Posted by: masterwarlord | May 9, 2010

The Top 13 Worst Sets of All Time

(These sets are judged based off the potential of the MYMer at the time – if they haven’t shown anything worthwhile yet, why would any of that change? Otherwise the list would be 13 random sets we’d never heard of.)

13 – Metagross by SkylerOcon – MYM 6

Everyone rushed to finish their movesets to get Steven out before MYM 5 closed. . .Except Ocon, who was too busy trying to pick up chicks and what have you. Ocon made a few moves, then the rest of the team for Steven split up the moveset among themselves and made it up. . .Warlord did the throws, HR the situationals, Lionheart. . .Everything else. Needless to say there was a supreme lack of flow when there was minimal communication between everybody and the moveset ended up in a jumbled mess.

But when Ocon did Metagross himself. . .It turned out even worse. It was horrifying. At least the joint Metagross had Warlord’s brilliant grab-game that he wish wasn’t deleted because he would totally reuse it. . .Metagross has a playstyle (Which is almost enough to push it off of this list) of generically stacking on status effects to the enemy, and. . .Stacking more. What does he do with the status effects? He just stacks them. No particular goal beyond tacky effects to add on to attacks. It’s an extremely OOC playstyle for Metagross, and when Ocon has Metagross use Rain Dance for his fthrow it’s hard not to question whether or not this is a joke set.

12 – Lucario Remix by Wizzerd – MYM 7


Lucario reuses the terribly flawed concept of stacking hitstun from Sandman. While Sandman had many simple moves, they flowed into the (terrible) playstyle and he was the most generic boxer in the game – there wasn’t much else that could be done with the character. Lucario’s moves are just as boring despite him having potential to do far more, and it’s hard to see any of these moves doing much of anything beyond flowing into generic combo character just by being fast or what have you. Ripping something off and making it worse is hardly a way to success. . .This is the main moveset that killed the remicks movement entirely, as the horrendously generic Brawl moveset for this character is better, if only for the far more interesting mechanic.

11 – Alucard by Junahu – MYM 7

Easily the choice which I am most alone on with this list. Alucard has no playstyle, plain and simple. In place of one, Alucard attempts to be “versatile” by having horrendously generic standards and random creativity with no relevance to anything MYM 4 specials. He attempts to claim that his generic standards flow into comboing, which is the direct opposite of versatility. But wait, there’s also spacing! So. . .He’s Marth with random creative specials? The potential argument may work for something like Saber, but as shown in the Specials, Alucard has more potential then to be something so incredibly dull and mundane. My theory is you all got drunk and attempted to read this moveset, bringing up the playlist, but ultimately were too drunk to read it and passed out listening to the awesome music, which give you your entire impression of the moveset.

10 – Illidan by MasterWarlord – MYM 5

As MW was going through MYM puberty and beginning to learn how to playstyle with Zasalamel, he had a brain fart and got stuck on this moveset for over a month. It never occurred to him to drop it when no ideas were coming, and he let himself fall back into the habit of MYM 4 mindless random creative moves that could go on any set as far as gameplay was concerned. This would indeed be a decent moveset in MYM 4, although it’d be better if the standards/smashes weren’t generic and droned on forever. This moveset is truly all over the place, the most it having going for it is a decent off-stage game. Did I mention it’s god tier and biased against heavies and has huge magic syndrome?

9 – Cutesy Beau by Junahu – MYM 5

While there are a lot of tl;drs out there, many of them made by MW himself, Cutesy refuses to allow you to start reading a single move until you read a everlasting mechanic (Strange coming from the orgy nation master) that ultimately handles itself and doesn’t seem particularly relevant to anything. If you’re still alive after that, there’s not much point to reading on, as the rest of the moveset is mind boggingly simplistic. This is an example of a moveset type Junahu likes – one good concept, throw away the rest of the inputs. . .Except the concept isn’t particularly good. As if that wasn’t enough, JUNAHU ADMITS THAT HE HAS NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY HER.

8 – Azumarill by MarthTrinity – MYM 5

Azumarill was what made me laugh at MT’s MYMing for the longest time. Azumarill is attempting to be a MYM 4 set when playstyle is on the rise, but it fails at even being that as it’s moves are impressively boring and tacky. Azumarill is the moveset that truly popularized the term “Pokemon Syndrome”, and that in itself speaks in volumes. Of course I cursed both myself and MT reading this bastard brain child over something like Cradily. . .

7 – Jason Voorhees by Katapultar – MYM 8

I hardly need to tell you about the failure that is Jason Vorhees what with him being so recent and everybody giving him such an overwhelmingly negative commentary beyond Roonahu, who praised the moveset for it’s unintentional terrible organization being fitting and that it was “in character” for a monster killer horror movie villain to be underpowered. To the moveset’s credit, it does have some nice concepts, but the rest of the moves just don’t care about building up those concepts. Sure, they claim on occasion that they work with the good concepts. . .But that’s just it. They claim it. Katapultar tries to hypnotize you into –thinking- his moveset has playstyle when it doesn’t, the most blatant example being the ftilt when he insists that a collection of random moves are “designed” to work together. Katapultar’s extras which he so cherishes are also very much worth reading here just to laugh at how terrible they are.

