Posted by: The Stadium | May 13, 2010

The Top 10 Punch Out Sets

While this isn’t truly a negative top 10, it can rather come across as one with some of the nastier crappy Punch Out sets we have floating around. Considering I’ve made some of them, though, we can spread the love all around. . .Hence why I’m including myself in this list. I don’t plan to include myself in lists where I’d be glorifying myself.

Aaaaaaand I’ve realized that there simply aren’t that many things to make top 10s about, so I’m –not- going to be doing this 7 days a week every other week. If there were more things to write about I’d be perfectly happy to keep going as I’m enjoying this and what-not, but I don’t want to exhaust myself of material after 3 weeks and let this die. I’m still going to finish up this week, but from then on these lists will become once a week, posted on Mondays.

10 – Little Mac by MarthTrinity

It was a tough choice between Aran Ryan and Mac to make it onto the list, but Ryan’s just too all over the place to make it while Mac at least has –some- semblance of flow with the traps. Yeah, the trapper playstyle –is- very OOC, but it’s better then. . .Quite literally nothing beyond two or so moves, and there’s at least some excuse for it in how this set is essentially a tag team between Doc and Mac, and this set was generally a good bit better received. . .Though I theorize it’s primarily due to MYMer bias/lack of vote split. This in combination with Azumarill was really what made me scratch my head as to where MT got his fanbase. . .Though needless to say I was converted later on in MYM 6.

9 – Mr. Sandman by MasterWarlord


Sandman is one of the most flowing sets on the list, but his playstyle is heavily flawed and boring – hitstun based comboing. These combos go up to 4 seconds, leaving the foe mind numbingly bored as they’re helplessly wailed upon. In addition, there’s not really much flow to actually landing the first hit of the combo beyond a fairly run of the mill mindgame jab that looks like the combo starter. . .And once you land the hit, it’s just a mindless repetition of combos based off whether you’re aiming for maximum damage output or to finish the enemy off. It’s an absolutely terrible concept, though the concept is pulled off well and there’s not much else that could be done for the single most generic boxer in the series.

8 – Bald Bull by MasterWarlord


Bald Bull’s playstyle is still far from unique, but it’s not as painfully bland as Mac’s or Sandman’s or as non existent as Ryan’s. The basic theme is just survival, and Bald Bull’s primary KO move powers up more the more damage you take, providing for an actual incentive to do so. There’s a lot of moves which don’t particularly contribute to anything, but this was my first PO set before I remotely educated myself on the series and was the first shot in the dark for the true nature of PO sets – the others that came after it had the advantage of learning from it’s failures. Of course, this still ages poorly either way, but there are enough decent things here that I wouldn’t have to entirely start over if I wanted to do Bald Bull again – there’s some decent content in the set.

7 – Great Tiger by Kholdstare


Great Tiger’s mindgaming specials are the main thing he has going for him with the duplicates, as well as the jewel mindgames. They’re very promising indeed, though they’re unfortunately rather painfully under-utilized when the moveset has mountains of potential to expand upon them and ends up as a series of generic punches. That’s easier to get away with on another PO set, but this is freaking –Great Tiger-, man. Lots of potential. The low detail with no metions of lag wouldn’t be particularly bothersome if Khold hadn’t decided to make Great Tiger so insanely OOCishly powerful. . .His fsmash does 47%. Seriously. Khold later said he intended for Great Tiger to have Ganondorf lag, though, so it’s not really a problem of balance. This also has surprisingly good musical headers (Albeit with a disturbing lack of Tunak Tunak Tun).

6 – Disco Kid by BKupa666


Disco Kid is another combo character, but he doesn’t revolve around them to as disturbing extents as Sandman, what with him needing to land more then 2 combo starters to single handedly win a match. . .But there is actually some surprising focus to landing the combo starters in this moveset unlike in Sandman’s, what with him buffing his pitiful priority to get that first hit in. It’s still nothing phenomenal and Disco Kid doesn’t really seem to have any flowing combos, but generic fast moves automatically flow into combo material anyway. The main thing that makes the comboing itself interesting is Disco Kid’s shiny teeth that make the foe trip to extend his combos to make for a semi-versatile combo character, and also adds another thing to prepare in Disco Kid’s set-up part of his game to further separate him from just instantly and relentlessly rushing the foe down and comboing them to death.

5 – Bear Hugger by MasterWarlord


Bear Hugger is the first character that had a playstyle that truly revolved completely and utterly around grabs. While later on in MYM 6 the Count far surpassed Bear Hugger and was more creative about how he went about doing it, what Bear Hugger does is pretty much as far as what can be done with the simplistic character. Still, Fat Bastard ultimately succeeds Bear Hugger. Either way, though, Bear Hugger has a decent mix between the standard PO generic punching attacks which become more relevant via his mechanic and the occasional move that more interestingly plays off his mechanic, such as his usmash and dsmash. The main flaws of this set are the aerials and the exceptionally flowchart playstyle, but Bear Hugger’s air-game is supposed to be a common bad heavyweight air-game anyway, so a “correct” version would just be more signature PO movement generic punches. The flowchart playstyle thing is still a perfectly legitimate argument, though, what with there being a pretty strict set of effective follow-ups of stuff to do after you’ve landed a grab.

