets. These strategies are no longer generic “lolcombolot”s or an over complex mess of tangled move interactions, and have a subtle poetry about them. It had a massive loss in set posting and it also saw the least of my works (a pitiful 2, compared to 5’s 6 and 6’s 4), but it was an enjoyable contest.

    The playstyles I see today, while adding a new dimension to creating sets and producing some gems, is being done in a ridiculous way. The fact is that these sets are designed with a fighting game setting in mind, and in a fighting game any complex strategies will always fail in the face of characters that only worry about racking damage and KOing.

    This is not a rant at playstyles in general. They provide plenty of good things- making a creative strategy is just as enjoyable as making creative moves, and watching a set you’re reading come together is fun. But if you go that far, you should also consider how fast paced fighting games are. Strategies should be simple and understandable, with the potential to just fight normally if it comes down to it.

    You can have all the good of a playstyle without the bad, and that’s what I want to see. People approaching playstyle with the skill of MYM7, in the light-hearted manner of early MYMs. If that happens, MYM8 will be a contest to remember. Here’s to the future!

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