6 – FMA MAN by MasterWarlord – MYM 5

While I’ve claimed Illidan was worse then this in the past on my set ranking, that was strictly for it’s time. While this list is taking that into account. . .This is just. . .SO much more terrible then that could ever hope to be, and it was fairly close to when Zasalamel got made anyway. Even then, it’s got Gluttony before it, so there’s at least –some- sign of hope. . .

So what’s so terrible about him? First off, it’s not a moveset for the character so much as the series. Secondly, there’s no playstyle –or- creativity. Thirdly, that Final Smash combined with that SSE Role tacked onto all the FMA sets makes the set among the most intimidating ever to read, even if the actual moveset comes before it (Unlike Cutesy). Fourthly. . .This is the only moveset on the entire list that was SO terrible, the MYMer actually deleted the bloody thing. If you want to find a copy of this, find the repost of it later on as Beast Boy or something.

5 – Maha by Plorf – MYM 6

While many movesets on this list take a shit on playstyle, none do it so directly as the elephant robot. . .Junahu likes to be very subtle about playstyle and leave the reader to find it out themselves. . .But he still, y’know, actually plants something in there to find. Plorf gives you the finger and tells you to look for something that isn’t there in the playstyle summary.

4 – Sandshrew By Plorf – MYM 7


This. . .Is a Sakurai set. There’s really not much more to say, but considering this came so late into MYM 7 and Plorf has had a history of decent sets in Metal Man, Tomahawk Man, and Drifblim it really sticks out when he just all of a sudden posts a Sakurai set, much less when such an awesome set is posted below it for essentially the same character. Plorf gives Sandshrew a generic mechanic and doesn’t elaborate on it at all, but rather words it as confusingly as possible. He insists that Digging to hide when he can’t do anything while hiding helps him, and that this single move is somehow his entire playstyle. Plorf contradicting himself in the playstyle summary doesn’t help here either.

3 – Raiden By SmashDaddy – MYM 5

Raiden got his position on the top 50 entirely from lack of vote split, being posted last second, and from bias to help a “little name” MYMer. This is quite possibly the single worst aging moveset in MYM history, and Roonahu only seem to defend it to this day simply based off liking the prettyful orgy nations. Apparently pictures can shield Roonahu’s eyes from the disgusting writing style which drones on for eons and eons while also having no idea of how the moveset works. It’s very much like Jason in that Smady insists some moves flow that don’t, and the numbers are so blatantly off to make OOCishly make Raiden a slow power character it’s not funny. Forget Great Tiger, man. It makes one question if Smady has actually played Smash Bros before. . .I –have- played with him over Wi-Fi, during which time he spams Falcon Punch and I can 3 stock him using strictly grabs as Bowser.

Raiden also attempts to do versatility like Alucard, which is for reasons previously stated a big no-no. . .But Raiden flops on his face into his own shit even more then one would think possible here, what with the choice between his lethal/non-lethal moveset being non-existant. . .Quite literally on a lot of moves, with there only being lethal versions. On the moves that –do- have non-lethal versions, they just decrease the amount of time before the victim will go to sleep by a few seconds. . .I’ll take my damage and knockback, thank you.

Why it is so very necessary that this moveset gets called out for how terrible it is at every possible opportunity is because it’s one of Smady’s main excuses to be as lazy of an ass as he is on movesetting, what with how he “won” a MYM by making a tie with Seaforce and how he was “cheated out of a win” when he had such ridiculously large voter bias in his favor. Smady has already won a MYM and therefore looks down on the likes of DM and MT from his citadel in heaven, as well as MW and Junahu who took longer to win a MYM then he did. All hail the lord of MYM! How DARE you insist he do any work HIMSELF! –YOU- people need to go make more movesets, Smady has already done far more then his fair share!

2/1 – caterpie/The Elves by KingK.Rool – MYM 7

These movesets don’t take a shit on playstyle. No. They take a shit on the entirety of moveset making in favor of organizational experiments. While caterpie’s moveset shows promise and potential to be explored, it’s all thrown away in favor of making an organizational statement. Organization first, Moveset second. The Elves are an even larger extreme, except their concept isn’t even remotely interesting and it’s extremely difficult to find any source of gameplay hidden in this piece of shit.



  1. Haha, I loved the list, especially that last paragraph of Raiden. Disagreed on Alucard and Cutesy, obviously, as I SV’d both and would consider them both huge favourites of mine.

  2. Poor Azu. Only 8th. He doesn’t even have the honor of being the worst Pokeset ;_;

  3. White chocolate sprinkles

  4. Woohoo! I’m the best!

  5. I got fourth and fifth place! Awesome.

  6. Why 13? Just for luck?

  7. Indeed. Negative top 10s are top 13s for a reason.

  8. I actually liked Cutesey to an extent when I finally read her, lol.

    Also, there is a severe lack of a certain status-inflicter from MYM6…oh God, you don’t mean to tell me that there are 13 sets WORSE than him, do you? (horror)!

  9. I’m not on here….

    I take offense to this.

  10. where the hell is my unown!?!

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