4 – Von Kaiser by SmashDaddy


Von Kaiser is the main reason I can take Smady at least somewhat seriously – he has made –one- moveset that shows he knows he’s talking about. While Hades came before Von Kaiser and I was so utterly enraptured by him for whatever reason, Von Kaiser ultimately pulls off the self-damage mechanic significantly better then Hades does with significantly more flow and manipulation of the mechanic. That said, Kaiser still does have some issues in that his smashes are definitive signature PO movement generic punches and the skewed numbers from Raiden, but it’s no deal breaker and Smady’s writing style has improved significantly from Raiden’s. Von Kaiser also has, hands down, the best final smash. . .The only PO moveset it’s actually a positive for.

3 – King Hippo by KingK.Rool


While I –just- went over King Hippo in my last top 10, now that you’ve seen firsthand everything that’s terrible about Sandman you can appreciate King Hippo more already. Rool later on said he knew from the start hitstun based comboing was a bad idea, and he offers us probably the best take on comboing ever done in movesetting. A common complaint on the moveset was that it was overpowered from Hippo’s superarmor mechanic, but none of us bothered to notice that when Hippo –is- vulnerable he takes double hitstun from everything. . .A rather small detail there. . .While this is rather crippling, I do actually feel Hippo is surprisingly balanced seeing he’s rather offensively overpowered seeing he can both rack damage and KO based off when he “smells blood”. While this isn’t particularly important, I’ve never really gone over this and a well balanced moveset is significantly more notable when it’s one of Rool’s and such a difficult concept to do so with. A lot of thought clearly went into this very well done moveset, the combos section (Which is far more in-depth then any of the other shoddy ones) clearly shows that.

2 – Joe Calzaghe by Junahu


While not technically a Punch Out moveset, it was essentially Junahu’s answer to it, being a moveset for a generic real life boxer. It’s one of Junahu’s best aging movesets considering how ignored it was at first until HR, Rool and I all ended up loving it to pieces when it came time to mess around with the MYM 6 top 50. Junahu displays a far better understanding of the sport of Boxing then we could ever hope to achieve and has some nice flow into a *gasp* KO mechanic and some really interesting approaching options. The set sticks out from Junahu’s others by having a fairly unremarkable and simple non-image organization, but it’s only fitting that Junahu did such a simple organization for such a simple character, no? . . .Besides, this was a 4 hour set or so, remember? Give him a bloody break. Easily the most productive time Junahu has spent relating to MYM, and this is a moveset Junahu was genuinely focusing exclusively on gameplay with, which is more then worthy of your attention and a read.

1 – Super Macho Man by Hyper_Ridley


Hardly a surprise to any of you who’ve been paying a speck of attention to a thing I’ve been saying. Macho Man is the crown jewel of the Punch Out movement. While he was released in MYM 7, he doesn’t have much of an advantage in learning from the others as the meat of his moveset was made in MYM 6 alongside the other PO boxers – just more MUs he has to make. Presuming you don’t know about Macho Man, he has an exceedingly in-smash and simple focus fitting for PO sets yet a completely and utterly unique one – shield breaking. It’s never been so much as touched on by any other moveset, leaving Macho Man with a shockingly unique playstyle. This is really the epitome of simple but brilliant. This is the main moveset which let the PO movement make an actual mark on the top 50 that won’t soon be forgotten rather then just poking at it.



  1. I really enjoyed this Top10, and not just because I got 2nd place
    At the time, it was annoying, but in retrospect, the PO movement was probably the best thing about MYM6

  2. At this rate these Top lists will be the only thing that will be mentioned in the recap. This quite possibly marks the near doom of MYM. Oh no. These lists show a piece of your nature that I find interesting.

  3. Yay, Great Tiger is on here! 😀
    I always could go back and remix GT like I planned… (WARY)

  4. There are plenty of Top Tens you haven’t covered yet…

    “Top Ten Sets that Deserved to Place/Didn’t Deserve to Place”

    “Top Ten Most Influential MYMers”

    “Top 13 Most Confusing Mechanics”/”Top 10 Most Interesting Mechanics”

    I could name a few more, but that would be doing the work for you. (chew)

    I hear you, Kat… I hear you.

  5. Von Kaiser is a proud moment of mine in time; I enjoyed this top ten.

  6. Indeed, Katapultar. . .I don’t think we’ve ever had a Sunday Recap where there was -nothing-. I do believe JOE! will be getting us a moveset this week, though. I’m counting on Summer to be the main thing that gets us through MYM 8.

    Glad you all liked this list so much. (Chew) Great Tiger -not- being on the list would be pretty crazy. There are pretty much only 11 viable Punch Out sets. Beyond these 10 and Ryan, you’ve got. . .KW Hugger, Mario and Sonic Guy Hippo, Mr. Dream. . .Scary stuff.

    Perhaps I’ll do these more then once a week. . .I have the rest of this week to decide, Agi, so we’ll see. Bah. Can’t make up my mind, though I doubt twice a week would be particularly straining.

  7. Calzaggy is my favourite, of course, but I wouldn’t put Great Tiger too far behind. He’s disliked mostly for superficial reasons – number skewing, low detail, and resentment that Khold had taken up the character with the most potential and still opted for more generic punches. Considering the rest of us had squeezed whatever we could get out of our low-potential movesets, this obviously didn’t go over too well.

  8. Two a week sounds perfect. Might I suggest adding polls so people can vote on the topic of the upcoming list?

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