Posted by: Junahu | May 4, 2010

Movesets of the past [#1]

With MYM8 itself getting off to such an excellent start, I kind of feel remorseful at how little we commented movesets in earlier MYM’s. Maybe it was because we were still learning ourselves. Or perhaps we were just more competitive than communal in the past. Either way, the annals of MYM are a rich tapestry just bursting with hidden gems and forgotten abominations. I hope these short, weekly articles will inspire others to look back and see older sets in a new light.

This week, ironically, I’m going to talk about a pretty recent moveset by a well known MYMer. Wow, I’m so daring…


You’ll be forgiven for not having heard of this set. You can find it HERE, if you want to get yourself up to speed.

Midbus is a moveset created for BrawlInTheFamily’s branch of MYM, by our resident creativity campaigner, MasterWarlord. As crazy as it may seem, this short, sharp and practical little gem was made by the lord king of anti-smash himself. The fact that the same brain behind Valozarg and the Spy and Rollercoaster Tycoon is capable of bringing such a grounded, applicable character to life, is a jarring contrast all in its own, and it’s proof positive of MasterWarlord’s pedigree.

But that’s not the reason for this article, not at all. The fact of the matter is, Midbus is a fantastic moveset in its own right, and an absolute picture perfect example of MasterWarlord’s trademark methodology of sucker-punching the reader with new twists at every turn. If you’re new to MYM, and you want to know exactly why MasterWarlord is so highly revered, look no further than this set.

MasterWarlord’s writing is as no-nonsense and raw as you are ever likely to find in MYM. If a move is just Wario’s chomp, that’s exactly how he’ll describe it. There’s no ceremony, no apologies, and very little “fluff” to speak of. And this, simple, kind of writing permeates through the whole of Midbus. If nothing else, Midbus is a moveset that feels confident ‘naked’. Strip most other sets of their flagrant language, and you’ll find that they’re all just talk.

The concept of using healing as a lure for the foe is probably one that is as old as dirt, or at the very least as old of my Viola/Clefable/Alucard/NurseJoy movesets. But only Midbus manages to make it seem so effortless and natural. The audience throws food directly between him and his foe, giving both sides a tough decision as to whether or not to try to get it. It’s a lure that fits perfectly with the rest of Midbus’ attacks, and it’s one that benefits Midbus even if the foe decides not to bite, literally feeding his ability to absorb blows.

Following from this, MasterWarlord is excellent at setting up his moveset for clever twists. Reading the specials, you’d be forgiven for initially thinking they were worthless. But as the moveset draws on, and especially once the food is introduced, the reader is invited to consider those specials in a new light. A generic Wario Chomp move suddenly becomes a brilliant way to scarf down food. A clone of Rollout becomes a new way to approach and punish foes who try to steal your food. It all slots together firmly, like a jigsaw puzzle you just figured out. But unlike a jigsaw, MasterWarlord continues to deliver new ideas, long after you thought the puzzle was solved. And this wonderful moveset delivery is made all the more powerful, thanks to Midbus’ startling, disarming simplicity.

It’s really a wonderous moveset, and one of my favourites from MasterWarlord. It may have been designed with the fledgling BitF contest in mind, but even those of us from the verteran MYM can learn a lot from it.



  1. Brilliant idea for a weekly/semi-weekly column. Opinion poll at the end adds a lot to it, too. This is certainly something I’d like to see more of.

    I did see Midbus when Warlord first posted it, and found it to be a nice little piece of work, if a minor one.

  2. I actually skimmed BiTF Midbus and didn’t think much about it at the time, but on a reread it isn’t half bad. Interesting feature (Y)

  3. I didn’t know that thread existed. But it’s interesting none the less.

    Checking all the sets, I found that Heracross was a pretty good one. Would love to see more of this Jun.

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