Posted by: masterwarlord | May 10, 2010

The Top 13 tl;drs

13 – Venom by GoldWyvern – MYM 7

And here’s the first moveset on our list, and the sole moveset which comes after MYM 6. . .Thank god we’ve improved in this regard. It’s not nearly as long as most sets one would think of when thinking about tl;dr sets, but the grammar is the main thing that just kills this, causing you to have to re-read the longest parts of the set again and again and again to decipher any form of meaning out of them. This isn’t a case of finding out interactions as you go along, oh no. . .It’s a case of finding out what the hell the moves bloody do at all.

12 – FMA Man by MasterWarlord – MYM 5


And here’s our first recurring set from the top 13 worst sets of all time. . .You can probably guess the other one. FMA Man shares the horrendous FMA Extras including, as showcased here, the FMA SSE Role of death. Somehow though, FMA Man manages to introduce an even longer extra of his own in his Final Smash (Yes, Final Smashes are extras). I would’ve loved to get a picture to show you, but the thing’s deleted. I settled for a screencap of the SSE Role on Gluttony. . .The actual moveset wasn’t that difficult to read (Assuming you didn’t give a damn about the terrible quality) hence why this moveset isn’t ranked higher on this list, but this is easily among the most intimidating to glance at. The fact that the Final Smash technically counts as part of the main set doesn’t help.

11 – E-101 Beta by dancingfrogman – MYM 6


And here we have the first of DFM’s many, many, many monstrous towers of text. All of DFM’s sets have terrible grammar much like Venom, but they’re also exceptionally long. He constantly tries to top his movesets in length as if it were an art. . .

While Beta himself isn’t among DFM’s longer sets in terms of actual content, the way he followed in Cutesy’s footsteps and put his moveset in 4 separate posts is the main thing that makes this moveset extremely intimidating to even contemplate reading. DFM doesn’t even give us a link to Beta’s epic theme to help us slog through the set.

10 – Disaster by dancingfrogman – MYM 6


No, the mechanic isn’t actually that long. . .But it may as well be. Disaster is a lesser form of Cutesy in that he forces you to read a gigantic mechanic before being allowed to read a single move, though it pales in comparison to said mechanic. Disaster’s actual moveset is fairly brief for a DFM set. . .Though of course that’s not saying much.

9 – Robotnik by dancingfrogman – MYM 4

This is one of DFM’s most iconic in terms of his tl;drs. However; it’s aged somewhat well in comparison to some of his others. . .The fact there’s no playstyle summary makes this not as long as it otherwise could be, and DFM actually went back to improve it after a lot of complaints on the length. That said, there are still some beastly moves in here. . .But seeing it has no playstyle and was made in MYM 4, I suppose it appeals to Plorf.

8 – Marowak by dancingfrogman – MYM 5

Now you see why having the playstyle summary in DFM sets is such a big deal? Marowak’s playstyle summary is absolutely beastly despite him not having much of one to speak of. Remember Sparkz’s Espeon and it’s everlasting list of items for a generic Pokemon Syndrome move? Unfortunately that was edited out after mass complaints so I couldn’t include that on the list to give you more variety rather then a mountain of DFM sets, but Marowak’s utilt is the next best thing to Sparkz Espeon anyway. While it only has 10 or so items rather then 500, it actually goes into detail about them. This moveset also contains some of DFM’s generally more beastly moves.

7 – Chaos 0 by dancingfrogman – MYM 5


This moveset showcases DFM’s attempt to get around his terrible writing style by listing everything in lists of statistics, which makes the moveset look even longer then it is and all the more intimidating. Don’t worry, DFM has lots of pictures here to the rescue to makes things easier. . .! Extremely blurry pictures taken from youtube videos you can’t make out that don’t help at all and contribute to the moveset’s length. . .You don’t like Warlord putting 0.28 seconds in his movesets? DFM has FUCKING FRAME DATA in here.

6 – Cutesy Beau by Junahu – MYM 5

Finally letting you up for some air after all of that DFM torture. Cutesy’s mechanic laughs in the face of Disaster’s, Junahu having to contribute an entire section to it and an entire bloody diagram. You can just skim through the diagram and ignore the rest of the mechanic if you so wish, but then you’ll just get more confused due to how the mechanic is essentially the entire moveset and have to come back, having lost your place and essentially starting the whole thing over. Cutesy was also split up into separate posts to make it all the more horrific, a gimmick that Beta copied which is the entire reason why he ended up earning a spot on the list.

