Posted by: The Stadium | May 15, 2010

The Top 10 Junahu Sets

Rather then give you an introductory paragraph on Junahu in general, I’m going to review a set I read just this very day in hopes that it’d be a worthy entrant to the list. . .Team Rocket.


When Junahu calls them so complicated and such and their organization was so bland and they were so long and what-not, I thought they might be some interlocked playstyle heavy moveset, but I was so insanely wrong and my hopes were crushed very quickly. From the moment I saw Meowth’s ftilt and utilt that changed based off of the time of day and the day of the week, I knew I was in for a terrible MYM 4 esque set (The time for this set was fairly late MYM 5) with tacked on and blatantly forced creativity that falls on it’s face and makes me cringe more then it makes me appreciate it, and the thing abuses props more then any Kupa set could ever hope to in order to do so. . .Jessie/James’ get-up attack has a Rocket Minion appear to feed them food. I’M SERIOUS.

While there is some very basic playstyle in there for a desynched tag-team in that Meowth occupies the foe with his fast attacks so that Jessie/James can hit them with their slow attacks, you could basically just pit Ganondorf and a relatively fast insanely weak character together into a tag-team and you’d get the same thing as Team Rocket without all the forced “Creativity”. . .It’s also impressive how insanely underpowered this moveset is, and let’s not even get into the readability. While Junahu’s writing style is still good as always, the thing that brutally murders the set’s readability is the bullet point lists for every freaking attack much like you’d see in DFM’s sets. This set really should’ve been on the top 13 tl;drs. . .After all, I actually, y’know, didn’t read it. Where would I place it? Probably at 4th, in-between Cortiny and Steven.

So now that I’ve taken my obligatory piss on that moveset, let’s get on with the list, shall we?

10 – Clefable – MYM 6


I rather recently went over Clefable. While she’s completely and utterly outclassed by Joy, Clefable came significantly earlier and was very different, them not sharing much in common beyond simply being gods in doubles. However; while Joy has a set of attacks to help her allies in doubles, Clefable mainly helps her allies just by being present as a big pink blobbish mechanic remover and little else. In solo, her playstyle doesn’t flow nearly as much as it could. . .But I’m supposed to be building this set up, dammit. It’s the prime in Junahu readability and organization, and all of the moves are very in-character and interesting without being tacky. It still has some flow into it and what it’s trying to do is fairly unique. . .And even if it didn’t warrant it’s top 10 spot, it’s serving as a meat shield to keep out Alucard, Cutesy, and, most importantly, TEAM ROCKET (horror).

9 – Viola – MYM 4


Viola is all over the place. . .But how many MYM 4 sets –aren’t- like that? While there were some that were ahead of their time with some nice playstyle, Viola was out in her own universe with that organization. . .She’s a bloody flash. Seriously. Best organization ever. While I’m biased against this set what with how I only actually read it long after it was actually posted (Very late MYM 7) like Team Rocket, it tried to have –some- slight semblance of playstyle rather then mindlessly making a bunch of forced creativity moves like Team Rocket’s, never being needlessly zany. Looking back at MYM 4 a set like this is a breath of fresh air when being swamped with masses of sets that are being stupidly impractical and tacky for the sake of it without having any pay-off for it. Granted, Viola does have her share of tackiness with Arco who is nothing but a blatant attempt to grab the attention of the “creativity” whoring mindsets of MYM 4, but is Junahu really to blame for that? He was trying to give us what we wanted. Good god, what had we become?

8 – Badman – MYM 7


What? But MasterWarlord did everything in his power to antagonize Badman in MYM 7! That he did, but that’s his job. He’s a heavyweight male antagonist. While I don’t think Badman is particularly good what with him having no mode to play in, I still like what he’s trying to do despite the fact that he fails at it. I just simply find the set immensely overrated is all. He has unique concepts and lots of flow into the concepts, all Warlord needs. As I was reading through him I was quickly expecting him to become one of my favorites. Aside from him being unplayable everywhere though, I found that Badman had a very severe case of flowchart playstyle – worse then Bear Hugger’s could ever hope to be. While Bear Hugger has a very strict set of ways on how to play at the tip top of his game, Badman absolutely must follow his game plan to the letter if he doesn’t want to end up even more screwed over then he already is.

