Posted by: MarthTrinity | May 9, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 36

Oddly missing from the Jason set. You get points if you get the reference.

Howdy all and welcome to week two of MYM8! In all honesty, it wasn’t a whole lot more active than week one…but at least people are really keeping on top of the sets by commenting so much! With that said, we did get a handful of new sets this week including the first (two actually) from MasterWarlord, a set by Katapultar and a UserShadow set. Sooo…let’s get right to it, how’s that sound?

First off was Scarmiglione by UserShadow7989. Being Shadow’s first moveset since his one-day Houndoom set, Scarmiglione is an interesting take on a summons character; one who is incredibly weak and only realizes his full potential after taking enough punishment. He CAN however put some punishment directly onto himself in order to speed up the process a bit more. Overall reception for Scarmiglione was very good; Wiz claims it to be his favorite set of the contest so far and most everyone seems to see it as Shadow’s top at the moment.

After Scarmiglione came Jason Voorhees by Katapultar. Straight from the long running Friday the 13th series, Jason is all about forcing his opponents to use his trademark machete against him as well as a slew of other Friday the 13th references (such as the funny Jason X reference for the Final Smash). Jason is also Kat’s first attempt at an image set which was met with mixed reception (some thought it suiting, some thought it was just fuzzy). Overall though, Jason was met with overwhelmingly negative reception. Many complained about how many attacks seemed strange or had forced effects while another major complaint was how the forced moveset on opponents was just too worthless to even bother with making the whole point of the set rather moot. On the other hand, a few people claimed it was a case of good ideas, bad execution.

And finally (yes, finally already) we had Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe by MasterWarlord as his obligatory semi-anual Crash Bandicoot set. That said, the Komodo Bros are actually two sets with related playstyles that interact heavily with one another whether it be via certain moves interacting or through their scimitar tossing. Considering their limited amount of material to work off of, Warlord really pulled together what he could with these two. Reception for the Komodos was fairly good. The major complaints were people felt that the sets had a lot of previous used Warlord concepts and that a few parts of the sets felt forced. That being said, they also felt the interactions between the two were for the most part very well done.

And that’s it guys! Recap’s all done for the week…another short one indeed. I chalk that up to timing however; it’s coming up to the end of the school year/semester so people are probably busting their asses with school work and what not. Hopefully we’ll see some more sets in the coming weeks though! Oh, and remember that today is Mother’s Day; make sure to say thanks for stuff and remember, without mothers, we wouldn’t be making sets!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. We need some funny answers for the polls…I want a “There was a set” option or something (D)

  2. Great recap, though, yes, very short. It isn’t difficult to have read all the movesets so far. Also, they’re two sets; a good and sub-par Warlord duo.

  3. The image comes from the Angry Video Game Nerd video where he poorly reviews the Friday the 13th game for SNES.

    “A nice slasher game for the kiddies”

    “I don’t know if the characters some from the movie or not, but who cares, it looks like a good game”

    “Oh look, Jason’s mother makes an appearance too. You know what it reminds me of? Those medusa enemies from Castlevenia II”

    “What is this, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!?”

    “You’re so much easier to beat in life you piece of shit!”

    Most likely those quotes are inaccurate, but close enough. I wouldn’t put it in the set cus I’d get banned for a few days for doing so because it mentions the word ‘fuck’.

    The movies were also poorly reviewed, and so was the set I made. It’s pretty much fitting that Jason is so bad. I don’t mind that much. (Actually, Im absolutely incredibly pissed). My curse is that whenever I make a set, it’s either good and gets ignored or it gets really horrid reception. You eventually just get scared to read people’s comments big time. I’ve learnt not to dwell on the negativity people give you, as it degrades your outlook on life.

    You guys are really mean to me. >_<

    Im persistent though. Will keep making sets. Why? Because it's F U N to think and do it.

  4. I got the reference, MT. Friday the 13th on the SNES (H)

  5. 6_6 keep at it Kat, I’m sure we’ll stop scapegoating you someday..

  6. That’ll be the day… pilgrim.

  7. Spoony experiments. 😉

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