Posted by: The Stadium | May 14, 2010

The Top 10 Pokesets

Pokesets are pretty much never ever one’s best work in a contest, there being not being a single case of it. It’s most evident with Rool – he never really starts trying until he pulls out his late-game set he’s actually –trying- with. Granted, his most recent set that falls under that categorization is Rocket Grunt, but I don’t truly consider that a Pokeset in the traditional means, what with how a human is involved. Yeah, it’s a Trainer set, but it’s not just a single generic Pokemon all by itself and thus has more potential, an unfair advantage. While Nurse Joy, another entrant who would be worthy to place highly on this list, has –less- potential, I’m being rather picky with my definition of Pokeset in that they –all- must have the same potential. They must be sets for one Pokemon – not a character related to Pokemon nor multiple Pokemon in one package.

Pokesets generally aren’t people’s best for a reason in that they’re more for fun/the hell of it sets then large enterprises like Grunt and Joy and made quickly. The one day Pokeset phenomenon is the most obvious example, but in general most people don’t plan on making it in the big time with some random Pokemon, as it’s very rare for somebody to have a large connection with any particular Pokemon when so many likable ones exist. They’re mostly done for, as stated earlier, fun, whims (Clefable vs Nidoking), movements, or 6 part trainer sets. . .

10 – Clefable by Junahu – MYM 6


Speaking of Clefable vs Nidoking, here we are with the first set on the list. Junahu made this set entirely based off of an argument in the chat with me based off whether Clefable or Nidoking was the better Pokemon, and the result was this moveset which was remembered fondly throughout the contest and was considered one of the frontrunners in the early stages. Clefable’s organization is possibly Junahu’s best IMO, and she has some coolio 2v2 stuff that makes for an interesting moveset. Granted, this one has aged poorly for me (But it was still rather high up originally hence why it’s made the list) with inputs that don’t really flow in particular and how a lot of stuff is based entirely off the mechanic, but the make your own Codec extra at the end justifies the number 10 placing automatically.

9 – Probopass by Darth_Meanie – MYM 7


Probopass was DM’s entry into the one day Pokeset thing, and the fact he actually went along with my proposal instantly and made a set alongside my Venusaur really helped to get things off the ground for the movement and make it an actual surge of activity. . .One that will probably have to be repeated in MYM 8 at the rate things are currently going. As for Probopass himself, he’s probably the most character oriented Pogeyman on the list with his inability to turn around, and his Side Special provides for some interaction with said mechanic, and Probopass has got some nice camping going with his mini-noses and significantly more flow then most one day Pokesets. In order to get foes away you can just bluff an explosion and such. His standards are fillerish, but Probopass needs more direct GTFO and it’s, y’know, a one day Pokeset. DM’s signature grab-game is a bit iffy, though. . .Still, definitely a good set that’s quite at home with the campers from MYM 6 – if it was posted then we’d probably be praising it as one of the camping greats alongside Raven, Dingodile, Great Mighty Poo, what have you.

8 – Abra by KingK.Rool – MYM 7


. . .And I have to talk about 4 sets I already talked about on the Rooligan list, don’t I? While Abra might look like one of the many rushed one day Pokesets at a glance with how every one of his moves are variants of teleporting, it’s –Abra-. If he did much besides Teleporting he’d be OOC as hell, and Rool knows it. Besides, Rool actually manages to give us a surprising variety with all sorts of zany teleports for a very unique hit and run game that again just reeks of Abra’s character. Why couldn’t I of boycotted Elves or caterpie over this again. . .? Really. . .I suppose my curiosity got the better of me and I just couldn’t believe Rooligan would do something so stupid in making those two “movesets”, or lack thereof.

7 – Jumpluff by KingK.Rool – MYM 5


Jumpluff is the best aging Pokeset, hands down, while his competition for Rool’s second best MYM 5 set, Cannoli, has gone rather downhill in terms of popularity. Hell, a lot of people even prefer this to Miracle Matter, and I don’t begrudge them for it – Jumpluff’s aerial playstyle of getting higher and higher into the air is pretty damn unique to this day and this was made a pretty bloody long time ago. Much like Abra, Rooligan captures the essence of Jumpluff in how he breezes through the air, light as a feather. . .Yeah, Jumpluff is a tad of a random choice to utilize Sunny Day, but there aren’t any Pokemon that truly embody it like Rain Dance (Metagro-Err, Ludicolo) anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. As far as the actual trapping goes, Jumpluff take a significantly more unique approach with it then just setting up a massive land of trapping goes and is more of a stage alteration character – the stuff Jumpluff creates mainly doesn’t hurt foes, it benefits Jumpluff.

6 – Abomasnow Remake by Darth_Meanie – MYM 7


Abomasnow is a pretty god moveset. While the defensive healing/rooting yourself concept isn’t something we hadn’t seen before Abomasnow, he pulls it off pretty well with lots of flow and still adds his own flavor to it with his snow. How Abomasnow takes half knockback in the snow only further increases his defensive game, though it’s not all lollipops and rainbows for him as it halves the foe’s knockback as well. Abomasnow has ways to get around this though by pushing the snow forward to gimp among other tools which specialize at KOing foes in the snow. How this placed below Probopass is beyond me considering the execution on this set is significantly better and it’s just generally a lot more polished. . .Actually I do know. Rool helped out Probopass more in the terrible abomination that was the MYM 7 voting process in fear of him getting “shifted out” despite him being perfectly safe while Abomasnow was left at the bottom of the list to rot with Bomber and Dodongo. It’s quite the injustice to this moveset, much like it’s fellow snow based moveset, Bleak, who never got shifted up to a position he deserved.

