Posted by: MarthTrinity | May 2, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 35

MYM8: The World of Tomorrow...TODAY!

Howdy hoes! Been quite a break huh? How have you all been fairing without a fresh Sunday Recap coming straight to your computer screens each Sunday? I know I for one have gotten a lot more sleep. But this…this is a very special Sunday Recap! This is the first Sunday Recap of the MYM that I have had the honor of OP’ing! Not only this, but it’s on a shiny new Stadium layout too! All in all, it’s good to be back to the Recap…fortunately y’all are starting me off with a nice easy one; only three sets!

First up, we had Burst Man by KK. So we start off MYM8 with a Mega Man set, fun huh? What’s even more strange is that…KK wasn’t even in the chat when I posted the thread; he had no way of knowing it was coming up. Somehow via ninja skills though, he got this as the first post and first set. Anyway, Burst Man captures his in game fight fairly faithfully; he likes to trap his foes in bubbles and then push them into the insta-death spikes…or in Brawl’s case, the top blast zone. Burst Man was met with mostly positive reception; everyone seems to agree it’s KK’s best set and a vast improvement over his previous contest opener.

Coming not too long after Burst Man was Nurse Joy, Junahu’s first set of MYM8. Nurse Joy happens to be a positive status effect character making her ideal for 2v2 matches…but don’t think she isn’t fully functional in one-on-one bouts! Using a vast array of status inducing attacks, a creative way of stacking those attacks and more props than you can shake a Kupa set at, Nurse Joy is a unique one for sure. Joy was met with pretty awesome reception; Warlord said it was Junahu’s second best while others were totally convinced Warlord would hate it. Strange huh?

Finally, can’t believe I’m saying that already on opening week, we had Joshua by TWILTHERO. The apparent follow up to TWILT’s Shiki moveset from last contest, Joshua is, I believe TWILT’s first image set. That being said, the set looks quite nice. Unfortunately, its reception wasn’t too hot. Katapultar didn’t like it much whereas DM thought it looked great but seemed a bit scattered without an ultimate focus.

And…that’s it? Funny how that works huh? Granted the thread has only been open since Thursday, I personally hope to see it get a little more active in the coming weeks! That being said (that being said seems to be my new catchphrase…), we’re off to a pretty good start set quality wise; maybe the quantity will catch up to the quality soon? Well with Warlord almost done with his first set and with my own Strike Man almost wrapped up, we can only hope to see some more awesome sets coming out soon!

So…that concludes the first week of MYM8 as well as the first Sunday Recap of the Make Your Move!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Im also going to get a new set in soon, Jason Voorhees. He’s probably nothing too special to be happy about, but regardless I will post him because I said I would despite me kind of hating the F13 series.

    MYM8’s being going real smooth. Post set, them comments come in. At this point, it’s pretty safe to post a set, like, now.

  2. Slow start. Hope things will pick up.

  3. Torterra is likely to be posted this week :3

  4. 1: Pharaoh Man will hopefully be up this weekend.

    2: Yes I know I missed the podcast for last week… I’m gonna justify it by saying only two sets were posted anyway and merge this week and the first two days together into one.

    3: I really hope that the Stadium isn’t still marking my comments as spam.

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