Posted by: MarthTrinity | May 16, 2010

MT’s Sunday Recap Episode 37

Oh shit...

Episode 37 of the Recap and week three of MYM8 is go! Or rather, Episode 37 starts now, week three is over and MYM8 still has quite a while to go needless to say. So what’d week three give us? Well…a whole lot of nothing really. In fact, the thread was absolutely dead until DM posted his first set of the contest. And by dead, I do mean that entirely; we were seriously down to commenting commenting of comments.

But that’s all in the past now! First up this week we had Hariyama by darth meanie who just so happens to be our second Pokemon set of the contest. Hariyama plays heavily upon his sumo wrestler appearance; relying on his grab/pummel/throw game to effectively KO opponents. DM also hyped this one up a fair ways, being particularly proud of this set and feeling that it was yet another strong entry from him. Reception for Hariyama however wasn’t quite as strong as he expected yet still very good. The main complaint most people seemed to have was with the Down Special but, aside from that, it was another very well received darth meanie entry.

Following Hariyama came Dark Samus by n88_2004. Dark Samus is a follow up to n88’s King Boo which came rather late in MYM7…it also happens to be his first attempt at an image set (which he claims is actualyl easier for him than BBcode). For a first attempt, it’s a very good one aside from a few “teh’s” here and there. Anyway, Dark Samus is a spacer at heart; constantly moving away from her opponent so she can pepper them with projectile blasts. Overall reception for Dark Samus was decent; meanie liked the mechanic quite a bit but felt that it didn’t quite play into the set as much as it could have. He also felt it could’ve been developed as a whole further, feeling that the overall feel of the set felt very MYM5-ish.

Finally we have Strike Man by me. Fun set to make, didn’t feel so hot about posting him though. I don’t really like to talk about my own sets in the Recap…call it strange but I feel weird about it. Anyway, to answer a previous question, no, I did not play baseball as a kid. Also, Strike Man is the second Mega Man set this contest (So we had the second Pokemon set and second Mega Man set in the same week).

And that’s it! Another short week, another Recap comes to a close! I dunno about you guys but I just finished up my finals. Hopefully if you all did too we’ll see some more activity in the thread! And I still promise to comment Hariyama and Dark Samus, I won’t forget!

Oh and make sure to check out all of Warlord’s Top 10/11/13 things! I really don’t feel the need to link them as they’re seriously right to your right.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!


  1. Great recap. Keep ’em coming.

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