5 – Umbreon by KingK.Rool – MYM 6


While not a focus, Umbreon also has a hit and run game of sorts in that he tries to run away from the foe in the day then let loose all hell on them at night while he still can. Though then again, considering day lasts longer then night, Umbreon may prefer to stack status effects during the day then use his dsmash and other KO moves at night so he doesn’t have to bother with that then. There are many ways which Umbreon can be played, and with all the potential mindgames at night they only complement him all the more. Hell, if he wants he can just run the whole time and heal at night with dair to stall if he’s in the lead. Whatever floats your boat. There’s a lot of potential in this playground Rool’s created for us, though certainly no lack of focus. Unlike Lucy’s glowing move which reveals her position, Umbreon’s is actually relevant beyond making him easier to play what with how he can fool the foe into thinking he’s places he’s actually not.

4 – Banette by Katapultar – MYM 6


The most controversial choice on my list, hands down, with Darth Meanie being the only other person besides me to particularly be a fan of this set. Then again, it somehow got 8 votes and only DM super voted it, so apparently some of you out there are secretly closet fans of Banette. . .Yes, Katapultar gets a lot of crap, it’s far from a secret, and I’m among the leading people who gives Katapultar said crap, but that’s no excuse to not acknowledge the greatness that is this moveset. This truly is the definitive character who manipulates their own damage percentage. . .Banette has no trouble racking up her own damage. So what buffs does she get from being heavily damaged? No buffs. . .But she can trade her damage percentage with the enemy. It’s an utterly brilliant playstyle concept and it’s pulled off quite well in the moveset with lots of moves to support the concept, albeit it does get a bit crazy in terms of how overpowered Banette gets with how much he gives her and his writing style is still as confusing as always. Either way though, this is probably the least mainstream moveset that I’ve been a big fan of ever, and you know how much I go by the book. Give this moveset a re-read, and remove your bias that it’s a Katapultar moveset.

3 – Espeon by KingK.Rool – MYM 6


While Banette’s concept is extremely unique, it’s not as well executed as Espeon’s and Espeon’s is insanely unique as well. Umbreon’s concept is better executed, but it couldn’t hope to be as well executed as this. Espeon is a reactionary character like Alucard in a sense, but rather then just changing up his generic gameplan ever so slightly he is a –truly- reactionary character. . .His main ways of dealing damage and knockback are all various counter like moves, and he can counter anything essentially if he can predict it. However, Espeon doesn’t have to predict it, as he can simply see into the future, making the foe absolutely horrified to do anything and turning Espeon into somewhat of a pressure oriented counter based character. . .Yes, Espeon is an offensive defensive character, and it actually somehow works. It bloody works. Considering that that’s the concept that won Acid Seaforce MYM 5 things already look good for Espeon, but what Espeon does to achieve “defensive pressure” is all the more interesting.

2 – Arbok by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 7


It’s quite surprising that one of the best pokesets turns out to be one of the most rushed ones – though then again the same case happened for the second best Punch-Out set, Joe Calzaghe. The best movesets truly are written quickly, as both Rooligan and I can tell you from experience. So what’s great about Arbok? He’s another zomg offensive character without any gimmicks, is still actually very much offensive and still, most importantly, manages to be very unique while doing it. Arbok takes the background hitting attacks which have only been afterthoughts in previous movesets and turns them into a central focus. Dodging Arbok’s attacks only gets you hit by more – there’s no escaping him. Wanna shield? While Arbok can’t break your shield, he can just ignore the bloody thing and go right through it with some of his grabs. . .And he very much indeed likes to land grabs with how broken his throws are. . .But he can only utilize them if he has enough poison stacked on the foe, adding another level to his game to make Arbok all the more interesting. This is a surprisingly good moveset and I highly recommend giving this one a read – considering how brief it is it won’t exactly take a lot of your time. Along with Banette, one of the most underrated movesets ever IMO. I can’t believe I missed my chance to shift this up past the other crap that made up the MYM 7 top 50.

1 – Sandslash by Kholdstare – MYM 7


Sandslash is somewhat like Umbreon in how as time goes on the sandstorm is constantly going on and off much like Umbreon’s night, but Sandslash has more to camouflage then just himself in the night, he has all sorts of traps that he’ll want to camouflage. Jafar is the only other moveset to of touched on this that much, and while Jafar is very respectable much less for his time Sandslash just simply has so many more specialized tools to use in the sandstorm that makes it a better done and more fitting set. Of particular note beyond just the mass traps, Sandslash can even make hidey holes to pop up from during the Sandstorm to play whack a mole with the foe. I certainly wasn’t expecting this as I came in to read this moveset – if anything I was extremely biased against it and in a terrible mood after having read Sandshrew. Sandslash however was good enough to save me from my traumatic depression and dispel my thoughts of suicide after having read the abomination.



  1. Another great top ten! Though, yes, it’s to be said I’m not a fan of Sandshrew or Sandslash particularly; I would prefer an ‘Eeveelution’ up there like Vaporeon, Leafeon or Umbreon.

  2. Glad you liked it despite not agreeing with some of the higher up choices. . .Please don’t mention Sandshrew and Sandslash in the same sentencein such a manner though, would you?

    I actually do have a blatant regret with this list though – I forgot entirely about Houndoom. He may’ve been a better choice for the 10th spot then Clefable, but it’s fairly close between them anyway.

    Vaporeon is my next favorite Eeeveelution after Umbreon, though Leafeon has aged somewhat poorly for me.

  3. Houndoom! (VAMPIRE)

    It’s nice to have such a big sway over this list, and – moreover – to see that it’s so personal. Usually, your lists sound more like a definitive “Best Of” that the majority of MYM would agree with. Some of your choices here are quite unique.

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