7 – Donna – MYM 3


Donna couldn’t really hope to have any semblance of flow. . .But it’s MYM 3. The closest thing we have to flow is Cervantes’ mechanic and a move interaction or two in Dracula. Donna, above the other MYM 3 sets, actually has. . .*Gasp* EFFORT put into it, which in and of itself is commendable. Detail is present, and the moveset isn’t painfully generic like some early MYM 3 sets but is still staying far, far away from the horrifying realms of MYM 4 tackiness. The only thing Donna really has going against her as a MYM 3 set is that really long tl;dr factor, because Donna totally needed to have another moveset without her camera (Though I believe this was removed later on).

6 – Hector – MYM 6


Hector is a fairly simple moveset, but he has a decent bit of flow. His moveset mainly comes out of his Battle Spirit mechanic that gives pushback effects to his moves, which he uses to space the foe properly for the rest of his game. He can even forms some combos with it after certain preparation has been made with his other Specials which flow into each other quite well, though it’s a shame they’re rather downplayed and left up to the reader to found out, not consciously made, as I see some potential in that. Of course, it’s good that’s not the whole moveset, or else we’d end up with something rather bland. Junahu manages to make a generic axe wielding FE character an interesting ride without ever going overboard, and that little section at the end before the playstyle is an attention grabber to say the least. . .

5 – Anne – MYM 6


Anne’s specials are the bread and butter of her playstyle, and while it’s not blatantly showcased in her other moves it’s still there. Thankfully Junahu doesn’t try to hide his playstyle in this moveset and actually tells us competently how to play her like any other MYMer, so we don’t get lost in what can appear to be some random inputs times (Lol fsmash). The miniature playstyle sections after each move section really helps out here, and thank god Junahu holds our hand in this otherwise disorienting set with all the crazy graphs. Anne’s techniques to get and use pictures provide for a surprisingly interesting character – all those other less interesting attacks simply serve as methods to help her attain and set up methods to use the pictures.

4 – Arche – MYM 6


Arche is somewhat of a MYM 4 esque set at a glance, but her magic syndrome frees her from blatant props and her effects never seem particularly forced. Her constant flight combined with all of these projectiles make for a decent camperish character with a decent amount of focus in what she does. While you won’t find any interactions as you go through the set, the Side special ends up linking everything together spectacularly for potential combinations of the spells together providing for an excellent twist and leaves lots to be explored in the moveset without making it drawl on (Though perhaps some sort of King Hippo like “combinations” section would’ve been nice). As far as Junahu’s organizations, one would think this would be Katapultar’s favorite set what with how there’s drawings for every move to represent all the magicy stuff going on. This is one of Jun’s sets that’s actually aged –well- alongside Joe Calzaghe.

3 – Joe Calzaghe – MYM 6


While the top 3 may be pretty obvious if you’ve been following what I’ve been saying, I actually considered swapping out Joe for Arche, though that’s more a credit to Arche then an insult to Joe. Joe is entirely focused on gameplay and has no organizational gimmicks to get in the way like some other Jun sets, and even if there were any he’d be fine anyway, seeing he doesn’t have much to get across. What he does have to offer is a simple but interesting playstyle with a well done KO mechanic and general aggressiveness with lots of interesting options in approaching, much like a certain other Junahu great. . .Despite the character being a representation of boxing rather then a set for the character himself, this is a very character oriented moveset in that it understands it’s source material far better then any of the Punch Out sets which actually had character to work with did. Yes, Junahu made one of the most character oriented movesets for a character with no character. Give him a round of applause, please.

2 – Nurse Joy – MYM 8


Considering how I’ve been subtly praising Joy for a while downgrading Clefable, it’s about time Joy got her praise, yes? Indeed, Joy is a spectacular moveset in that while she’s mainly focused for 2v2s she actually has a flowing 1v1 playstyle. The only true flaw in the whole set is how Junahu hides the absolutely essential Usmash/Down B Interaction, but once that comes into the picture any previous bad thoughts about the set instantly vanish and you realize just how brilliant this moveset really is. While Joy has a grab-like move that she needs to keep the foe locked into as long as possible to knock them off-stage, she doesn’t need damage to keep them down, but as many status buffs as possible. Seeing she doesn’t need damage at all to KO, she doesn’t have to worry about accidentally healing the foe – If anything she prefers them at a nice low damage percentage so they’re blatant combo fodder when she gives them an X Defend. Yeah, there a lot of chars with KO mechanics that don’t mind the foe having no damage, but Joy actually – likes – the foe having lower damage. Where have you seen that before? (Well, actually, there is Valozarg. . .)

1 – Doppelori – MYM 7


. . .

. . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

Do I need to say anything? There is more then enough evidence you all love Doppelori as much as I do. The first ten voting ballots then came in had Doppelori as a super vote. . .The one that broke the chain was Junahu’s. Doppelori won in a blatant landslide that we haven’t seen since the days of Dracula and Kawasaki, and much like those movesets everybody predicted Doppelori’s victory. It was far from a surprise.