5 – Battalion Army by dancingfrogman – MYM 5


We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of DFM sets. . .While Battalion Army isn’t that terrible outside the specials, the specials are nearly the length of a standard DFM set all by themselves, going into excruciating detail about all of the summons with those lists of statistics and paragraphs of detail for each and every one of them. Yes, I actually counted how many summons there were that followed the format. 16 isn’t an exaggeration.

4 – Cortex and Tiny by MasterWarlord – MYM 4


This is essentially the poster boy moveset of tl;dr, with extras dwarfing even FMA Man’s. The SSE Role, the 5 part stage which is essentially 5 bosses, every extra known to man. . .20 bloody trophies with full descriptions?!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING WARLORD?!? MW also insists on throwing random pictures onto every possible extra in this moveset with a Katapultar like mentality (Don’t worry, most of the pictures are broken now).

While the extras are indeed longer then FMA Man’s, they’re not a part of the actual set in the Final Smash. . .So why is this moveset so much farther down on the list? Because the actual moveset is also much longer then FMA Man’s could ever hope to be, what with the whole Down Special transformation for a Tiny solo moveset. It could be considered a multi set in that sense. . .Hell, it could be considered a 3 part multi set technically, with Cortex’s miniature set when he’s alone.

3 – Steven Stone by MarthTrinity, MasterWarlord, Hyper_Ridley, Chris Lionheart, Sirkibble – MYM 5


While many 6 part joint Pokesets have tried and failed, Steven, the first of them, was the only one that actually got made. . .And demonstrated why it wasn’t that great of an idea. You have to read 6 sets in a marathon. That’s absolutely hilarious. . .In this set’s favor, though, considering how the sets don’t attempt to interact with each other at all with how the moveset is so terribly rushed, you’re perfectly allowed to read the moveset in 6 sittings. . .GOOD GOD 6 SITTINGS FOR ONE MOVESET?

2 – Will and Freedan by PK-ow! – MYM 6

I’m pretty damn sure Junahu is the only person who even attempted to read this abomination. . .We now know why PK-ow! was taking so insanely long to get his moveset out. . .He was producing –this- abomination. Junahu loves it despite putting organization before movesets, despite this being one of the worst organized sets ever made with the insane tl;dr factor. He’s obviously not into it for the moveset which PK-ow! take 10 millenniums to describe despite it being very simple and generic.

Seriously, though, you’d be amazed how long this guy can talk about such mind numbingly simple moves and how he absolutely loves going into PAINFULLY excruciating detail about every last single possible animation that could be done. To ensure that the moveset is as long as humanly possible to maximize the intimidation factor, PK-ow! abuses the return key like some slutty hooker. At least the extras are brief. . .

1 – Maximillion Pegasus by dancingfrogman – MYM 6

Is it really a surprise? DFM makes up over half of this list. As far as my knowledge goes, -NOBODY- has read this moveset in it’s entirety. . .Fucking forget Steven. . .Picture all those movesets being written by DFM. Now tack on a couple –more- Pokemon, because Steven clearly didn’t have enough. You’ve got fucking Pegasus.

Very strangely, the tl;dr factor of this moveset works to it’s advantage, more-so then any other moveset on the list (Though the only other one that it helped was arguably Steven). The concept of Pegasus himself is a pretty damn good one, but his monsters are all terrible, terrible movesets, even ignoring the tl;dr factor of them. The fact that there’s so many and they’re all so long encourages you strongly to focus exclusively on Pegasus, the core concept of the moveset. For all you know, those monsters sets you were too lazy to read could’ve actually been good and made Pegasus an even better moveset!



  1. Dude, Halberd Crew! It was the longest set ever at the time it was posted – three heavily detailed sets (well, mine not so much…), one of your trademark giant SSE sections, and all those SSU dialogues? I mean, come on!

    It’s not at all that I just want to have at least one rep on this list, too…

  2. I actually considered Halberd Crew for the list strongly, but when discussing it with a couple of other people none of them thought Halberd Crew was a worthy entrant. Only my parts of the set were that overboard (Unsurprisingly), and even the actual -moveset- for Vul wasn’t -terrible-.

  3. And Cutesy overshadows Team Rocket, on another TopX list. Poor Team Rocket, noone will ever remember or read you entirely.

    Edit: incidentally, this list was a lot more fun to read than the worst sets list.

  4. Uh…Bowser Jr.?

  5. Bah. A couple of other people are crazy, then.

  6. looooooool @ DFM takeover

  7. LOL @ Metagross

  8. I win

    Can I has cookie?

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