So going on about Doppelori’s greatness, Doppelori is a character that has to kill the enemy in 60 seconds, which enables her to have some defensive options without enabling her to play defensively (She uses them briefly to help her approach) and makes her a rushdown character. Rather then constantly staying in the foe’s face though, she works her magic while approaching, then blasts them the hell away once she gets up close so she can approach them. Hit and run? Pssh. Way too slow, overdone, not as original. Doppelori doesn’t have the time for that. . .Less she make Final Smashes relevant. (Shock)

Grand Champion – Wobbuffet – MYM 5

WABBUFET IS GREATEST SET EVAR AND IZ 4 BSETR CARAKTOR EVOR. EVERY1 LOVE WABBU WABBU!shiftone11111!!!1 IF U NON’T WUVE WABBY, U HAZ NU SOOL!!1!!1!!1!!shift!!one!1! LOOKERZ AT HIM!1!11one!one!!oneshift!!!!shift! HE IZ BEST POGERMANZ EVOR MDAE EEN HSTOORY!1one1!!!one1 WAT?shift?questionmark??? CHARIKTOOR NAUGHT MAEK STE OF MOOVS?questionmarkcapslock??????? WOBBY HAZ U COOVERED!!one!1!!!1!!!!1!!!1!!! DITENSY BOOND (LIKE 007!!one!! WOBBIES R 4 EVAH!!shift!!!shift1!!11!) IZ BEST SOOPAH ATTAK EVAH!!!!!!!one!1!1!!!1!!!1!11!1shift!1!!!!!!one!!one!!!!!11!!!shift!!capslock!! SOOPAH ATTAKS R REELZANT!one!!!1shiftone!11!11!!1!! BOOBELWHORI TLOD ME SO!!1!one!111!!shift1!1!



  1. Doppelori’s pic isn’t working =(

    Also, I fully agree with the Grand Champion, though Joe should be number 2 (wary)

  2. I agree with the Grand Champion, finally he’s appreciated!

    Top three were indeed rather predictable; here, my tops for Junahu would probably be more than a little raunchy considering your picks.

  3. I never did like Team Rocket – probably the ONLY Junahu set I disliked, although certainly not to the same degree as you.

    I take it you haven’t read Cloud of Darkness (or Wispa?).

  4. I have read Cloud of Darkness. . .Didn’t like her at the time, aged worse. It’s a more creative Alucard that is simply overpowered enough to be able to counter everything beyond mind numbingly generic fast characters. That said, she’s not nearly as bad as him what with the stuff she has going on with the portals for some flow and the, y’know, creativity.

    While I haven’t read Wispa, I -was- considering Guitar Hero Guitar for the number 10 spot. . .

  5. This list needs more Cloud of Darkness.

  6. I’m surprised you didn’t just take our word for it that Team Rocket was a bad moveset. I was even struggling for nice things to say about it in my article, so I had to play the “playstyle” card.
    To be fair though, despite how disgustingly unfocused the set is, Team Rocket still have the tools for one or two clever tricks. And MYM5 was pretty lame for playstyle

    I knew the flowchart style of Badman would be a sticking point, even as I was making it. While there is no real place for Badman as a serious character, I still think he would add a certain chaotic spark to FFA (no need to follow the flowchart, just get tons of slimosses and hassle the crap out of everyone), and put a whole different spin on SSE (having to build a little ecosystem and slowly conquer each area).
    Either way, the flowchart style encapsulates the general feel of the source game pretty well. In-game, you have a great deal of “freedom”, but you’ll fail if you don’t do things in a certain way. It’s closer to a straight up puzzle game than a RTS.

    ok, I can’t just comment on every set you mentioned. That’d be counterproductive.
    I enjoyed this Top10, and it feels really good to have someone actually tell me up front how bad Team Rocket were. Thanks

    Also, I’ve also just finished making the changes to Nurse Joy, which I’ll list here so noone has to reread the set;
    Important description that is important, now on the Down-Special
    Adding status effects to the Up-Smash bed via the clipboard, increases the damage healed when the foe wakes up, by 6% per status effect
    F-tilt won’t even flinch the foe as she turns them round
    D-tilt now has tiny upwards knockback on standing foes
    F-air no longer has horrible start lag
    D-air has the 50% effect on foes simply lieing prone on the ground (instead of JUST when they’re on the bed)
    The foe can’t attack during Joy’s Pummel

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